People, here is read "self" magazine in his favorite magazine (to call not d, already all know :D)
Today really gotten down yet on itself, and carried on while, well boosts tone. So,

Come in form of for 1 minute will help massage. Quickly rub their fingertips each about friend (10 seconds). Now rub razogretymi fingers cheeks upward-down (10 seconds). Often knock on the door for Reel blow on sharp heads (10 seconds). Fist on 3 times on 5 seconds enegrichno try, uh, rubbing domestic and foreign side upper arms. You to massage reflex zone legs (every on 5 seconds 3 times): Sdavite and release a tendon over the heel, rub the upper hand stupei hand or the heel the other its feet, palms gently rubbing across become from feet upward. If, ending samomassazh, you feel, that on body bottled derive warmly, goal achieved: Just over 1 minute you enshrined basic system organism on polnyn traction. And, of course same, not't forget smile! fdgf