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All are a good evening! Finally it die aller neueste Kreation aus, has bought today glance (13 :3 0 on Moscow). Wanted do this in Saturday, but Long did in that day kvadraturu to Mars and I had tried purchase. Glo of a breakdown or difficulties with tuition. Today Long did trine to Mars: Promised establish directly this week. If would has bought in Saturday, then there another firm, there had to would wait week-mucus. The only, that me several iai?yaaao - this Long in fiery signs, in respect kondishena not very well.



Радуга wrote:

Today was the latest day, when can be was buy one very achieve escape thing at a discount. I stubbornly await the until Long will enter Aries, not wanted to buy on the moon without appreciation, although on time was feel more comfortable precisely so, with morning.

On 37 st bottom life very badly thing safely broke :) monumental, when I its has brought in Music, there teetered crowd people. Apparently, at a discount aimed a on sell-off whole a defective party. vxcgfdtr


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Khorarnaya astrology » Purchases