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The best time for marriage)

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need time enables! Ah as the need. Even and not know very polished advise.
About! On cell snimt will? If yes, then let precise time vystavlyat! Then can be will view.

Javadxan-and-and, so and planned)
Simply in advance it is difficult say. As map will be borne)



Юля wrote:

aha-and-and, so and planned)
Simply in advance it is difficult say. As map will be borne)

Ah that? As Maps yagla? ;)
Z. L? - 1649. I congratulate!



Izar-labeled r-labeled r, sooner still congratulate ;)
Today were in church - precise time starters ceremony 12.00 6 October 2007 ^’s organs is ^



And :)
Oops :)



People. I have emerged question an interesting.

Deal in is
That ceremony have us will 6 October in 12.00
But - evidence of about marriage will be granted in the other day. Which we themselves can choose (in during 10 workers days after ceremony)

What date considered official’conclusion marriage something?
Moment the most wedding or moment the Imperial documents?



In my opinion, the Imperial documents.



And me sometime, that and the kind and another date should be taken into account.



making grade school ventsov and words priest: "My God our, glorify a and honor venchay their" - zapechatlevayut Mysteries marriage. Church, blessing marriage, proclaims venchayuschikhsya rodonachalnikami a new Christian family - faint, domestic church, specifying them path in the Empire of God and Iraqi Security eternity their union, nerastorzhimost his, as said central

Me seemed
That it is this minute and should be moment marriage?
Somewhere smiled
That precisely in this minute is happening creating a new egregora - already of marital couples, egregora family
Na, nah-na?



JUlja, on the idea of reiterates you key speech and there is the beginning of marriage. So that map can be build on this time. And document in this case already thing secondary. A. Lyavua when struck his its the latest (seems quite a long the favored) marriage governor intended time, to priest said key words type "We'll you husband and wife" with precision until minutes :D
And date the Imperial document will rather reflect that with this document proizodet (will kept safely out forever, accidentally'll get lost and camping on D.)



Enlighten me, please! D very one!

That such peg elektivnoy maps to cards natalnym?
Influential only those aspects of moon to planets, which she makes during registration marriage? Or affect all aspects of until she not will come out of mark (as in khorare)?
Are of significance whether the latest aspect of?
Influential whether minornye aspects of, such as quincunx, for example?

For example. 9 on May 2011 in 17 :0 0 Moscow. Moon makes trigon to Uranus. In further it will become in of increasing to Sun. Are of significance whether this squaring?
I smiled, that any aspects of moon to Mars raise konfliktnost marriage. The latest aspect of - trigon to Mars. Are of significance whether he? And sekstil to Saturn devouring his children?

Venus in Ovne, upravitelnitsa the ascendant. Taints whether she position affairs? (Have bride’s, camping on E. I have, natalnaya Venus in Ovne in connecting with Jupiter)

Moon in trigone to Uranus. Have bridegroom natalnaya Long in opposition to Uranus (in 7 House). Can better not need to, to elektivnaya Long with Uranus was in contact?
Or this example so-called peg, and this well?

Yes and at all, as this day - 09.05.11 Moscow (roughly on 17 :0 0 want with Civilian Registry Office to agree, to Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in falling homes pull rank on) - for marriage?
Learns: 30.04.1987 3 :1 5 Moscow
The bridegroom: 18.12.1983 15 :0 0 Minsk

Or 18.05.11 better? There Venus in Taurus. And Long squares not makes, only quincunx to Sun in late.
But May 18th - this precise squaring elektivnogo sun to natalnomu bridegroom. Or this not frightening?

And what Long in 2 house is mired in elektivnoy map, this strongly finances will undermine? There even OK and Pluto, blood regardless 2 homes, the entire square.



Arlenok, to answer even using 100 proposals on your question, so to was available / understandable / pithy, technically impossible, for this fewer would write a separate book. Fortunately such a book, on elektivnoy astrology, already long and there is and available, below the dynamo and the reference on publications in really major astrologically Internet no clothing left.


Robson, Vivien. Electional astrology (cubicles. Hardcover)

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Add want its in my opinion: Rely need to on analysis natal carte partners. Another in my opinion: What would remarkable elektsii not were would, if have there is problems, associated with family sphere, they would still slip right out resurfaced.


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