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Propose a in this topic to decide method powerful sfgujhk ;) to decide urgent questions from that household life!

On this moment I have such question)

In general - the situation
In late on May will undergo big tournament on game in Golf, estestna, a hush-hush venue, gather all cream society, VIP-persona, celebrities and you ading

Advertising-company makes for this arrangements but-noe number of orders, for example tishotki for participants with emblem) tournament, ah and, of course, with logo its firms and camping on P.

Several man from advertising firms will attend on event
What there is ideas relatively informal communication with "crema", than their engage, as to backdoor lot more vip-ovykh customers to its firm? As still can be ve its company on this event?

Thank you - await the your ideas!



Юля wrote:

what there is ideas relatively informal communication with "crema", than their engage, as to backdoor lot more vip-ovykh customers to its firm?

Ah and task. Perhaps, professionalism can be attract. And at all need to understand what they themselves want and already judging by from this act.



Юля wrote:

tishotki for participants with emblem) tournament, ah and, of course, with logo its firms and camping on P.

JUlja, and that such tishotki? This Beydzhi?
And vipovye customers,, too, after all people. Nothing human them not mindedness. Have them such same weakness as and have all. Well play on a sense of own relevance. Often adopt veiled sexual motives.



Nu and task. Perhaps, professionalism can be attract. And at all need to understand what they themselves want and already judging by from this act.

Nothing they not want - hang out want and time is identically conduct, in Golf play
Ah and ties useful lead the)
And professionals - this we and there is, there without me think, but I believe, that and with hand well ideas attract))

JUlja, and that such tishotki? This Beydzhi?

Not, this polo-t-shirts, ah in which in Golf play spetsovye such those t-shirts
Ahead from Left will emblem) tournament, but on back our logo)
Can still what devise can be?

Yes play on a sense of own relevance. Often adopt veiled sexual motives.

For example?



JUlja, particularity, malities and concrete the embodiment of advertising must engage specialists. And we as outside observers, viewers :cool: In the advertising, which goes on us from all sides markedly several trends. As I already wrote, sexual motives, zavualirovanno are found almost across advertising, and also miracles prevents (there is category people, which terminated only on miracles). There is category people, watches mightily over on all striking, the ordinary, shoulder. Motive the same - sense of own exceptionalism, uniqueness. There is still and such, as sense of herd mentality. Smells the in the air something, buy all one thing and, too,. As manages producers launch such a wave of I not know. Own best guess, roughly :O



Юля wrote:

nothing they not want

Helen wrote:

There are still and such, as sense of herd mentality.

Please need to someone, better the packmaster everything, "the male toad" (even if this woman). Smile, whether uninhibited, songs Sing.



JUlja, particularity, malities and concrete the embodiment of advertising must engage specialists

Westerners-policies-policies. Specialists - this well)
Breynstorming - this expression of your the most purely lunatic ideas)
Me not need a theory advertising and marketing, honestly)
Me need crazy ideas)

Songs sing - this hardly)
Smile and be uptight - little, this have all present)



Юля wrote:

smile and be uptight - little, this have all present)

Far not have all! Skill like - this whole art.

JUlja, I not know that specifically you advise. Think, whether natural and professional and people may be interested in. Frankly, I in his life with vipami particularly not was in contact and psychology their not know.

If you need a the mad idea - Hurray for that. Perambulate before them on the hands of :) on-any better be good.



Like I becomes, even excessively
But need to, to me not in piercing qualified it to drag, and qualified to cooperate further)

And for hectic demands idea thank you))



JUlja, I here on the morning in a route taxi journal smiled. Let me give you sections, can'll do for now:

Slivki society. VIP-Visitors usually occupy some its corner and sometimes "allow" the rest of the approached only to them. Its place under sun in their the circle best take, when someone left company and remaining still not typically recognized evenly reallocate space between themselves (scientists say, that this the congenital instinct behavior in group). Ask one of "very important", as he got acquainted with masters of party - this will be neplokhy starting point for further conversation.

Para-education. They together? If distance between them less or about half a meter is harder, likely, they more, than simply friends or variables familiar. If same he is from it further and scans room mournfully - can later before boldly to flirt with him.

Zone accessAt any a cocktail party you necessarily you will find yourself company girls, challenges about doors. Unattractiveness on event, we unconsciously seek lie in places, where is happening "migration" guests. Start cooperating Acquisition territory hence, if you newcomer on a cocktail party, and girls, which know already newcomers guests, can to acquaint you with them.

MA – It appetizingA food is helps us relax, that is why we often are going around the table with snacks or on kitchen. To the same this townsome place for moreover, to sever familiarity with the free (until) guest. Come any closer to the interlocutor ut side (this Action evolution tactic signals: I have no hostile intentions). Having come nearer, start cooperating adeptness with any neutral themes, like "Mhhh. Appetizing looks. You already tried? "

Cosmopolitan - April 2007



Thank you, flax ;)



Yes not for that. Then tell us, share impressions about vipakh. Interestingly.



Ah and the - will talk, of course)



JUlja, here is still, can seem interesting. This issuance the hoax E. Gilbo "the Kennedy leadership":

manipulative and. -carbon primary PRESENTATION THE partner

Case very important, as you show your face for under first an acquaintance, what facility on themselves will generate firm have vis-a-vis. Most people accounts for opinion about their new known on first appearances -\ "on odezhke\" usually not only encounter, but and remember. And the general a welcome impression about man provides affirmative estimates his until still unknowns qualities.

The first impression about man on 50% depends on visual is deprived, on 40% from manners to speak, and only on 5-10% - from what he says. So before you is worth task ensure caregiver perception, active studying trafficking.

The presentation of the themselves other is undertaken choice its external species, the main manners behavior, situation familiarity. Needs navigate on sympathy and antipathies facility and all other psychological especially.

Especially note on role structure communication, about which we talked higher. In moment familiarity role-playing structure were picked by almost instantaneously, and in most cases unconsciously. Events turn something then case it is difficult, and radically - virtually impossible.

Partner (muzhine whether, woman - would still) undoubtedly should please honest, the firm, masculine a handshake combined with direct mournfully in eyes. Character handshakes in significant least programs the role structure communication. If under firm handshake your palm proves lying on their fingertips partner, his unconsciousness perceives the domestic this as claim on superiority and power. If contrary - as weakness and readiness to position younger partner. If their fingertips are vertically, this means permanent equality.

The interlocutor, which looks in eyes, usually handsome,. But here it is important - as look. A keen or-gratuitous glance in eyes creates adverse impression. He obviously is perceived as a sign of hostility. Look need to slightly-a doofus, fun, on-dog.

A vigorous and expressive body language reflects positive emotions and is perceived so as a sign of interest and friendly. Friendly-disposed smile promotes emergence summarising, sweeping away distrust and misperceptions about.

It is important, in any conditions is happening the first the presentation of the. Tanargue environment, tasty food, pleasant music, an unexpected have luck and all other moments the hallmarks actor in blagodushnoe mood always contribute to an auspicious perception of the contemporary them a new an over-familiar.

Under the presentation themselves other should account for some kind patterns. Above all - glaring physical attractiveness improves a positive assessment of as traits personality, so and individual action. This phenomenon is called\ "effect beauty\." So on contact should go carefully shaven and\ "glass heated\", for example, after easy sports ternirovki.

The next phenomenon is called\ "irradiatsiya beauty\." If ?? accompany well brigade swooped upon woman with pretty-, he is lauded higher, than in armored interrogatory and are poorly (2006 women. Likewise - contrary. Here can be classification services services while sleeping with paid escorts.

Under first contact never need to making mention of its coolness to you and supermenstvo. Contrary, slightly proglyadyvayuschaya has often is perceived as an appealing and even sexually it's electrifying.

Should not forget and about the plastic. People, deflection under conversation Corps ago or flawed in got, like markedly less, than those who's tilting his Corps to the interlocutor. Deal in is, that it unconsciously is perceived as interest, and razvalennost - as barstvo and the presentation of the superiority.

Woman in of advisers, then Presents with an or too an antiquated a suit, either same excessive seems tacky breed negative impression. Cocktail trample or nasty shoes and dented parent robe. So that for first contact covering up should maximally by adhering to social stereotypes.

And, finally,\ "let us to speak each other 2008\"! An important role in creating positive optimistic interlocutor and his location to you has a compliment on backdrop of some sort antikomplimenta itself.

\ "Damn a man, you favor such a a good form of, and I as something have grown indolent. Envy!\ "


If in rubbing shoulders participate raznopolye partners, then process the presentation themselves partner has some features that should account for. Those same patterns largely play role, if your partner adheres to gmoseksualnoy orientation.

Need to given, that women unconsciously and evaluate ?? for 45-60 seconds. They consistently challenge glance on lips (simultaneously assessing hearing character speech), eyes, pratik, hands. Then evaluate shoes, then - clothes.

When communicate man and woman, their vzaimootsenki occur in erotic terms, although well well-mannered people not discover their of emotions. Contact with homosexual men has a similar component, and she the greater, than more attractive for him object. But because women below, than believe men, evaluate their physical attractiveness, not worth stage plays on sexuality as method of a pickup truck women (likewise - and labour).

Men prefer actively and intrusive perezntovat own successes - genuine or self-styled. Women adhere to directly opposite tactics. For men most important present its personal status, rational components, while woman more interested in purely emotsionallnymi experiences.

In a whole woman instinctively views conversation as way to ustanavleniya contact, and himself contact - as a means the presentation their of emotions, loves and antipatiy. Moreover, she always gush on the use of contact as way obtain promoting in addressing its issues. Because thinking women more difference between, nedzheli bayts, it more effectively present that done, and not as is done.

Women always true to form seek in a conversation hidden sense. They rather guessing thought, relations, aspirations, intentions, emotions. Sometimes comes to your desktops, as in a famous whole joke about mother-, which through a series of assumptions from doubts defection in truth its words lifts, that he undoubtedly believes its dog.

Success have women have those men who are building its treatment method on appeal precisely to these disturbing all its sides relations, not to rationally-productional. In this and lies all content French with.

Woman usually more is attractive for partner, when she sits in a quiet pose with neperesekayuschimisya hands and with their feet. The crossing there is for unconscious a badge of nervousness and departure from contact. For the same reason crossings hands on breast often is destroying already into this contact and alienating interlocutor

Women must account for and the, that men typically below, than think themselves women, evaluate their business and intellectual quality.



Юля wrote:

ah and the - will talk, of course)

JUlja, and incidentally, as has passed the presentation of the with vipami?



Lena, as you on time)

Tomorrow will talk ;)



My God, what I the little pig, promised and since forgotten)
Means, first, that want say
That in Golf I play so and not learned, yes there in him it seems played as times only managers
And bosses in "work fatigues common among" golfovoy (in smiley t-shirts our firms with our logo. Geu-policies) have walked on paths, can find the (drinking wine and you ading) and had ties, although what them there win was. Most on-my were between themselves are familiar)
Personnel was with majority was easily and simply, professionally friendly people)
Mostly were family couples, wife (as one) condescending-opekayusche asked - how many me years and in what I classroom. And, sobstna, with whom I here)
Faced, that I from firms N and, in general something, the manager on advertising, "raised a" vzmakhivali hands and shared pro their children, which and) were super successful, but more) were super razdolbayami. Why something middle was not given, at least, me not shared)
Estestna, all understood, for what this tournament at all was works - offered people their business cards on the right and on of left (I have their full cover slips lies, despite the, that from firms I plummeting has already)

My personal achievement have become two large client, which signed with our firm long-term contacts on fully fledged advertising companies
And couple proposals about work, polushutlivykh, but one thing of them proved highly serious, apparently)
On the advancing week all already accurately bent or broken - do whether I work in this company. If yes - the d considered, that Golf-tournaments realistically useful venue, if there is no - ah their in bath)



Юля wrote:

my personal achievement have become two large client, which signed with our firm long-term contacts on fully fledged advertising companies

Brilliant! This most important.

Юля wrote:

Golf-tournaments realistically useful venue

Yes on any useful :) reason and themselves show, and on other watch.



Again with request all! That's turnips :lol:

There is such a tradition have young - on wedding have persmission parents

MOLDOVA AMOUNTED TO 23,7% them provide?
Gift should be symbolic, on memory

Spaces here is think, what pribabmbas for smoking tube buy
And here is expectant that?



Юля wrote:

spaces here is think, what pribabmbas for smoking tube buy

And hookah not like it or? Have mothers what tastes? Who she? Than Hypnotizes?


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