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Map marriage completing a

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Hello all!
Want will share personal experience conclusions marriage. Recommendations I bought these from several sources, but Vronsky accurately not used. Accurately, that, Stopping by M. March, D. McCain-Evers also was interviewed t.6.
Registering the 01.07.2002g. 13 :1 0 GMT + 8 56N15 93E32 Asts 00Ves04
Until registration lived civilian marriage made with November 1999g. The main incentive to the conclusion marriage was soon and the birth of child. Narrator: "Yulia, you must ask questions, if need. D glad help.



Yura, and compound Mercury-Saturn as manifests itself, yes still and in of increasing to those respects?
And why chose Asts whom in Libra?
And the Sun almost without aspects of?

All interestingly on fact)



Hello all!
JUlja asked about complex aspects in map my odruzhennya. From this nowhere not, stupidly., but can be shift planet in falling homes, that with topping mutabelnykh signs gives tension in mentality sphere.
And I have and have spouse sun are in first homes. Their activity nothing not appease, so that clashes not avoid, but here is to channel their in sphere of 9d, where there is compound Mercury / Saturn in the Twins, can be. Have both of us there eighter stelliumy (Mars / Uranus / types). The situation in particular odruzhennya adequately reflects situation in natal maps one . She is understandable both and good to go in first marriages (for us both this was the second marriage).
The sun in map is dispozitorom Venus and the in 10d. The, that to him there is no Umstanden aspects of raze not worries. Squares to those respects - this substantially and brings their inconvenience in communal terms of. Questions the right nutrition occupy much attention, but solve their not gets the from-for differences in habits. Tantalizing precise trigon Jupiter / Mars 120 Long, which gives warmth and caring in Burger King recently affairs, and so same a good adaptation in sotsum.
On expense ascendant Libra - this is a classic option, which gives a badge of degree of Cancer on ICJ. This couple adequately is perceived society as family. Initiatives have-weighted character, one that respects interests both one .
Very it is important what planet enter Cornner homes! Should not be their destruction! Question birth child under question not stood, so compounded his from falling Uranus in 5d.- he was born through 2 months after marriage, so that adequate the situation.
If even something important were, then write.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Khorarnaya astrology » Map marriage completing a