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Fitness and signs Zodiacs

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Choose itself an opportune kind of fitness and nutrition :)

Choose an opportune fitness, a trainer, to know, as correctly eat, as to care for health — a bit of a poser not from lung. Can be act method trial and mistakes, and can be listen to valuable advice stars.

Element Fire
Aries, Lion, shooter
Wielders Fire would subspec into of being the, are leaders. However the motivation for Ivanovna sports ????? from signs its grains.
“the fire ” (shower,. Eastern upright jacket grappling which originated, kickboxing, dances in styles hip-hop and Hispanic, treadmill-aerobics, saykling — any Hustlers coaching received.

Principle World Food. Wrack the oars off on proteins. All signs ceasefire — hearted myasoedy. Not throw it away from “predatory ” habits, even if fashions on capture a terminally keeps the world mad.

Aries. Resolve and... Spontaneous action promise success and worthy financial reward. Ram had a is important activity as attainable, among representatives this mark many professional athletes. An ideal a badge of your a trainer — Shield: He not will envying your progress and will allow you “into a ” his level of, what many coaches not tolerate. Your vulnerable body — head. Caveat Be careful what you post: Not are looking for injuries on its head.

Lev. Rely only on themselves, especially in personal relations: Now not time for claims. Lev should become better all. Coaching received for him — reason become brighter. Your an ideal coaches was born under sign have. He will become you a good friend, good a thousand and one way to diversity its retreatments, word, will have you on heart. If given, that heart of — your vulnerable body, coached by Aquarius (constellation) health problems you not threaten.

A Sagittarius. Diplomatic negotiations — the only path. Only so you not nalomaete wood. A Sagittarius seeks to prestige. If would not fashions on a healthy image life, its feet would his in fitness-club not was. A Sagittarius's inconsequential: Often changes clubs and coaches, searching for the best — clearly in the damage good. If your coaches — by, on train, you accurately not will bored. “Problemnye ” organs — liver and the thyroid iron, which, incidentally, approaching the chronic, Undersecretary for apathy. If you already mucus weeks decisional laziness walk on coaching received, perhaps, this signal about that hidden illness!

Element of Soil
Taurus, The Virgin, the firmament
In your character — to be punctual, of purpose and practicality: If sport useful for souls and the bodies, means, he and in fact deserves attention and 1- time, forces and finance. These same redkostnye quality help you move with seats, when not want.

“the earth ” (shower,. Joseph Pilates reformers, yoga, from Bacardi family-aeacoaaoe, dancing belly — coaching received with “spiritual ” component of.

Principle World Food. Vegetables, vegetables and still times vegetables — take example with the French, real dining, which will compensate for a high caloricity national dishes abundance of vegetables.

Taurus. Check each step. Skoropalitelnoe “Yes ” can be turned problem. Taurus pursues specific goal: Bounce glee weight. Or won't get embossed muscle. About SPA treatments speech not goes. Under this Taurus — the modern on parts of laziness. To begin to active take, him need plodding until critical point — to example, obtain threatening diagnosis doctors. However, if you immediately will get in muscular hands a trainer-of Scorpio, about health you can not worry. Boldly at the real goal Scorpio not will total labor do from you human — present or their willful acts. And you as by magic “from press a regular French confectionary in preacher cult of sporting bodies. Your vulnerable body —’s throats, spoken; and jangling. Immediately after active training facilities, when you still not “went cold again ”, not drink cold water.

Maiden. The old love loud and clear currently about itself. Enjoy pretty surprises. Maiden turning until tips of his thin fingers: Passes a long way from theory to practice, not will go in fitness-club, not a proactively a special literature. And chooses she for themselves those coaching received, where are important tiny details, nuances technology, not sverkhnagruzki, — stockpile of physical forces have Virgin of low. Its an ideal coaches was born under sign Fish — he conducts retreatments in kattesaadavus regime, with pleasantly, with proper, although most often Epiphanius prefers communicate with Technogym one on one. Vulnerable body Virgin of — bloating. In day training facilities remain a bit and desirable lungs it.

The firmament. Not hurry up to bet on itself used, in this month you on peak of creative opportunities. The firmament — business, forever commits itself to another responsibility and suffers from stress from overwork. For him sport — this above all opportunity bounce tension, “unwind ”, prevent undesirable consequences period hypodynamia — thunderstorms“ armchair ” workers. Your high requests would fully vindicate coaches-Rak. He deftly will create in gym a cosy, domestic environment, not forgets such “minutia ”, as music and coverage. Spying on condition irreparable — this your soft underbelly, choose “recumbent ” coaching received, to reduce strain on oporno-motor apparatus. Exceed bounced back — earn stretching up.

Element VOZDUKhA
Twin, scales,, Aquarius
All make sake of communication and for festivity, so their interested in
Above all, what the public churchgoers in fitness-club.

“air ” (shower,. Sports game, vested aerobic fitness and the power coaching received — for you in sports is important company.

Principle World Food. You omnivore and very this are happy. Not represent, as man in his right mind can sit the entire day on kefire or not there is after seven. After seven day only begins! However try keep although would for balance proteins, fat and carbohydrates in your diet. Not't forget about infectious. You are blessed with decentralized substances — diets you not need, simply gradually raise your the quality of products: Bread from flour crass grinding instead floors, the rogue rice instead shlifovannogo, fresh meat and fish instead raw materials.

Twins do. Be sure to tune in on long and prolonged work over personal relations. The curiously. But I've tried all species training facilities, you stop on the, that visits your girlfriend. After all the good company — most important. The only, that can distract the you from of collective, — coaches-a Sagittarius. A Sagittarius will enchant you brightness thought and talent, ability to share the emotions and faith in miraculous chance. Soft underbelly prodavat — lungs. But come, to ????, where you pursue your business, carefully provetrivalos.

Scales,. Take vacation — otherwise run grave risks assume excess duties and so and not for a holiday. Scales, always are busy affair. And even AZERTY use as staging area for conclusions transactions! Most often you choose your sports club, far trek your colleagues. Health you, typically, not brings, but try not pereokhlazhdatsya: Kidneys — your soft underbelly. Your an ideal coaches — Aries. For you he — described all possible merits. Even some the harsh this mark you not irks. Rather contrary: After all Aries always accurately knows, what you want from class, rather you — far not always.

Actis Systems. Hour fun monopoly. You party, get too comfortable out there and nor about than not think. Enrouted slyvut generators ideas, but there is one nuance: Ingenious ideas come them in head only in collective. In sports all exactly the same: Vested coaching received — certainly your. That concerns health — cautious about visions with large weight: You cannot be reload its feet, there is predisposition to ?????. Moreover, you man impulsive, from-for ensure there small beer {on the latest approach forces lacked} you can razobidetsya and on week continue to cast until gym. Choose a trainer-Leo: He benign and will not tolerate nor one caustic remarks in your worded.

Element we
Cancer, Sunik, products of
Truly their soul — a difficult knowledge to, and because international sympathy with to in this or mind fitness or, contrary, his rejection, Shelley, and. And all same most “aquatic ” signs is logical gravitate to water — swimming, akvaaerobike, akvatrenazheram, akvamassazhu.

“Water ” (shower,. Akvaaerobika, swimming, individual the power coaching received: Focus and glance “inward ” — in water whether, on land whether, — you simply are needed.

Principle World Food. For order to experiences for, you many not need to: Democratic instinct good mineral water without gas or fresh pressed
Juice — and you again in are, are ready to feat. Water, moreover, universal prophylactic a means: Drink as can be more, and no a disease to you not was freshman hazing.

Cancer. Love and only love will save you from another helping crisis. Cancer more other signs buried family, and because mother, not been freed from hopes on Messiah--as youth bodies, Hypnotizes in one group with daughter or husband. Ironically your vulnerable body — stomach, so swimming pool better not abuse. Somehow would pioneer way disinfection he nor was purifying, khlebnuv water, you breached natural micro flora stomach. It's a shame, after all water — virtually your icy habitat {“Better sea can be only Sea! ” — vosklitsaete you}. Not used with “the most a net ” swimming pool, better immediately go in“ only land ” group, and after occupational necessarily nothing souls. Coaches-the firmament will become for you infallible prestige, only such a man you can entrust health its and their close.

Sunik. Improvisation you have have yielded brilliantly. Koristuytes these! Sunik — lover of extreme sensations. The true Scorpions engage in hours, until full weariness, sharply increase strain and listen to unwilling warnings doctors. And all because, that hypersexuality, which Scorpions defies gravity, on family life case too many, here is they and sublimation (phase transition) among lyazgayuschego iron and hemisphere towels. In as a personal a trainer buynomu Scorpio be appropriate Taurus — he so same Romulo, as persevering and secure.

Fish. Let people to know you better idea. Not discarded, that you have will emerge a good each. Fish at all not understand, whom he need, this sport. Until allows health, they lie on couch, cherish the fast-food, and eat dinner before watching TV. Soon, as usual, their is beginning to not telling own reflection in the mirror, however suffers not only figure, but and skin, after all blood, lymph and exchange processes — “with the signature a badge of ” Pisces. That to do? Seek a trainer-also — he so convincingly will reveal about virtues healthy way of life, that an anemic, forever carotid Fish themselves not t notice, as inspired sports on entire life.

An astrologer YELENA 1's



And all same most “aquatic ” signs is logical gravitate to water — swimming, akvaaerobike, akvatrenazheram, akvamassazhu.

Here is ask themselves: And where I was?! Ah, yes, dancing to-establishment woman dragged, but water -rasslabon + a strong tense, all right simultaneously! When I swim- I swim, recognized as new the birth of!

Trainer-the firmament will become for you infallible prestige

And not asked, who on sun coaches (incidentally! :agree: to know, but not gives skhalyavit, yes and I in kontorole, chart!



Morozz wrote:

Sports game, vested aerobic fitness and the power coaching received — for you in sports is important company

And for me suited. Without companies tried to homes - boredom!
And coaches have us, seems Aries. Day birth like in March-April.


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