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Diet on sights Zodiacs

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Diet software sights zodiac

Think, no one will challenge the fact, that all we utterly different. Nevertheless, there is considerable things, which us unite. For example, desire to tasty and satisfying refresh, after what with a sense of iLand debt a little stretch on soft couch, and next morning has detect, that those two harmful centimeter in waist had melted, as last snow.

Dreams? Not quite. It turns out, to eat without damage for own figures and organism, enough know not only group its blood but. Its a badge of Zodiacs. Knowledge these are needed to to follow so-called zodiakalnoy diet.

Aries Let's put it frankly menu, prescribed by the ram had a, not differs special refinement and diversity. More just you suited all sorts of porridge, fish, and from vegetables cabbage, rap, radishes and beet. That still may please representative stores about? To be sure, parsley, dill and green onion. Not test on the tenacity its organism, respect strict regime nutrition and, importantly try refrain from holiday belly after six the evening.

If suddenly you very wanted go on a diet, above all smallest from caloric animals fats, and also coffee not worth perevozbuzhdat and without moreover flows nervous system. For this same reason fiery sights should be avoided just muddles and some pickled.

That PIT Aries nature easily uvlekayuschayasya, can and not discern, as out excess, and here is then be! Strongly not that Spain abuse Ovnam red wine with cheese. Can be drinks of spumante yet, but not more 2 glasses.

That IS Meat: Lamb, lamb, goat meat.
Fruits: Grapefruit, and watermelon.
Vegetables: Carrot, peeled onion, pepper, onion-shallots, radish.
Spices: Pepper, garlic, cumin, the saffron, mint, coriander, the rosemary. - Ah.


Taurus Everyone Taurus men without exceptions like food, so often tend to to the sheer. This representative family big and strong has ah simply a lot of self appetite! With one hand, this, undoubtedly, well, but times perishing we began to speak precisely about the right nutrition, should given his important moments. First, calf, as and ram had a, should learn to correctly chew, and more precisely chew your. Only thus you can avoid difficulties with bad digestion and not inflict incalculable damage its figure. To the same exchange substances have Taurus too slow, so any excess food threatens to immediately turn into fat. In turn, in ties with violation of exchange substances Taurus men more often all suffer from allergy. In food should be many vitamins A and E, sufficient number of products, detailing iodine. Necessarily spying on number of vypitoy water not more two liters in day.

That PIT the drinker Taurus unambiguously should fear. Usually calmer and who are level-headed, in time the form of they can come truly in (generally) rage from-for-existence a trifle, we. Taurus the thin an aficionado of, guilt, him like taste various beverages, so him suited all the blame with saturated rich taste. In able intoxication you should secure area throat and neck.

That IS Meat: Beef.
Fruits: Apples, similar, bananas, cherries, the peaches, pears, vegetables, raspberry, strawberries.
Vegetables: Peas, spinach, tomatoes.
Spices: Dill, the fennel, parsley, mint, get, curry, cloves.


Twins do A here is have prodavat, fluttering on life, as if butterflies, exchange substances, contrary, very rapid. With such the quickness violated saturation blood oxygen, i.e. oxygen very quickly is spent, and so products exchange not concerned quickly outputted from organism. Outcome annually reprocessed prolonged circulating (these in blood. This causes a rash, suppuration and other cutaneous messes.

The in no way case cannot be cross out from its caloric proteinaceous products: Eggs, choked, cardiac, cottage cheese. They, the raisins, peeled seeds has healthy bite on nervous system. Ah and Lavochne you helpful olives and even peanuts. Sometimes can be pamper themselves, favourite, acute courses with diverse spices from rare countries.

That PIT Sometimes the impression, that to the twin intergenerational accounts at all there. In fact, why to drink, when from this not is changing nor mood, nor behavior? So advice all the Twins in in companies you better not look in side spirits, and some favors to play with soul intellectual communicating. Last resort, credit to preference easy, dry wines. Weak place have attendees 18 are respiratory path: razgoryachivshis , easily to catch a cold.

That IS Meat: Bird.
Fruits: Apricots, that.
Vegetables: Pulses,, color cabbage, celery.
Spices: Cardamom now allowed into Gaza, mace nut, clary, vanilla, mint, chack.


Cancer Rak on nature worked his stomach, and him as no one Different needs strozhayshee observance diets. Importantly for you not to drink fluid and not abuse ocean and feed, ah and, of course, to scrutinize the work stomach.

Cancer, undoubtedly, will become saved from, if his work will connected with acute, were connections or to any apparatus.

That PIT Enshrined should treat any alcohol, even beer, with a huge caution. From-for gossamer mental organizations and unpredictability you risk ambush unexpected hysterics. Your is sensitive stomach unkind gonna come back at you young wines and beer. So that if perishing to drink, then vermouth. But not make me reconsider even them, after all Crawfish easier all flow in hailed dependence.

That IS Meat: Crabs.
Fruits: Coconuts, grapes, lemon, papaya, and watermelon.
Vegetables: Cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, lettuce, themselves by growing potatoes, rap.
Spices: Citron, clary, curry, get, mustard, cumin, vanilla.


Lev Coast health? It will you have precisely thus, if you will to follow precepts the right nutrition. Above all, Lvam is needed strict control for the heart this your scorpion venom place. On aid in this case will come rich protein food, committed help plasma blood clean itself up from sugar and starch. Will need still and be Since and E.
As a true predators for normal life Lvam helpful eat prey of from birds, for example, turkey or no. But all same, despite a clear good lion predilections to meat seems to, special attention should receive various this and sukhofruktam. Among vegetables is worth give preference to known and, apricots in any the form of. As no one the other, Lions like luxury, so time from time you simply needs be pampered themselves delicacies, like first or game in wine sauce. Add to Tsarskoe zastolyu classic music.

That PIT Lvam need abide by measure in drink for two reasons: First, have them weak heart of, and, second, drunken Lev loses control of a, and respectively, authority in the eyes of surrounding. Is worth also pay attention on heaviest hangover, which disastrous is bad for heart of. Drink better vintages only fortified wine. As already and stated, Lions like luxury, so follow the it around the.

That IS Meat: Game.
Fruits: Lemon, orange, pineapple, the weather.
Vegetables: Green olives, concentrated.
Spices: Tarragon, star anise, cloves, basil, coriander, Ginger.


Maiden If whom and come (???? flatly!) major, so this the Virgin vulnerable to introduced by the depletion and without moreover subtilnoy and fragile. After all from fortune its vulnerable nervous system depends the overall health of sufferers. Very has healthy on stomach Virgin of act apples and greens in unlimited amounts. And here is acute and it is difficult perevarivaemoy food unambiguously should be avoided.

That PIT At also intergenerational accounts acts highly negatively. Terpkie guilt flatly must refrain from riding, alternative lungs and dry. Surplus alcohol usually leads to disorders stomach.

That IS Meat: Veal.
Fruits: Apricot, hand.
Vegetables: Pulses,, color cabbage, celery.
Spices: Bay leaf leaf, chicory, cinnamon, cardamom now allowed into Gaza, liquorice, vanilla.


Scales, reflection (stones in nutrition Libra surplus sweet and some pickled. So that no seledochki, and old pickles and ocean and imaginations, especially on night! Rule, which Shield should know, as twice two not did stomach all, that is mired under hand. Better eat one thing apple, than can in its poor organism triple-layer sandwich.

From-for propensity for this is provided by vascular diseases Wesam that Spain garlic, black the currants and cranberries. An ideal breakfast muesli, this oatmeal gruel or germinated shoots cereal. Without doubts, is worth to abandon Asortiment and acrimonious dishes better raznoobrazte it exquisite sauces and with a few vitamin salads. Scale. Is important not food, and environment and sense of harmony in the process its reception, because, as any hors-, environment, too, must be refined.

That PIT Shield often use the for company and as outcome reassembling. Take a snack they like lungs, courses, and this speeds intoxication. Hangover same they conveyed hard, with as physically, so and morally, sometimes with utterly groundless accusations in its worded. Almost without being scared you can cannabis Alcron guilt, but in strictly a limited numbers.

That IS Meat: Capture a.
Fruits: Apple, similar, banana, blackberries, cherries, peach, raspberry, vegetables.
Vegetables: Peas, spinach, sow.
Spices: Tarragon, cumin, leaf clover, star anise, clary, cloves, dill.


Sunik As Sunik, as and Rak, is waters sign, then his state of entirely and fully depends on physico-chemical the composition liquids in body. This, seemed would, highly a strong representative family display-the stinging very poorly transfers methyl and subject to education tumors, in including and notably more. Important where sea salt for sharing substances Sulphate calcium. Are needed be In, Since, E, in vegetables and fruits should be sufficient number of iron, protein, and here is use motley kind of fluid should limit.
Skorpionam, despite their love to peckerhead, family get and other ostrotam, not worth they abuse in no way case. Best products from menu of Scorpio rap, beet, cabbage, carrot. Dairy products useful only in limited quantities, and pamper themselves can be seafood and fish delicacies.

That PIT Sunik should firmly know measure under the use spirits, because, gulping excess, he loses control of their trumps emotion and can bring's transition harm above all very itself. Sparkling ,-saturated guilt, such as champagne and the nutmeg got, in reasonable quantities will bring in your life a sense of easy holiday.

That IS Meat: Mollusks.
Fruits: Grapefruit, and watermelon.
Vegetables: Carrot, the hops, onion, pepper, pumpkin, radish, onion-shallots.
Spices: Basil, coriander, cardamom now allowed into Gaza, clary, vanilla, ginseng, citron.


A Sagittarius Wu Streltsov as much as two weak seats: Liver and nervous systems system. And the and another requires the most thoughtful relations to itself. The basic problem of Sagittarius our profligate consumption fluid. To modicum as something rationalize process cognac , homilies cannabis mineral water. One-two the bottle in day and good well-being you guaranteed.
Priority be for Streltsov In and S. As no one Different, Streltsu needs cannabis in food more beans, such as peas, soybeans or beans, and are meat better replace you have every this precisely the case, when need to think not about taste, and about the benefits. And here is that can be there is without restrictions, so this greens, especially dill and celery.

That PIT a Sagittarius always sipping gladly, that conceals in itself accommodated the danger for liver. In moderate numbers for learn had Strelets Troops useful wasn that good stailess guilt.

That IS Meat: Pork tenderloin.
Fruits:, to eat dates, mangoes.
Vegetables: An artichoke, it's a brussel sprout cabbage, belokochannaya cabbage.
Spices: Cumin, mint, parsley, basil, garlic, citron, ginseng.


The firmament Currency substances have Capricorn sluggish and sluggish, respiration in primarily suffers bone system. For the Capricorns characteristically also extremely bad digestion, so before food them not cost nothin 'I drinks anything stimulative, for example, a bit sherry. Note this the only a badge of, which we give such advice. Food must be is rich in phosphorus and with calcium, especially winter. Need sufficient number of protein, protein, products, rich iron and protein.

That PIT And here the firmament lucky! Third themselves him not threatens to abuse of, so as he applies to alcohol more than quietly, enjoying elaborate taste and aroma. Several, Riesling, muskatel such wine not brings the desired oblivion from problems, and exerts rather curative effect.

That IS Meat: Lamb.
Fruits: Cantaloupe, up, quince.
Vegetables: Beet, aubergine.
Spices: Star anise, cloves, clary, mace nut, mint, basil.


Actis Systems enrouted belong to the categories people, which is worth to exclude from its caloric all sweet cakes, buns, sweets and cakes. The most useful-hanging fruit for have is hand. Dairy products will become a good breakfast, and the glass kefir perfectly can replace dinner. Never stand on cetemony itself in lung bureaucracy salatakh.
Support themselves in good shape you will help studies and work.

That PIT
Actis Systems should treat alcohol with very great caution, so as he devastates his and without moreover weak nervous system. A bit of spumante yet or muskaty can help to lift stressfuI state of and become soothing a means.

That IS
Meat: Gifts sea.
Fruits: Cantaloupe, up, quince.
Vegetables: Beet, aubergine.
Spices: Cardamom now allowed into Gaza, liquorice, cumin, mint, clary, vanilla, parsley.


Fish Dont worth to think, that if people Fish, then he on life sluggish and inert. But here is what exchange substances have them indeed sluggish an undeniable fact. Fish more other tend to to risks manifestations, and to pereutomleniyu. And strengthen immunity can be only the right nutrition. Diet Pisces reflects their a badge of lakomites all possible seafood, exquisite and not very, like marine cabbage and algae, of which, incidentally, can be cooked an exotic salad. To backtrack will have from canned food, pressing spices and roasted, especially in large numbers fat.

Travel in remote exotic countries for you better any diets.
That PIT Dear Fish, caveat emptor! You very quickly get used to alcohol consumption, moreover, extremely sensitive to as cold otravleniyam and painfully need hangover. All of this obliges you strictly to follow sequence use drinks and not hinder white with red.

That IS Meat: Fish.
Fruits:, to eat dates, figs, mangoes.
Vegetables: Artichokes, it's a brussel sprout cabbage, endive and, cabbage.
Spices: Tarragon, cumin, curry, Ginger, garlic, pepper, peel lemon.

Lida Knyazev



The main thing for you not to drink fluid

As this not to drink?! Yes still and liquid. And that to drink-then? zxfd



Iriani wrote:

How this not to drink?! Yes still and liquid. And that to drink-then?

Likely, there need to was write "not to drink many fluid." Otherwise, any is nonsense.



Heh-heh. And eat something me more likes on the Lion (ASTs) and partly on Wesam (Long).


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