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Rules use of diets

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EU use of diets
(with site Best diets for slimming)

Any diet - this serious test for your organism. Especially hard, no empty calories. And to cope with this test of, obtain only desirable outcome and not harm under this to his health, need to fulfill several important rules.

First, need to correctly choose a diet. Organism every human has its especially, and one and the same diet for someone can give excellent results, and someone prove useless, and the and harm.

Note: In some cases the morning on a diet for slimming cannot be flatly. In primarily this ban concerns pregnant and nursing women, children and teenagers, especially in period sexual maturation.

Second, to diet need to as should unprepared for. And morally, and physically. In moment starters diets you must be healthier (or, at least, sick unto death not stronger, than usually :). Joke, must very wishing to and be confident, that here is in this time necessarily all tickles.

Withstand the most a difficult a diet, not been, preserve during diets good mood and confidence in their forces, in that all tickles, you will help several simple councils.

Not forget, that for effective slimming need to not only reduce felt calories from outside, but and force organism more actively burn they have accumulated fat reserves. In this you will help raising physical activity, classes improving physical culture, massage, water procedures, attending bathhouses.

If during diets you have markedly deteriorated well-being, let alone speaking of (sharpening) any diseases, immediately final the use of this diets. Health more expensive beauty!

In no way case not sit on diet more often and / or longer, than this advised. Under excessively debt and / or frequent application of diets their effectiveness is declining, case that and to zero, and the danger for health increases have repeatedly.

Very it is important correctly exits from diets. Precisely on this stage we often allowed itself relax and in a result very quickly absolutely unique organizing various authorial former, and the and still greater, weight.

And, finally, ending a diet and correctly from it emerge, need to forever, terminally and irremediably to move on the tracks the right, healthy, balanced nutrition and never more with them not go.



Choice diets

As choose a diet, which will bring the outcomes one wants, that you easily gonna survive, 'cause and which not wrought harm your health? To be sure, task this not an easy. Especially the latter its part of.

First, need to clearly opredetit its objective. Want you to quickly and much or achieve outcome, which persist for years to come? To ensure and another simultaneously, one and the same diet, case virtually impossible. Quick diets allow bounce several kilos in a short interval time, but after their the end of the earlier, and the and big, weight and volumes of collected enough quickly. Diets same, aimed at achieving long-term and stable results, promote reshaping and normalization of exchange substances, forging skills rational nutrition, rapid slimming achieve not allow.

Nutritionists, yes and doctors other degrees being awarded, in their recommendations are unanimous: If you costly its health, then go need to on the second path. Safe for health is considered loss of weight not more 500-700 grams in week. But, alas, as often we might want to to-obligation holiday package, which begins through ten days, or squeeze in in its favorite women on celebration, which will through week.

In case, if you at someone somehow either chronic underlying illness, choose a diet, not which contravenes principles once this nutrition under this illness. Very desirable consult about diets with its in doctor. Under any pressing diseases and under sharpening chronic the morning on pokhudatelnuyu a diet at all cannot be.

Try choose a diet, the groundwork which comprise products that you love. Withstand such a a diet will be much easier. Preferably, to much of products diets was characterized for terrain, where you reside, not was would over sea dikovinkami (especially this applies to out and this). Ah and, of course same, diet should not include products, to which you have there is individual intolerance or that cause you have allergic reaction.

If you are going sit on diet more three days, then better choose diets let and low-calorie, but which provide for diverse, balanced ???? ????, involving prodkuty, rich reduce nutritional deficiencies and nutrients to. Also better not the morning more than on 3 days on too-cal a diet (less 1,000 heated in day for women, 1,500 - for men).



How prepare for diet

Most important. The morning on a diet need to then, when you utterly healthier. You say: Absolutely healthy people not the case, and if and accented, then one of million (and hardly they need in diets of :). True, almost have all have us can be find those or other (chronic) diseases. So .NET. previous phrase: The morning on a diet for slimming need to then, when you not sick unto death were far acute underlying illness; when your old and casualty chronic disease not in phase intensifies; if you have over the last time not found any something new chronic diseases. Finally, if under available you have chronic little aches and pains sit on pokhudatelnoy diet not come.

Enter in a diet need to smoothly. For a few days until the early diets valsti gradually to reduce the number and caloricity obtained food, especially those products that chosen you diet does to particularly harmful. In no way case not let itself to act on the principle of: Ah here is today get to splurge on full (i.e. eat a whole bushel until satiety), and with tomorrow imbabers new life (i.e. a diet). Nor to what good this not will lead. Ah and, the very a of course, your food in these modest days must fully respond basic principles healthy nutrition. Which, however, need to abide by not only under preparation for diet, and always and everywhere. In including and during diets, if, of course, chosen you diet at all allows their fulfill - some of diets for slimming, in including and from number of described on this site, basic principles healthy nutrition contradict in fundamentally :). (Though - to qualitatively think - and is worth whether at all the morning on such a a diet?)

To diet need to be prepared morally. Any self-restraint, any refusal from what you likes - this serious test. And in case diets often accompanied still and sense of hunger. And to through such a test safely pass, need to clearly know, what you want achieve, understand, that without difficulties this achieve impossible. And represent itself, sake of what you these difficulties on themselves became. Before the onset of the diets you must truly wishing to and must be confident, that you succeeds.

Imagine, what basket maruri say and pretty you would after diets! Pleased this, pleased the, that soon you preobrazites and chase harvest on itself of exciting views representatives opposite gender and an envious bunch - colleagues. Valsti first day diets with this the sense of joy and script and save your his until the end of diets!

Classic rules nutrition

The right nutrition - basis human health. Precisely food, that we adopt, provides development and a permanent renewal cells and tissue organism, is a source of energy, that our organism spends not only under physical loads, but and in able contemplated. Food sources of substances, of which sinteziruyutsya ferments, hormones and other regulators exchange processes. Exchange substances, underlying effluents human organism, is in direct dependence from character nutrition.

As see, nutrition, directly provides all vitally important functions organism. Composition food, its properties and number of determine growth and physical development, employability, incidence of, nervously-mental state of, life expectancy.

With their origins directly in our organism should arrive sufficient number of needed substances: Proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, micronutrients, mineral substances. A sufficient, but not excessive. And in right insufficient. Strictly speaking, all theory rational nutrition, which in the last time emerge as mushrooms after rain and that we regard and analyze in other sections this site, try to solve this problem. In this same section we detail will describe, if so to speak, traditional, the classic glance on the, somehow same should be the right, healthy nutrition.

So, the basic rules nutrition.

1. Observance the right regime nutrition. Optimal is considered chetyrekhrazovyy reception food with refreshed in the interval in 4-5 hours, in one thing and the same time. Under this breakfast should stack 25% daily caloric, lunch 35%, safe, 15% and dinner 25%. Also enjoy our specialties that Spain not later than for 3 untangle until sleep.

2. Sufficient, but not excess caloricity caloric. Number of consumed by calories should cover energy human (which, in turn, depend on gender, age and way of life, in including from character labor). Harms as lack, so and excess caloricity caloric.

3. The right the ratio basic components nutrition (proteins, fat, carbohydrates). In average the ratio number of frequently proteins, fat and carbohydrates should constitute 1 :1: 4, under big physical loads - 1 :1: 5, for workers mental rape labor - 1 :0 .8 :3.

4. Must easily absorbed as (but, again same, without surplus) need organism in basic of food Substances (in primarily - irreplaceable amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acid, be, trace elements, mineral substances, water), be supplied from their the right the ratio.



How withstand a diet

Withstand a diet, not been, not spit on all - task no easy. Hope, you in this will help gentle family advice, reiterates on this page.

Maksimalno raznoobrazte its ???? ????
Think, not need to to prove to, that than more various will your ???? ????, those easier will withstand a diet. And after all almost all diets, even quite tough, all same allow cannabis as least several products. And if show culinary peculiarity smart about it, even from the most limited set of products can be cooked a of multiple and delicious dishes.

And perishing if massive data-mining exercise you diet allows use a long list various products - Koristuytes these on full coil!

Eat sweet before food
Recall, as in childhood mother body you there is sweet before food. Cannot be, gonna lose appetite - told she. And this indeed so. Legkousvaivaemye sugar, contained in delight among refined, in for maximum half an hour known treatise on carnivorous in blood. Content glucose in blood sharply rises, and for organism precisely level of glucose in blood is signal satiety / hunger.

If massive data-mining exercise you diet this allows, for 15-20 minutes until another meals if you'd anything sweet: Muddle some chocolate, spoonful of of honey, biscuits or Smokywood, enjoy a the glass sweet tea or juice. ???? not simply eat the, and us pozhuyte or suckle at, what happens under language. This will help you if not feel sytost, then at least muffle sense of hunger.

eat not hurrying
Try maximally drag out time meals. A sense of satiety arises not immediately, and only after, as nutrients, in primarily sugar, in sufficient numbers will in blood from digestive tract. And if you to swallow zis the entire breakfast, lunch or dinner for five minutes, then accurately or stand up from-for the table with a sense of hunger, or exceed assigned on this reception food bounced back products.

Carefully perezhevyvayte food. Under patients is happening not only amechanical fashion chopping food, but and the original its word processing enzymes saliva and even partial suction of sugars in blood through Indications the wound larynx. This is the most easy way to embody of sugars from digestive tract in blood. Long and careful perezhevyvanie - the most rapid path satisfy some hunger!

Your diet and aromatherapy
Enjoy smells dishes, which dine. Inhale, okay their more often and deeper. Smells frequently dishes involves on the brain and speeds the emergence of sensations satiety. But this should be smells precisely moreover it, which you eat now. Odors other palatable dishes appetite, contrary, excite. Try avoid delicious smells dishes, which you not chase cannabis in closest reception food, and especially those that at all banned your diet.

Some odors repressing a appetite even then, when you not eat, and able reduce, and the and to lift sense of hunger. This odors green an apple, banana, mint, lavender, roses. During diets, yes and until, and after it, inhale, okay their as can be more often. Especially when is beginning to drink under it with a spoon. These odors will help you easier shifting reductions volume of consumed food and, respectively, withstand a diet.

Mind favorite affair
During diets not sosredotochivaytes on its body, on attainment of in his an empty your stomach. Continue to live full-fledged, interesting, sated various events lives, try on time diets make its life even more sated, than usually, schedule on this time as can be more the most different interesting ??????. Are looking beloved films and TV programs, read exciting books. Certainly you have there is something focus on maintaining, passion, hobby, dealing with which you capable forget even about greater a sense of hunger. Hard parosols them precisely during diets.

And, finally, most importantly. Always remember, sake of what you try to spare. After all after diets you will such beautiful, such blinds to be drawn! As you will envying girlfriends, as will admire you representatives opposite gender! Sake of this is worth a bit fail! Pleased everyone prozhitomu day, everyone a dearly departed visit a and even gram, and you themselves macaws, as quickly fly by like no time these rocky days.



How correctly exits from diets

Withstand a diet difficult, but even harder to not been after her the end of the. Statistics says, that 90-95% people, perched on diet and successfully sbrosivshikh several apothecaries kilograms, soon after its the end of the again are gaining former weight, and often and greater.

's try first understand, why this is happening. For diets our organism immediate work in more ekonomnom regime, reduces level of the principal exchange. If very accurately measure temperatures bodies, then can be discern, that, in average, during diets she declines on several-hundredths share degrees. We feel permanent fatigue, drowsiness: Our organism calls for us save energy, and most often we on these calls. We reveal.

After the end of the diets our organism still a long time retains vklyuchivshiysya during diets mechanism austerity energy. And the entire, or almost the entire, surplus (surplus compared with those, that we were during diets) nutrients is beginning to deferred "pro supply."

Moreover, some highly heavyweight scientists consider, that the brain somewhere in depths subconscious "learns" information about how, that was aieiaiue period, and deliberately gives team appropriate systems organism to do "reserve reserves" on case new hunger strikes. And than more often and longer we sit on diets of, especially on tough and unbalanced, those these team - to do reserves - become stronger and tougher than this.

As same correctly exits from diets? As not been and not debauch iai?i already, seemed would, achieved such effort outcome?

were the first: Not we relax!
Ah here is, is coming to the end of the latest day diets. Agony end. So much had to been, and perishing tomorrow I get to splurge on full. Throw away from heads such thought! Ahead you have even a few days, during which need to will themselves limit. Not so rigidly, as during diets, but all same.

were the second: The softness and gradualist.
After the end of the diets let's go, let volume of and caloricity consumed food smoothly and gradually. Continue cannabis those same products that constituted the groundwork your diets, are increasing their number of. If these products very perishing you are weary, then replace their on other, but close in composition and properties. But not all immediately, and on 1-2 product in day! New products that your diet body cannabis,, too, enter not more than on 1-2 species in day.

In primarily enter useful, dietary, rich reduce nutritional deficiencies and nutrients to products: Greens, fruits, vegetables (as raw, so and raw aiaiiuo), live meat (but not sausages are made, not canned and not sausages-bratwurst), big, with little starch curdled products, cottage cheese, cheeses. And buns, cakes, noodles, lard, kopchenosti and thorny seasonings leave in the end he (and better at all pro them forget).

In dependence from diets the exit from it can last from 2-3 until 7-10 days. Than more long and hard was your diet, the more is smoother and durable should be exit from it. During this term you must gradually withdraw on regime full balanced healthy nutrition, which and to adhere to constantly.

were third: Confidence and optimism!
If you managed preserve good mood and confidence in their forces throughout no easy diets, then did do you let itself been in really late? Of course same, you can withstand and the final phase diets - the exit from it! And all you have tickles!



Here is still in subject :D

As test, the right whether a diet you chose?

Diet you suited, if:

1. You not pursue thought about food and you have not arises bouts hunger.

2. Weight declines. In the first days process goes quite quickly, then gradually all more slows, to over time quite stop.

3. Later weeks two after starters diets fulsome a sense of, if you looking 10 years younger, has improved mood, soared performance. There is no exasperation and weakness.

4. With the help diets you managed maximally to move closer to its ideal weight and, importantly, support his.

If you not you can sign up although would under one of these points, a diet need to to change.

And the most recent. Maya Plisetskaya on question about better diet answered tersely: Sit not zhramshi! Perefraziruem brunette: Any products bounded in a diet, if consume their moderately.

P. S. An announcement. Pros and cons various diets



So many just)
And major rules just 2:
1) like it or to - rebuild brains! Stop it to see in food joy life and surrogate drugs from stress. Never K-Val they entire food on light of - would still not tickles. Food - just food. Witness, as eat skinny people! They eat little, rarely, but what want. And'll shrink! Because not get fixated on diet. But as's fat girl, which sit on diet and chafe at. I cannot. Me is it so difficult. I so want there is. And then slip down with diets and again to gorge yourself nachnayut. Fu. Hypocrisy)

2) like it or to - see for those, THAT you palleggi. And how many. Start cooperating already follow nutrition, and all will well. ???? follow always, even if you already not on diet. Thin - this image life forever, and not on 3 days diets.

Here is - rules transferred on their the noble experience, and in my the Police circled golden ramochkoy and are hanging somewhere in central place)




here is - rules transferred on their the noble experience, and in my the Police circled golden ramochkoy and are hanging somewhere in central place)

JUlja, experience and truth prices there is no. :yes: Everyone genial is simply. And short.
And here is I have no experience. I on such diets of hasn not sat. So and "stibrila" these rules ;)



Il-, I think, that ?????, who is not how and've lost weight, there is their "rules") Ionou even the most banal and the unspeakable, which suited precisely etomts man. And here is such long rules, perhaps, implements affect those and for moreover, who tries to major and to, but all ostanavlivatesya on rules :)

On days was reading young Kremlevkoy diet on specifis. Uchitalas! Then collection in the diets. And then went nakushalas month marked, abandoned was your swim and use. Dietam the end of the!



I on such diets of hasn not sat. So and "stibrila" these rules

a sigh thing bad luck same)
And I here is after holidays must offloading his liquor shipments now 2 days)



Iriani wrote:

Il-, I think, that ?????, who is not how and've lost weight, there is their "rules") Ionou even the most banal and the unspeakable, which suited precisely etomts man.

Then been decided!
All forumchankam request!
Write on here pro their rules and pro their the impression from diets, on which purchased the experience :)



Morozz wrote:

Pishem here pro their rules and pro their the impression from diets, on which purchased the experience

Have ascendant teltsov rules there is no zxfd When I lost weight, then this were "-fighting without rules ", I simply unsupportable there is on week. The reason - was SILNA motivation for the (love). Loss of weight in a whole (adjusted for still 2-'s weeks after exit from hunger strike) - 20 kg. Povtrit not venture to. Other not advise. :) More on diets of not sit, try to put to wage a healthy lifestyles for good well-being and accept the themselves such what there is.



comparison and analysis diets

On todays day there are many diets, methods only create illusion rapid and genuine slimming. In this article we consider diets and system nutrition, the most widespread and popular in America on todays day.

Until recently in the US special popularity enjoyed low-fat diets, then as today all greater popularity gain low-carb (low-diet) diets. To be sure, that neither about what empty buckwheat seven days consecutive, nor about Japanese diet, nor about diet economic, nor about many other diets of, popular have us, there may does not evenheard.

Nizkouglevodnaya diet Dr. on the Atkins
Highly-its fatty and highly-just a protein diet American doctor- Robert on the Atkins built on full refusal from uglevodsoderzhaschikh products: Daily consumption carbohydrates should not exceed 20 grams in day. From "uglevodistoy" food resolved alone mushrooms, so as in them many of plant protein. Else - bread, vegetables, fruits, noodles, buns, sugar and anything - almost fully se exclud from caloric. Even a negligible number of rich load up on carbohydrates products being invoked on there is no effectiveness diets.
Goal nutrition on Atkins - create in body state of ,-called ketozom (so this a diet still call ketogennoy diet), under which is happening rapid spurious fat.
Diet consists of two parts - society and the supporting. The first lasts two weeks, during which begin changes metabolic processes, is happening physical and psychological the addiction to new principles in nutrition. The second part of, expectancy which will, is designed for more of gradual achievements the desired weight and sustain his in for further life, without restrictions in caloric content and values nutrition.

There is no restrictions on caloric content and number of Warranty food;
During diets is happening stabilization and maintaining on constant level sugar in blood, that allows avoid symptoms hypoglycemic, such as carbon-based dependence and a permanent sense of hunger (disposing from addiction to with and other of food dependencies);
Climate exchange substances - flipping with burning carbohydrates as the most "cozy" fuels on burning fat.

A diet can be pursue only under good able health and only after full medical research. In no way case cannot be apply you for;
Lasting refusal from carbohydrates negatively involves on the brain. Diet on the Atkins stymies generating electric exercise - chemical substances, consistent with the for mood. People, a long time countries sitting on diet on the Atkins, become cantankerous, thus and differ strident overshoot sentiments; emerges weakness, rapid fatigue, is worsening memory;
Because, that more just with feed comes proteins and fat, in body strongly rises cholesterol in blood, and this threatens to a massive coronary event and atherosclerosis even healthy people;
Use excessively upon was already fat food may lead to emergence skin problems, and hair can become dry and easy to comb-out, if to adhere to such diets longer four weeks;
In this diet not solution.National felt in organism in sufficient numbers mineral salts and fibre, needed for normal work digestive tract.
Provisional menu on clock:

Breakfast: Coffee with cream, sandwich with oils and cheese.
Lunch: Per cage, Houston with broccoli and color ogurtsy, greens.
Dinner: Steak from salmon, green salad with brynzoy and olive oils, glass crack guilt.
In February 2004 information agencies told the, that Dr. Robert Atkins, deceased in a result hapless case, scarred from obesity. Under this recent 36 years he adhered to its diets.

"Zone" Barry Sears
This the glamorous way to slimming've christened on itself many Hollywood stars, from Demi Moor until Jennifer Aniston. The author "Zone" - Dr. Barry Sears from Boston - proposed represent proteins, fats andin the form of blocs (1 bloc equals roughly 90 kilokaloriyam); under reduction in day that Spain to adhere to roughly 11 blocs (breakfast, lunch and dinner on 3 bloc and 2 perekusa on 1 bloc every). For example: 1 bloc proteins - this cube non-fat meat, 1 bloc carbohydrates - half a cup of tea ready pasta or rice, 1 bloc fat - several some peanuts peanuts or result. ???? ???? wiping out on such a principle: In each helpings on 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 30% fat (mainly an unsaturated). There is American nutritionist advises little, but often. The optimal option - pyatirazovoe nutrition: Three major meals and two perekusa. Sense diets consists in opportunities to control content insulin - the principal substances, regulatory number of sugar and fat in body.

With perspective slimming 11 blocs (roughly ?1,100 Kcals) and proportions UBZh 40 :30: 30 guarantee an ideal access to water wealth organism. Fat will be burned 24 hours in clock in an even and strong pace;
Cheerfulness and raising rejuvenate under write down the caloric content, frequent nutrition and control levels insulin virtually are guaranteed;
So as in each helpings there is and , and proteins - and this not gives sugar in blood to ride - a sense of satiety held longer conventional.

Drafting the menu from precise number of blocs will require of discipline, so as will have follow in scraps and proportions of the.
Provisional menu on clock:

Breakfast: Make an omelet from 4 egg whites proteins, hybrid with 1 tea spoon grated cheese, a cup raisins, a cup coffee or tea without sugar and milk, 2 piece of black bread or bread with bran.
Lunch: Salad from 200 g meat crabs or shrimp with 1 tea spoon mayonnaise, wrapped in slice of shrest.
Safe,: 50 g a dollop of lowfat sour cream or yogurt.
Dinner: A cutlet soon, prepared from beef time, with 1 spoon of grinded string, greenery and pepper, with adding tomato puree and boiled a white bean, Roscoe's on "Mediterranean diet" oil.
On night: 50 g except ham or turkey, 100 g strawberry or raspberry, on desire handful I nuts or result.

"Vesonablyudateli" - quite popular diet, based on tally points. Everyone product in dependence from his caloric content, repackaging, content fibre and size helpings awarded a certain number of points. Diet thought through thus, to not only trigger loss of weight, but and teach weight-loss group correctly eat. This being achieved mostly expense of moreover, that number of eaten food strictly is calculated, helpings rigidly urezayutsya, and each calorie he burns invoiced. "Vesonablyudateli" have developed diverse set menu, in stores can be buy their ready to it and products for preparations. Thinner (film) enters in club Watchers, where receives detailed instructions on nutrition, magazines with recipes dishes, recommendations on physical activity, and also psychological support. After first three weeks the speed losses weight accounts for roughly eight hundred grams in week. If Thinner (film) exceeds this the speed, him tell consult with chief executive groups, to loss of weight not been a detriment to health.

Diet the planned experts-dietician and fits modern representations about the right nutrition and recommendations Institute nutrition. She suited and men, and young girls to 16 years, and hamil? mothers;
No need considered calories;
There is no taboo food. Chief seed monitor in nutrition - clauses.

Constantly present sense of hunger, so as on practice system nutrition on Vesonablyudatelyam is low-fat;
On first stages diets every once should weigh the and be bothered with Members contesting points, that requires very much time;
Goal programs - simply achieve caregiver average on traditional transportation, i.e. success is lauded exclusively number of Cold Wars end kilograms. And this not is indicator of beauty and health.

Provisional menu on clock:
Breakfast: 120 ml orange juice, this oatmeal gruel on water; 150 g Tikhonya milk, tea or coffee.
Lunch: Egg-poached for with 90 g fried on grill wild mushrooms, cube podsushennogo Cheers with the margarine, one pear, tea or coffee.
Dinner: My Chaot brother from lamb, extra crisp on grill; 90 g 3 1 string, tushennogo in 1 tea spoon cooking oil with, 180 g pasta and 90 g boiled carrot, one a small orange, tea or coffee.

Your diet Southern the beach
Diet Southern the beach was proposed by Dr. Arthur Agatsonom. The main idea diets - a sensible balance "right" carbohydrates and fat (eggs, seafood, vegetables, nezhirnaya bird, olive oil). Animal fat, margarine, and also food, podvergshayasya deep processing, must be maximally are excluded from caloric. This diet very simple, on it utterly not will have break head over Members contesting calories or number of may legitimately be sold proteins, fat and carbohydrates. Requires only be remembered list may legitimately be sold products and absorb their in reasonable quantities 6 times in day (3 stand alone meals and 3 perekusa).
"Diet Southern the beach"t share on 3 phase. The first phase, enough strict, lasts 2 weeks (for which can be losing 6-7 kg), the second -, until you not reach desired result. The third phase is already not diet, and system nutrition on entire life: There is can be almost all, but on opportunities try to avoid potatoes, white rice, pasta, bread from flour of higher quality, sweets, beer, with studying. Under this during the first and the second phase you so get used eat correctly, that harmful products already not want. Time from time can be rejoin two the firsts phases .

This system nutrition developed Ibn and approved authoritative scientific scale;
Diet regulates cholesterol and insulin in blood;
No estimates calories;
Almost complete lack of hunger;
Diet is balanced, so as in it represented basic foods groups;
Polls have shown, that only 5% sitting on this diet not retain difficulties and challenge this system nutrition.

The main loss of weight can occur from-for losses fluid organism;
Diet can you not approach the, if you not love products, allowed in the first phase and if you have no time on know`s "correct" food.

Provisional menu on clock:
Breakfast: Fresh strawberries, porridge (on nezhirnom glycosidic) with tea spoon of grinded walnut, coffee without caffeine with nonfat milk without sugar or herbal tea.
Morning "perekus": Egg hard boiled.
Lunch: For the Mediterranean chicken salad.
Purchasing "perekus": Fresh pear and easy choked.
Dinner: Salmon with a spinach and vegetables, vegetable salad with olive oils or vinegar, fruit.

Mediterranean diet
The groundwork Mediterranean system nutrition comprise, above all, vegetables, fruits, tselnozernovye products, fish (???? cooking - solely on olive oil), cardiac combined with small number of of AIC and breast food, guilt (recent research have shown, that they are needed body to generate receptors, epoprostenol - hormones, regulatory cell exchange and which prevent persons with a bouts, heart attacks run and many other disease). Not insignificantly, that in food consumed exclusively fresh and organic foods, no canned food and preservatives.
Was trapped many research on influence Mediterranean cuisine on human organism and forthcoming quite convincing explanations its effect. So, American scientists (belatedly compared with their West colleagues on several tens of years) figured out, that such a system nutrition reduces risk cardiovascular diseases (inhabitants the Mediterranean differ here the most low performance) and promotes prevent cancer diseases. Also American nutritionists argue that Mediterranean cuisine of - this a new image life, thanks to which man slowly, but is true loses weight,.

Diet gives opportunity choose of the assorted diverse and useful dishes, which easily cooked homes and that can be order virtually in all places public nutrition;
This system nutrition in primarily is aimed on healthy nutrition, and not on loss of weight. Research show, that diet helps reduce pressure and cholesterol in blood, reduce pain under artritakh (likely, this is happening expense of high content fatty acids in the form of cooking oil with and fish oil);
Diet helps craft a habit to to healthy nutrition, that forever abolish from Cold Wars end kilograms. Basis Mediterranean diets can become the foundation your routine nutrition.

Not suited for people with serious problems excess weight;
Disposal of weight is happening enough slowly.

Provisional menu on clock:
Breakfast: Several fruits, a bit of fresh bread or cereal, fruity juice or water.
Lunch: Noodles from whole-wheat everything flour, vegetable salad, fuelled olive oils, fruits.
Dinner: The mutter stews, fish, salad from for fresh vegetables, a fresh bread, the glass red guilt.

The nutrition
Not though, that this diet was first invented more than half a century ago, she and today enjoys success. Diet able on the slow and a permanent lowering weight, she relies on principles healthy nutrition. Dr. Hey, which invent the this a diet, believed, that organism differently following theand proteins, so their should never be include together in one reception food. And that means, that from menu se exclud many traditional it (for example, meat with potatoes, noodles on-Beefaroni, most sandwiches). Rice, noodles, bread and themselves by growing potatoes, rich load up on carbohydrates, can be there is with vegetables, but not with flesh, fish tank or welcomed the products, which rich proteins. These proteinaceous products, in turn, can be there is with vegetables, but not with those, in which contains starch and .
By adhering to although nutrition, can be manufactures private label according organism, and also reduce weight and without labor keep his for a long time.

The nutrition is considered very healthy, so as it is based includes in themselves a large number of vegetables, fruits and "right" carbohydrates combined with moderate consumption fat;
Rule a combination of products very easily to learn, no need weigh the every once and considered every calorie.

Need to change almost all foods habits. More cannot be there is sandwiches with islets or cheese, as they with flesh or noodles with fish tank or with stuffing;
There is no scientific evidence, that this diet on fact elicited.

Provisional menu on clock:
Breakfast: Host muesli from oat flakes, syrup over crushed almond, Brazilian nuts, raisins, flaxseed seed, have any pumpkin and podsolnechnykh quality, entitled has smooth and lemon juices with adding grated an apple.
Lunch: Salad with sauce from similar.
Dinner: Roasted on grill fish with big portion salad from green vegetables and African herbs, with wait from kefir or olive butter.

Of course same, this far not full list diets, however hence in sight, that there are many various systems nutrition. To be sure, that almost to each diet are underway books, ready to products, consultants, which willingly will you support and help during diets (of course same, not for free).
Should also be noted, that in the course research scientists from University Pennsylvania carefully have studied not only themselves diets, but and research, covered their effectiveness - and their for recent years was trapped more 1.5 thousands of - and figured out, that neither one diet not is more effective, than other possible alternatives, and not guarantees hospitable declining weight.

(On materials fitness-site Mir Forces)


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