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Personal force

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Yes with direct loop lose more weight not lose more weight. But such people more affects external the world. Something you must, this caper important and will all around dragged in this, about to hook their somehow any through your idea :rolleyes:



I have, too, direct. Hands warm and dry. Propensity to the sheer discernible. That I recall even, that on one I have, the kapha prevails and a bit the pitas there is. And even that I recall its focus on maintaining kabbalistic Palmistry and since then there is habit rooted on hands other people. Men often are too tight, man hands each other and on are, too, something can be said. Incidentally, shunted attention, that have are left-handed on their fingertips leftist hands less thin lines, so same as have are right-handed on right-wing. Even have toddlers - and this gives opportunity immediately recognize the lead hand. ;)



Helen, thank you large for cues by how try to see an aura. I have, finally, broke a :). Precisely in semi-darkness as you and wrote. Nice!



Tanja, you its an aura saw? No she color of?



Таня, ты свою ауру увидела? Какого она цвета?

Лена, ну я же только начала и цвет пока не видела, только в черно-белом варианте  ;) Я свои руки рассматривала, а потом ребенка своего. Очень похоже как на рисунках изображают, только все эти линии как живые:вибрируют, сливаются, расходятся, форму меняют. Я читала, что для того, чтоб цвет увидеть, надо еще тренироваться.



Tanja, I is happy for you UITT. Brilliant! In black-and Obama’s White color we see essential bodies. In their painted bus (granted see astral. For order to to see astral bodies need to develop the third eye. Or simply to do several exercises, collecting and calling into energy on Adzhnu. Case lack one times and couples hours exercise.



Illy simply to do several exercises, collecting and calling into energy on Adzhnu. Case lack one times and couples hours exercise

Here is denied I and plan to address :)



Illy simply to do several exercises, collecting and calling into energy on Adzhnu. Case lack one times and couples hours exercise.

Helen, I perhaps that the missed.
Pro what several exercises goes speech? :blink:



Yes, can be in more details?



Николай wrote:

Helen, I perhaps that the missed.
Pro what several exercises goes speech?

Nikolai, speech goes about how, to see the world in energies need to promoted element do ceasefire. And as least, perceive the world through Anakhatu-chakra camping on E. Have point assembly on cordial chakre. As is easiest add fiery energy we detail discussed on previous pages.
And if speech goes about catastrophic for discoveries Adzhny, then very many various wide. Every chooses for themselves workable. On-my, now many varying degrees an esoteric literature detail's the whole process. Write and to speak about this can be hours. In short, there is practice yogicheskogo type: Pranayamy (special respiratory several exercises), certain way-chosen training (communities exercise), Dhyana (disambiguation) (practice a long focus). There is still way to work with vigor, with its visualization, closer to Raja-Yoga. There is technology simply "...... expressing their" the third eye. Of course the third eye and vision astral tel simply so not tickles in one day, wasn that priotkroetsya slightly-slightly :O.



Can be, here is thiswill in subject?



All Hi! Has found an interesting site, the knighted Professor ezotericheskomu relevance belts, in including and of sacrificers with belts and matchs: http://oliorosti.com/about_belts/histor … tualBelts#

There is there and proposed forces:

Belt is universal way forces, presented in myths, the lore and stories absent. Independently from each other all peoples world have enshrined belt, protects important energy centers organism, as a symbol of vital energy, the supernatural abilities and irresistible sexuality. Magic belt Japanese Army initially regarded from his “forms, sootnosimoy with cycles time, i.e. force belt was force the most time. Hence belt-global Sources Publications Ltd., which often influence in folklore different countries world. With the help belt-global Sources Publications Ltd. heroes became with invisible, as the very time. A shredded belt meant death, as well as and his the absence of.

Rice. 1 the Magic qualities eternal early life and sexual attractiveness of possessed hailed by Greek myths belt goddess love Aphrodite (have Romans - Venus). Belt more profoundly repugnant than in charming flavor, love power which podchinyala itself and gods and people. Goddess family great Hera often asked Aphrodite give it on time this belt, to stronger attract to itself his of divine spouse Zeus (Fig. 1).

Aside from “belt love ”, in Greek mythology existed and image“ belt war ”, so-called “belt of Hippolyta. ” With him stems the ninth feat Heracles, which was tasked acquiring the belt queens such of Amazons of Hippolyta. This belt fearless voitelnitse gave god war Ares. Killing girdle of Hippolyta in combat, Heracles dismantled with its Bloodied bodies adorned with a gold plates belt.
Rice. 2 In Scandinavian of works god thunder, storm and available Tor opoyasyvaetsya waistband forces, thanks to which his communion energy doubles, that makes his the main the protector gods and people from giants and improbable monsters (Fig. 2).

In Slovak the lore about Razboynike Яnoshike a sorceress gives hero the magic a small ax and belt, which gives a fancy force.

Hero legends Komi-Zyrians a sorcerer-may Shipich, distinguished by supernatural force, was assassinated enemies after, as those sawed open, his silver belt and from him escaped life.

In stories obskikh Ugric peoples divine belt Toruma, assotsiirovavshiysya with Volynskiy ridge, as a is omitted on land, provided resilience just middle world.

In Russians byliny've before fights necessarily prepoyasyvalis.

Misconception about middle belt as about source forces depicted in whatever popular and now terms “sufficiently for belt ”, i.e. beat the, defeat.

Belief in magical the link belt with physical or spiritual force human formed a diverse set customs with waistband (see Belt krestilnyy, proposed-a goodluck charm, proposed-a dedication). Although most these practicing an now are gone in past, an archetype belt forces present in every of us and unconsciously defines our choice under purchase belt, and also unconsciously is felt us, when we on the or decline belt.


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