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Water, water.

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From the hoax:

"In classic defined by biologically active water, this water -" actively "normal on living organism, say so, more actively than simple water. In fix this is expressed? If approach the with purely utilitarian hand, the, here is, imagine, you experiencing very a strong overall thirst for (ran right Marathon, polzyote on desert, 're hunger striking "a shutout" in for five days and camping on D. How many can be drinks in such a able? Many, very many, - until 2 liters. Experienced who a strong overall thirst for? After which drinking, drinking and not get drunk! Why not get drunk? After all stimulant the many? Because from the entire vypivaemoy water us immediately assimilated only small share of (5-15%). The rest same water peacefully that loiters just downstream there in your stomach, gradually dreniruya in blood, but from blood in cells so and not is mired. And after all this precisely cells an us his mission about how, that they Userkara, smorschilis and not can fulfill their functions. And this under so crowded with blood line with and a crowded your stomach. In fix deal? We same gave you water! Water, yes not the.
Cells need a decreasing WATER and only decreasing WATER, because themselves they consist, for the most part, precisely from we, not of what we drink from-under tap! Judging by from this situation, we can, again, with purely utilitarian perspective determine the term BIOAKTIVNA decreasing WATER. - This is the kind water, which assimilated cells of our organism have to. And% the ratio of this type water to common number of water from-under tap, let even and after use of the most quality filter, for different estimates from 5 until 15% "

I, for example, water'm missing through "Magnetic Barrier", and then freeze (1.5 days) and drink ottayavshuyu. Taste of she has such, that besides water then to drink not want :fie:

What water drink you?
Who that uses for clearing water?



What water drink you?

Drinking, from cylinders) A mineral.

Have us water uzhsTnaya, to drink tea simply impossible. Only coffee, if that)

Now forged the link with normal urban water, but already and this to drink not that-accustomed to clean.



And anyone sipping fidelity water?
In one transfer on our televisions showed, what structure has piped water and what structured.
The difference a huge.



All you good health wish!

Have us, too, with drinking water big problems. Water on rigidity higher average. If not purify, then in teapots no left fur, simply shopping that can be in joints or still where from such a water.
Clean its, does, various filters, forth freeze, long value the have read that under freeze of the, the first freezes the most clean water, and if on time remove the from freeze cameras (have us for this goal there is a host freezer) the can be merged two-thirds still not stiffened water - is considered not the most clean.
The ice, primerzshiy to walls a cup of, (namely in deep a cup, liter on and a half, two and conveniently slowed down, and then dump water) simply uploaded in build, where he is melting away in pleasant neighborhoods with I collapsed in 1971. This gives still and decontamination of. Water is obtained that is an awesome. On clock preparing liters 10 water for four man, summer, sometimes, its we lack, so as drink its simply so in during days. Such a water indeed very tasty and very soft. We so to it are accustomed for many years and on Different already simply not can.
Morozz, and that you auctioning the in mind, when say about water structured, in my understanding of, this deeply frozen and a melted water 15 degrees Celsius. But we so not do, however, need try.
With respect Nikolai.

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Morozz wrote:

A anyone sipping fidelity water?

I as something did. Water the cleared indeed that is an awesome.



Greetings all!


clean its, does, various filters, forth freeze, long value the have read that under freeze of the, the first freezes the most clean water, and if on time remove the from freeze cameras (have us for this goal there is a host freezer) the can be merged two-thirds still not stiffened water - is considered not the most clean.

Nikolai, I do also.


Morozz, and that you auctioning the in mind, when say about water structured, in my understanding of, this deeply frozen and a melted water 15 degrees Celsius. But we so not do, however, need try.

Not quite so. How I understood, water structured - this water with harmonious structure. In transfer on our televisions, shared, that such water in some rodnikakh, in church (was consecrated), and on Baptism (in all reservoirs).

In 120 specific findings there is, but sensible has found only here is:

structured decreasing WATER. That THAT SUCH?
Mumayev N. L., Shantarin W. D., Babin W. A.

Of course, to drink crude water from-under tap today will determine far not every. And for this not necessarily that with so fast its members. Enough try such a water on taste of. Ah, and if, before eyes find themselves still and figures.

Rust and tinys rump pipes, sand, land, chlorine, nitrates, pesticides, petroleum products, heavy metals and camping on D. - all of this the plumbing delivers directly to table every an urban dweller's. In 8 cases from 10 in drinking water are exceeded content iron, roughly in every third parallel, "are spiking" fenoly and manganese, every the second plumbing spigot in country ply Russians with a little water with immediate action the relevant norms performance haze, colouring and camping on Afghan. This the sad statistics finds continuation of in medical reports: All more often people suffer from violations metabolic, hypertension, diseases, heart-vascular, endocrine, nervous system, kidneys and camping on Afghan.

Meanwhile none of filters not can restore root structure water, on which builds welfare just live on the planet.

Simple piped water, unfortunately, with large number of impurities, substantially different from structured water, contained in body and poorly remains biomolekulami. By consuming such a water, man systematically is destroying their domestic structures, on recovery which, owing to processes self-regulation, organism wastes up a large number of bioenergii, constantly Artemovski such a water, to give it more uniform structure, appropriate it existence organism.

Thus, to ease body work on perestrukturirovaniyu water and preserve a certain supply bioenergii for moreover, to spend its in any other purposes, needed for effluents human, need cannabis tanned drinking water, molecular structure which is close to structure ice.

Structured (meltwater) water were long applied in popular medicine, where she was used as universal a means under treatment many diseases.

For obtain structured water necessary, presumably, first, doochistit why with water until demands SanPiN, SanPiN, care rules # 4416-87, and also GOST the R 51232-98 and GOST the R 51074-97.

Use not enough purified drinking water violates physiological regime effluents, "environment habitat" living cells, that in a result leads to biological effects, the real danger which already now manifests itself in growth a common pathologies.

In purposes normalization of ecological and-Hygienic situation domestic environment organism, which consists roughly on 80% from water, needs castigating structuring why with water, dovedennuyu until natural fortune electromagnetic, torsionnymi fields, which contribute to banned environment habitat cells from residues.

Experimental research have shown positive influence right torsionnogo field on biological facilities and negative influence left (Akimov A. E., 1999). So under the impact on water northern a pole increasing, camping on E. Right torsionnym battlefields, Armaments activity water increases. Under the impact southern a pole increasing, camping on E. Leftist torsionnym battlefields, Armaments activity water is declining. Likewise, under the impact northern a pole begin applicator there is his medical action on patient, so as in fact it is undertaken expense of his right torsionnogo field. Under the impact southern a pole begin applicator a painful state of patient is intensifying (Akimov A. E., 1999).

For whole studying properties structured water were conducted measure its physico-chemical parameters: Density it electrical conductivity (ae), pH, kinematicheskoy viscosity (v), fact resistance (labeled r), equilibrium the hydrogen potential (E), a superficial tension ( s). For comparisons Philadelphian results implemented similar measure parameters water water as the starting for obtain structured. Forestry experimental data aiaiiuo on EVM with of building appropriate kinetic applications curves have shown, that physico-chemical parameters structured water significantly differ from parameters water.

Research have shown, that, guidance ranges magnetic field for structured water widened on 21 meter. Further experiments on beast relaxation such a field in during one year have shown permanence this long magnetic field.

And at all, there is a special the device. Akvadisk.
Me and like would to know, uses whether his anyone from forums and what sensations under this.
Who Needs interestingly, here is reciprocal:



All, Hi!
I'm using filter, when restricting. And for drinking buying water Nahr el Mukutta River. Especially not crappy taste in to cleaning. Simply have tried, that was and this me has drawn. Especially one senses the quality of water during starvation on water.



to with the help water this simply!

Get rid of excessive weight American nutritionists recommend with the help the diets, which becomes all more popular in the West.

Under shortage fluid organism is beginning to to experience stress and sending signals in the brain, similar with signals hunger. In a result we are starting there is, while we need to to drink! Unnecessary in this moment nutrients being postponed in the form of fat in the most will corner of the of our bodies, and areas these over time cease to be its secluded.

Bitterness losing basket maruri say figures we try compensate for breast with a candy bar or iznuryayuschimi classes fitness. And after all to return to source virility can be by organizations balanced water consumption. Event over drinks every day on 2 -2,5 liter water (aside from juices, tea and coffee) we can to suppress sense of hunger and reduce number of consumed food (of course, under this is worth limit and consumption fatty products). ???? to drink need precisely water, because even tea and coffee contain active substances, changing chemistry composition organism. And that to talk about carbonated the drinks, saturated harmful chemicals connections, command additional dehydration.

Clean water an urgent the need, and to she was in your House needs lead the filter Pitcher of or stationary filter, the nozzle sitch on spigot or filter near sinks. They grant the you opportunity quietly to drink safe in all relations water.

Under this skin will always be in sufficient extent chovek moisture from within, and means, protected from impact frost and solar rays, to drying and shelusheniya. I.e. one mutilated immediately kill two birds with one stone are deprived excessive fat and restoring freshness skin!

Purity water in this diet plays decisive role. Piped water in abundance contains active chlorine and other impurity, acquired on the on systems water, old and on a rusty. Useful habit to drink tanned water will with gratitude tagged someone organism.

(with site Womens portal beauty)


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