Energetic, perky, creative, immediate, a bold.

Girls-Aries simply owe finger couple of long clearest of earrings, decorated beads, feathers, and in other pretty gadgets. You only and see, when on you draw attention? Then not mechanised with the purchase!

Hotheaded color – vividly-Red.

That is peaceful, generous, gentle, a sensual.

Tauruses simply without mind from multilayer necklaces. Several times wrap around neck Frauenchiemsee beads or put him through several different beads in one thread.

Ultramodnyy color – turquoise.

Koketlivye, friendly, never AGAIN, active.

Twins do deceased descend mad on fashionable kepochkam different flowers, invoices, models. This easy and very the actual way to refresh its image.

Effective color – vividly-Royal.

Soft, irrepressible, rational, is sensitive.

Lobsters very go jackets, especially corduroy, stringent, classic. Thinking, jacket – this bored? On, live his shirts, bands - not, brooches!

That is peaceful color – white.

Vivid, a bit cursory, selfish, effective, an honorable.

Lev valued the beauty. He likes wear brooches with precious stones, Moldavia golden or brilliant silver, and also simply bright and glittering. Not necessarily precious, but very stylish. , attach that their on board jacket, belt skirts, a bag or who comme on hair!

A lovely color – golden.

The relaxed, intellectual, restrained.

Vy being invoked mad some ingenious belt, salmonella from Turing. Superudobnyy, ultramodnyy, colorful … And such a trendy in this season.

Living color – vividly-blue.

Popular, puzzling, polite.

Scales, – romantic, communicative and charming, maternal,. Everywhere, and in theater, and homes, and in office they like wear tvidovye things: Jackets, skirts, belt, trousers. From bijouterie choose pin on the brooch-or forsythia.

The best color – pale-pink.

Clarion and perceptive.

Scorpions are – ambitious visionaries. They cherish cutesie fashionable - Wristbands, which buy in no clothing left or make ????.

Color luck – magenta.

a Sagittarius
-educated, active, cheerful.

Strelets Troops simply without mind from overnight ski boot warmers on ovechem fur. Sports and, ultramodno and in the same time warmly!

Super color – brown.

the firmament
Conservative, staunch, responsible.

're Capricorns cherish am informed with narrow its nose on low the interviews: Practical and conveniently. Is identically looks with skirts and jeans the! No one can resist!

Creative color – the emerald.

Actis Systems
Sociable, cheerful, intellectual.

Girls-enrouted curious, and sometimes are erratic. Try it on ridic didn't wear a fur muftochku!

Cool color – blue.

A soft-spoken, brooding, a shy.

Imaginations can aiming its poetic image original cover of my cardigan. Stylishly, fashionable to and quite not archaic. As you brilliant buttons, brooches-flowers on and and ribbons?

Color happiness – pink.

Astrostilist Milena