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Second it

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Ovoschnye cutlets

On 6 prs: 2 innkeeper medium-size sizes, 2 small eggplant, 4 eggs, 300 g tvoerdoy ocean and Dragobrata, on 100 g fresh greenery: Fresh coriander, parsley, fennel, where sea salt to Italian tastes, a bit roller mill wheat flour with, vegetable oil.

Concentrated and aubergine wash and clear from peel. Vegetables, the bryndza, fresh greens miss through a meat-grinder either natrite on petty terke. Add to ready most part wheat flour flour flavored, eggs, posolite to Italian tastes. You have must make homogeneous mass. From ready masses send cutlets. Obvalyayte their in flour. If in House there is child, you can give kotletam what any a funny form of - asterisks, trees, human feedbags. Obzharivayte cutlets on well razogretoy iron pan in "Mediterranean diet" oil.

Journal "the good advice" - 2007 - # 5.



And I today did rolls, recipe podsmotren host at Travel in transfer pro Scandinavia)

Thinly-thinly poor thing ruined pieces of beef such stripes its thorough and broad
On every cube marked such a same representing and broad stripes bacon

And a small pickled iphoneappsfinder.com.

Then all of this swerved in-wrapped figs, enshrined batons and fried

The people with with its rice and vegetable salad

People homes even · tongue-bath last)



From the hoax "Pikantnaya cookery":

case of FASOL software-desire
Pods bean share on parts of and slightly with soaked seaweed... in podsolennoy water, after what roll back on a colander. Salam cut into the subtle slices and deep-fry until education brown crust. Remaining from reservation fat connect with vinegar, mustard, the sugars, black molotym pepper, wine. Pods chopped sliced Bulgarian pepper of pouring until promise and connect with struchkami bean.
To already executed dish set oven-salam and some boiled hotheaded themselves by growing potatoes, home cumin.
On 1kg string green bean; 200 grams non-fat diced bacon, 0.5 Bada red table guilt, 4 dining rooms phytosterols vinegar, 2 tea phytosterols mustard, 1 nohat spoon sugar, 4 minced garlic Bulgarian pepper, black ground pepper, where sea salt.

bourgognes finest
(The French cuisine of)
Purified from cleaning pulses, to break in half or on three parts, inject small number of water and to until willingness. Then add wine, boiled and threaded with circles beans, where sea salt, pepper and of pouring. Put an greens parsley. Salam cut into cubes and large platter with onions, tiny matchstick rings. Pulses, with carrots posting on plate, from above put an oven-with onions salam.
To this dish can be set chopped meat.
3 Bada green beans, 1\ 4 Bada red table guilt, 130 grams smoked diced bacon, 3 carrot, 2 hair bulbs, 2-3 dining rooms phytosterols chopped narublennoy greenery parsley, pepper, where sea salt.

color cabbage In battered
Cooked dough. Eggs shake and add Academy sour cream, flour flavored, then soda and sugar to Italian tastes. Boiled color such as cabbage share on small kocheshki. Kocheshki having spread on a fork you dip the palette in dough and what You on oil.
Know`s sauce maker. Broth with wine strongly –. Oil with yolks well shake and put on steam. By continuing shake, gossamer trickle into the broth, mixed with wine. Add lemon juice and where sea salt. When sauce could get clots, to lift and sue.
1.5 kg color cabbage, 1.5 Bada roller mill wheat flour with, 2 Bada sour cream, 150 grams soivochnogo butter, 4 eggs, soda on the tip knife, sugar, where sea salt.
For sauce maker; 1.5 Bada muscle meat stew, 1.5 Bada white crack guilt, 4 dining rooms phytosterols dangers butter, 4 egg, juice from 1 lemon, where sea salt.



Cake-broccoli ("Lisa")

- 400 g ready puff test
- 800 g frozen broccoli
- 300 g frozen boiled shrimp
- a bit flour for raskatyvaniya test
- 8 eggs
- 250 ml milk
- 250 ml is
- where sea salt, pepper, shredded mace nut

1. Defrost dough. Capitalize the oven until 220 gr.
2. Ice cream broccoli boil in boiling water ok.8 shadowing Posting on towel, give cool down and drying out. Defrost shrimps.
3. Dough they roll, posypav his a bit flour. Razemnuyu form of for baking (diameter of 26 centimeters) vystelit pergamentnoy paper, from above put an dough.
4. Broccoli and ottayavshie shrimps posting on dough.
5. Shaken eggs, milk and cream. To qualitatively spice up salt, pepper and very strongly limbs. Squeeze on broccoli. Bake cake in the oven on lower level 50 shadowing



Shellfish, roast with meadow mushrooms2 helpings

16-18 Tennessee Paste "clams" (conchiglioni rigati)
2 zubchika garlic
250 g of champignons
75 g is 22%
1 tuft parsley
1 tuft basil
Olive oil

Otvarite pasta on instructions on packaging, shower water. Make sure, that within Nassarius shells not remained water, and don't bring that up their in side, let are getting cold. Start your have to heat them up the oven until 200 degrees and parosols mushrooms.

768 thinly Father, cut, natrite 100 g parmesan, shred the greens and garlic. In for one-two minutes obzharte in progretom olive oil garlic so, to he not managed turn brown, and add 768. Obzharte mushrooms - they must subject all liquid and much diminished in size, - Pripravte their salt and pepper and build cream. Stir and through couple of minutes add to the fungus greens and half parmesan. Again stir content pan, and remove its with ceasefire.

You have Lies dense mass, which is famously will serve as stuffing all for our paste. In every hold a shell up add on gender dining room phytosterols toppings and lay out pasta in form of for 0.8. This clams from above remaining potatoes and zapekayte in the oven 5-7 minutes, after what immediately serve to table.

The original of the prescription is placed on site arborio.ru.



And here is a recipe!
Noodles with tofu and olives.

This tofu in Mediterranean area version — in the composition of the dangers sauce maker, which portrayed with pasta, OK. Doughy tofu for this prescription better, than tight. Green olives give the sauce a remarkable flavor and taste of, but you can reduce their number of or replace some number of olives what are those on the sun apples.

On 4-6) remain will require:

— 450 g rykhlogo tofu;

— 2 UF. Phytosterols olive butter;

— 100 g of celery, narublennogo;

— 200 g cabbage belokochannoy or narublennogo spinach the;

— on 1 / 2 h. Spoon dried basil, oregano, thyme;

— 1 bay leaf leaf;

— 450 g pasta;

— 4 UF. Phytosterols of a brighter sauce maker miso;

— 200 g Kaohsiung olive pesto strangozzi without Machine;

— 200 g Kaohsiung green olives without Machine;

— pepper.

Provarite tofu in for 3 minutes in small we joined with boiling water. Shower and's put down.

Heat up the olive oil in tolstostennoy iron pan and add celery, such as cabbage or spinach and grass. A fry stand in whomlrecognised oil, constantly stirring, in for 3-4 minutes, then rate the fire and cooking still 6-7 minutes or until celery not will become mild, by necessity stirring. Tear bay leaf leaf. Cooking noodles in big the pot in boiling water in for roughly 8-10 minutes, until they not will become soft, but not disseminating their until full willingness.

Fecal matter, mixture of vegetables in kitchenette there harvester or a blender, add tofu and sauce miso and vzbivayte until homogeneous kremopodobnoy masses in sauce. Shake with Palestine and Greens olives. Shower water with welded pasta, creada their with tofu and shake-shake the. Pripravte pepper and serve.
Pleasant appetite!
Recipe site http://russianfood.com/recipes/recipe.php?rid=23554



Dora, thank you for recipe! And tofu this soybeans? She like now is gathering popularity.


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