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That to do, if money there is no?

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Has found fun article pro guide your footsteps if.
That you think on this about?

Money, money, guide your footsteps if

Money like expense.
As increase the its fiscal state of? On the absence of or reducing pressure shortages money today complain all without exceptions: From businessmen until days. That concerns "new Russians", can be not to doubt, they can solve its problems themselves Nu but as be those, from whom the real financial disaster? And not the that dollars, our native, "wooden" not go in hands
And so sometimes it is difficult case not to think about "abject metal", especially, when lacks on food or to pay for apartment. And that already to say, that already Spring, and all want buy anything rebuilt

Often people think that if had a bezdenezhya without, their someone jinxed or sedated damage. Often in such cases are beginning turn for help, and under analysis situation it turns out, that no defacing on them there is no. Although without some sorcery spells may here not go off. Have money, as have very important factors relations between people, has its grains sphere treatment on level energy, its grains "base data" in unseen human the eye an information bank account planet. Me seems, that you all will helpful know laws, on which money to us come or from us go. Know, as on their own charge banknotes, with those, to they began to magnetically drawn to in your house means, necessary for existence.

Above all, you will have to ask themselves one question: "As you treat money: Love, not love, as gifts, 're angry on the need in them, simply indifferent?" The answer "love" - the most a rare. If not "hate", then most often - "indifferent."

Now answer, will be whether to you in Visitors decide man, to which you indifferent? Which you Discipline consider such a grouch? Sooner or later a guest will feel this and will seek more to you never go. The same is happening and with money, if they you have not like in delays.

Now take out all money that there is you have in House, lay out their before a on the table and look, in what they you have able. Some banknotes damp or are torn, all lie in different places, any triviality failed in tooth in pocket and lives under feature an inner lining already a long time A how many something - on bottom bags or portfolio Decision-makers, that in wallet (if such at all you have, or are bent in half, or damp, or lie as --something - the 50s are mixed with tens of and hundreds of

And now turn to purely a magical, tribrid convinced recharging banknotes. But proactively hover order in money: Add together money in one thing - maximum two - seats, pre were given their. Distribute on dignity - tens of to tens of, hundreds of - to hundreds of and so on.

Now, so we take ze five or seven banknotes, from ten until a hundred, and shall we sit down in alone. Switching off electricity, will light up light a candle, then'll cover eyes and all just relax, right. For relaxation recommend the most rapid from known ways: Sitting in got with prepared bills in the hands of, imagine themselves on swings among green courtyard or ????, in that is peaceful sunny day. On one of trees before you someone Gwinnett County a handsome vivid a scarf or tape. You Seesawing makes all those things and are you admiring ribbon

Focus on first time there in your the hands of, eyes not open. Valsti their touch and to iron mentally tried-- them in love. By any words, the most prostenkimi, but genuinely. You genuinely want abandon times and forever with entertainments financial problems!

Now open eyes, take in hands its might and ukladyvayte galvanized your desire banknotes in special separate. These money cannot be spend! But described procedure should to repeat with them in for forty days, in any time days, and again layed banknotes on place.

We pass to the next action. From now underway you have cash, as would is minuscule she nor was, emit let a small, but amount, and are postponing its in special place, "on black day." This otlozhennaya sum must become for you failures. Lacked money until salaries, take in debt, ask down payment, but these money your "nerazmennyy the ruble", not touch his even mentally! And here is increase this sum, on least how the situation will change - please. But all with the same condition, sum will failures.

On. As to lend money borrow, to very under this not incur damage. We shall store, loan even the most close people can be only those sums, which we can painless withdraw from their spending money. If sum, that you have ask, you a bit iai?yaaao and can hitting the your budget - not let us these money. Not nothing ago money on parts, they must to return to you immediately and the entire sum game fully. Money should to return in agreed term.

The same concerns and you, if you themselves beret borrow. Not everyone, let's take amount, which not know, as chase Otherwise. Return debt in term, entire amount fully. Take borrow only in is case, if you not you can without this indispensable. By taking over borrow "simply so" and zatyanuv with throwback, or give back his on parts, you simultaneously borrow part of someone else's fate. And if arrive at, suppose, simultaneously, of character have luck in affairs, such a loans later impacted on you and your family. After all any constructed violation of - this violation of energy, and energy "'s getting revenge on that" people for an affront on its laws.

Another important rule: Never give your money out of the hands in hands. Pays product in no clothing left, put money on shoppers, to seller took their not from your hands. However, accepting from someone money, try borrow their out of the hands.

In Russia to money request the wrong attitude. Even before revolution in noble families it was thought immodest for to think about money, not about high. Yes, man, which not likes nothing except money - to be sure would suffer, too,, having lost in end and personal happiness, and respect surrounding for his service. However and scornfully treat money cannot be, otherwise they so and will swimming away from you in other hands.

A goodluck charm ON BUSINESS

Stay there overnight on subject, which accurately not leak into othershands, to example, on the nasal headscarf, owned personally you.
But these dress then cannot be will enjoy on appointment. If his wash, then the spell loses force. Can be say about this guy on with a pin and lock its so, to not was in sight.

My God, my God my,
I before You.
Am asking You me preserve,
Woman, defended.
Am asking entire catechesis lect to rescue and could:
Ivan Revelation,
Ivan Mnogostradaltsa,
Ivan Bezglavogo,
Ivan Baptist,
Ivan Postitelya,
Mikhail the Archangel,
The Archangel Gabriel's,
Nicholas the Rainmaker,
Praskov Velikomuchenitsu,
Faith, to Hope, Love
And mother their Sofia.
'm getting up under your shield plug,
Which me oboronit.
In the name of the Father and the Son and St. Spirit.

To money In BUlLDlNG was infested

In Grand Thursday (the latest Thursday pre the Passover) drop triviality in water, say a bunch on this water and wash first the table, then windows, then doors, and then and gender. But wash gender should from threshold in room, and not as usually. Plot reading over water, clasping pinkies are. Pinkies are rastsepite only then, when will have read plot 33 times.

During these manipulation cannot be borrow station up, to speak with someone, respond to questions. Cannot be, to in this time dog (if she you have) has gone of the room in room or bark, though. Cat and birds not prevent. If modicum one thing of these conditions not will met, bribery from conspiracy not will.


Water you water,
All you use the, all you like.
All svyatyat you in kreschene.
Am asking I have you, water, forgiveness.
Mom, clean-water, forgive,
Mom, water, Pomogi.
As you many in the lake, in River, in the stream, Ocean,
In every its human ECNs.
So would and I have was much money:
And in Monday,, and in Tuesday, and in environment,
And in Thursday, and in Friday,
And in Saturday, and in Sunday.
As many water, so to and me, Lords Resistance slave relationship,
Many for good, Zlata has and silver content.
In the name of the Father and in the name of the Son and St. Spirit
And in eyelids centuries.

From poverty

If in family constantly lack the money, then this rock get interrupted so. On Grand Thursday take a sieve, feast in him triviality, go sooner on the morning on streets, reading nagovor and "plant the" money in snow.

First offer "iisusovu prayer":
My God, Jesus Christ, the Son Divine.
Have mercy on are, greshnago.

In the name of the Father and the Son and St. Spirit,
Mother-land, Sister-Earth,
Mailitis seeds,
Let-me and my family
Good times, good seedlings are,

From the same:
When commit dough, tell three times:
Let-, my God, sporiny,
In money, Zlate, silver.
In the name of the Father and the Son and St. Spirit.


out a hole under Populus tremula, feast a coin, stay there overnight and fall asleep land. Make this in http, and to day was an even.

God with you, my sazhevo,
Grow tangerine, live harvest.
As you not mouse not will wreck,
Solvents not istochit,
So to and my money no one not surochil,
In the name of the Father and the Son and St. Spirit.
(With site website on Kulichkakh)

P. S. Not know, as on expense plots, and rules very even :). Something similar there is and in inspired-Shui

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IRA, here is about something ??? I wrote in his mailing :) in period social instability people are treated to domestic resources. Note, as in recent years received popularity such methods as vizualization money, meditation, reclaim her memory and other rituals :) A theme something "What to do, if money there is no?" Less urgent not becomes, unfortunately. uitt




in recent years received popularity such methods as vizualization money, meditation, reclaim her memory and other rituals A theme something "What to do, if money there is no?" Less urgent not becomes, unfortunately.

Here all deal in as a use of their domestic resources.
Under the right approach all of this acts - here conspire, customs, reading mantras :yes:


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