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Worst, most disgusting difficult

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On-my this a fair remark. Believe, that the absence of Uranus in svoystva Leo or degree of Cancer - this not a significant factor.



I here entire temku've given and recognized "rasplyvayus" :flirt: in smile


I former unique with 1944. This interest was caused by the emergence of astrological literature, which first simply attracted my attention. Forth me slightly-slightly was luckyand I just bought some worded VShKA, far was sent on absentia.

And me. Here is only "drucky" :D
I have the first astrology rescues the- povilas in 1996. Withdrew with work on lunch and passing past "Soyuzpechati") mournfully hooked two notebook - Yang Keffer "Prakticheskaya astrology, or art foresight and standoff fate" and not fiercely without much consideration their acquired (though cost they not little. But I have feature of such a, if that "draws" putting money if even they recent. And then not regret, and here is if'm to ponder about and seek cheap. Cube. 'll trade you everything in three times more :disappointed:)
At all was the problem find opportunity to do even on absentia. This now, bagodarya the, that computer's a hunk acquired in 2006. Then elect with him "turn." Thought about or in VShKA was even year ago, when [in 120. And then decided even poskat. That there is from schools :D here is and being lost in until now.


if Uranus / Actis Systems not has relations to 2,6,10 homes (camping on E. Lifetime earnings on Uranus), then him the road only in lovers.

I have Uranus in 2 (Chinese system. 6) in shall with Sun behaves similarly (upr.12),. (10 in "one missing out", to the same there Uhl. "A badge of of meticulous Virgin of" on ASTs. Moon in Vodolee, Merk in 11 (Chinese system. 10 and 1, but in opposition to those respects. And that I mean on todays day? Unlike inherent forums. :D

Ox, and it is difficult. Yes and sentezirovat of course, especially when you know. That for fusion not all spare parts there are :rofl:


to formulate problem for another person, to his not scare, not wary of offending and not offense.

Linen, here is I have so same. I if even see and'm formulating a prblemu. Difficulties - as would so softer, to not wary of offending. And to has peaked until a kid fitting :dontknow:



All Hi :flag:
With popular unique I use years with 10) and seriously starters engage in 1995. Was attempt to deal in their problems, above all. Then realized, that an astrologer, as and psychologist grows out of own problems.
Any logical moments and calculations labor not ``secular. Was conceal a sense of, that simply recall, then already long know.
Here is with synthesis was harder. In fire only Jupiter. In retain the uranium, the pluto and merkuriy in 3 House and the sun and venera in traditional transportation.
But problem decided through water in map.
Maps manually built years 10. And when authoritarianism, as would get addicted in energy maps. Then simply say.
And so, as Asts in cancer, moon in 11 House and in Trina to Old, which manages simultaneously 3.4 and 12 homes, then this for me it turned out more acceptable.
Still initially was difficult offload in astrologicheskogo on Russian Conversation.
In some least helped book Bernadette Brady on projections.
Then any moments into astrology diverted to from particular practical use are complex for my learn and memorizing :blush:
Performance to innovate, unique I, too, in his map stubbornly was looking. Something like the has found :flirt:



Izar wrote:

Let us think starters.
That for you in the early studying astrology was the most difficult?

I can say, that I only initially studying.
From addiction to astrology and go on my view can be point to the next:
- trigon solntse- uranium, albeit raskhodyayschiysya
- asts in think Gerard isn't worried - mystery
- types in think Gerard isn't worried in 11, alongside kuspidom 12 homes and blood regardless asts - again mystery and transformation
- Jupiter in House in the fishes - obtaining information from non-trivial sources.
Ability to to analysis
- broker in retain the
- Saturn in 1 House - soul-searching prompted and self-limitation
Ability to to the synthesis:
- emfaza in Ovne


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