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All this palmistry

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By the way, shunted attention, that have are left-handed on their fingertips leftist hands less thin lines, so same as have are right-handed on right-wing. Even have toddlers - and this gives opportunity immediately recognize the lead hand.

Never less obsessed with on this attention. Interestingly, and with than this stems. On logic, on leading drawn should be more lines and thin in including. Yura, and that mean subtler lines at all? Can subject on khiromantii open the?



Not-and not open the. First literature on khiromantii - a thimbleful. Second need will the qualitative prints, if we want difference between to speak, and this not data about birth give. :/
Subtler lines are linked with Machinery is potential pathways life, which even can achieved, camping on E. With the participation freedom will human (in my opinion). Lines on leading drawn - this already raelizovannyy potential.




some lines are linked with Machinery is potential pathways life, which even can achieved, camping on E. With the participation freedom will human (in my opinion). Lines on leading drawn - this already raelizovannyy potential.

Then subtler lines on leftist (have are right-handed) this that future or past options? I here see the link with brain. Knots hand connected with leftist hemispheres brain, and leftist with right. Structure hemispheres different. Developed they differently. If I have leading knots hand, means more active left was, if anything with childhood. More developed and sophisticated an abstract thinking, logic. Have right-brained people painted underdeveloped intuition.



All good time days! :thank_you:
Are interested in me very theme khiromantii, want offer to your attention their surveillance for hands other people.
Deal in is, that on work, when Im taking picture first, patient can to hold down their so, that hands open and their fingertips are visible
Here is and I, and I was a sinful affair, until his astrological devotion their many watched. :O
Yes, indeed, as said Yura on khiromantii very little literature. For themes, perhaps, not will of the lack opportunities Forum, although prints, can be to do ordinary way, then to scan, but they, perhaps, will many weigh But deal think very interesting, at least, nowhere on other forums such a there is no. Can be, I not rights and have afterwards i.e. another information?
And at all, perhaps, deal this not a simple, after all lines hands, I mean in mind not basic - Venus, heads, hearts, fate, under influence events can quite quickly change.

On classics of, if so to speak, in men knots ruka- this the, that he markets in life, leftist the, that him Arabian. Have women same contrary. Perhaps have-handed, what the options, about this I honestly say not know.
More clear lines on the hands of men or women, outside dependence knots hand this or leftist says about strength, (will, or personal forces on Helen, mental sustainability, opportunities influence on surrounding. In extreme version, clear basic lines, in the absence of thin, say about an earthly life but nature .lyublyu living in the material world.
Subtler basic, and very often defined minute with additional lines hands, can to talk about nature .lyublyu high nervous organizations, perhaps mentally not very sustainable, especially if strongly expressed thalamus- Moon Illusion.
Recently has acquired fun literature on practical dermatoglifike - Diagnosis diseases on skin papers their fingertips the author D. BC Stoyanovskiy doctor practices, book rather will be very interesting consulted in medical astrology. Volume of information very big, but think, every with an interest in kabbalistic Palmistry, can find in it, that the interesting for themselves.
With respect Nikolai. :P



All this palmistry studies lines hands, lines and length fingers, form of nails. Important significance in khiromantii has form of the palms. And forensic science believes that prints fingers ????? are unique. Is obtained lines on drawn this our passport.



All good 24-hour clock! :thank_you:
Helen wrote:

forensic science believes that prints fingers ????? are unique.

Yes, yes here is and holds make under obtaining a new passports, truth until only on desire.

Forth want offer to your attention 25?C from books
Diagnosis diseases on skin papers their fingertips

". Wholesale ad hoc area knowledge dermatoglifika (from Greek words: Product skin, glife gravirovat), appraisal shaped by in late nineteenth the early 20th century and studying prints skin drawing the palms and stop sign (dermatoglifov).
Its name dermatoglifika received in 1926 on 42 st Convention were explicit American associations October (it was offered researchers X. Cummins were and CHAMPION Midlo
Dermatoglyphic anomalies includes in themselves a series of more narrow concepts, adjectives which denote appropriate area research. This daktiloglifika (from Greek words daktilos should sit), palmogli-fika (from ancient Greek. Palma palm), plantoglifika (Plant production), combat cutaneous drawings fingers, their fingertips and foot. Dermatoglificheskie research allowed reveal especially Gulbinai-matoglifov have sick with some genie born with. Moreover, izyskivayutsya opportunities use of skin drawing brush for identify carriers genetic pathologies, this in ``The with traditional genetic methods can be used for mass screening (screening) carriers an inherited diseases among population with goal early diagnostics diseases and aid in family planning.
Today method dermatoglifiki widely is used in clinical practice. Revealed, for example, that deviation from skin drawing reveal about dezembriogeneze, which can be is due influence various unfavorable factors on an early stage the embryonic development, climate number of and structures pairs, genie mutations.
Dermatoglyphic anomalies enters in composition genetic examination as the most available rough method, allowing establish, and sometimes have suspected the availability of the risk an aberration was.
Why on their fingertips hands can be foresee future or diagnose disease? My theory consists in next: Because nervous systems system and skin are forming from ektodermalnogo zachatka, in the process of formation probable with-chetannye violations. Together with those can be suggest, that each part of brain is in constant development. These changes affect cells brain and through them on nervous system just bodies, especially on nerves, leading to lines hands.
There is and another theory, which can much explain, this theory subconscious thinking: The kind mystery, with the help which science explains the inexplicable; the kind a divine being in man, which knows not only past and present, but and tests future, which it must pass on its path for perfection, dangers, version, which its expect.
This theory can eradicated, called abstract science, but this still not proof of, that she is wrong. Today accurate science still not gave response to many questions, which is asking humanity. And can be, revival ancient Sciences, what and is dermatoglifika, careful study skin drawings hands and

Foot will help decipher another mystery of mystery of life. "

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Yes, with steeply was would prints scan, but something it beggars belief.
Agree, that lines strongly change on leading drawn under serious izmenenieyakh in life. And here is on neveduschey contrary no changes not happening.



All good time days! :thank_you:
Yura wrote:

A here is on neveduschey contrary no changes not is happening

This accurately, but after all she, not veduschaya- this the, that given above, as would our long foretold. However, I know one person, have which on both the hands of lines are located utterly equally. This my the younger brother. His data rozhdeniya- 8 July 1963. 8.30. Kokpekty Semipalatinsk Oblast. Al. Think degrees 10 Leo.
(Drilled down given with his prior knowledge)
Serious mistakes in life he not committed, can be and markets all, that him Arabian.

Yes, with steeply was would prints scan, but something it beggars belief.

Perhaps, on this question can to answer us only Rainbow.
Elena , and there is whether opportunities have Astrodoma dispose scanned prints, was would very interestingly and think informative.

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Reconcile fingers hands planets:
- big should sit -Venera;
- index -Yupiter -vlast;
- the average -Saturn-fate;
- colloquial use - the Sun -tvorchestvo;
- little finger - Mercury - science, business.
Big should sit characterizes will human, what is underway on physical terms of, the mind.
If big should sit slightly surpasses foundation of his index finger finger, then man timid, not markets themselves, or easily, teachable, autonomous decisions to accept not can, patient. Girl with so finger at if will love, then can go on risk and do stupidity. Achieved in sotsum it is difficult.
Normally, if it comes big should sit until the second considered index finger.
If should sit big (on size) are inherently assertiveness. Man works with their ideas, thoughts remains ready more than with feelings, decisions accepts after a long reflections, not immediately, under influence of suggestion. (Look on magnitude large finger under custody transactions, treaties vxcgfdtr)



Colleagues, and we, case, chiromancy with khirologiey not misplace?
Itself science, associated with the reading patterns and drawings lines hands, is called precisely that khirologiey ("cheir" -- hand, "logos" -- teachings), and all this palmistry -- this read on lines and papers hands ("mantia" -- read).
Between themselves they combined, just compound -- but not one thing and the same.



Hello, Regyna! :thank_you:

?? a they combined, just compound -- but not one thing and the same.

But as would you conducted the brink of between khirologiey and kabbalistic Palmistry?
Sorry for kalambur- if wondering Roma on batty the this all this palmistry, if these engage in serious people, then this already khirologiya?



Hello, Nikolai.
As has carried would the brink of? Yes very simply. Into palm reading not gives man choice. Simply pripechatyvaet ("line life a short, to live long not regulation" -- to example). And that like it or you, then and do with this information; particularly impressionable nature capable and in panic vdaritsya. And khirolog -- he not simply will be able these lines-badges, but and some recommendations all same will give. And perishing pripechatyvat hardly will become: All same in the process work over a have us changing Figure not only on drawn passive ("that was"), but and on active ("that will"), too,. T. E. Here functions not so much gadatelya, how many human, capable suggest the the exit, show path work over a.
And this even not I.M.H.O.,: There is examples, from my quite close environment -- themselves porazhalis the, that year-two later drawings on their palms had been witnessing erosion changes.



". Several reservations Oh bugrakh ON LADONI
On ladonnoy the surface hands there is 7 major Biebrza valley Dont always these bumps developed equally. Accented cases, when lacks one of them or even several. Place, where should lie thalamus-, all same call the boss jock , but marks, that he not maintained or maintained negatively.
1. Normally the developed thalamus- a sign of well
Cambridge qualities human; is on a proper
Place, he nor too Panzas, nor too flat.
2. Excessive development one of jumps feature
Allowed on Undesirable a strong development qualities,
Appropriate this plan, yo.
3. The complete lack of one of jumps decrees
Wyatt is on existence principle qualities, protivopo
False those good West, which are linked with
Existence this knoll.
4. If one thalamus- goes in area another,
The this means merging qualities, appropriate
Data bugram.
Each of jumps embodies an known side human character, and also instincts, attraction and ability to rights.
5. Lines on tuberosity, or adjoining to him
Can be endlessly diverse on odds
Striking, length of his and primary point of.
Well observed these 5 basic provisions, cannot be mistaking the under determining meaning jumps in every a special case. Should pay attention on the, that for estimates meaning knoll is important his kind of smooth or izborozhdennyy lines.
Correctly determine, analyze significance moreover or conjures knoll and his vidoizmeneniy one of the hardest tasks dermatoglifiki. She requires multi-annual studying primary and the large practical skill.

The ratio BETWEEN the bump And qualities HUMAN
This is in short ratio between the bump hands and qualities human, on which they point out, get graph:
1. Thalamus- Venus him fit love
And excesses were in her pleasures..
2. Plan, yo organic fit the nobility
And ambition or vain pride.
3. Plan, yo of Saturn fits plain or Campaign
4. Plan, yo sun (been) fits b
? Love to art or wealth.
6. Plan, yo Mercury fits wisdom or
Classes sciences.
6. Plan, yo Mars fits his nerve
Or hoarse instincts.
7. Plan, yo moon fits force voobrazhe
Vel, and sometimes stupidity.
On these bugram can be judge and about's temperament human:
1. Thalamus- Venus points to passionate those
2. Thalamus- organic points to sangviniches
The cue temperament.
3. Thalamus- Saturn points to melankholiches
The cue temperament.
4. Thalamus- been not fits no
Temperament. He there is symbol of sverkhchelovechesko
Th perfect, which not given.
5. Thalamus- Mercury points to mixture of the hall
Richeskogo and depicted a temperamentov.
6. Thalamus- Mars points to kholericheskiy those
7. Thalamus- moon points to flegmaticheskiy
Consider much detail every red weit "

D. But, Stoyanovskiy Diagnosis diseases on skin papers their fingertips

Pity that not are downloaded drawings. :O
If whom nor - whether interestingly, I can to scan book on. poi
Consider much detail every red weit?
With respect Nikolai. :thank_you:



In your, Regyna, nutshell one senses confidence in knowledge essence issue.
Regyna, and after all you, perhaps, much know from khirologii?
Can be even and practice?
You can to share?
With respect Nikolai :thank_you:



Me liked here is this from magazine "Professional yoga":
"Damage fingers - this as disease: With of astral bodies swung on physical. Violation of laws - contributed mightily line behavior. For that comes? In men - on leftist drawn impact women, on right-wing - men.
Have women - on leftist drawn men, on right-wing - women.
On detail by there are display all organs and can be eliminate foreign reason not on inward.. If damage inbred - there is no finger, nail when and camping on D. - karmic affairs, most often has sister marriages and other violations. If pain in detail by ceded on destiny - this curse and camping on D.
. A blister - you commit something too long and often're repeating yourself on one and same.. Warts - small violations, associated with violation of qualities from constellations.
Judging by from planetary similarities fingers, and so same given, that:
- 1 the phalanx fingers - spiritual;
- 2 the phalanx fingers - healthful, the emotional;
- 3 the phalanx fingers -materialnaya,
Can be the next way classified dependence "violation of of law - trauma finger":
Little finger (Mercury)
- dimension mind "not in the contestant side" - trauma 1 or 2 joints in dependence from better targeted thought;
- the absence of due perseverance in deeds. In dependence from level affairs trauma can be on all three phalanges;
- ogrublenie, insensitivity - 2 the phalanx;
- profession in affairs -3 the phalanx,
In sentiments - 2 the phalanx,
In spiritual work - 1 the phalanx;
- excessive rationalism: In affairs -3 the phalanx,
In sentiments - 2 the phalanx;
- the absence of due perseverance in fact - 3 the phalanx,
In an emotional terms of - 2 the phalanx,
In spiritual work -1 the phalanx. "
Continuation of should :)




In your, Regyna, nutshell one senses confidence in knowledge essence issue.
Regyna, and after all you, perhaps, much know from khirologii?
Can be even and practice?
You can to share?

Nikolai, disappoint. In this issue I not practices and so, lover of. With common always moments am familiar, on my view, quite superficially even -- and not more. So that alas.
But I am convinced, that there is nothing Subsequent operations. Us as location planets shows situation and the possible path exit, likely scenarios development, ah and perishing we themselves decide what's, suits us this, there is no whether, if not, the that still can do, that take (within boosted, of course). So and drawings and lines on drawn -- here is Arabian this, and perishing suits whether us what was preordained. On my view, this always reason to start thinking and tinker over a.



Helen wrote:

"violation of of law - trauma finger"

Lena, and 1 the phalanx where? There where to a nail? Or contrary, where palm?
I have as time under little finger scar (goes to lines hearts and with it combine), on side wall can be used their fingertips. After his the acquisition of some time could not palm stretch their. Been mulling even, that a tendon piqued. But now - without problems. ???? scar on right-wing drawn.



1-I the phalanx from nail when begins.



All good time days. :bye:
Pro kind of jumps Venus on Stoyanovskomu D. BC

Venus thalamus- 9 (see Rice. 8) Venus, which with full right is called mother love , is in the same time and sim-, volom creative forces. So Venerin thalamus- there is woolsack not only ideal, but and material, sensual love.
1. If stronger underdeveloped upper, camping on E. Prilega
Available to starting their fingertips part of this knoll, then in
Man prevails an ideal love with its not
Izmennymi companions Upper Adam, dobrozhe
Latelstvom, Kary, and also love to from
And children.
2. Otherwise we see before a
Human, otdayuschegosya entirely their sentiments,
Purely animals ones, on their passions.
3. There, where both parts of knoll Venus developed
Evenly, are found love and understanding of all
Th beautiful. The last the quality of manifests itself
Not only in the art, but and in daily life.
Development knoll Venus, moreover, means desire to like and a strong need in love. These properties rather womens, than male.
4. The lower half their fingertips (Louis-Jacques Thenard), south hands ,
Can be regarded as a symbol of feminine,
Time of, passive starters, and upper
Half, north hands , as representative husband
Direction by, of creating, deyatelnogo starters.
If instead if he palm on tuberosity,
Venus vdavlena (negative development), then mozh-

But do conclusion about shortage this human energy and helping greatness, and also about available a little self-respect and distance, hearts.
6. If thalamus- Venus average magnitude and glad
The cue, then this points to coldness in love.
7. If thalamus- big and strongly izborozhden, then
We see before a human with mighty desi
Institutions, but with faint force for their carry.
8. Excessive development knoll Venus decrees
Wyatt is on extravagance, treachery and bezgra
Nichnuyu sensuality was.
9. Used in the middle knoll Venus points to
The, that this man can love only one
Times in life; if used correct forms and quite
Exhorts outlined, then marriage happy and a favorable.

10. Just, as big should sit is
Carries forces will, which disciplining a and mind
Ryaet quality, associated with the rest fingers,
So and thalamus- Venus modifies the propensity made
Loveka, reflected in rest bugrakh his hands,
For he lies have founding large finger.
11. If thalamus- Venus smooth, then this oznacha
Economy will hurt purity, coldness, indifference in
Love, often the brief life.
12. Lines or wrinkles on tuberosity, Venus as fellows
Remains true sign of passionate nature, and than
Has a larger, deeper and more conspicuous than an these signs, those
Man more lively and hotter in their structure of this.
13. Direct line, directed directly against
Venerina (knoll, there is a sign of happiness in love.
14. The crucial bit are these lines, as and everywhere on
The surface their fingertips, mark obstacles.
15. If on tuberosity, Venus there is a badge of Oraku too
La Venus (sovereign), then this means greater and'll be in a minute
Tlivuyu love.
16. A dented thalamus- Venus belies a egos
Izm, inactivity, the lack of zadushevnosti and
Love, and also serves a sign, that March
Nizm am exhausted insidious frailties.
17. Moderately the developed thalamus- Venus points
On religiosity, noble pride, faith in themselves
And other, love to nature, cheerful disposition and'll be in a minute
Other in marriage.
18. A quadrilateral on tuberosity, Venus there is under
A badge of gender at the, which neizbezh
But leads to the most a sad consequences and
Often to dangerous contagious disease.
19. Saver on tuberosity, Venus foreshadows glory
And victory.
20. Triangle on tuberosity, Venus means an ide
Alnuyu love.
Used in chetyrekhugolnike on tuberosity, Venus foreshadows unhappy love
22. If in chetyrekhugolnike there are white
Circles (point or spills) and in them resides
Used, then this foreshadows breakup marriage and threat
Partition of assets.
23. Love fateful its foreshadows line,
Coming from knoll Venus, crossing line
Life and all other lines on the way and alienated
On tuberosity,, the appropriate plan, yo, mainly covered by
Mu have favorite rulers from. Thus this line
Means family.
24. On grille on tuberosity, Venus this a sign of
Commitment in early life's vice is, not
Anchoring in love and loyalties and subject, and also
Gender depravity.
25. Net, normally the developed thalamus- Venus
Always is favorable sign. Such bu
Mountains means virtue being.
26. Thalamus- Venus, now multiple chemical precipitated chalk
From lines (furrow,), means wanton
Life. On number of these lines can be judge we
Penalty evilness rights.
27. A strong morschinistost knoll Venus (dryab
Or inferior) there is a sign of depravity and experienced
28. Voluptuousness flatters proved by also a strong
Ischerchennostyu knoll Venus.

29. Artists is expressed underdeveloped bug
Itself Venus combined with brief line holo
You, flat the boss jock organic, smooth the boss jock moon.
Valley Mars in this case usually also glad
Kaja, and red weit been. Barely evident well and covered with whether
Institutions. At all, the entire hand just a narrow, with very gossamer whether
Nia life.
30. There on tuberosity, Venus, letting
Line, which crosses line life, means
Adultery, but not always this confirms.
31. Star on tuberosity, Venus (- ^) means not
Happiness from-for women, camping on E. Woman wants races
Torgnut marriage.
32. Line, Coming on plan, yo Venus before the first
Considered large finger, means deception from species
Many rights.
33. Conjure up, - their pig--this in
Side thumb, means human-murderer.

Continuation of should. :thank_you:



All very interestingly, but need to have experience seeing the hands, for order to understand big thalamus- or a small. Or many lines or little. And at all there is whether this thalamus- :O


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