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Living cycles and cycles planets

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All bountiful days! Have Yana don Novikovoy can be download book published in cycles S. Arroyo

Who wants, can be here to consider their interesting tranzity. Here is, for example, in my map Transit types from 8 th makes kvadraturu to natalnoy the produce markets in 5 forge the ????, "dodges there" he to it in 3 phase:
1. 27.01.2007 - 09.06.2007 (precise aspect of with 16 March)
2. 28.11.2007 - 24.01.2008 (precise aspect of in December 2007)
3. 12.06.2008-19.10.2008 (July, October - precise aspect of)

Arroyo writes, that in the first "contact" man is experiencing the most serious strain within Aoyama transit planets. Although there are alternative opinion, consider, that precisely on latest dimension is happening event. Can someone will share their stories?

That concerns my current square, then he horror-film on domestic, psychological terms of (can from-for retrogradnosti Pluto. Over the past 2 year he only to what in my map not did aspects of. Survived we and kvadraturu to Sun, and compound with kuspidom 8 th homes and aspect of with v. And very well was felt’s community that cozy planet pressure. Until not had to reconsider and to reconstruct their some views and beliefs force pressure as if increased. And that concerns current kvadratika, then on senses here he as if cleans the place, eliminates the authentication surplus. Is being experienced he quite easily, can be, because, that I him wake. Awareness some things helps izbavtsya from them. And this still times highlights an active role human in a joint "dances" with stars. Still times the db, that stars that entourage earliest, and here is you will there play depends only from you. However, we shall-will see. Ahead still 2 meeting Pluto and Venus.



All Hi! Initially theme conceived precisely as TsIKLY planets, but we as something on the sly have shifted to tranzitam our favorite planet (I Pluto mean in mind, if who not understood :)). So all messages have been replicated here



astrology certificate on tranzitnomu cycle Jupiter-types

Time actions aspects (orbis 1 degree) 7.14-17.12. 2007, precise aspect of develops a 11.12(closer to midnight) in 28 throes of Sagittarius.

Ves cycle:

1. Jupiter 90 types 25.02.2011 in 6 throes Aries-Capricorn;

2. Jupiter 120 Pluto-retro 07.07.2011 in 5 throes Taurus-Capricorn;

3. Jupiter 180 Pluto 07.08.2013 in 9 throes degree of Cancer-Capricorn;

4. Jupiter 120 types 16.10.2015 in 13 throes Virgin of-Capricorn

5. Jupiter 90 Pluto 24.11.2016 in 15 throes a Libra-Capricorn

6. Jupiter Oh types 05.04.2020 in 24 throes Capricorn



Next the next a planetary cycle Merkuriy- Pluto. Compound these planets will mark 19.12.2007 in 21 :5 0 on Moscow time in 28 gr. Sagittarius. Cycle attracts attention interesting opportunities for communication. A wide, optimistic and benevolent a Sagittarius expands borders world and erases restrictions for communication. Our thoughts and contacts acquire depth, emerges curiosity and interest to deep-seated essence as in psychological whodunit. Under this, appropriately, we not utruzhdaem themselves care and 2002 conclusions, no. Vice versa, we think with pace, widely, is occasionally miss some an important nuance. On this dimension well would consciously to approach Climate patterns thinking, get rid of negativity, is s ambitious Mercury-Pluto. Coming to topic psychologically of well-, can be sublimate distrust, konfliktnost, pressure in communication and attraction to severity ekstremalnosti in dubbed, demonstrated, wisdom, 's supreme ethical law, at all, to expand their borders and do personality more success, because our thoughts material. That in life you do decide, then and atoning.

3 April 2008- Mercury 90 Pluto in 1 throes Aries-Capricorn

10 July 2008- Mercury 180 Pluto in 28 throes prodavat - of Sagittarius

28 August 2008- Mercury 90 Pluto in 28 throes Virgin of-Sagittarius

12 December 2008- Mercury Oh Pluto in 0 throes Capricorn

I have compound makes kvadraturu again) with tend-Uranus in 5 st (such impression, that in particular, in is place already a blister dzree345 recent tranzity simply assailed that place fdgf). Ah, became be, will the good opportunity change patterns thinking in respect love and creativity.



I have this compound popadant on my Uhl in 2 st House. Also place strongly my shitty little problems :P, axis 2-8 house all time in tensions. Already have tried all methods, ranging from of austerity, ending business. Impression such, that from me nothing not depends vxcgf



Helen wrote:

Vpechatlenie such, that from me nothing not depends

In any case from human depends climate relations to milestone or fact, and this already positive process thinking. All the more, here is participating Pluto, significator 8 th homes, as times on your axis. Lena, me seems, if in this period to address America self-questioning person, then changes not will press themselves wait.



Радуга wrote:

if in this period to address America self-questioning person, then changes not will press themselves wait.

I these only and am, more nothing not remains :( Amendments as times lack, but what something napryazhnye. With other hand what still can be expected from Pluto?



Helen wrote:

Since other hand what still can be expected from Pluto?

And than, strictly speaking, bad Pluto? He - "night-soil man and is the water carrier", purges all surplus and otzhivshee, only him resist. Contrary, outmoded and unnecessary stereotypes need clean up. Yes, while, pokolbasit can, but in any case comes adaptation to a new and this could mean new opportunities, new decisions.



Yes, fully agree. Something I hate whining :) In general something all normally Lives and people are healthy, and all problems and directives are, to their to decide. Ah not broke a I have with the digital business. Double still couple of species activities has disappeared (and this only in November!). This energy Wall move :D Boor now accurately know - not my this, not contesting feel. Better shall engage self-questioning person :)



In day precise compounds organic-Pluto, how in my 6 th house, on the emergency engulfed in hospital (stumbling from kidneys went). Thank god all has been solved quickly :)



Tatiana, painful for perhaps was :fie: Since other hand as watch, released stumbling - cleansing in-style Pluto. And if would remained and grew, then was would much worse :(



And I have this compound had to in the second house. In this day sostoyalssya kardinalnyy conversation with employer, successfuily set up all point over i about my wage. Not can say, that I received satisfaction, however favorable moment, too, had place be. All clarified, in anybody much stand in the being shelved, and in end - the germination my optimistic on certain "exploits" yuii



Татьяна wrote:

In day precise compounds organic-Pluto, how in my 6 th house, on the emergency engulfed in hospital (stumbling from kidneys went). Thank god all has been solved quickly

Tanja, take care of themselves!
Have us a.m. light around the city, under this was the storm, a bolt from, electric storm, begun dire. Grapple, the rest of home. On 5\ 8-Mu the situation stable, ways of write. 8 th is so apparently driving.



Helen wrote:

Tatiana, painful for perhaps was Since other hand as watch, released stumbling - cleansing in-style Pluto. And if would remained and grew, then was would much worse

Yes, I incidentally expected something in this kind on precise dimension, camping on K. Signs of appeared still for 2 weeks. Painful for strongly, but as it turned out on this perepitii with health not had run out of. Need to to change image life and nutrition dramatically, to to channel compound with kuspidom 6 th in right track :pardon:



Татьяна wrote:

We to change image life and nutrition dramatically, to steer compound with kuspidom 6 th in right track

Well, that you deliberately to this be the right fit vxcgfdtr Wu you all tickles.



Let us consider the beginning of any cycles us expects next week December 2007. Their as much as 3.
1. Mercury Oh Jupiterin Oh throes Capricorn. Sabianskiy degree on this about holds: "Pope blesses believers"or "authority personality, the implementing the link society with his ideals." Ah Pope or not, and we get another opportunity to enlargement their horizons, views, mental pain) sets and convictions. Under this this may put an the beginning of new goals and long-term projects. Emerges new attitude to his community in sotsіumі, mentality among Southern will become more unconscious and gets vibrant social charged, we all ride themselves're svoєyu. Questions prestige, education, communication will rasmatrivatsya with perspective expediency, conservatively, pragmatism and completely lacking in passion. Compound will happen in night on 21 December, so emphasized seriously to him tickles, perhaps, those, from whom insomnia. And in principle well would to address affirmatsiyami\ engaged in meditations and other lawyers rituals.

Can be to this characterization someone something still will add?

Phase cycle:
13 April 2008Mercury 90 Jupiter in 21 throes an Aries-the firmament
19 July 2008Mercury 180 Jupiter in 15 throes Rak-the firmament
8 September 2008Mercury 90, Peter in 12 throes Shield-Capricorn



2. is trying the Sun-Plutoin 28 throes of Sagittarius, precise aspect of will mark 21 December 2007. Degree Sabian here... On this about holds: "Ancient bridge reliably is worth"or "one among the cultural traditions, nayco?ueo society in a flat organism." If to speak not so finish, then in my to understanding speech goes about very second-best point that, when can be to drag on light God’s deep domestic installations and scenarios, cover their light consciousness and will, add of creativity and optimism order to transform their in more a strong, successful form of. With other hand, in period this cycle can be consciously engage transformation worldview, spiritual level and ethical norms. Theme gets enlargement horizons and cultural unit, so say. With the third hand, this an interesting moment with perspective interaction individuality and masses, can be be connected, say, to his to their family channel or genealogicheskomu hierarchy or "simply" turn to once this experience generations, to what services called "collective be a dissociative." Word, Be my guest in psychoanalysis can!

Phase cycle:

21 March 2008the Sun 90 Pluto in 1 throes Aries-Capricorn
20 June 2008the Sun 180 Pluto in 29 throes by-a Sagittarius
21 September 2008the Sun 90 Pluto in 28 throes Epiphanius-a Sagittarius



3. is trying the Sun-Jupiter in Oh throes Capricorn. The beginning of this cycle waiting for 23 December 2007 and degree Sabian here... Pro father, of Rome see Higher (on my view neinformativno). Nevertheless. In the center of the our attention yupiterianskaya theme and its coverage in our consciousness social personality. Who not wants themselves count social figure, please, can be consider it new a spiral spiritual and identity development and growth. Would gain serious, substantive development themes power, prestige, self-sufficiency, creativity as profession. Ah and love, of course, and children. Individual approach to education, to knowledge system will to influence further career and achieving long-term goals and tasks. Men will regard their debt be betters and guru in one vial, with with inherent Kozerogam seriousness, moderation and survostyu. Plus to this see Post higher :swoon: ghost, feed!

Phase cycle:

10 April 2008the Sun 90 Jupiter in 21 throes Aries-the firmament
9 July 2008the Sun 180 Jupiter in 17 throes Rak-the firmament
22 Octoberthe Sun 90 Jupiter in 28 throes a Libra-the firmament

I have VSE compounds form kvadraturu to Venus in 5 st House http://cosgan.de/images/midi/konfus/c060.gif



Радуга wrote:

At waiting lists the next a planetary cycle Merkuriy- Pluto. Compound these planets will mark 19.12.2007 in 21 :5 0 on Moscow time in 28 gr. Sagittarius.

(The full text in this topic, from 8 December 2007)

As affairs, forumchane? :) Soon can be meditate, visualize and mutter music lots;



23 January 2008 compound Mercury - Neptune in 21 "grape". Have. I hasten all congratulate! In some sense we terminally housed adequacy (joke), our communication, thought and contacts acquire a pleasant completely (this still on backdrop of retro-of Mercury!) and zavorozhennost. Super some ingenious (Actis Systems) fusion thought and intuitions not will require even artificial stmulyatorov psychics (to exist, joke), and if seriously, then precisely in this period we tend to perceive the world in his deep unity deal, unsaid secret and mysticism, with have exercised in this nedyuzhennoe obduracy and sequence (fixed a badge of). In this period should be more thoroughly to plans on the future, dreams need to inspect on realistic portrait, and friends on the tenacity and clear glance on things. We not publicize our contacts, talk and "keeping the in secret, however, not without was reached on the future. Perhaps now as never someone will interesting literature spiritual and religious direction, and also ideas about utopia. Ah and someone most time from the traditional fond of poetry and sochinitelstvom texts to songs. Most importantly - not into in illusions, urgent and samotransu, shabby.There turn to Saturn devouring his children. I have this compound makes octile or semiquartile to Saturn devouring his children, so that like it or-not like it or, and conform to will have.

Phases cycle:

3 February - Mercury labeled r 0 Neptune
(Anna Eduardovna, but as the endowment, the reappointment compound planets under retrogradnosti one)

29 April - Mercury 90 Neptune

06 August - Mercury 180 Neptune labeled r

17.11 Mercury 90 Neptune


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