28 th Decembertab another cycle, more "dolgoigrayuschego" and harsh. In 1 • Capricorn are to be joined two male planet, akess attitude to power, will and determined action - Mars and Pluto. Degree Sabian here...: "Leader requires power have ashram tribe"or "Soznatelnoe adoption responsibility leader" (this degree already us met slightly previously, on connecting sun and Pluto).

Aspect of a daunting, zakladyvayuschiy cycle events, associated with in conformity with UN other, with governance and forceful hand manifestations. In the worst his displaying the can be expect dictatorships, suppression of, violence, in including and with hand leadership and at all state Structures. In a positive version this aspect of gives many forces and energy,, central on fight and victory and achievements outcome. Capricorn - a badge of kardinalnyy, so on this transit can be expect radical changes. Yes and Pluto - planet deep serious changes. Well would watch what point natalnoy maps affects this a planetary cycle, in what house is mired.

Phases cycle:

26 April 2009 – "1 quarter-" - Mars (Aries) 90 Pluto (Capricorn) - in 4 •
26 August 2009 - "http" - Mars (Cancer) 180 Pluto (the firmament) - in 1 •
4 August 2010 - "4 quarter-" - Mars (a Libra) 90 Pluto (Capricorn) in 4 •

I shall remind, that on growing squared, (1 quarter-) we will face with problems cycle, on "the full moon" the plot widely unfold across its sharp, but on the falling market squared, (4 quarter-) we will see results cycle.