All Hi! Want to share unforgettable impressions about yesterday. Itself has gone in Music one, both saleswomen me quickly jumped, practiced telling what have them a compelling products. I say, that wanted would see the lady of the. Enjoy immediate change there. The coldness, nastrozhennost. I would stand quietly, smile, koshus in a mirror. Like all normal, hair in order, manicure-wearing. Explain: Want, aaneaou, offer your owner additional advertising without preliminary financial the investment, as me its see?. Long pause. Then one betrays: You know, she now so busy, so busy. So, it is understandable. It wasn't veiled form of refusal. I say: You, perhaps, not understood. I came not take From money have your pani, and, contrary, give it advertising. Well, - Palace has come one, - leave your phone. So as to hand? You want do it free advertising? I pro themselves think: Did I on a fool resembles, if for free advertise d but then human? I still understand, ended Kozyrevu I can for free ve :D but but then me human. There is no, - patiently 7.10, - not for free, and without preliminary financial investment. On fact sales..

In short, from our people gala meeting to do not need to. Daydite in any commercial Music and ask owner. This was practical the artwork, and many useful theory I quite recently reading in the new describing M. Sandomierz "Psychology commerce." There there is the head of the "Psychological especially dollar, in consumer." I smiled and crying. :)