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Until you homes one (nerve men not to read)

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One homes: Tsarina-frog with prostokvashey on little bum cheeks

Ionou men believe, that each girl already was born such with smooth tender skin, silk the rigid, tasty-smelling and under full-. And for shot canvassed will remain forces that we on this spend.

Let better process "My sophisticated belle" goes without random witnesses. Otherwise this not always appetizing set of mysterious manipulation can allay have yours unaccustomed men illusions on subject your deep beauty.

Each Princess need time on self-perfection. Has remained without companies in output day? Perfectly! Dedicate his itself, favorite.

Importantly, to no one not show up before time to induce you, dovolnuyu, in cognac, chocolate, with cucumbers around eye and the cellophane around C.. And the, little whether, - suddenly have him develops a already formed opinion about girl talk leisure.

Start with the most top.
Correctly sniffed shampoo already half the battle. But and host masks for hair better to do regularly. The most effective on the basis of butter (better repeynogo or olive first centrifuge). And not be frightened, that continue to have his not tickles, and you forever regulation walk, as girl-roast a doughnut. Simply first vspen on hair only shampoo, and already then add water. The yolk and a bit of honey for nutrient value, couple table of spoons brandy for luster. Entire pillar wrap it in this heated on towel and leave on couple of hours.

More extreme prescriptions for contain super a useful peeled onion he strengthens hair bulbs hair, improves blood circulation skin heads. Outcome will emerge already through two-three times, but collateral effect from fitontsidov not too inhumane for surrounding characteristic flavor arises, when hair become-. So, to preserve reputation romantic Princess, will have not sweating and not to accept souls Myspace page.

Now its feet. , fill it up, in a basin maximally hot water, then pour there pack marine of salt, having in swimming two lemon, cut in half, and sit down to read WMJ.ru. Minutes through 20 can be go back to business particularly chiropodists to rub brushing and pumice, cause very pilkoy. Rub make and feet established lemon he even more razmyagchit his cuticles pushed back and will help to remove that have died predusmatrivaet skin. If night the not romantic, then before nightmare then wax back on its feet lot more cream, wrap it in this legs food wrap and put on sneaker-socks. The roll of film far not clean it up still will need.

Came turn faces. The most simple path peek into refrigerator and use for masks all most fresh and are. The win-win option cucumbers. They use to bleach their skin and based moderate swelling under eyes. Strawberries and apricots s nutritious cocktail for skin, yoghurt without supplements and cottage cheese soothes the and fuelled skin. Petty where sea salt in a mixture with kefir or cream for shaving today's going to fucking work scrubbing in for faces.

Black point on nose can be neatly to do is to rub peroxide hydrogen, and then take advantage of ad hoc cosmetic stripes-Band-Aids for their undoing. A Band-Aid grab it. With themselves decisively, but smoothly skin on e?ueuyo nose delicate and you still use to anyone. Masks on the basis of clay well clean up zabivshiesya pores and decompose dirt and fat. Nott forget in late all procedures use tonic begins, closing pores.

Now glamorous procedure, which beckons in salons beauty hundreds of girls chocolate wrapping! And youthis homes. Melt the in and stir tiles chocolate, just cool a bit, now lower it there pens and still half an hour of exercise and meditate, pounding chocolate on code is and absolute negation. Confectionery flavor stand held still couple of hours after flushing.

Now souls. Ground coffee, mixed with kefir or prostokvashey until autogeneous thick cream and an ideal scrub for bodies ready. By the coffee butter combined with kislomolochnoy the foundation give the skin by as soft and smoothness, fuelled its, and Hard predusmatrivaet coffee otshelushivayut cells that have died. Hard promassiruy knees, hips, buttocks, and also skin on your elbows and shoulders.

After soul carefully yet consider in a mirror the, that you with girl-friends proudly call it cellulite. For clearing conscience rub hips and buttocks massage brushing and then wax on them cream - or a special antitsellyulitnyy, or simply for bodies, and then carefully wrap it in this namazannye seats food wrap. Leave on two hours. Effect mini-sauna well would reinforce some physical activity, to skin getting warmed up, and warming together with toxins went easier. If punch on apartment already decisional laziness, simply lie down and support in and take cover warmest patchwork. Such wrapping improves circulation of blood and lymph. And if to do his regularly reduce couple of centimeters volume of thighs. But if have you irritation on the skin, weak vessels or veins well use cannot be.

Vasilisa (name) Shepesheva, specifically for WMJ



Il-@-@ ! Il-@-@ ! As in subject! :) there mask - this something. I itself on themselves in a mirror in this moment look not can, not what someone wake :) A about lemon in procedure pedicure - not knew. Thank you!




there mask - this something. I itself on themselves in a mirror in this moment look not can, not what someone wake

Javadxan, this something an eerie, truth! :O
I one times so withdrew garbage throw the seeds out and neighbor fierce. :D



IRA, neighbor alive remained? :)



Yes. Off easy plea down. Mask was from a white clay ;)


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Light my, zerkaltse.: All about beauty » Until you homes one (nerve men not to read)