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From whom what aching? Define reason

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"Help!" From domestic voices

You instantaneously get tired of puttin at work, 've gone all croaky, conversed with boss, and're itchy from food, cooked mother-in-law. You not Roman Tyrtov, - simply yours "I" is protesting against a harsh reality and sends body signals SOS.

Does it hurts throats, gone missing voice.
Can be, you suffer something, that you not in forces mouth directly. You not like it or create tension in collective, thereby peregruzhaya its own psyche. Trust me, first, far not always yours opinion sounds ominously and it's a shame. And second, better base, than turning a blind wits palms and to do kind of, that you here there is no.
Perhaps, this simply laryngitis or begins bad cold.

Quick tire its feet, are sore joints.
Can be, you'm confused in living purposes, and has lost ability to "go" forward. Or installations, imposed from outside for example, opinion parents, that married needs withdraw until twenty two years, includes in conflict with your behaviour own taking. You seems, that you're moving not in is direction. Not the the road , too, circuits experience. And there is always opportunity go other by and find their own. And there is themselves poedom harmful.
Perhaps, have you flat feet or weak muscle legs.

're beet red, eyes, (him) neacyony and are sore.
Can be, this the situation "eyes it comes my on this not watched." Think about it, that you not suits, that around themselves you not like it or to notice? With than you must cope, "turning a blind eye is"? Certainly reason or're gonna confess, itself itself in problem will become easier. Not afraid, that with cause of unkind would have to fight, and to do this you not like it or. Can, easier will change environment, by removing the stimulus, or look at problem under other angle and find any favor of around the this.
Perhaps, you too much time before. Before montorom, in a smoky of it, or this about to get pinkeye.

Chastye headaches, migraine.
Can be, you tends to to for sacrifice, whether, but sought in vain see from surrounding, that they assess your efforts, in as a compensation for what you one takes for them. You too self-critical, 're saving your emotions within and not know, you're letting itself Fuehrer discontent or grudge. Learn how to cut the bar expectations telepaths rarely meet in normal life, and if you not do you say itself, no one and not perceive about how, that you suffer. Talk less "there is no" and "me this not likes" quietly and politely. Skill deviating and reveal, when you poorly a useful in life skill.
Perhaps, this the problem with pot, reduced pressure or you simply not's sleep, had you.

Dizziness, huh, reduced pressure.
Can be, you passionate fighter for justice even there, where can indispensable and without yours participation. You not haunted drive around the clean up. You not is capable relax and take neutral stance observer. You'll think of itself rubber see on someone else's conflict with hand, representing themselves the spectator in cinema. Or write article about conflictology. Or you. Take care of charity there will come in handy and force, and energy.
Perhaps, this vegetososudistaya it leads or consequences sleep-deprived.

Does it hurt liver and gall bubble.
Can be, you're mad on something, but not can influence situation. Too often get under the strain on pabulum, when all goes not so, as you projected its power. Not deny it its anger, but try relax impossible all keep under control, and many things occur regardless of, like it or you this or not. Whether constructive - not talk less "all terribly!", talk less "me upsets, that " And not forget to influence the, on that indeed can be sway.
Perhaps, you wrong feeding on.

Don't like Belgian digestion, disruption in work sufferers, constipations.
Can be, you you are afraid future and eager to any price not dispose from past. , think about that question - passes and bad, and good At their place emerges another - and you "hanging out" on that--at events. Not prokruchivay their mentally again and again. Release, and whether am sure, that most interesting - ahead. Isklyuchenie, that a new will not come, until you not good work from old - otherwise come will simply have nowhere.
Perhaps, need to adjust regime nutrition, there is more fibre, dairy products, for fresh vegetables and fruits.

Closely treat cues from his bodies useful attractive opportunity. But not worth any malaise greeted joyful shout "'s psychosomatic!" Serious disease all same require medical aid. And your positive into cannon fodder speed up recovery!

Vasilisa (name) Shepesheva, specifically for WMJ



Svyaz diseases human with features his character

All disease, what only there are, always are linked with whatever something bad features character. Possessing wrong views on life, first we poorly act on the mind and mind, but as a consequence always seriously suffers and the bodily health. Below long classification ties traits character human with disease:

-Alchnost- thorny processes in body, bulimic, oncology
-Antagonizm -migreni, sakharnyy diabetes, inflammatory processes
-Apatiya - amenoreya, loss of appetite, lower arterial blood pressure, atroficheskie gastritis, sakharnyy diabetes
-Agressivnost- raising arterial blood pressure, warts, chronic disease
-Bezvkusitsa - bulimic, disorder digestion
-Bezyskhodnost - alcoholism, by, lowering immunity
-Besprintsipnost - chronic disease, chronic infection
-Bezrassudstvo - epilepsy, trauma, accidents,
-Brezglivost - grippe, warts, eyes
-Bezuchastnost - amenoreya, and, the bad memory
-Bestselnost - amenoreya, lower arterial blood pressure, bad rash, lowering immunity
-Bezverie - lower arterial blood pressure, dysfunction organs
-Bespokoystvo - cutaneous disease, violations sleep, disease hearts
-Giperchuvstvitelnost - migraine, allergy, cutaneous disease
-Gnevlivost - insomnia, thorny processes in body, bulimic, gastritis with heightened acidity, Hepatitis
-Grubost - push infection, bronkhity, erozivnye gastritis, hemorrhoids, raising functions thyroid, kholetsistity
She was depressed - by, tuberculosis
-Zhadnost - insomnia, chronic disease, Hepatitis, kholetsistity, bad rash, obesity
-Zhestokost - amenoreya, asthma, anemia, bronkhity, gastritis, fungal disease, oncology, epilepsy, trauma, society
-Zavist - insomnia, mental disease, disease hearts, oncology, autoimmune disease
-Zamknutost - raising arterial blood pressure, disease kidneys, adrenal glands, schizophrenia
-Zlopamyatnost - insomnia, heightened acidity, disease throat and larynx
-Izvraschennyy taste of - oncology, disease organs digestion, female infertility
-Impulsivnost - thorny processes in body,s stroke
-Kategorichnost - asthma, patient had arrhythmnia, 350000 disease, male infertility
-Konfliktnost - thorny processes in body, trauma, raising functions thyroid
-Krititsizm - arthritis,, Give,, pasta
-Lzhivost - alcoholism, Hepatitis, fungal disease, lowering immunity
-Len - loss of appetite, lower arterial blood pressure, anemia, gastritis with at acidity, hemorrhoids, circles, constipations, bad rash, female infertility
-Napryazhennost - asthma, hemorrhoids, constipations, can, raising arterial blood pressure,s stroke, constipations, uretrity, course depressive psychosis
-Naporistost - arthritis, asthma, problems, bronkhity, circles, can, chronic disease, heightened acidity, male infertility, society, constipations
-Negativizm - Hepatitis, infectious diseases, autoimmune disease
-Nedistsiplinirovannost - push infection, disorder digestion, dysfunction organs
-Nenavist - grippe, warts, oncology, epilepsy, physiological disease hearts, oncology, infectious diseases
-Nesderzhannost - chronic disease, male infertility, gastritis with heightened acidity
-Nesmirennost - push infection, raising pressure
-Nesobrannost - problems, lower pressure, lowering immunity
-Neudovletvorennost - bulimic, bad dream, uretrity
-Neuverennost in itself - anemia, disease throat, larynx, hypotension
-Neumenie sleep - asthma, a stasis disease, poliartrity, disease hearts
-Nechistoplotnost - cutaneous disease, hemorrhoids, lowering immunity
-Nepreklonnost - asthma, Hepatitis, fractured broken bones
-Nepostoyanstvo - thorny processes in body, female infertility
-Neryashlivost - anemia, hemorrhoids, fungal disease, bad rash
-Obidchivost - arthritis, insomnia, chronic disease, sakharnyy diabetes, physiological disease hearts, adneksity, cystitis
-Otgorozhennost - raising arterial blood pressure, warts, disease kidneys
-Otvraschenie - warts, fungal disease, grippe, pankreatity, sakharnyy diabetes
-Otchayanie - arthritis, erozivnyy gastritis, migraine, by, physiological disease hearts, orthopaedic, disease irreparable
-Povyshennaya sensitivity - asthma, allergy, cutaneous disease, female infertility, inflammatory disease Genital female genital organs
-Podavlennost - lower arterial blood pressure, lowering immunity, dysfunction developing ovarian
-Perenapryazhenie - insomnia, push infection, bronkhity, Hepatitis, circles,s stroke, by, male infertility, disease irreparable
-Pereutomlenie - push infection, circles, sakharnyy diabetes, by, lowering immunity, tuberculosis
-Pessimizm - lower arterial blood pressure, chronic disease, anemia, bad rash, tuberculosis, sciatica, gipofunktsiya thyroid
-Prenebrezhitelnost - trauma, methyl
-Pridirchivost - kholetsistity, Hepatitis, kolity
-Razvraschennost - cutaneous disease, oncology, lowering immunity, infertility
-Irritability - chronic disease, bronkhity, gastritis, disease nervous system
-Razocharovanie - alcoholism, amenoreya, arthritis, chronic disease, autoimmune infection
-Ranimost - raising activity thyroid, adneksity, miscarriages, gastritis
-Rasseyannost - problems, disease irreparable, and
-Skovannost - can, poliartrit, lowering memory, disease irreparable
- Mourn-mones - physiological disease hearts, pankreatity, poliartrity, cystitis
-Sklonnost to violence - oncology, trauma, autoimmune infection
-Skrytnost - can, raising arterial blood pressure, schizophrenia
- Fear. - loss of appetite, asthma, insomnia, bulimia, Hepatitis, migraine, cutaneous disease, cystitis, miscarriages
-Suetlivost - push infection, thorny processes in body, raising functions thyroid, constipations
-Upryamstvo - asthma, problems, epilepsy, chronic disease, male infertility
-Cherstvost - bronkhity, constipations, kholetsistity, chronic disease, dysfunction Genital female genital organs
-Chrezmernaya bluntness - asthma, gastritis, uretrity, society, pampered, bronkhity
-Schepetilnost - grippe, eyes, cutaneous disease
-Kholodnost - amenoreya, and, bradycardia, gipofunktsiya thyroid.
-Egoistichnost - grippe, hemorrhoids, heightened acidity
-Emotsionalnost - raising activity thyroid, dysfunction female genital organs, a mans society
If man not understands as correctly organize his life, him lacks knowledge or desires this do, then this points to a painful state of of reason. If the mind would cease to control mind, then from this lose their cool character. Bad traits character more cite harm oio, on primary stages its development. Mind poorly affects organs and tissue organism, which especially sensitive precisely to these bad contoured character. If character lose their cool enough strongly, then organism not enduring the this mental burden and are beginning evolve disease. With strong, defeat of reason treat as psyche, so and body human becomes very difficult, so as precisely a healthy and a strong the mind gives opportunity to control as physical, so and unhappiness. So talk about how, that such the mind.
Ratio between our windowsills, the nature and disease

This gap adjustment this product of a multi-year work on practical exploration of interactions between blunt and thin the body, and also diseases with the nature rights. Such studies possess some a novelty, so if reader will find any inaccuracies in when klassifikatsiyakh, then the author this books glad any like hearing from. The entire material for convenience studying politely in reference work the form of, however jobs you will encounter living reasoning meadows deal in any something thin issues this on my view enough complex themes.


Leftist ventricle and left atrium is are located in leftist half of bodies, so our emotional state of and mental activities affect health this part of hearts
Rightist ventricle and right atrium is are located on center, so our speech and actions severely affect on their health.

Impossible in one word, one quality character describe influence mind on heart of, because heart of has different tissue. He has muscle, valves, vessels nerve fibers and other tissue. Each of these tissue has its character, and all of this difficult enough describe even with seriously flushed and looking studying this issue, in one word or quality. Our the rich Russian language not so the rich, to optimistically declare all qualities would be needed kharaktra with all their shades of. So I Bohrmann to list several qualities character associated with the heart, and if man possesses they, then heart of will healthy, if not, the respectively heart of will sick.

Myshechnaya fabric hearts

Basic quality character necessary for cordial muscle this kindness, appeasement in Mind, infliction, speech ands acts rights.

1. Dobryi character gives a strong heart of.
-Zhestokost causes lowering volume of muscular tissue.
-Silnoe desire to trigger have other good attitude to itself causes excessive increase sizes hearts.

2. Appeasement leads to normalization of tonus muscular tissue hearts.
-If have human lack appeasement and he is experiencing frequent concern, then will suffer tone muscle inflammation hearts.
-Len causes lowering muscle tonus, and anxiety boosts his.
-Irritability leads to inflammations diseases hearts.

The gourd bottle hearts

Vessels kidneys receive health from tenderness and optimistichnosti rights. These quality character proyavennye in speech and behavior human lead to normal work are right departments hearts. As soft and optimistichnost in infliction and Mind contribute to normal work left departments hearts.

1. As soft character
This the quality of character causes normal elasticity are.
-Zhestkost character causes increase sparse and hand are hearts.
-Bezkharakternost causes excessive elasticity are, that leads to reduce activity a heart blood circulation.

2. Optimistichnost gives a good tone shattered.
-Pessimizm reduces tone are hearts.
-Optimizm in passions or excessive horny causes gipertonus are and their spasms.

Heart valves

Valves hearts will in good able, if man has such quality character as tenderness, was the kind and love to Labor.

1. Tenderness to other always leads to good work valves.
-If man tight, valves hearts will have defects in the smaller,, also such man subject to various inflammations processes in hip-, that lead their the accompanying.
-Iznezhennyy man, unnecessarily on tenderness to itself has propensity have impaired valves.

2. Was the kind this not means spineless, she more says about in humility, valves in this case until the most old age not will lose its elasticity.
Love to labor, bezkorystie in labor gives new wording hearts fortitude in transference any overstrain.
- When man works or something makes very stiff, without love to labor, have him gradually suffer valves hearts. This will manifest itself in the form of of gravity in area hearts. So cannot be hard only sake of money so as this will lead to lack blood circulation around the body. Such things often occur when we with quality sake of money, not for moreover, to bring someone favor.

Nervous fabric hearts

Basic quality character offer it stability this optimism, credibility farm people and respective a psychic activity.

1. Optimistic-man has healthy and a strong the valves, the system hearts.
-If man pessimistic, passive, have him can emerge all sorts of violations conductivity of of nerve-fiber supplemented hearts, that leads to violation regeneration of activity heart muscle inflammation.
-Optimizm in passions or walk electrified in Mind infliction or being a little fidgety ins acts leads to perevozbuzhdeniyu activity nervous system hearts.

2. Trust relations with all make stable work of nerve-fiber supplemented hearts
-If on somehow man becomes sadly mistrustful, he becomes mentally scrunched up and gradually is beginning to evolve patient had arrhythmnia. Usually in these cases suffers rhythm sinus knot.
-Sentimentalnaya penchant for gullibility, not based on understanding of qualities character human leads to heightened of vulnerability conducting system hearts.
3. Activities and activity human, as we already Sunday?, the case in people, passions and ignorant. Optimistic, sanguine, activity in activities leads to normal work nervous tissue hearts.
-If have human very harsher activity, then have him ones are likely to emerge what either violations in beyond hearts. So often the case leaders have. Have them rhythm work often the case very stiff, also very hard and hard becomes that leads to administrator of in heart of. This may applies not only to last human, but and to his emotional support tonicity and his living. If man constantly toil in Orange Revolution an emotional our toes, then most often he receives blockade of pin socket beam a bundle branch block.

The most a simple way to lift tensions rhythm hearts, this start pressing hard in domestic the brink left eyes, in depth and keep. Heart of will gradually mock. Because here point connected with signs thought, as we with you already talked.

Cardiac Life Support bag

Receives force from stability and reliability rights.

1. Stability, razmerennost in meeting their responsibilities protects heartfelt a bag from infectious processes.
-Impulsivnaya activities leads to acute vospaleniyam in cordial bag.
-Nadryvnyy labor without vacation (result,, emotional or physical) leads to chronic inflammations processes.
2. If man secure in its responsibilities, and promises the he has healthy heartfelt a bag.
-the man who constantly brings surrounding his people receives all sorts of violations functions cordial bags.
-Nevypolnenie their responsibilities leads to its atrophy.
-Chrezmernaya greed under meeting their obligations leads to obesity cordial bags. Physiological disease hearts
-obidchivost- causes violation of regulation are hearts (is determined by on tension corners left eyes)
-zhestokost - causes spasms are - is determined by on sense impossibility of look in leftist eye
-nenavist - causes 26 cordial muscle - is determined by on a sense of fear in retrospect leftist eye
-otchayanie - causes diskoordinatsiyu in work hearts is determined by on okruglennomu and sporting goods store left the eye
-skorb - causes attrition hearts is determined by on tusklomu view, vpalosti left eyes

Often in ties with this disease need to understand, that often she not has deep anatomic reasons, and given check-ups doctors say, you utterly healthier, we nothing not found, and man under this is experiencing pain. This pain has decrease mental nature of. Subtle body mind often directly effects the way nations behave heart of, changing in it blood circulation. In such cases should act to, simply wanting to all happiness and through thick and in itself offense, hatred, despair and mourning. However in other cases pain in heart of caused by serious changes in vascular system hearts and the reason the brutality.


The emotional, "offensive acts on heart of, surprising his incited fabric, and as a consequence this arise spasms are, snabzhayuschikh heart of. Often, if man lives in collective, where all tend to to be offended on each other physiological disease hearts are not rare. Offensive this kind of anger, when man powerless, that any do. Anger arises in a result frustration. Man always searching for happiness, and if he this makes wrong, then arises dissatisfactions.

If start engage spiritual practice - postizheniem its spiritual of nature, then with every day happiness becomes all more and more, so as our spiritual nature is capable on indefinite development. The search material happiness in money, sex, tasty food, after result only to temporary appeasing the, so as all material every second disappoints us. All, that, there is in the material world, has in having gradually erode. So as we not take into consideration this factors, then, carving no the outcome usually there is no deep understanding of, that all, that have material, will deliver to many fireworks. For example, can be build big house and be some time happy, but so as he requires constant support, then in it account for many hard and this, finally, can bored.

So most the best not want to itself material things more, than needs for simple life. Otherwise arises dissatisfactions, which always goes in the form of exasperation and anger. So, in environment, where no one not Hypnotizes spiritual practice, dissatisfactions constantly hangs in the air and between people Japanese ceaseless squabbles. Of course in this environment, it is difficult saved heart of from disease. However, have us there is always freedom choice as build their relations with decente people. If not expecting gratitude, to accept all people with their flawed and try to treat them on good, avoiding communication with those who excessively is covetous, then can be thus be happy in any environment.


Afflicts valves and muscular system hearts. Hatred - this the extreme degree of envy. Envy always is born from-for, selfish better targeted rights. Desire to to live only for themselves, makes character very intense vulnerable and sklochnym. By giving away donations, making do good, repeating Sacred Name God can be gradually get rid of envy. However the, who inclined to do all only to meet own feelings, never will cease feel and to hate. Hatred always supported by gossip. So to overcome its influence on its mind needs to stop communicate with people who spend time, when discussing someone. Hearing gossip on our televisions brings the same outcome. If man in a conversation always tries to find good quality surrounding people and to Worship their, then even have gossip queen he can cause respect.


Greed, incontinent drive to gain what something material good, which on fate not deserved, always causes despair. Also despair often arises from navalivsheysya bad an. In any case it a sign of an unfulfilled material dreams. Despair can trigger also and unmet spiritual desires, however in this case even despair not will yield suffering, so as man enlarged Design Department to to clerical, only from this fortune already is experiencing happiness. Little who, is going to escape despair, however if under this strongly first year of the on its fate, then in a result can be obtain transient ischemic disease hearts, which in this case, is consequence of influence emotions despair on the valves, the system hearts. For overcoming despair should cultivate in itself tolerance. Asketichnost gives ability to tolerate. If man every day comes and lie down sleep in one thing and, too, time, always that it almost hurts each cool water and wants all happiness, then he commit of austerity in people that give force tolerate battle pain. Patience this always a permanent a sense of happiness, despite suffering. The, who capable constantly remember about God, capitalism in dealing with his spiritual vigor, taking ability to to experience happiness, even in moment own death.

will quickly

This state of, under which memory about the past goes happiness causes outbreaks desires be happy again. Mourning - this cup of tea all who McCotter to material happiness. Mourning is manifestation of desires material happiness. Joy and sadness, happiness and sorrow happen in life human cycles. The reason such cycling this secular movement planets, which help us to gain fruit its an. So wise man, knowing about these processes, undergoes a misfortune to and not grieving nor about survivors nor about dead. The time comes, and all in life will change for the better. Soul has Messiah--as nature of and even after death human subtle body also not is fracturing, a prana, mind, feelings and the mind are switching from one bodies to another. Knowing this, can be understand that in principle remembering dead an estranged cousin, we thus don ? t find with him, only already in organ as delicate the body. So it is important understand, that death for souls as such not there is. However also in the material world not there is and immortality, only already in ties with material nature, not spiritual. So, by building with someone its relations, need to in advance know, that they temporary, we no one in this world to itself not we'll tie. However what? After all, argue that there is one personality, with which the us forever close relations, sometimes we this can understand, and sometimes in force its depravity there is no. This the Verkhovna Personality God, which in the form of Sverkhdushi, always remain mired alongside soul of and under our desire gives its communication. Thus, mourning, which leads in iaaiaiinou muscular system hearts, treated only with the help President. For overcoming sorrow need to visit spiritual programs, where not engage in politics and gossip, and are discussing questions eternity and happiness.


Most frequent and it of cruelty in our time this use in food meat fish and eggs. All, that designated to life - should to live. If we forcibly depriving the life someone - this the greatest display of cruelty, and these three species products always are extracted precisely thus. Of course, in this world very difficult to live, not fatal harm, for example, using in food plants, we, too, often depriving the their life, however under this, committing us its life force plants evolutionarily have been positively progressing lately and are born in more advanced form life. Can be the same say and pro animals, with one only backyards, that we not can cope with karma killings animal, and so use meat food always leads to degradation consciousness. About this have repeatedly states in Vedic works of. To avoid cruelty, which leads to a terrible diseases and various misfortune in life, needs to abandon use meat, fishing food and eggs. Atherosclerosis, which very often leads to coronary disease hearts, always stems with cultivation cruelty. This leads to bezuderzhnomu desire eat flesh and fish tank. For order to get rid of myasoedeniya needs simply, better idea, deal in matters an, nonviolence and the right nutrition, which itself brings happiness.

For treatment hearts need to become hearty man - use quality his hearts for increasing happiness surrounding people and for service laws God. Tertiary expression of activities hearts this love, and tertiary expression of love this love to God. All, who regained desire to deal in this issue, necessarily realize that such love. This absolutely interesting view, spiritual sense of, based on nature souls - always engage poetry ministry God. For treatment hearts also must be addressed control feelings and not allow them no excesses. To control feelings unusually difficult, but those who understood secret as this to do, quickly reach caregiver outcome. Only directing feelings to positive activities can be fully rid their from aspirations to negative. Want to people happiness this the first there's a step to pozitivizmu, and promise of love to God this the latter fist. A positive can be become, only conversed with positive people and learning spiritual literature.

Ratios between our windowsills, the nature and disease

Kidneys are

Kidneys this a couples body, so should discern that influence mind on left kidney will enough strongly differ from influence mind on right kidney. On left kidney affect thought and emotions, but on right desires and will rights. I.e., there is the difference, what from kidneys aching. Also it is important to know, that kidneys are obey, so their activities depends on our unconscious functions, from tonus of our mind. Tone mind stems with profound processes, zavisyaschimi from influence on him planets, that also stems with our ??? the deeds.

fabric, manual transmission kidneys

Basic quality mind, affecting the renal tkan- this:

1. The simplicity
The simplicity this kind of for humility. Is a clever man, too, may be simple. The simplicity - one of qualities saint personality. We often we're kidders, that "the simplicity this worse theft", but nedoponimaem, that simple man can be very wise. Wise man always is simple in communication and in life. Not simple, not enough's rational, so as the absence of simplicity means egoism. Selfishness this the quality of directly the opposite soundness, so as on actions can affect two major forces or the mind or egoism. So the absence of simplicity says about stupidity rights. Also simplicity should not be confused with trustfulness and naive, these two traits character also undoubtedly signs of stupidity.

Simple in Mind, will, infliction and wishes man protected from inflammatory processes in exogenous.

-Pride, simultaneously impossibly ambitious leads to chronic inflammations processes in exogenous.
-Chrezmernaya penchant for gullibility, naivete causes thorny inflammatory processes in kidney tissue.
2. Openness

This the quality of character gives kidneys ability to work without excessive burden and normalizes tone Buddy heathers tubules and are kidneys.

-If man closed, have him automatically is happening overload in activities one of kidneys. In a result this strains will activates adrenal gland with the or other hand, and he in turn boosts pressure.s insularity in 1955 decisions leads to stronger right-wing hypertension,s insularity in Mind and tight in infliction leads to of left-wing hypertension.
-Napryazhennost and stiffness lead to muscular spasms in Buddy heathers vessels surgeries and kanaltsakh, that ultimately can become cause of inflammatory processes and hypertonic disease.
-Otkrytost in passions and ignorant this inability to focus and excessive liberating in behavior. Both these quality character lead to reduce tonus kidneys and as outcome give violation of regulation arterial blood pressure in body.
3. Was the kind

Was the kind in people this ability to to accept another will or another view using under this knowledge about how correctly do and neglecting its selfish desires and interests.

Such a was the kind leads to good stubborn asupra to various kidney infections.
-Nesgovorchivost, believe leads to cause an auto-immune processes in Buddy heathers worryingly.
-Naivnaya was the kind not based on knowledge leads to propensity to infectious processes in exogenous.

Circulatory system kidneys

Vessels kidneys receive health from tenderness and optimistichnosti rights. These quality character grandchildren in 1955 functions lead to normal work are right-wing kidneys. As soft and optimistichnost in infliction and Mind contribute to normal work leftist kidneys.
1. As soft character
This the quality of character causes normal elasticity are.
-Zhestkost character causes increase sparse and hand are kidneys.
-Beskharakternost leads to excessive elasticity are, that promotes emergence condition Buddy heathers are.
2. Optimistichnost gives a good tone shattered.
-Pessimizm reduces tone are kidneys.
-Optimizm in passions or excessive horny causes gipertonus are.

cans kidneys

Cans kidneys take its health from such qualities character as novels, focus, patience ins acts, wishes, Mind and infliction rights.
1. Benign attitude to all gives lokhankam kidneys ability to have a good immunity against any Buddy heathers infections.
-Zloe attitude to farm people causes propensity to chronic infectious processes in lokhankakh kidneys.
- Fear. Before people leads to acute processes.
2. Focus gives a normal tone in work lokhanok kidneys.
-Zazhatost leads to hypertension lokhanok
-Vyalost causes lowering tonus
3. Patience and the stamina lead to good rejuvenate lokhanok kidneys.
- Patience in passions or bleak mental or physical tension leads to perenapryazheniyu and rapid reduce functions
-Neterpelivost gives dysfunctional disorder in work lokhanok kidneys.

ureters and; bubble

Under ability to forgive, seeker and soft power in infliction, Mind, speech wishes, will ands acts human ureters will healthy.
1. Ability to forgive leads to increase immunity mochetochnikov and strength fight with flushing processes.
-Obidchivost causes lowering immunity and increase possible medicine inflammations in mochetochnikakh.
-Gnevlivost leads to erozivnym processes in mochetochnikakh.
2. The humility gives also stable worker tone.
-Ambitsioznost causes in them spasms.
-Podavlennost leads to reduce tonus mochetochnikov.
3. As soft character gives man normal elasticity mochetochnikov.
-Zhestkost character causes lowering their elasticity.
-Chrezmernaya myagkokharakternost causes excessive elasticity, that leads to pathological three up mochetochnikov.

Question: As stems with changes in character human, what he was born with one the kidney?
The answer: If have human one kidney, means in last life his mental or strong-willed function strongly have suffered. If there is no leftist kidneys, means in last life was a strong depression in infliction and Mind associated precisely with features character to The force kidneys. For example, depressive blends insularity in Mind and wishes, excessive simultaneously impossibly ambitious, sense of, that people not give correct estimates retributive and achievements. Or, suppose, depression in Mind or infliction from-for reluctance to cooperate. Thus displaying such quality in during life gradually arises a psychic the situation which not gives nor what support with hand delicate bodies mind for leftist kidneys. All development child in womb mothers runs subtle body mind and makes this on their way of and image. Under when expressed depressive processes in higher listed qualities would be needed character mind not can develop their varied tissue, so as on this have him lacks forces. So sometimes evolves kidney with an underdeveloped do was sail or a bucket the good, and kidney a weak. All of this depends on in any qualities would be needed character was flamboyant depressivnost although excessive tensions in higher listed qualities would be needed character result, that emerges two kidneys with one hand. Such things accented from excessive Russians rights. If lacks one kidneys suppose from Left, then man automatically is beginning to reinforce those same quality character associated with right hemispheres, so knots kidney carries the additional strain. Respectively if there is no right-wing kidneys the obviously depressivnost was expressed in 1955 functions, that not gave opportunities oio support development right-wing my kidney.

Ratios between our windowsills, the nature and disease


His functions depend mainly from speech and human activity.

The mucosa shell of stomach

Has good functions thanks to tenderness, which and warmth of in speech and human activity.
1. Delicate speech and activities self ability to stomach removal of food.
-Grubaya speech and unsophisticated behavior lead to reduce suction nutrients in mucous of stomach.
-Slaschavost and a bit of cajolery leads to excessive vsasyvatelnoy activity.

2. Kindness normalizes protein coating acidity in body.
-Ozloblennost causes excessive raising allocation pepsin, that leads to gastritu.
-Negativizm gradually leads to reduce generate pepsin in body.

3. Warm in speech and behavior normalizes Funds hydrochloric acid in your stomach.
-Kholodnost in speech and behavior causes lowering allocation hydrochloric acid and gives gastritis with at acidity.
-Goryachest, Omsa stockings character leads to increase allocation hydrochloric acid, that causes gastritis with heightened acidity.

smooth muscle stomach

Smooth muscle stomach receive force and health from confidence in speech and an industrious.
1. Confidence in character gives smooth muscles a good tone.
-Neuverennost reduces tone smooth muscle inflammation stomach.
-Rasteryannost causes a strong lowering tonus smooth muscle inflammation stomach.
-Naglost excessively boosts tone muscle inflammation stomach.

2. Industriousness gives force smooth muscles stomach.
-Bezdelie reduces force muscle inflammation stomach that leads to his be tensed and increase belly.
-Strastnyy labor causes excessive increase muscular the walls stomach, that leads to excessive cuts and muscular spasms are in your stomach.

The gourd bottle stomach

Vessels stomach receive health from such qualities character as soft in behavior and speech and joy
1. As soft speech and behavior leads to normalization of elasticity are
-Zhestkost in speech and activities causes lowering elasticity are stomach.
-Slabokharakternost gives excessive elasticity are, that leads to broaden their end
2. Sense of joy in speech and activities causes normalization tonus are stomach.
Tosca reduces tone are.
-Perevozbuzhdenie in speech and behavior excessively boosts their tone.


Its health esophagus Takes from calm, as soft and confidence, which are manifest in speech ands acts rights.
1. Calm normalizes tone esophagus.
- Fear. In speech ands acts lead to muscular spasms and other kinds of violations tonus esophagus.
She was depressed, ugnetennost ins acts and speech cause lowering tonus esophagus, that leads to violation movement food turning a pile.
2. As soft character gives elasticity wall pischkvoda.
-Sukhost character causes lowering elasticity esophagus.
-Izbalovannost leads to excessive Periodical give the walls esophagus, that can lead to his divertikulam.
3. Confidence in speech ands acts gives esophagus a good immunity and promotes struggle with flushing processes in it.
-Somneniya, uncertainty in behavior leads to reduce immunity in esophagus and emergence in it inflammatory processes.
-Izlishnyaya assertiveness also violates immune functions esophagus.

Esophagus often suffers from absence of promise and pokladistosti. If man very dry and uncooperative mood, have him can develop narrowing end esophagus, that bring many problems. When man enters in state of concern, he can maybe choked, so as smooth muscle the walls esophagus in such a able are beginning category: Chaos contract. So man above than sit down for the table needs enter in state of appeasement and of calm, otherwise can arise unexpected trouble.

Warm relative to farm people gives good digestion. The quality of tenderness causes good blood circulation in your stomach. Kindness helps internalize food. The angry man all poorly following the, so he thin . From anger man loses weight,. Full man can be gnevlivym, but evil not will. Full, fat man usually are a good. Why? Because without kindness nothing not will usvaivatsya.



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