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Still times about chakras a, point assembly and mirovospriyatii.

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Marina wrote:

note: Crystals include in themselves diamonds and other precious and semiprecious stones.

And here is crystals swarovski can be to them accounted? Like as crystals, but this same not precious stones




A here is crystals swarovski can be to them accounted? Like as crystals, but this same not precious stones

:) I think, hardly, camping on K. This glass with certain chemical composition and a special facet!



Marina wrote:

I think, hardly, camping on K. This glass with certain chemical composition and a special facet!

Thank you! And the I very their love, and here in love - not detrimental whether :)



Marina wrote:

In now am vertebronevrologiey: Problems irreparable have been arguing to decide methods manual therapy, IRT (sham), girudoterapii (treatment vigorous regime of leeching), the basic determine - neuroscience.

Marina, but as you, problems with his spinal column are linked with problems some chakras? If yes, then what?
Or this arises owing to something another?



Morozz wrote:

Marina, but as you, problems with his spinal column are linked with problems some chakras? If yes, then what?
Or this arises owing to something another?

"Skeleton-, inhalations system is governed by and fueled mainly vigor core chakras and small chakras hands and legs. Appropriate work core chakras depends largely from work Ajna chakra-chakras.

Also on this system have impact it's chakra heat ambiance as through liver and it's chakra for a through spleen, work which affects composition blood. Suffered prolonged time unpleasant emotions can lead to wrong work core chakras, that, in turn, manifests itself in disorders skeleton-muscular system.

An umbilical chakras also effects the way nations behave skeleton-muscular system, for from it largely depend activities and energopitanie system digestion, learn and purification '. She also helps regulate and to harmonize work at chakras, including basic. In patients with arthritis, typically, weak pupochnye chakras.

His spinal column manages and improves his vigor the basic chakras. Under disease irreparable this chakras case stunned. Very often pain in backache are emotional factors. Chakra heat ambiance as overflowing dirty-red Apana (prana). Part of this dirty energy comes in floor department irreparable, leading over time to can dance to it, vertebrate the high. Overflow red vigor of a prana has expanfing and these impact. "Master Ochoa the CCO Tsui. Practical RUKOVODSTVO software treatment color Apana (prana). http://www.orlov-yoga.com/Pranichealing … /APH15.htm

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Thank you, Marina! yre563
And splenic chakras I have almost is missing. Apparently this and contributed over time :(

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Morozz wrote:

A splenic chakras I have almost is missing. Apparently this and contributed over time

Irina! Why you so decided? M. It comes. She simply very soiled and needs in cleansing?
A bit information about the splenic chakre:

"splenic chakras.
Rhineland splenic chakrasis located in leftist parts of belly betweens front chakra heat ambiance as and umbilical chakra. She is located fall left, lower ribs of the.
The patio splenic chakrasis located behinds front the splenic chakras. Splenic chakras accounts for roughly from 1 / 3 until 1 / 2 size other major chakras.

Rhineland and back selezenochnye chakrascontrol and fuelled vigor spleen. Spleencleans the blood from pathogens. She also is destroying outmoded cells blood. Rhineland and back selezenochnye chakras are the main points of entry of a prana air in body.Prana air assimilated the splenic chakra; usvoennaya a prana is allocated in other the main chakras and around the body, feeding his energy. Obviously, splenic chakras plays very an important role in maintaining good well-being have rights. A weak splenic chakras is expressed in low energy level and-weakened body.

the splenic chakranot that Spain 60A have babies and children, because they can losing consciousness from surplus pranicheskoy energy. If this happened, see a common purge. Not that Spain also 60A the splenic chakra in patients, suffering hypertension or which have in the past was hypertension, because this may boost their blood pressure. However this chakras is used for recharging very-weakened patients, and also sick with heavy form of infection. Chakra for a can be 60A only over- or advanced pranicheskim tselitelyam. "
Materials the hoax: http://subscribe.ru/archive/rest.esoter … 63224.html

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Interesting information about Twelfth, please chakre: http://content.mail.ru/arch/18645/1804050.html



Girls, Helen, Marina! And you could not would to tell about chakre vishudkha? Why is happening its defeat? And as with it work? And can be whether at all work with a startled chakra?



Vishudkha - Gorlovaya it's chakra.(Skyfall materials Masters in Ochoa the CCO Tsui)

This chakras is located in the center of the throat. She has sixteen petals and contains, mainly, blue a prana, and also the small number of green and violet of a prana. Very many green of a prana reprisal, when man eats.

Replies for the normal functioning of and harbors vigor the next organs:

And)s throats;
It comes) of the larynx;
In) trachea;
Afghan) the thyroid iron;
s) paraschitovidnaya iron;
OK) lymphatic system;
?) and also affects work gender chakras.

Gorlovaya chakras is center lower-mind (particular thinking), and also tertiary creative center. She become involved in activities, sponsored attention to the details of, and is participating in processes training, planning, painting and others. If gorlovaya it's chakra is full energy and gettext, then and gender it's chakra will is full energy and gettext. That is why creative personality "suffer" increased are attraction.

Lack activation chakras also can cause a disease.
Presence in chakre (chakras a) nesvoystvennogo it type of a prana or of a prana in nesvoystvennom it numbers also can lead to diseases.
(http://www.orlov-yoga.com/Pranichealing … /APH02.htm )

Violation of activities this chakras can reverberate in barrenness and such disease throat, as is, loss of voices, asthma.

Prichinami destruction gorlovoy chakrascan be the negative emotions,which are accompanied by negative thoughts remains ready, and also untangle rezmernye experiencesfrom-for what-either.
To violations in gorlovoy chakre lead such evils, as hubris and misled, dishonesty relative to the very itself, dishonesty relative to other people, prejudices, superstition,, Misconceptions.

There is a series of systems spiritual improvement, aimed at energization chakras and probuzhdayuschikh kundalini. Systematic meditation and a repeat of mantra "Ohm Mani Padme our Fitness Centre gives you" cleans the define, emotional, energy and physical bodies rights. Long-term effect work with this the mantra - this eradication various flaws.

To warnings diseases should account for nine factors:

1. The right nutrition.
2. The right breath.
3. The right exercise in sufficient repaired.
4. The right am an on-air hygiene.
5. The right emotions and thought (hygiene of emotions and thought).
6. The right relationship with humans.
7. The right conditions work.
8. The right image life.
9. Prophylactic pranicheskoe treatment.
(http://www.orlov-yoga.com/Pranichealing … /APH03.htm )



Thank you large, Marina!
Very interesting exile! yre563



Marina, 'm gonna join you! Thank you!



Levels truth

(Passage from books "Solution domestic secrets embodied underpinnings" Masters in Ochoa the CCO Tsui.)

In the Philippines say, that there is three level truth. The first level of is called "Tama ethnic group" and is basic. More high level of truth, including in themselves the first level of, is called "Vasto." AAA level of truth - "tumpak" - includes in themselves levels Tama ethnic group and Vasto.

In studying religious or spiritual teachings it is important remember, that there are various levels truth. When you realize exercises literally - this Tama ethnic group. When you try to spare penetrate in the internal exercises - this Vasto. When you are absorbing the most deep level of - this tumpak.

Many exercises symbolic.. When you do so eloquently that any attracted child, you are using for this history. People, which lived thousands of years ago, were like todays children. Even having matured, they had mind puny child. Teachers in the time could teach only with the help parables.

There are domestic exercises and external exercises. Domestic exercises directives are pupils, which possess sufficient mind and spiritual We. According to considered. John Paul, more deep knowledge can be open the, who possesses greater We. The same and in Hindu tradition: The, who possesses greater spiritual We, will openly greater. In Christianity there is such goes: "Not let us shrines to the dogs." This means, that should not cede saints teachings and spiritual practices young category, intelligence which inadequate for their understanding of.

Dogs - good animals. You can play with them, and they tongued by your face; they very loving. You just need to to lend them food and water, let him run their, and they will become treat you still with greater love. They not require of expensive content and not will you argue to. Dogs - good, but they not so are smart, to teach their math or work with computer. Jesus precisely this had in mind: Not give your of sacred teachings people who not possess sufficient mind. Despite the, that they can be very loving, betrayed and good, they not in able understand high teachings.

This - the quality of many people. They good, have them good hearts, but you not you can train their seriously. People, not but against the sufficient intelligence, impossible to hand domestic exercises. You can train their dzhape and bkhadzhanam , you can train their Bhakti-Yoga. They will evolve through Bhakti-nowadays,; but domestic exercises not can be turned over to them, because this their I was.

japa - form of practice in Hinduism that consists in half a replay of behalf of of a deity or mantra.
Sampradya Bhajan - religious Eve caroling, which express feelings love and devotion the Divine.
* * * Bhakti-yoga - denoting spiritual practice love and devotion God.

Materials the hoax: http://content.mail.ru/arch/18645/1812667.html



Death and spiritual liberation

(Clip from books "sharing your for awareness of souls" Masters in Ochoa the CCO Tsui.)

In moment death before man passes the entire his life. He clear sees all perpetrated them actions and clear hears all on them words - as good, so and bad. He himself is for themselves judge. Behind this should condescension huge number of spiritual energy, internally occasional as Istind mountain peak vivid white light. A conscious perception of man this blinding white of light largely is destroying the negative thought and emotions in aurakh and chakras a his terrestrial, of astral and forceful bodies. This process also cleans the carrying on soul. On fact God is vselyubyaschim and forgiving either. For him not matter, what life man had lived under. Even if he was criminal, him increasingly would stillopportunity spiritual liberation in moment death. A conscious perception of man domestic blinding white of light allows him take over with this light and enter immediately same in's supreme the world (camping on E. The, that people call "skies"). On fact, skill fulfill "Meditatsiyu on psyche" is very important, especially for the dying rights. Every person should know, as this to do.

When man merges with leurs white light, he passes through tunnel of light, which in reality is spiritual channel, or spiritual garment. In some cases embodied soul can immediately take over with superior soul of. In other cases she can conduct some time "on the Sky", or in higher world, before as link up with superior soul of. This depends on extent spiritual development souls. Session yogas, during meditation also can see tunnel of light and to go through him.

Physical death can be put in spiritual liberation. Achieving enlightenment and unity with his superior soul of is invaluable support spiritual opportunity. This possibility cannot be overlook. If man not knows about this spiritual opportunities, him will have to while, living in lower astral plane world for moreover, to clean itself up. This time can be relatively brief or long - in dependence from quality lived man life.

Very it is important not move awkward, but not me movements and not concerned about physically and psychologically body dead rights. Needs avoid noise or to settle his until bare minimum, to not distract attention the dying human from domestic of light. For transition souls from physical world in domestic requires roughly 24 hours. The first five hours the most are important. The brain can be physically dead, but energy centers, or chakras, still alive. Precisely through energy centers embodied soul sees start white light and merges with him. The use of painkillers or relaxing drugs affects not only on function brain, but and on work the chakra reorganizing, constituents in area heads. In this time voploschyonnoy psyche comes still one opportunity take over with domestic leurs white light and directly fall into's supreme the world, or on "heaven." This opportunity spiritual liberation is invaluable support. Divert popular embodied souls from such a invaluable support opportunities is serious a crime against souls. For of relief process death can be include Sedzenevsky the electric bottle.

If there is the need in greater distance some domestic organs in for "transition" 24-hour period, then this should do, on opportunities reducing to minimize physical and psychological anxiety for bodies. Needs avoid unnecessary talk. Should tribute to respect psyche, depressed in the process transition from physical world in domestic. To ease transition souls in domestic the world, body can be's been cremated only on expiration 12 hours after offensive death.

Materials the hoax: http://content.mail.ru/arch/18645/1818616.html



bracteata chakras.

The main point entry heavenly energy is bracteata it's chakra. Bracteata it's chakra savienojama with God (cosmos) through spiritual of pearls (Canal), or spiritual antennas, which on never known is called "antakarna", that means "bridge of light." In are TheZohar this thread is called "a pillar of of light", in Qi gong - "heavenly Qi (meeting)." Christians call its "catabasis St. Spirit." Have blue-fin human spiritual thread sometimes unclear, as hair. Have religious people she can be, measuring with little finger. Those who reached substantial progress on the way to by awareness souls, spiritual thread, or Canal, see already as pillar of light. That is why saints or great yoga sometimes depict with a pillar of of light over head.

The thickness spiritual of pearls have human can be easily scan hands.

Antakarna spiritual bridge of light

(Clip from books "sharing your for awareness of souls" Masters in Ochoa the CCO Tsui.)

Just, as there are many types of electric wires, earmarked for various functions, there is and several energy nationalists threads, also expedited uneven purpose. One of the most important energy nationalists threads is antakarna (Antahkarana). Antakarna means bridge of light." This bridge of light builds voploschyonnoy soul of for messages with Higher soul of and even with the Divine the spark. Importantly appointment antakarny lies in creating and shaping a reliable Canal ties between embodied soul of, Higher soul of and the Divine the spark and establishing thus continuous flow of consciousness between Higher and embodied soul of. The creation antakarny - process slow, demands significant effort. Antakarna builds anew in every incarnation. The, who already created its antakarnu in past incarnations, can recreate its faster and with smaller effort, compared with those who only began this work. Antakarna can be built with the help:

1. Regular hits to God, to his to clerical teacher, tertiary creatures, its Higher psyche and its the Divine spark away for this blessing;

2. Permanent these claims and notifications very itself about its the true nature. This is done with the help next assertions: "I - not body, I - not feelings, I - not thought, I - not mind. I - soul. Mind - just tool souls. I - spiritual being Divine of reason, the Divine love and the Divine forces. I is connected and am uniform with his Higher soul of. I is connected and am uniform with the Divine the spark in me. I - built God. I am uniform with God. I am uniform with all a labyrinthine. " A repeat of this assertions every day on several times will help you build bridge of light, or antakarnu. Mind and soul not one thing and the same. For greater visibility mind can be compare with computer, and soul - with man, of many kinds of this computer;

3. Regular practice domestic immobility and prislushivaniem to voice its Higher souls;

4. Regular meditation on prayer "Father our";

5. Regular practice "sharing your on two hearts" and "sharing your on psyche" (Toolkit is the creation antakarny); and

6. Regular practice 3 th and more high levels yoga Arhats (precipitate the creation antakarny).

In rigid view sense words, antakarna - this bridge of light, conceived embodied soul of from themselves to Higher psyche, while spiritual thread - this thread spiritual of light, which descends from Higher souls to voploschyonnoy psyche and forth in physical body. Ultimately, antakarna and spiritual thread must take over together. That is why the author in some their writings of not makes large differences between spiritual garment and antakarnoy.

Materials the hoax: http://subscribe.ru/archive/rest.esoter … 91050.html

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(- Cardiac Life Support chakras

(Source: Book "Theological the crux of the human - chakras and plane tree life" Masters in Ochoa the CCO Tsui.)

(In are TheZohar means "the mercy of and heartfelt kindness." He fits cordial chakre, which is in the center of the of the chest. Heart chakras has 12 petals. Rhineland heart chakras contains middle and light-red species of a prana. Back heart chakras, which is on back on levels front cordial chakras, contains middle, red, Sedzenevsky and claiming a species of a prana. A small the difference between them consists in is, that front heart chakras has greater number of golden of a prana and the small number of light-red of a prana.

Always generous in - path to prosperity

In are TheZohar heart chakras also is called Gedula, that means "greatness of the" or "abundance." Merciful, compassionate man also is generous. Generosity - this secret prosperity and of plenty. Considered. Paul in 2 st Message Corinthians writes: "The, who is sowing generously, generously scooped up." In book from Luke (6 :3 8) Jesus says: "Let us, and nor you: Measure dobroyu, utryasennoyu, nagnetennoyu and overflowing to strew you in bosom your; for, how you do it measure will measure, in such same it will and you." Backed Tzu in Dao Dae colours you wear writes: "Than more than man gives, the more he receives." Displaying compassion, mercy and generosity, man himself receives blessing in the form of great of plenty and prosperity.

"Yes will come the Empire yours"

This phrase (in prayer "Father our") fits cordial chakre and the virtues compassion, mercy of, love and generosity. When we generously share, we are building for themselves karma prosperity, we "inherit dreams made."

Meditation on cordial chakre and on more deep sense phrase "Yes will come the Empire yours" change roils heartfelt chakra. This makes human more compassionate and generous and creates have him a sense of domestic world.

the Fourth master

(Fits Fourth serve (Outcome 20 :8) "Charish Day Saturday, to them or his." (Fits mercy of and love. Saturday means holiday from physical activity. This not necessarily should be afternoon with utter clarity day. This may be any day or any time, when man ceases to on time physical activities, to devote themselves prayer, meditation, to clerical treatment inward. This can be period, when man testing heartfelt kindness and the mercy of, in view its time and energy on serving on good other people. That is why Jesus forward was in Saturday.

divine name of (

Rooted name of (- Hey! ".
Materials the hoax: http://content.mail.ru/arch/18645/2023471.html



The importance of cordial chakras above reproach. Heart chakras is center equilibrium organism and connected with symmetrical as a downward, so and the bottom-the passage energy. Element of air.
People with fully the open palm, nezablokirovannoy cordial chakra immediately in sight in thought world. To them all with over, themselves not understanding why. From them emanates an the flow of dobrozhelatelnosti, vseponimaniya, love. From responsiveness such a human solved problems, begins recovery. They have no abrupt, changes from love until hatred, that characteristically for partly blocked Anakhaty. Such people are at forgive grievances natural way. Egoism and jealousy for them not are typified by. I 1964 painted an ideal portrait. In fact people with the open palm Anakhatoy cannot be Fuehrer greed, jealously, because with them the other demand. Is supposed to, that they already adults. And for them this roll ago, against tide evolution, and against crosscurrents, as known, quite difficult swim, prevents a strong resistance environment.
Want to tell about appointing every compassion Anakhaty. Information is based on book L. M. Belenitskogo Technologia path and external relations materials my husband. Almost every a petal vystradan bygones and proscheniyami, selfishness and refusal from just and the entire fate.
So, 12 petals Anakhata-chakras. Every a petal stems with lower bands and loft chakras, ????? its in having, its grains energy.
1st love to children. Directly stems with appropriate channel on Muladkhare. If there is no in heart of love to children, means problems in Muladkhare, there not implemented, closed pursuit procreate.
2nd love in sex. Canal goes to Svadkhistane.
3rd feat on heart, on sheepish and Order of hearts. Canal goes to manipur and stems with your communication skills, reflection find common language and understand different people.
4th collection experience love. Stems with Vishudkhoy. There implemented understanding of, systematization, behavior adjusted for experience. I here for different species love: One-sided, first, last, family, love on the side, love to several partners, various amorous situation.
5th Exploiting will in a conspiracy desire love. Stems with, clarity ceilings Adzhny.
T6 Cardiac Life Support energy for strong-willed implementation. Stems with sunlight commanding personality and considerable strength channel Adzhny.
7th love to god. Reciprocal the flow of with Sakhasraroy-chakra.
8th compassion. Canal to Vishudkhe.
9th kindness and aid in sotsum. Related on the same a petal Manipury, that and 3rd a petal Anakhaty communicability.
10th Street gratitude to her for good. Stems with two flower Vishudkhi: Skill to speak Yes and No, rejoice at good; modesty of, understanding his seats in life.
11 th telluric love in outer displaying the. Stems with Svadkhistanoy. Tantra under the open palm Anakhate and the link with Sakhasraroy-chakra. Here implies vision in partner of higher beings, God, goddess.
12th law cosmic justice. Canal to Svadkhistane (energy intentions to good, 's precipitate the) and come lepestku Adzhny.



Girls, thank you for fun information :flag: statement, but as develop in itself this ability love? And still question. Should whether man with advanced anakhatoy be strong? Something should complement or ottenyat anakhatu? I here is, exactly, why ask. Something not especially around markedly pursuit love. On-moeiu now other values, mostly, upirayuschiesya in material good (though and when was otherwise. And that same man with anakhatoy to do? Give warmly and love people? And can them this not need to? Or same someone will use this love in their purposes. That then? In general question such. As live with these all in sotsum? Here in the process arises heap issues. That such at all be social? In than will the difference (and will whether) between anakhatoy have women and anakhatoy have men? And camping on D.



I thought: What can, this material will someone seems interested. If he, of course, at all is a new information.



Yolka, very interestingly, thank you!


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