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Still times about chakras a, point assembly and mirovospriyatii.

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Girls, thank you!

Very interestingly was read pro combining an employees chakras with by your horoscope. Not 133333334 I this information before. And pro behavioral characteristics, too, …
Test I this before affairs, can say, that results change with the passage of time, and very are unclear formulations type spiritual worlds. So that particularly on him not worth rely.
Think, that I have all same point how somewhere between Manipuroy and Anakhatoy, closer to Anakhate. But options manifestations of are varied. People feel. Sometimes and with perspective “use ”, but this perishing quite when get lost, prefer on level exchange, to no one is gone an aggrieved. For manifestations of Anakhaty me sometimes need the mental efforts. Not pass past, offer aid, if there is opportunity. Like to, from love to people. But when you get used to it to such a approach, then ostentatious breakdown occur.
Describe girl with clean Anakhatoy, (or higher, this I already track not can). We with it lunch in force canteen sometimes walk and on bus ride on work travel together, ah common familiar there is. She has even image thought some its, wondrous. A cat parents she has have been created, so she it sleep often not ready, proceeded through its room on balcony, there affairs their did, it accounted for at night all of this clean up. Its reaction: “ah that OK, this for nourishing patience. ”
Still case. I have for lunch head as something symptoms, I nothing there is could not, she says: “Eat some my salad, can, I have tastier. Children, for example, often on of strangers bowls tastier seems. ” In general, it is illogical, but surprising. As something she peaceful acts. And about how to use its in vested purposes, perhaps, even in head no one will not come. As can be mebers human, which wants you for good?



Hello, other those please my TS :rolleyes:

http://cs763.vkontakte.ru/u61506928/203 … c6b340.jpg



Katyaya, fear we you here not will help organize. How me known, on our Forum there is no clairvoyants. TS is that? Point assembly?



Why there is no? Will help organize.
You have point assembly is on many fundamental solar plexus, floor Pole Anakhaty. Heart chakras you have net, here is only race energy in this zone. If you fill its vigor (for example, love in all manifestations of the), then point assembly will on sustainable Anakhate.



Helen wrote:

Why there is no? Will help organize.

Wow you :)) is identically!



Dobryi day! Very impressed by the your abilities and knowledge.
But as can be determine point assembly? Only visually, - from whom there is such ability to?



Thank you :flirt:
All, as usually. Nothing new. Work in this direction.
Point assembly that place, where is our maximum energy, this the place, where we kommutiruemsya with the world.
Can be not seeing human determine, than he "life-support." If have human emerges interest to peace, if his interests go beyond the money, power, then this suggests that his point assembly starters in any moments will peak energies exits on anakhatu.
Point assembly this as your fishing bobber in the energy the body. Imagine human in the form of vessel with circulating on which held your fishing bobber.
Number of fluid is changing, level of the is rising, the falls, but held in some range.
For sustainable positions point assembly need to, to a downside levels were flush. Drawn to the-inclusive development human: Body, health, sex, money, governance themselves and their trumps emotion. And after this man can develop upper chakras, grow.



Lay out your photo I you write, where you have point assembly. If not want here, then in lichku.
About determining point assembly on their own can be to speak seeing your level of.



Helen, thank you large for the answer! I wrote you in lichku.
The question is, that on opportunities like would be a little more specific determine TS. I its define between Anakhatoy and Manipuroy, but on what accurately level - 3.5, reached 5.4 or 3.8 - not can determine. With one hand, on insistence, all interests on level 4, years with 12 fringes me reach magic, all this palmistry (that your visitors and zainteresovyvalo), but! In critical periods TS apparently slipping back and of, react with positions "warrior", camping on E. Level of 3. Am sports with goal support forms, - this, too, Manipur People’s Party.
Here is like would all-??? figure out with basic levels its TS, and understand, as its can be determine on are have other, and not be confused with chakras.

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You are here » Ephemerides forum » Esoteric exercises » Still times about chakras a, point assembly and mirovospriyatii.