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'll trade you everything in good hands :)

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Girls, prescriptions for I starters to collect still in average school :) And has accumulated I have their nemeryanoe number of. If someone something interested in, write, I'll post an on forum. Manages me much, except sweet (figure Bank) :help:

So that, write! :)



Lena, prescriptions for is is identically! Very lyubolyu to read and look pictures of the beautiful. Here is only is obtained I have from all this raznestva -malaya smallness of :(
Was would remarkable share recipes real, ah, it which can be cooked, not racked, that moreover or conjures an ingredient NEMA.
And still: The, that's cooked and was obey!



IRA, not a good for advertising ;) I already few years buying journal "the good advice", there excellent prescriptions for: Available and ordinary. And at all, I await the concrete orders :)

Still want add. On my view, a lovely site http://www.cooking-book.ru/ Site well is structured and many indeed good, affordable recipes.



I await the concrete orders

Lena, at all would is identically, share their vkusnoprigotovlennymi courses-grand not and exotic products)
Fish not love vAAbsche. So pro it and not need to. :) Ok?!
Truth-truth. Me like salads - leaving all, that there is in House -gotovoe now) And you put same the, that likes!
How many not tried to cooked something SUCH. Or be moving away half-day, or in end ate gain)

Thank you for site! Still lazyuyu :rolleyes: there. Name already like) But still nothing not tried to (= risk taking, for example, main courses soup) cooked ((



Tried her hand in gostyakh. Och liked. And chasing I, chasing, until not ARGUMENTY)

Salad (or whatever you want whom as likes)
1) Soderzhimoe one banks bean a white
2) Chinese cabbage or leaves salad (year-old option)
3) black olives without broken bones
4) crab wand
5) maslo (from what, with any additives to Italian tastes) -primerno 50 gr
6) mayonnaise

Beans wash, add studded leaves Chinese cabbage or salad, crab wand and peatmosses. And slim with mayonnaise (, too, on choice, I'm using easy), randomize and put an olives (for beauty)

Be preparing easily and was cool) And still he not severe, but and not easy. In sense -ostaetsya sense of satiety)

P.S. Without of crab - Also tasty is obtained :)))



Iriani, thank you! :) Meanwhile more now post goes, want something easy. And here is more "severe" option this salad :) 1 bank bean, 200 g ham, 200 g Russian cheese, 1 Tennessee String, 100 g Korean combined carrot (though, I think, was would interestingly replace its salad or ogurtsy), roast maslo, 1 crushed by a clove garlic, olive oil or mayonnaise. All ingredients cut into browned average magnitude and randomize. Pleasant appetite! :bb:



Flax, stuck. Judging by raw materials appetite will indeed pleasant :thank_you:

And if perishing och heavy seem, then feed it to house) Illy’il reduce it proportion)



I you in next time will talk as one Chatterbox Restaurant until satiety feed together men! :bye: 100!



Ladies, ve unfortunate a recipe marinovanykh wild mushrooms. 1 kg for fresh of champignons (better chistenkikh and or, then only to wash it). Boil in ocean and water 30 minutes (roughly 1stol. Spoon of salt on liter). Can weld it, I, too, roughly, can be less or more. Merged water. Separately on 1 liter of water 1 UF. Spoon of salt, 1st. L. Sugar, pepper Polka, bay leaf leaf, or wishes what want, zakipyatit, when cools down 1 h. L. Vinegar on 1l (I do 1 UF. L. Apple). Inject mushrooms (ostyvshim pickle, through several hours are prepared, but there is can be and immediately :yes: Now post, bail out mushrooms, and guests, and themselves. So, that pleasant appetite :D



Flax, thank you for recipe! :) But in terms of wild mushrooms I very cautious, all OK ??? Neptune in 6 st House. Itself not collect, because not learn using, on market, too, not buying. And from your hands tried her hand would :)! ” Heh,, it is a pity that we in virte, I would all treated exotic jam from feykhoa. It such's so green, but on taste of reminds mixture of strawberry and pineapple.



Virgin of, has found cool site on cookery http://www.good-cook.ru There and forum there is. zxfd



Радуга wrote:

of the Virgin of the, has found cool site on cookery http://www.good-cook.ru There and forum there is. zxfd

Have them still rozsilka there is. :)
Retseptiki and carried interesting very are outfitted with. Delivering a different times in its kopilochku.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Culinary prescriptions for » 'll trade you everything in good hands :)