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To receive an answer

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Writes you Elena from Bottom Novgorod.
I was born 7 September 1983, the in city of Maksim Gorkiy roughly in 9 hours morning
And my civilian husband was born 1981 in Nizhny Novgorod area in city of Dzherzinsky in 3 hours morning.
Me 23 years, for their 23 I very much survived in this life.
I would wanted would with you to share with their experiences on psyche.

Me more not with whom to share except you.
Began all with the most birth.
I in family late child. Was born I parents in 35 years.
At birth me doctors attendant have made fractures hips and hurt parent the brain.

Since then I disabled person. I have child workers visits are paralysis.
Me very late set diagnosis in two and a half years. Mother me ???? has put back on its feet. Where we only not were, where only not he treated with, not who could not, help. But as only mother has become engage me itself, IRC, all work she me has put, back on its feet. And went I only in three years. She me has put back on its feet with the help massage and gymnastics, she not did all itself 5, 6 times on day. But I its mother very grateful to that she me has put back on its feet. If would not she I would now was kolyasochnitsey.
And doctors said my mother, that I not when not do and better me pint, or to abandon me.
But she this not made.

I go... I go not as all I have problems with movement, and disturbed by coordination movement. Speech and hands and head I have utterly normal I have the problem in feet. I go... I go, zagrebaya with their feet. And for this summer go... I go only of the shoe shoes proshirkivayu very quickly. I look after the itself themselves on their own and go... I go without outsider aid. When I of walking on the street on me all obraschyayut attention. Especially people elderly age.
On education I operator the PC. But I have 2 group disability and me not far not take on work. And account for sit on one retirement. And parents I have already pensioners. I even not press it, as further to live on one retirement not perhaps live this not realistically. And personal life me not as not bad luck.
Two years ago I met with young man on the Internet. He fell in deconstructing the car katastrofu7 years ago, until this was a healthy guy. I now him 26 years and since then disabled person 1 groups he everywhere churchgoers have him the problem with speech and all movement retarded cocksucker! Move. He from not favorable family from family cases I about this only not long learned he from me this papered over. Year ago have him died mother on soil alcohol. When have him have dead mother, him was very badly and physically and 98th health were negative testimony. If would not I he would now where not whether has been raising cane on city. Have him until me were alone scrubbers and all his friends from not thriving family I his, uh, pulled out from this pits. Did him all to he could forget about this although would on time and I have this broke a.
And we have become to live incorporated, civilian marriage made. I have, he, too, not where not works live on retirement and + he still makes sites, articles writes in newspapers here is on this and live. As the saying goes not do people for good not atoning of evil. When we with him began to to live, incorporated, he was, goal as falcon I his has put on the with legs until heads. Around the itself refused, all his wore, and lilela. Doctors him said to fully recover need to hard over a work camping ons engage until sweat sports only with the help sport can be themselves restore. But he not wants Paul days sits for computer, gender days sleeping so and day have him the entire passes. And I sit about him not far not can go. And one starts, that - either to speak him he is beginning to swears language; on me and hands dissolve. He very nerve. Now he became on many worse walk and for moreover, that at all not Hypnotizes with a. He not was accustomed to self-sufficiency to do, suppose, on tech cutting, on the table have launching for him. Not long I him has bought ring Dzhenflekstor to he zanimlsya but he to him even not suited. There is no not 98th health, and simply he was accustomed, that would for him were as for small.
Throw his fear, Im gonna stay one. I have before him not whom not was. I broad in Internet on site dating its held. Very many was pridetentov. But only is worth say about his illness all far the wasting. To healthy I naturally not need a with so underlying illness. And parents his will against about me.
I would wanted would to see eagles fly together with a human strong decent, that would be for them as for stone setenoy, that would liked me and revered, not despite my not arc.

I think why alone all and me not what. For example from whom the, too, the problem with personal life but they have espoused work. I have no not moreover not others. I even not know as me be in this situation.
I have trip this the pillow of. I very much survived.
So broke a, that I have in this life very little friends virtually their there is no. I see that and mother for me very is experiencing she I have, too, the entire-ailing she has hypertension 2 extent she very much survived with me. I have very good parents I was born in full family.

I have big problems. With education I studied in school there all were with so same underlying illness, as and I camping on E. "Cerebral Palsy" I very often symptoms and so mother decided give me in such a school I went in school not as usually 7 years I went in 9. Years. The entire program schools commanded on host program. Only in the classroom was not as usually 30 man, and have us was 15 chol.
Why the teachers in this school regarded if people with with so diseases means have them the problem with head but this is not so. And knowledge as would us not very big provided. After the end of the schools. Me mother again decided give in uschilesche for people with ogranichenami opportunities. In this College 4 profession a shoe clerk, a watchmaker, an artist and operator "EVM." I itself chose operator "EVM." This uchilesche touted on our televisions on radio on khvalivali his.
For revenues in this uchilesche with me took 12 thousands of rubles. Elect I there 3 year.
On promised many just. For example, guarantee you a after the end of the.
Actually did there three years understood not any knowledge there not give. And I itself starters itself study the entire computer Master.
Far would I not you were hired on work me asked 'whether I 1C. But us this program at all not are taught. All say, as so actually did 3 year, and knowledge very weak even not know program 1C.
I have even practice as're supposed not was.
I very often buying a newspaper on work. And now everywhere requires experience not less 2, 3 years. But I have stazhu there is no.
Now, truth, this College have closed and all dispersed an. And now all not certainly.
And from our groups with whom I elect not who not can go to work.
Entrepreneurship about the end this College there is.
Now vertikalnye on rates 1C will only autumn.
After the end of this College I has rates massage and came in medical uchilesche on evening otdelenee, on profession sestrenskoe deal. That would only obtain medical obrazovanee. Suppose, I would worked in distribution, Kyiv, and bounced any would with roll levelling. But to work, Kyiv, need medical education. Been in training there six months I very seriously Roman Tyrtov and me had to to leave his on time. The second time me already doctors not give resolution on at school.
Me so got homes sit No I not correctly has translated homes not sit I the on equestrian sport go the on special dances plasty behalf of actions.
I of course mother again very scold, that she me has already given in such boot skating. Need to me was in usual uchebnoe a place give.
In this year I wanted still times to do on the the PC. Only in usual a place. But it turned out this profession in this year have closed and its more not will.
Now me contain parents have us its team bus and Pope with momve worked funeral and wedding service a, but they already I have not young. Spaces 63 year mother 58 years.
They same not can same me all life contain on its the whole load here.
All the more parents not perpetual. I must itself itself on bread earn
Swoon in is year rates manicure and pedicure me not far not take, say, that I not alone.
And I now made emphasized sites. But loop one deception one takes site're wasting on this its time, making site you show negatives client, and he says either him not need site either need to already others. Site to do. I't seek kleentov through Internet. I have may there is no education on site I'm self-taught. Either accented, so that money not coming zarabotu. Months sometimes see money.
And still have people with ogranichenami opportunities there is always rub with employment, camping on K. Doctors in Song-thaek. Where us grant pink Help in of Ypres write field the end of the any much skating even if this will be instetut. That people with disabilities 1 and 2 groups must work either on home either in organizations, but specifically created by conditions. This for what learn that would then homes sit? Either on home work. Many with me will agree that on home work this very bored, very quickly can be make you dumber. And homes without communication very poorly. And who will sozdovat special conditions for one person. This individual lessons deny, than create the conditions for us. I one not gather additionally in any way why us need to separate otobschestva, we same not than not excel from other people except of movement. I know that abroad there there is no such laws to to people with ogranichenami opportunities from take from healthy. And in Moscow this, too, there is no there at all 4 groups disability 1, 2 labor and 2 not labor and 3 group.
And with 2 labor group bolt entered work in organizations and someone their not separates. This only why the have us in lower Novgorod only such law and group 2 only not labor. And as with this borotya I not know??
I have there is the familiar she has, too, Cerebral Palsy She has instetut on profession lawyer B student was, and now she has, too, takiezhe obstacles One deal learn, and others. Deal employed easily. Entrepreneurship acts 4 year if in for 4 years not labor you applying, then then his can be will sweep.
I not many learn using in varying degrees technology. All electro implements and televisions homes I all itself'm tuning up love flowers. Adore be preparing, very love for photo opportunities and not taken.
In childhood I she has dreamed be Vadim what either radio stations, either a premier on steps. But in psyche I still about this dream. But in general my goal in life be not dependent man. I Want family children.

My email explaining



Hello, Lena! Yes fate you indeed not an easy. And very well,
That you not and you dip hands and are looking for opportunities for both in life.
Although this and the hugely it is difficult in our imperfect society. That concerns your
- ", right, I'll whether I with him happy nowadays?" - astrology not gives answer on such question,
An astrologer can only to tell you about your psychological compatibility,
To point to "thorny corners" in your relations and camping on P. And better life people
Can build only the two of under shared love and desire do each
Friend happy.
- "I'm gonna go whether I learn? And on whom in further d work? In what sphere
Me better work? "-. -Will you come whether you learn and on whom-this only you to decide.
And here is what sphere more suited and where more opportunity achieved-this
Can be to know from everything natalnoy maps. But for its of building astrologu need
Precise time birth, and because you it a rough, need to pursue
Process his aid. This process a over the next, and is done, typically, only
Platno. Within Forum can be watch your map on priblizitelnomu
Time birth, but and recommendations then, too, will the most common, and perishing pro
Forecast at all to speak not account for.
That concerns family and children,, too, can write very of general on your
Priblizitelnomu time. Again same you certainly interested in prognoz- when
This do in my shop- and again the problem over time birth.
About a combination of signs zodiac can be to speak only about typical academic their
Representatives, to example, typical the Virgin suited the typical Taurus. But under
This how this man is "typical" (camping on E. Finns basic
Traits this mark) can say only professional astrologer,
Building horoscope rights.
In general, Lena, if you test cursory and very overall the answer about
Youth career planning and family, and so same psychological compatibility with someone
Husband, I is ready to answer you within Forum. If same you want obtain
More frame a detailed response to are interested questions and forecast in these areas life,
This is done only on a paid basis.
With respect, Tatiana.



All are a good evening! Elena, you heard and you reciprocate. Wait a day-two. And please, let us always be within: One question-one theme. Need not trail its letter in different themes, closing: You heard.



Hello, Elena! I will rely on the time birth, which you pointed.


contaminated birth me doctors attendant have made fractures hips and hurt parent the brain.

Think, this Pluto and Saturn gave such damage. However planet well aspektirovany, therefore you have well possible build up an own existance. Moreover, you well you can improve their well-being, if reasonably chase use unconventional methods medicine (Mars in kvintile mile trek to Saturn), there are in mind exercise, massage, work over his spinal column. Here is these your words


I the on equestrian sport go the on special dances plasty behalf of actions.

It seems, that we with you about one and same are talking.


So broke a, that I have in this life very little friends virtually their there is no.

You should lead the familiarity in environment people art, they will treat you app sympathetic called. You have and the most good artistic ability to (Venus in Trina to Neptune sextile). Homilies their develop, say, forging sites you would very is now over. At all, that concerns work, then analysis your maps suggests, that you need a nadomnaya work and alone. Operator the PC (your the current profession) you well suited. Can be still try work nurses, nurses, departure for the sick and the elderly people.
To achieve mutual understanding with humans you need just generate a realistic glance on the world, on contacts (Mercury in M. with famous Neptune Fountain -). Perhaps, you have their notions about justice, which other seem unclear and you complicated. Dialogue with partners can clarify situation.
Improve your their contacts on connectivity, you well you can earn money, by cooperating with major organization. Many new you awaits, if you will communicate on connectivity with different people from different countries.
Now that concerns your personal life. Squaring v (your and partner) suggests, that between you there are serious disagreements, you poorly realize each other. Judging by the, that have your friend Mercury in Raque, he much painfully perceives and believes, that you on him crush a (his Long in M. to your Pluto). Think, are prepared whether you attach the many effort for alignment relations or you will better with other a man. In any case choice only for you. Still, as me sometime, between you have one thing serious distinction. You have, Lena, active the lifeblood stance. You to something aspire, wish achieve, obtain profession, create family. Have your friend (with your words) there is no, he quite occuparmene. This, too,, sometime, should be an occasion for while.


I would wanted would to see eagles fly together with a human strong decent, that would be for them as for stone setenoy, that would liked me and revered, not despite my not arc.

Very the right stance! Not despair, are looking for. Many people recalcitrant in life only because, that not believe in themselves. Caveat a, yes positively, vyrabatyvayte in itself optimistic and a realistic into cannon fodder and all reprisal. At least, with perspective astrology you have no serious indicators to bezbrachiyu. Perhaps, this will happen not so quickly as want, but here much depends on you the most.


I one not gather additionally in any way why us need to separate otobschestva, we same not than not excel from other people except of movement.

Still one very the right stance. You treat itself as toward inclusive man and absolutely are right. I you entirely in this support. With respect for you, Elena

Can be, from colleagues still someone wants add? Elena, if you have still will questions, zadavayte. Within work Forum we do you to answer.


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