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Marriage: For and against?

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Recently heard very interesting opinion from friend-astrloga (men) :friends: Essence of his in next. Compared with recent past now largely have changed social norms. If before an astrologer watched map on subject conclusions marriage, because he was natural and necessary in life human, and women especially, then now position affairs largely has changed. Now in annualized rate 2-3 marriage, and also alternative forms marriage: It civilian, guest and camping on D.
And perhaps, now astrologer should seek not "symptoms" celibacy, and, contrary, instructions on marriage in map client. So here is, theme to discuss the next. And need whether marriage? I mean in mind official his conclusion. Live, suppose, people in civil marriage 3-5-10 years. Than differs civilian marriage from official? And differs whether? Conclude his or not? Is changing whether psychological a sense of men and women in moment shlepanya in passport press? As you? Word, need whether marriage as such?



On own experience difference between Civil and official marriage made describe not can, camping on K. In official not was. And here is on experience friends - yes differs psychological perception of. Have one my girlfriends, to example, until lived without shtampa- all normally was. As only had registered had, husband transformed in despot, became to beat its. And chief argument was: You now my wife, that want, then and do with you. Good examples when people first lived without registration, and then have got married, I have, unfortunately, no. Although, Perhaps, this simply because, that I have at all the main mass known either immediately have got married, either still live in civil marriage.



Here is this interestingly! Differs psychological perception of. Than same it differs?

Татьяна wrote:

How only had registered had, husband transformed in despot, became to beat its. And chief argument was: You now my wife, that want, then and do with you.

T. E. Is obtained, that, on taking in the official marriage, people as would reduce psychological distance between themselves. And Sitting in civil marriage as would (conditional support) always are prepared abandon, camping on E. Persists some pristine internal willingness to this. So? Or not? On fact theme this interesting! Because many "citizens", with whom having a, say: "And why in Internet upside go? Would still divorce. " Or, can, all quite not so?



Devchata. There is very interesting marriages.
Here is have my girlfriends.
Husband its by, she Shield. Live 25 years. Gradually have achieved the ease in relations unusual.
She has X number of were, have him, obviously,, too, someone there is. And held on together and divorce not gather.
Still marriage, wife not works, husband its provides, but and walking well. It not likes, and he likes. Divorce not gather.
There is men, which, I think, would still, what their status, for they not (500, even if not live together.
Still listened opinion, that woman, to have legitimate rights, better a stamp have.



Алла К. wrote:

A listened opinion, that woman, to have legitimate rights, better a stamp have.

Yes, this, undoubtedly, better. But with other hand. Is obtained, that this priori distrust partner. After all, if people respect each other, if both they encourage, then even razoydyas they not are hurting half, and would make all honorably. And note, when discussing subject not professional, we all time vehicle in divorce! Such impression, that these 2 themes inextricably linked.

Алла К. wrote:

There are men, which, I think, would still, what their status, for they not (500, even if not live together.

And here, I think, all OK the reason there is any.

Can someone will share their life stories? Although would in short.



Greetings all!
Can to share its history.
Two marriage - two stamp - two divorce.
Think, zhlya women a stamp more important, than for men (typically). This gives it a sense of confidence, entrenchment. Status official family in society and at work, too, sometimes matters.
Lack of stamp is felt under divorce. Especially, when partner ah raze not wants divorce! :( Had to 2 times on courts walk. Okay still share nothing to acquire was (not typically recognized gain)! And the would by law, 50 on 50 had to would.
And men consider, that a stamp makes wife their property, which they can order, Pashtun and camping on P.
Now, if I meeting human, with which me wanted to live together, then, unambiguously, without stamp (ARGUMENTY passport to change :/ :fie:).



Thank you for history, Ii?ic (as you name is?)

Morozz wrote:

I think, zhlya women a stamp more important, than for men (typically). This gives it a sense of confidence, entrenchment. Status official family in society and at work, too, sometimes matters.

Although as shows practice, this far not the guardian sustainable marriage! You and themselves described this in its history. And that is why for women a stamp need most? In his feminine mirooschuschenii she more ritualizirovana? After all "painting of" this a powerful ritual at all something. His kind of initiation programme, both of which now quite forgotten, and for good reason! Or formalize, painfully. And after all transition from one fortune in the other (from girls in woman) yes still provided sole marriage and sole men in its life - this was a powerful immersion in 8-midomnuyu the situation as said would astrologer. And now social rate - 2-3 marriage. Can modern astrologu need to in map seek not signs of celibacy, and signs of marriage?



When love years in 18-22, a stamp proves the seriousness of the intentions husbands,. This comfortable proof of love.
With age and experience priorities change. Although, if woman goes married first time, me seems, in psyche she will all-??? wishing official marriage, regardless of age. This I already on example its girlfriends see. She fosters depth child, but married not was. And wants precisely not a roommate find, and husband.
P. S. Me name is Irina :)



I until came to this conclusion. Desire to free-union this there is the absence of desire to / million to initiating of Life Just the two of us, and there is desire to life alone, but near. T. E. Cel-to internally leaves some distance, hidden thought about a possible a rupture. Note, that in the process discuss themes not professional we all time up in subject much left! Type and why marry, would still after all divorce. Think, that not last role here played climate social norms. If before (in patriarchal society) woman knew one husband (in his personified by and one ??) and not thought clearly itself life without family, then above for him married, on psychological level she proceeded a dedication in precisely around with a married woman, otrekayas from self-sufficiency and accepting dependence from husband.



Reading "astrology both" step on an interesting the fragment about sense a ritual of odruzhennya:. " Than closer initiation programme to simvolizmu "death-revival" - those stronger transformatsionnyy effect. Precisely to this subgroup wide applies such a a strong on effects procedure, as Bride. Femininity. Has all traits's initiation, although and Haz for 2-'s people, not for one person. Traditional sense odruzhennya - eventual in new life, death, old social personality and the birth of a new. Precisely for this reason and can work horoscope marriage. "
Still it looked interesting tying author magic threshold operations (any, in including and initiating) with senior planets:. " Three main komponeta magic threshold operations. First, this choice time and idea (Uranus); second, altered state of consciousness and / or belief (Neptune); third, energy component (types). " Incidentally, a strong motivation the author, too, does to Pluto.



Татьяна wrote:

until lived without shtampa- all normally was. As only had registered had, husband transformed in despot, became to beat its. And chief argument was: You now my wife, that want, then and do with you.

Until live without marriage - this waterside. Fifth house main seventh. After ZAGSA in entire might insurance is seventh house, and fifth exits on second positions. Increasingly is logical.



Loneliness as destructor

. Sometimes thinking, that this nice and full freedomnot limits your movements, but sometimes even 4000m2 as well as but and membrane, are you messing.– the so want be grinding halt after and favorite, but not whom either. And the favorite.

… suddenly become simply wildly painful for and (. Here is today, came home, frightening is tired, but commanded home and almost crying, so like call whom any say as I they found, is tired, simply to tell where was, that interesting things learned.

I already even not illustrate as want hug, feel warmly home rights., which there is no.

… for human, not irrespective the from moreover a man this, woman or child, be one not naturally. We – people – the so creates, that need – in each other.``Our nature such is, that we need feel close presence itself of the sort. Well known, that small children need in constant body contact with parentsand in primarily mothers. There is research, that children taking, nedopoluchivshie caresses mothers (parents), lag behind in mental fitness development.

Of course, an adult quite another deal, not receiving heat and Sitting in alone, he, of course, survives, but stress, which evolves on this background, will make its deal. I detail wrote in "Transmatike. New body "as any mostly a emotion over time turns into concrete physical disease, so recommend for reading this book.

Short I’d say, untangle the any electrified "cocking" organism, almost also as weapons hammer go for shot being fired, camping on E. Preparing his to phase super-efforts, namely fear preparing to flight from dangers, aggression to attacked … BUT the difference between cocked weapons and our organism enormous– crafted to shoot.Shooting and not vystrelivshee weapons can be defuse – organism "'s easing" inward.Speaking the "shot" always is happening, and if not resurfaced, then inward.

… "on membrane, are you messing, wildly painful for"– as see, pain, ispytyvaemaya at an emotional level, described as well the real, a similar description of can be applied to-strongest dental aching, when pain forces human crawl on wall …

NOTICE: In really feeling pain and memory about this feelinglurks the first the key to this destruktoru – until man feels pain him not until what …

Until woman so themselves feels is thus meaningless walk on a cafe and wait, that to you come and start that. Imagine human with care teeth for table in cafes – his face reflects his flour, perhaps a waitress from courtesy and and they wonder, not need a whether him aid, but not moreover.

Than more thinking about is, that "here is, I one, have all who i.e., all around not pigs and happy,one I as its procedure, where same me his find" and camping on P. - the less that the is obtained. I already many times on own experience found it, that are unaware yubov emerges then, when its already not waiting for.

This a fair surveillance – as only manages look away so, that emotional von leveling off, immediately emerges a new opportunity.

2003 mystery is, that all people (even such "pachyderms" as men) feel emotions each other, but not all give itself in this report.

If ??, for example, ask why he not licked ??? ?? ? ? to that pretty young girl (woman), proves, that he not thought, he then, of course, will provide several well snosnykh explanations. But if this same ?? send in corresponding transovoe state of (for example, hypnotize) he clearly will reveal, that its own emotion his not attracted, and even contrary push away.

People in this case acts as magnet– with one hand he can magnetically drawn to to itself other people, with the other fat repels. Can be entire refrigerate life slay cooped up in kafeshkakh and night-club, around You will crowds people, but they will cleverly circumvent the You.

http://community.livejournal.com/ru_psi … ml?#cutid1



Very of well-.
Proceeded "on itself")

NOTICE: In really feeling pain and memory about this feeling lurks the first the key to this destruktoru – until man feels pain him not until what …

In such a able chol. Not in able’s refusal to allow in his life something joyful and derive. Increasingly his attention aktsentrirovanno on his domestic pain. And in this case is true vyskazyvnie:

all people (even such "pachyderms" as men) feel emotions each other, but not all give itself in this report.

And "people will explanatory circumvent the you side."

Man in this case acts as magnet – with one hand he can magnetically drawn to to itself other people, with the other fat repels.

I even specifically experimenting on this about. And frankly was several stunned outcomes. Works even as. :glasses:



Lero4ka wrote:

Mr. Matej Srsen even as.

Yes, is true. Here is why it is so important deceitful for ears programs subconscious. After all man can to speak one thing, and but and factwants quite another. And here is this another as times surrounding capture and give him this! Is obtained a vicious circle trauma.



Радуга wrote:

And here is this another as times surrounding capture and give him this!

:cool: +100!



Ritualy empowerments family

Question about tty ZAGSA in passport on fact not such an idle, as often think in our time. Perhaps, there is sense in separate this article, lest explain this question, so, as he see.

Of course, in zagsy represent not immediately after familiarity, there is little to what binding time, when man and woman represent each for friend one failed game, uncertainty and opportunity create relations.
Time, of course, striking, the entire the original romanticism meeting with another world happens precisely on this stage.

This is the situation fifth homes, she fundamentally different from familyabove all those, that but ’ s assumes mutual commitments, not assumes any treaty, except of mutual of gravity - Eros has of knowledge.

And such a scheme relations in principle not's law is infinite. At it cannot be build life.
So, a man, to updates for get acquainted yourself with woman need roughly nine months – for such term Venus passes circle his sign, and means, a man in basic trait it turns out able solve situation terminally – be with this woman or not.

Woman need lot more time, camping on K. Mars, gods personifying the ??, passes its circle around the sun roughly for 22 month - so women harder to to accept rapid decision about how suited it the or another a man.

But - so or otherwise, people not can endlessly long remain in this situation uncertainty – arises need in different as a relations. Most often a need for such defined as “the reliability of ”,“ stability ”, “confidence ” and camping on D.

And here, here is what deal – any transition in the next the quality of dawn has character initiating, camping on E. The iconic passage Gundelik. After which laws life change.

In general something deal understandably, and the main function holidays, which we also try to arrange with this and connected –’s, progress Optim, initiation programme in new the quality of.

Day birth whether (now you adult a boy and himself trying to dress your own little jacket), transition in the next class (now, you the seniors, and because …), a dedication in students (initiation programme in a new egregor) - word, any more less an important phase dawn stems with ritual.

New egregory, to example, egregor family often are born precisely in a result conducting a ritual of, ah or at least, in significant least reinforced, are executed through rituals.

So, for full transition relations in stage seventh homes (young family) needs progress such earliest vehicle for greater procedures. “Without this“ henceforth and forever ” family egregor in principle will not be able to gain achieve escape resilience.

Yes, in principle, not necessarily to this was precisely just bureaucratic Internet upside, but very is desirable rite of passage – sacral sense is enclosed the initiating moment, signifying state of mutual vows, commitments, ascetic.

Yes, can be and have a shaman, can be and on profane temple – but it is important, to such an act of decision-a new quality life symbolically By. And if people are ready to thus commitments, then Internet upside them not hindrance.
Understandable, to example, if Russian Orthodox Old Believers not akess passports not go in t'registry office. But if this ordinary secular people, then the reason refusal from registry office most often in tune from commitments.

And fully-fledged ritual seventh homes, in principle destroys the very thought about a possible divorce – after all within such a rites learns dies in retailing the body, and is born in the body a new kind of – it simply have nowhere to return – former Swedish bodies there is no and she forced build new relations in any case, without options “tried to and not broke a ”.

Ritual makes very important thing – he shrugs off understanding of spiritual work human – itself ezhednevnost, the usual be one-sided find themselves symbolically developed sphere spirit,place rises rights.

After all as often modern woman, wounded any spiritual information, suddenly, ostensibly in a result his rises the jury destroy family.

- Ah, family, but me this little, me want something build, something new to identify the, seek to to something, improve - as often account for to face with so argument, which like would rightly is nurturing logic divorce.

We here mainline in example precisely woman because, that, indeed, in force often greater emotional sensitivity, in current times precisely she it turns out man more acutely oschuschayuschim the need development. And this well.

Poorly the, that the very development have us ceases be understood through outcome rises in happiest life.

On benighted, ostensibly free personal logic, man comes to conclusions often utterly reverse-.
For example, to what destruction family – the best way to for perfection. He not understands, that if in a result aspirations to to clerical, man is destroying family, then this suggests that ideals, goal not is true mooted, and likely – strongly overstated.

On outcomes it destroys harmony, in the time, as thinks itself what something Oh. Creation.

And this again same has roots, reason in is, that seventh house not initiated – camping on E. Man still continues to considered, that his interests in paired – ” it, that a close should to grant pleasure - camping on E. task itching beloved (favourite) not has been replaced on journey – on returns.

And because – not happened no family on fact. Not happened, because, in particular, that not was initiating in new the quality of. And the quality of family egregora - yes it is that in offense has place the kind or a different form of commitments, with quite hard, with important formula “henceforth and until the most death ”.

Because, that if this formula not will – the quality of transition, too, will be less, holistic.
Of course, rite of passage not decides all problems in family, nothing not guarantees. People, happens, diverge and after dozen practicing an in all faiths and registry offices. Yes, this is so.

But anyone ritual nevertheless community us to grinding halt after model dawn, gives configuration - scheme the staunch thinking. And without mutually adopted commitments not arises the quality of seventh homes.

And because, an astrologer, in another times hearing “I have was marriage …. Civilian ”hardly agrees consider it faithful relations on the seventh race that home. This means, that family simply not was, and the collapse of the such a long term cohabitation - was foreordained. In this not believe people living such lives, but this only question time their life, alas.

In society arkhaicheskom, a patrimonial, there, where Tradition appeared themselves as ???? of every day, where every day and every deed was enriched with senses natural way, man simply hosted such position things, was following him and grew modestly from century in age families, lineages, peoples.
Yes, today, this quite not so and because, in particular, we headed for extinction. We hardly capable to search return back – under shelf Tradition, blindly outside deep-seated issues of our understanding of meanings moreover or conjures action.

And because, have us now have all such a task - start understand mechanisms, aspatial any something ancient symbolic dannostey, start revitalise for themselves those laws, which were rejected us on reason their nerasshifrovannsti, dogmatichnosti.

And when we are talking about revival today fundamentals Tradition, we as times and appeal not moreover, to simply to do as before, and moreover, to gain tool correct interpretations own experience life and understanding laws its organizations. From us requires vedanie. In including and about sense vows, as about have the condition of building family.




Interesting theme, here their thought) Setting married 7 years, got divorced year ago and until continue to live with former husband. "Former" the notion of rasstyazhimoe, so simply "husband." As was until divorce, so increasingly and remained. For me alone Commission in the pros, for husband cons, because as fears Akerlof.

If take era Pisces and Aries, then, understandably - this era Patriarchate. Era of Aries - net Patriarchate, era of Pisces - already some the transition to Vodoleyu, but Patriarchate maintained. Very interestingly track stages of Patriarchate in Bible. In a dilapidated Testament with women not were deemed. She not had rights beg divorce, while husband could to disperse with it (give razvodnoe letter) even if she him simply stop liking you. In a dilapidated Testament (in Ekklesiaste) written, that woman - source of sin, she shouldn ??. It not really to wage speech, what it wanted, if same she rebelled against will, it was very hard on divorce. Jewish men could have several wives and sozhitelnits. In era Pisces the Bible has become preach more respecting women. Its need to was respect, not have second wives and mistresses. Beg about divorce can be was alternativeto both, if was the reason adultery (Allaah forbid) with any hand. But increasingly same, despite advice respect desires wife, a man was considered head of and he defined point over i. Here in sight mismatch between respect to desire women and the ultimate solution men. Men remained leaders with social and semeynom plans. Women so or otherwise were're addicted from men. Now comes era of have and Cup scale between a man and woman must get even, camping on E. Uravnovesitsya will / love as in a man, so and in woman.

But there is ????? human collective unconsciousness. That place, where depicted groundbreaking and tradition previous generations. So, despite era have, roughly have 95% women until remains some influence Patriarchate. Women as would look on the world through eyes men. And only roughly 5% women category look on the world their eyes. But this percentage constantly increases. Women, which includes in 95% - in dependence from forces influence Patriarchate - will be feel, that even despite the, that can financially themselves provide increasingly would still consider themselves neudavshimisya if there is no husband. T. E. Husband-family judgements are, this classic, tradition. With these women will considered, that precisely woman must sacrifice a, their desires more, than a man, to preserve family. But increasingly same, "Uranus is faring - him the road", affects brains women and men, demanding compatibility, and equality operate. Hence can be conclusion, that the old form of marriage as patriarchal medical system may more not are deserving attention. And that interestingly. Content marriage, apparently, so densely stems with patrarkhalnymi at times, that when people facilitating relationships between they automatically are beginning perceive each other as something dOlzhnoe: Husband believes his wife property, woman must fulfill their duties and in no way case not obscure husband, not expense him image, otherwise lose their cool his-ailing do, zavoet child trauma deficit love and recognition (healthy do from behavior women not depends), double morality have some husbands, too, until present. And woman is mired in dependence from husband, camping on K. Fears to remain one with children, no one not grinding halt after, the same low do, deficit love to itself. The patriarchal system relations implies: Until her woman your - a man is catching up with; after her a man your - woman is catching up with. That common for men and for women in marriage - this ties, continuously. "Ties marriage", albeit with positions is a master-podchinnyonnyy.

I see such pros and cons in civilian marriages.
Minus: Frequent reluctance men borrow responsibility for the birth of and nurture children, and also desire to "go quietly" relations. Distress immaturity men, Uranus (worked as litmus paper. In past times most men, joined marriage, also were goal, but was tradition, to the same through marriage was easier manage woman, marriage gave illusion male responsibility. Immaturity one reflected presence of seed have men propensity for double morality, nominal paternity and attitude to woman as its property, and not as separate equitable personality. Unbelievably maturity manifests itself in recognition their borders, not parazitiruya on partner. But era Aries and Pisces and not demanded special spirituality, perceived life was on desire. Era of have gives freedom, but already requires growth spirituality. Modern men and women can already not wishing marriage "bond", the lack, but not yet understand, that this freedom requires with, a real responsibility. Freedom without responsibility - full chaos. On my view, immature people better officially you sign the one, then marriage them will to lend modicum what something sense of continuous grounding, hope on loyalty and understanding role paternity. But there is considerable minus: The, who ranks in relations role owner faster will lose sexual the drive to were. Lasting attracted can maintain only two identical in rolevom terms of rights. Patriarchal relations imply, that through actually nn-number of time husband loses interest to wife and, respectively, him will need "renewal" on the side. So woman, which believes, that precisely woman must more sacrifice a, better not have illusions about male fealty. Of course, under Uranus the situation "is a master-employee" can be contrary: Woman-is a master and a man-employee, but outcome roughly measured, because as this the same parazitirovanie on partner, immaturity both.

Pros: Well, lack of-the-books do gives sense of freedom, space, man not is property another and they not can demand from each other carry those or other traditional functions. This helps maintain relations on level attraction more a long time, sufficient, to consider each other without distortions. If couple setting for time presence physical attraction (crush he has) to lift the Blinders with eye, see and come to love real personalities, not image beloved human from the past or a narcissistic image themselves, have them can happen the real love. And if there is the real love, it will give and freedom, because in enslaved she not lives, but and loyalty. Love and loyalty go in stsepke. With such love and with can be officially marry, and can be not marry, the outcome will be measured)

About, how many I wrote, need to to drag away to itself in FaceBook)

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Svea, thank you for an interesting post :)

Svea wrote:

good english spoken: Well, lack of-the-books do gives sense of freedom, space, man not is property another and they not can demand from each other carry those or other traditional functions. This helps maintain relations on level attraction more a long time, sufficient, to consider each other without distortions.

And leads to most identification feelings, helps meet precisely its kindest.

Svea wrote:

contaminated such love and with can be officially marry, and can be not marry, the outcome will be measured)

Is about)


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