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Astrology Alchemy

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All are a good evening! Have people, seriously alumni unique, sooner or later arises question: And can be whether neutralize action "bad" aspects of? Question indeed hypnotic. Sooner or later we nasyschaemsya information about itself and think: And that to do? Can be whether force work "on themselves" squares and opposition (and the like? Am asking share in this topic its experience.

Imbabers with themselves. I already has this example, but closing. In past solyare I have was G-squaring: 4 quadrature (mathematics) and 2 opposition within. Was felt very hard, within a year was many tests and complex events. The first six months I not knew far avoid. And then occurred fractures and uneasy energy kvadratur voiced as a powerful driver. Me events literally gave forward. Own effort managed “Together everything becomes in life several projects, implementing which planned ah somewhere in highly distant future. I not can say, that projects vayalis easily and creatively. This as compare more leisurely go jogging in of Putin park among greenery and young the birds and kengurinymi leaps ahead gallon! :rolleyes: But, will repeat, that precisely tense conditions allowed constructively use powerful energy BK.



Now about magnified by solyare. Me several for this are 2 positions. First, this health problems (possible operation). And second. And second then. :)



Flax, that such bad aspects of? Here is I have perishing the second year Neptune third. Churchgoers "on chain loop" on stelliumu from sun, Venus, organic and Mercury. This bad aspect of? Why OK he me nothing bad not has brought?



Here is about than and speech! Alla, in my opinion, you energy Neptune're steering in right track: Poems, music. Here is he have you change roils yours creativity, not "water ulp." And if would you not wrote verses? Ah, say, worked would on production boss Office :rolleyes: How you thinking, as would you felt influence this planet? After all and I have until I not starters am engage, Neptune on DSTs with "eyes has averted" gender-year. Don, interestingly, as can be neutralize / strengthen / energy transit planets.



I have in past solyare Mars was in 10 House in of increasing with the Moon in 1 and famous Neptune Fountain - in 7. But conflicts with superiors not was, and was.... honesty. Hard work on achieving its goal, for what had to has consistently "toting his" chief. (Mars in Taurus)



Tanja, and constructively broke a? Know, me thought in head came, that quadrature (disambiguation) could conflict and not give, namely under devoted aspects (camping on E. Knowing approach) have materializovannyy such an outcome. And after all this, too, Alchemy.



Broke a constructively-goal achieved. :) Truth such a pereorientatsiyu aspects I fluent not specifically, simply circumstances pushed.



Anyone reflecting good time days!

Rainbow, as you well and themes what interesting.

Can say only pro opposition Pluto to the produce markets, until this I have even in topic. Had to not sweet, with senior planets not argue with that and to agree with them is difficult, as nor change himself, this I pro types.
Affected were all spheres life on the produce markets, finances, relationship, health. The only, that can made deliberately year three ago decided to, why will difficulties in materiallnom. Has invested in stroiku, rather perestroika. You should agree on such a dimension this as would not quite correct decision, but thought -- better so, than as the on Different. And by and large aspect of much has taught, think largely changed me.

With respect Nikolay. :thank_you:



Hello, Nikolai! Is happy you here to see! :bye: Come in, come in shabby.There!

Никлай wrote:

Had to not sweet, with senior planets not argue with that and to agree with them is difficult, as nor change himself, this I pro types.

Yes, agree absolutely! Itself mean in map "Zoo" the paradigm Venus-Uranus-types in 5 House, yes still this all - upraviteli angular homes. Until creative not became preoccupied with. :swoon: . And now. And life something being established! :dance:



Messrs. Astrologers! Tell please, who rebuffed with positive side transit square Neptune? I mean in mind with reasonable definition / neosozannoy his now works / governance /, acting and camping on D.?



All Hi! Reading K. Daragana "Astrology both"want offer to discussions about here is this passage:
"Women more adept on the scope in symbolic climate looks, so as our social stereotypes are forcing their actively use mvoy image in as a tool influence. And here clarity as well role plays cosmetics. From-for habits Ideology enjoy the many not give itself report in is, that this - magical operation, committed skew octane you impression in desired for you side. And you know, that all large religion not approve of "razukrashivanie." This not dogmatism and not stupidity - here builds deep a practical sense.
Use cosmetics. Requires 1 th house, but also always includes and Venus. So cosmetics, as and all species of body-arta, unlike change of image, recommend can be not all. Tipichnye contraindications - have people with tend in crippling, exile, burning......(earmarked me). Even a strong ASTs in 1997-can create such effect. Many of those, whom so "was lucky", have problems with cosmetic properly (like individual intolerance) or have difficulties with a sense of measures and taste, either at all Ideology not enjoy greater part of time. And the latest choice - perhaps, not the worst option. Himself fact "the light box" already change roils Venus. And if she in natalnoy map prehospital - then we are strengthening quite not what us like would. Ideally, cosmetics must be "a trump card" and should a?eiooi be used on transit aspects, buoy and coalition Venus. And, incidentally, acts she then far more effectively. And in else time there is sense this planet not concerned about, limiting themselves to reducing simple up. And accurately desirable not zealous, when aspects of to natalnoy the produce markets or from transit Venenry neblagopriyatny.



Buck, that speech goes about one of species astromagii, namely climate his horoscope (in this case influence on 1 th house). Interesting since your opinion, expensive forumchanki. :blin:



I have Venus in The Maiden. 1 house in Raque.
In youth loved vivid wearing. Now in principle, too,, wearing enough marked (truth, the shadows for age not'm using the day-to). If not have any makeup on - experiencing discomfort (exception - when homes in weekend, and nowhere not need to exits).
Problems - allergy on some types of lipstick (with corps of)



I have Venus, that is called, a weak - in the Virgin modicum and in 5 forge the So I not accidentally has allocated part of quotes. Yes plus in connecting with Uranus and Pluto fdgf of multiple tantalizing situation trine Venus-Uranus to ASTs.
That can say on topic? Cosmetic properly enjoyed always, but had to long just generate its style and find its measure. Very poorly feel colour range of, until now not can determine warm or cold tone me go, let alone about shades. Has matching rates in EShKO, but, frankly, this little that clear things up for me. Not nakrasivshis can lie only homes. On the street feel, that face "classic" and vapid absolutely. Although those men, that were in my life "on foreseeable distance" precisely so relished more just. Why something! pok
And here is with the rigid at all cube. Friend disastrously not is obtained, there is no patience and hair very naughty, although there are all hairdryers, brushes and anything. So that something in reasoning author there is. Allergy here is there is no nor on that and this aren.
And interestingly as can be activating Venus on of increasing, say, to Pluto? etery



Lena, have you Venus in connecting with Pluto in the Virgin, their functions partly slapped on each other. During inclusion Venus connects types. For example, during prikhorashivaniya, Command "Fighting" painting insurance is an urgent criticism to its external mind, that not gives confidence and caregiver optimistic. During square even more winds of problems Venus (types all same more weighs heavily on Venus). But in such time can be worked out many's venusian principles.
I have types with tend is associated, as woman-pierrot on style. Can be dress, up makeup, enter in image irresistible women, with 1920s mournfully, women, no apparent reason in itself mystery, and of course necessarily areas sexuality.
Be in such a able homes, at work, on the street, outside dependence from reaction environment. The most to believe in themselves such a (me seems, that you, Lena, such a and there is) and watch on its a sense of. Better or worse you, your of female essence so? Find comfortable option and enjoy this mask and role truly (Venus in a 5D - role, game).



I have Venus in Ovne. , too, long could not find their style, experimenting. But, however, through this after all, all pass in a young age. :brun: Venus I have in Trina with Saturn, so and in of advisers, and in phenolic quite contained - nothing excess, on the principle of - better less, yes better. There is still trine to those respects (in question), so love that would this was feminine on these bermudas, and get back a little with elegant, but again same - in measure and corrected. And that would necessarily comfortable experience and conveniently - Long there is Long :) [has got big morbidissima pelle, extensions fingernails, inconceivable musculaire, and shorty-jackets in winter cold - this not my. Yield vogue victims in the form of own health and comfort - I not agree :/



Alisa wrote:

[has got big morbidissima pelle, extensions fingernails, inconceivable musculaire, and shorty-jackets in winter cold - this not my. Yield vogue victims in the form of own health and comfort - I not agree

Javadxan-aha! I have this, too, manifests itself. Venus in the Virgin all OK, restraint, practicality and convenience.



Of the Virgin of the, and have someone was experience cardinal change of image?



Virgin of, and have someone was experience cardinal change of image?

From is burning, fateful brunette, such typically Plutoniano-saturnianskoy (that Presents, constantly morbidissima pelle, high boots, leather skirts and jackets and camping on P.)

In one day for three hours has become those, whom I there is now - tender, sexual ve gone blonde such on its those respects in Raque and the produce markets in Vodolee. Can plus somewhere and success at my Mars 5-domnyy Skorpioniy intervenes in the creation style, because this highly fashionable, a stylish clothing, rather working than the kind nevertheless, that was before. Fell in love sports style, camping on E. Camisoles with kapyushonchikami, olimpiyki, jeans all fashions are and stripes, dresses "fateful" virtually not burdens, now instead such a mrachnovatogo the fatal death through running an around themselves ease, like flirty and such a sunny sexuality)

Ading. Primary. Here is that makes with a kardilnaya change color of hair

Unfortunately on tranzitam not can say
That on me contributed, for not remember accurate dates
But in direktsiyakh Jupiter replaced the a badge of - from Capricorn in Actis Systems)) (and Jupiter I have - blood regardless 6 at home)



Venus in The Maiden all OK, restraint, practicality and convenience.

I have not in the Virgin, but these same pieces are found)
Morbidissima pelle in life not was general fdgf at all Heels -ma-and-alenkie such if.


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