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SILA constellations

there are some that are days, when we feel lack of moral and physical forces, and us very need a energy to succeed.

Support themselves in ensured for you period you can with the help forces constellations. Every from constellations gives you a certain force. Is done this the next way.

Mentally imagine right constellation of so. As it looks on the sky. Best draw it symbol of constellation on page paper. There are two ways write symbol of a: Either gays color on a white paper, either white color on blue paper. After as you have sketched right you constellation of, mentally dazzling upward, in Cosmos, and imagine drawn on paper symbol of on the sky. Force Space advertisements they might respond on your call.

Before practice not forget clarify, on what period you need a the kind or a different force. Should not beg have constellation energy more, than on one day, better on the next morning again repeat ritual. It is important also remember, that all symbols must be strictly symmetrical, otherwise flowing to you through constellation of energy will distorted by and will not bring nothing, except problems.

Every constellation of gives us its a special force:
Aries: Boosts domestic strength, inflexibility. Force this constellation allows commanding personality and considerable strength jump-solve the problem. Expands physical force.

Taurus: Improves the general well-being, reassures nervous system. Promotes conservation cash.

Twins do: Rises intellectual performance and susceptibility to information. Constellation of affects communication rights. Escalate contacts. Gives opportunity to do several affairs simultaneously.

Cancer: Is intensifying intuition. Promotes in studying knowledge past generations. Helps find common language with humans the older generation.

Lev: Very strongly expands charisma. Are opening Hollywood ability to. Is growing your egoism.

Maiden: Increases industriousness. Allows fulfill property that boring work.

Scales,: Gives sense of sensitivity in conversation with official officials. Allows look at occurring events with different points of view.

Sunik: Gives opportunity manage other people, skill perezhigat the negative situation. Increases sexual appeal.

A Sagittarius: Gives opportunity synthesize facts, organize people. Gives respect other relative to you. Not removed opportunity growth on social ladder.

The firmament: Helps long and stubbornly hard over than something. Helps recast karma. Slows move biological hours, increases expectancy the earth life.

Actis Systems: Brings ease in rubbing shoulders with people, opportunity reverse friends, partners. Force this constellation strictly our Center routinely women.

Fish: Appeasement, calm. Gives opportunity situation or other farm you people solve the problem for you.

Recalling for help to the constellations, should not wait miracle. No one except you themselves, not could solve the your problems. Nezrimye forces can only help overcome the contestant or different situation, leaving for you the right choice. Your fate only in your the hands of.

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