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Again - twenty-five

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Again I have khorar about work
Was today on nii in very famous IT firm, bake stunning enormous
Ahead still 3 round, my uncertainty me suggests, that me there not take)

And that says khorar?

"Take whether me on this work?"

Question posed 5 July 2007, in cultural component in Vilnius



JUlja, and what now the difference have Vilnius with Greenwich?



JUlja, add: There is whether have you now work?



;) now + 3 hours, camping on E. In poll on GMT was posed in 2: 15

Merci Pour le



:) world, officially - there is no, I still not framed by the
So that can be said, that work there is no



officially - there is no, I still not framed by the

And informally?! There is duties, which you must fulfill and camping on D.?

can be said, that work there is no

Can be said?! Or her realistically there is no?! ;)

Need to opred-to with home.



and informally?! There is duties, which you must fulfill and camping on D.?

There is no-there is no, until no responsibilities
Just my oral promise work in one firm

So that can be considered me free, unemployed man)



JUlja, if I is true has built its map:
On khoraru is obtained, that ICJ in The Maiden near from Southern knot, that itself not propitious for decisions issue work (10 house). Blood regardless MC - Mercury in 8 House and retrogradnyy,, too, not the best measure for a new work. Asts in 1997-, his blood regardless Mars in 6 House in skhodyaschemsya Trina to ICJ, this plus for decisions issue, another plus khorara - position organic in 1 House (you can get lucky). However Mars in Taurus and not has aspects of with v and Saturn. T. E. In this khorare you look well snosono, and work not very. Thanks to personal efforts (Mars, blood regardless khorara) you can be taken on work, but there is a big the likelihood, that you the most this option on somehow reasons not like.



Chukokala, thank you large :)
Means conclusion - on this work me take, but me the most she why something will cease like. So ^’s organs is ^?

And can be now technical questions purely ask?
Why work - this 10 house, and not 6?
And plchemu blood regardless of Scorpio - Mars, not types?



Yes Narrator: "Yulia, is obtained so. Although, of course, "work" looks in khorare is of an inferior kind and well would, to still anyone spoken (and the I khorarami forever two :black_eye:)
By the rules khorarki, is used septener for searches upraviteley. T. E. If house in 1997-, then his blood regardless - Mars, if house in Pisces - the Jupiter and camping on D. So and blood regardless first homes - Mars. And why work - 10 house? Because - forging, reception on work the official, career and camping on D. On 6 home can be was would look relations with coworkers, health, in general something povsednenoe.
When question bent or broken terminally, tell, please, as there realistically all’s image benefited UITT



Chukokala, thank you, now clear
About results of will inform ;)


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Khorarnaya astrology » Again - twenty-five