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Cycle the Sun-Venus

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A can you pro any other aspects of?

I pro these. :) Thanks.



All bountiful days! Soon, 9 June, in 18 throes prodavatwill mark "the upper" compound cycle the Sun-Venus, that can be regarded as underwent "http", disclosure just what wass budget provides for on "lower" connecting 18 August 2007 in 24 throes Leo.This theme as times was launched in the time, so that there is opportunity watch on results.
Degree Sabian here... "Full moon" cycle holds: "Two Chinese in another city of say on native language"or "alienation mind from the fuss external world sake of decisions domestic problems". That it struck me in this, so this sozvuchnost degrees with those, that compound the Sun-Mercury-Venus are virtually on kuspide 12 th homes maps, if view this compound as a separate map. Yes plus to this compound with retro-Mercury over. Can be said, that information on outcomes cycle sun-Venus will recycled with the help intuitions, can be will aptly ship types- wet words about how, that is happening in psyche, find the right words solace for favorite.



Want add in this subject theory:

Markin N. Mainstream

Tsikly planets
Part 4

objects, Universal VENUS

With perspective the profane observer (geocentric) Venus never will defend from sun more than on 48 grad. Zodiakalnoy longitude coordinates, from what should, that the usual cycle (360 grad.) relations the Sun Long and other external planets not behind in cycle the Sun Venus.

Venus not is moving from compounds to the opposition with Sun behaves similarly and then again to s ambitious. She goes from compounds to polukvadratu (in fact to 48-and degrees ahead sun), then comes its return of reverse movement (with perspective the profane observer) until compounds, and then again a direct movement to polukvadratu (48 degrees for Sun behaves similarly), where she again changes direction and again directs to s ambitious. With a heliocentric perspective this path accounts for full turnover Venus around the sun: Full cycle. Compound the Sun Venus, when planet is in direktsionnom movement, is called upper connection. In this position Venus reaches greatest distances from Earth, and the Sun contains the Yushukan between tend and the Earth, also as in period full moon, when Earth is worth between Sun behaves similarly and the Moon. This as would phase full moon cycle the Sun Venus. Compound the Sun-Venus retrograde is called bottom arrangement connection. In this moment Venus is worth in maximally foreseeable from Earth position and visible around the his splendour, this phase , when the moon changes cycle the Sun Venus.

For eight-year-old period Venus will make ten sequences with Sun behaves similarly: Five the top of (direktsionnogo movement) and five at (retrogradnogo movement), that accounts for five full cycles the Sun Venus. These cycles reflect process development in man even Chilemore taste and determine evolution of personal system values. But unlike content cycle Venus Mars, cycles the Sun Venus interpolate emotional values Venus with spiritual potential sun, and not with activity Mars.

Theoretically the scale venerianskikh values relies on personal emotional experience and not connected with social, religious or cultural experience environment. In reality collective stereotypes can shape behavior individual and the exert on him such strong influence, which man a long time not realizes. For example: Early mutinies against restrictions from increased needs Puberty in boys (in freedom are contingent standards behavior groups counterparts, closest environment teenagers. When boggy Venus is moving in direction contrary natural downstream vital solar energy, camping on E. Is in in movement, man has the opportunity free themselves from a powerful flow of social and biological influences, Governing his lives. In this moment individual consciousness has convenient case Mikoton instinctive desires and overwhelming influence socio-cultural stereotypes. A downside compounds the Sun Venus will help man detect a new system values, new model behavior, which attitudes he picked up through own system values and ethical vision, without what impossible psychological and spiritual development personality. These compounds are essence of always moments in in period Venus, potential always moments growth. Similar internal insight can acknowledge and occur in full dark from consciousness human, not podozrevayuschego about chrezvychaynosti minutes, defining a new direction his life. Under this retrogradnost Venus not is guarantee of such a insights.

As and other astrological pointers, this phenomenon rather attests to opportunities such a fortune, than about his inevitability of. Before, as an individual defines their new values, he sets new beauty standards models behavior, and this process mobilizes his thalamus attention. Such a sequence may look paradoxical: As change, which most often rely on expression of new forms of unconscious, require attract informed attention? Deal in is, that thalamus attention not requires attract 1955 effort for asserting their own values and establishing new criteria, and needs in gather all the attention on the existing reality. Man will require an executive effort for moreover, to see its choice thus, what he there is, and determine, until what extent he carried on own Italian tastes, and how is preordained family or socio-cultural influences. From human requires ask themselves: Me whether this likes? Likes whether me this in fact?

A modern astrologer period retrogradnosti Venus not measures from starters days, when she pivoting ago until days, when she again will direktnoy. This period essentially fits a loop, that story paints in the sky Venus. Noose begins with the moment, when direktnaya Venus the first time is mired in degree, where later will in connecting with Sun behaves similarly. In this time it starts to all more plunge to Earth until degrees , lower compounds , the most rate close to Earth point, then, coming out of solar embrace means, she is deleted from Earth, until not will reach its normal distance there is, and then is beginning to new movement to F on compounds in direct movement.

For example: Venus in period his retrogradnogo movement makes ?? compound with Sun behaves similarly 6 April 1977 Propulsion, in 16 grad. Aries, but before she was in this throes compounds 22 February, then she starters to bill in the sky its loop towards Earth. 20 on May Venus returned in 16 grad. Aries already in direktnom movement and has its loop. These dates not fit actual busts (fixed ? contents) Venus before direct and reverse-movement 16 March and 27 April, defining period its retrogradnogo movement. A new cycle begins living in lower connecting. This period between 22 February (the first moment, when Venus engulfed in degree compounds) and bottom arrangement connection 6 April, which is analogue XII homes past cycle. In for this phase past cycle is coming to conclusion and man faces his results, with succeed and lost attempts to express their's venusian values. If during previous cycle had place problems choice behavior, they can get sharpened in this period, and especially in moment , lower compounds , which theoretically describes situation, where can be seek decision.

Symbol of degrees compounds (can do Sabian here...) contains approach to this solving. This same degree is laying idea next cycle Venus. These-depth aid are needed to consciousness for bookmarks a new cycle Venus. They can reverberate between bottom arrangement connection and the third in transit Venus on F on compounds (camping on E. In period from 6 April until 20 on May). However, for moreover, to see results a new trends, the pledged 6 April, need wait next upper compounds , which is symbolic the full moon cycle the Sun Venus. Symbol of degrees , lower compounds and his position in House determine individual interpretation this cycle. So same it is important astrologu pay attention on planet and corners radiksa, which concerns Venus during his retrogradnogo movement. Genethliacal planet or angular house will have attitude to way and sphere expression needs human to approve a new system values on the way its development.

If an astrologer puts before a task in terms mundannoy astrology prointerpretirovat, what effect and led period retrogradnosti Venus on life humanity, he will have point to all revoke aspects of, and in especially compounds, which will make Venus for this time. In above mentioned countries example retrograde Venus until compounds with Sun behaves similarly was in connecting with v 29 March 1977 Propulsion, and after , lower compounds 12 April made opposition with Pluto and trine with Saturn 18 April. Compound with v belongs past cycle and can reckon factor, defining or predopredelyayuschim a new venerianskuyu trend. It points to the need communication and puts emphasis on awoke character merkurianskoy communication. The opposition (osoznavanie) to Pluto (subconscious trends of collective) can pay attention of an astrologer of on opportunity regeneration, pereformulirovke values on modern stage development humanity and eliminating past outdated criteria relations. For opposition will follow trine (harmonious merging or synthesis) of Saturn (responsibility and reliability). Obviously, that during this period can occur many discussions (Mercury) about restrictions strategic arms. Musically and being aware about huge destructive force nuclear weapons (Pluto) specialists and representatives public, can to meet sake of unification forces to ensure security with a sense of responsibility before humanity (Saturn).

In interpretations individual cycle the Sun-Venus mesh homes helps determine spheres applications ``healthy`` aquifer aspects of. Position in House , lower compounds can to point fingers on zone obtain man personal experience in sphere implementation venerianskikh principles, either on the need to commit revaluing values, either on another event than its order.

In I House. A strong pointer on implementation of emotional needs in personal life, possible incursions any long which began process a love character. Otherwise, adapted sexual impulses, under the creative potential, can be directed in artistic creativity. In this case man can see strong incentives implementation their own feelings beautiful, for vdokhnovennomu to consciousness in real moment open broader opportunities, than usually, and it can be canals and Inland Waterways in sustain creativity activities or is focused on perceptions of collecting art. Typically, in this period man looks especially attractive and usually receives a positive feedback from surrounding. In the same time, perhaps the emergence of situation, in which man eats into its sustain creativity energy in any social activities a faraway from his tastes or drastic his ethics, even with, for example, influence some women.

When II House. On this transit can be benefit from favorable financial conditions or own Energy potential with gunpoint on the future. Emerges a sense of spherical gelatin forces, can anyone to fall off wealth or will appear opportunities, promise nice material prospects. Man can feel relevance manifestations of their still not aktualizirovannykh natural talents. There is the likelihood stretches selling collecting art, literature, trade real estate, securities. The main question transit consists in is, on that whatever the this energy. Well was would assess, on achieving any desires man spends their forces and money.

In III House. In the near environment ripe the emotional the situation. Relations with woman or her territorial proximity (for example: Neighborhood) attract emotional attention rights. New intellectual values can stimulate his feelings and favor development more closer conditions in daily life. Well in this time to share the best, that you have, with everywhere and turn to search new values in of everyday contacts. In just cycle man can to experience the need to discuss with other values intellectual character. Nice the impression in brief trip, familiarity in road, an indulgent love-familiarity, meeting with peers, successful exchange, setting.

In IV House. Efforts, spent on refurbishment homes and welfare family, or on the, to take root in new conditions, strengthen their domestic positions, can become soon very fruitful, who give harmonious results, bring deep satisfaction in the new cycle. Actions human in this period motivated by his personal internal needs in harmony. If born not feels in world with a, in security and alone homes, in semeynom circle, then attention to new values and models a new emotional behavior will help him change atmosphere in family, ambush his life with large pace, than before. In this moment experiences human can napolnitsya new profound sense. Purchases of land, at home, household animal and Treat about them can become bones of next cycle Venus the Sun. Likely also the emergence of in House an estranged cousin or pleasant new man, transit can having with joyful event in family, with holiday, 29 to.

In V House. The emotional denials human in personal life can prove very strong. Desire to a stark love, happiness and beauty focus attention human on the concept his her ideals, thrust on the search for spheres implementation shown needs. Can happen, that any emotional complex prevents man express their feelings in full force, freely. Then on this transit it is important to note behavior, which discourages appeasing the desires and on next cycle this behavior change. In current situation will become clear, that a close, a favorite (lovely or child), which man delegates implementation of its emotional needs, not can provide its satisfaction, and on transit is shaped the situation, in which man can see the failure its claims. To express their own needs ethical order or spiritual character, man will need more sincerity and openness, less game.

In VI House. Efforts, spent on harmonizing Ukrainian routine work, relations with subordinates can prove now as cannot be incidentally. Useful will so same care about own health, measures to ????? for their the body would bring about a whole series of events, associated with climate well-being. Now man can be available liberation new creative forces in his professional activities, and good well-being will have not a small significance in this period. In some cases emotional relations with woman will be able turn into source of create new relations with subordinates and assertions new values in routine Burger King recently affairs.

In caliphate House.Intensity emotional life reaches here his apogee. Sometimes transit points to opportunity marriage, in other cases on harmonizing Ukrainian change in partnerships. All, that will happen in foreign life in this period: Signing a new contracts, new familiarity, the emergence of new partners on the horizon foreign activities, can cause the need change values in positive interpersonal relations, the search for measures to improve external change, specialists, prosperous in this kind of activities. Not are excluded periods a truce with enemies and competitors. In this period can change character partnerships.

In VIII House. Some on this transit comes favorable moment for obtain dividends for personal participation in collective work. Other, perhaps will require realignment own activities with goal achievements its greater efficiency: Either organizations its the former work on the basis of wide-ranging values either for obtain greater good from product its activities. For someone this period can become trigger samoizmeneniyam, can emerge need in reorientation direction personal activities, to public or religious ideals.

In's House. In this moment have human incapable opportunity obtain the rich experience emotional development, thanks to events, delivering his faith. In some cases can come invitation to commit far entertaining journey or opportunity conduct the honeymoon abroad. As would the nor was, on this transit not worth to be frightened opened broad populations and new horizons, meeting with conditions that once seemed with odd or improbable. Now will emerge opportunity see new prospects development, find more constructive forms positive interpersonal relations, which will allow more be American in system higher education or in social organization, humanitarian character.

In X House. Such a transit capable trigger reducing pressure emotional need in obtaining public recognition professional or public activities. Affirmative efforts this period will bring rich fruit, so same great the likelihood, that creative activities, attempted invasion in previous period, now can be generously rewarded with. Events present moment can foster create new concepts, more significant destabilized thought about the world or actual public democracies provided, that man ready for changes their views, and open perception of the contemporary finest values. Can happen affirmative changes in career expense of committed effective transformation in organizations governance. So same likely beneficial influence on situation in professional sphere women, a power responsible post or strict on character.

In XI House. Comradeship or collective activities in this period can bring large emotional satisfaction. There is the likelihood, that relations creative or spiritual character can turn into could love. Now in professional sphere can be obtain surprise a result of meticulous work previous period, or suddenly will emerge coveted effect experimental activities. In a result arise new reality reprisal widespread field for work: In some cases in alliance with any woman, in other with only that whenever in life public-political or cultural-round phenomenon. Agenda social reforms in this period can emotionally stimulate consciousness human, have which emerges opportunity obtain Canal for covetous their social positions, or to communicate to public opinion its referentnoy groups.

In XII House. On this transit can become extremely productive efforts in social sphere or collective activities, aimed at achieving more high consciousness, mainly in area hidden konstituiruyuschikh experiences of imagination and commitment basal emotional reactions. In a result these efforts can come solitary clarity in some area domestic emotional life, Damaged unleash new forces, conferring more opportunities in understanding themselves and permitting the easier manage their personal emotional reactions to overshadow facts, and so same receive more information from signals his unconscious (for example: Through Slumbers and somatic reaction organism). In this moment man becomes able to refocus in besetting living circumstances power--a period collective values. In some cases is possible even an exceptional success on the way create new forms of and images in socio-cultural sphere, capable of replace previously taken in society. In other transit would cause elevated drowsiness, refusal from any activity and contacts, need deepening in themselves, departure from reality in illusion or dream.




And still article Olha drugs sell their bodyVenusian family

Known, that, it's sunny-, the Lunar cycle lasts one month, begins in one Badge of Zodiacs in moment compounds sun and moon, and ends in another, in point otstoyaschey from starters cycle on 30 degrees. The next New Moon roughly in this same throes and signs Zodiacs is happening through 3 year (shift on longitude ago roughly on 2 20 ). In key spots cycle: Growing squaring, the opposition and the falling squaring, Long is virtually in those same degrees of the Sign, that and in moment starters cycle.
Vygode - 7 24 'Taurus, 27.04.06
Growing squaring 5 36 'Taurus, 25.01.07 (the Sun 5 36' have)
Http - 2 23 'Taurus, 26.10.07 (the Sun 2 23' of Scorpio)
The falling squaring - 3 10 'Taurus, 25.07.08 (the Sun 3 10' Leo)
Vygode - 5 04 'Taurus, 25.04.09
This, so-called, Lunar family.
Thus, we have monthly Small, it's sunny-, the Lunar cycle and G-3-'s year-old cycle.

A similar picture there is and in cycle the Sun-Venus.
Because Venus planet internal, and never is deleted from sun (with perspective the profane observer) more than on 48 , key moments cycle here not so are clear. In period retro movement Venus is between Sun behaves similarly and the Earth, and for Sun behaves similarly in period direktsionnogo movement, on maximum greater distance about Earth.
The beginning of cycle the Sun-Venus is happening in moment compounds retro Venus with Sun behaves similarly and is called Bottom connection. Culminated in cycle is considered compound direktsionnoy Venus with Sun behaves similarly, and is called Top connection.
In this situation's turning (key, crisis) always moments cycle can be considered point change of direction movement from retrogradnogo in direktsionnoe and from direktsionnogo in reverse. This cycle from Bottom compounds until the next Bottom compounds is about 19 months. Through 8 years Venus makes bas compound with Sun behaves similarly virtually in the same place zodiakalnogo of the Sign (with shift ago on 2 14), thus, so same as and Long, forming G-three-year, it's sunny-, the Lunar cycle, forms G-eight-year-old cycle.
Having connected between themselves point Nizhnikh sequences on Zodiakalnom range, get pyatiugolnuyu star in.
1. 01.04.1993 11 49Aries
2. 02.11.1994 10 18Sunik
3. 10.06.1996 20 2by
4. 16.01.1998 26 07the firmament
5. 20.08.1999 27 2Lev
6. 30.03.2001 9 31Aries
7. 31.10.2002 7 53Sunik
8. 08.06.2004 17 53by
9. 13.01.2006 23 40the firmament
10. 18.08.2007 24 50Lev
11. 27.03.2009 7 16Aries

Having connected thus same way point the High sequences, get the same picture.
Remarkably, that incursions Greater cycle is happening exactly through 4 year, and in those same degrees zodiakalnogo mark, where was bas compound and through 4 year will mark tab another cycle.

20.08.1999 - 27 2Lev bas compound (NS)
18.08.2003 - 25 03Lev Superior compound (of)
18.08.2007 - 24 50Lev (NS)

30.03.2001 - 9 31Aries (NS)
31.03.2005 - 10 28Aries (of)
27.03.2009 - 7 16Aries (NS)

02.11.1994 - 10 18Sunik (NS)
30.10.1998 - 6 32Sunik (of)
31.10.2002 - 7 53Sunik (NS)
Having - 4 10Sunik (of)
29.10.2010 - 5 30Sunik (NS)

08.06.2004 - 17 53by (NS)
09.06.2008 - 18 42the Twins (of)
06.06.2012 - 15 45by (NS)

16.01.1998 - 26 07Capricorn (NS)
14.01.2002 - 24 07the firmament (of)
13.01.2006 - 23 40the firmament (NS)
11.01.2010 - 21 32the firmament (of)
11.01.2014 21 12the firmament (NS)

The beginning of and incursions (compound and the opposition) Greater eight-year cycle us known, and interestingly watch that same from themselves represent crisis swivel moments this cycle growing and the falling squares.
Judging by of what from moment starters cycle until his culminated passes exactly 4 year, can be suggest, that squares can be find simple Poland 4-'s year period in half. I.e. exactly through 2 year from starters cycle and through 2 years after culminated should description squaring cycle. The sun passes degree starters cycle every year virtually in one thing and, too, time, but not makes under this compounds with tend. Naturally suggest, that progress these degrees and tend and Sun behaves similarly will intensity for interpretations this phase cycle.
On phase growing square the first passes degree compounds (sets) the Sun. Venus passes this degree through month. On phase declining square, the first passes sets Venus, the Sun crosses that place month later. ???? and in the first and in the second case during passage the sun with sets, between tend and Sun behaves similarly there is aspect of in 36 . Should be noted, that can do NS are linked aspect of 144 (more precisely 144 27 median data for 80 years). Can do the Top and Bottom sequences Maly cycle (1 year 7 months) are linked aspect of in 72 . So decile not contradicts common context cycle.
This can be see on example, for cycle:
20.08.1999 - 27 2Lev (NS)
18.08.2003 - 25 03Lev (of)
18.08.2007 - 24 50Lev (NS)
Growing squaring 18.08.2001
The sun 25 Leo, Venus 19 degree of Cancer.
The falling squaring 18.08.2005
The sun 25 Leo, Venus 1 Shield
Likewise Novoluniyu and full moon, it's sunny-Lunar cycle, Superior and bas compound the sun with tend is not so much aspect of, how many phases cycle, and degree precise compounds the key to interpretations this phase. Phase has some the dimension in time, and lasts, until planet will be in orbise compounds. Squaring cycle not will the exception. In our case, moment passage tend degrees NS can prove the end of phase growing square, and start phase in case declining square.
Growing squaring:
18.08.2001 the Sun 25 Leo, Venus 19 degree of Cancer. the beginning of phase
18.09.2001 the Sun 24 of the Virgin of the, Venus 25 Leo. ending the phase

The falling squaring:
19.07.2005 the Sun 26 degree of Cancer, Venus 25 Leo the beginning of phase
18.08.2005 the Sun 25 Leo, Venus 1 Shield ending the phase

I shall remind significance phases:
growing squaring - action , crisis activities
Demonstration of depth achievements.
Man discovers new means in realizing planetary principles, tastes, it acquires skills. He pick tools, which in full force manifest open them opportunities planetary functions, coming from their domestic (biological and psychological) data with those, to later use their on external social level.
Decisive the use of will for turning a new momentum in specific reality. The need to break with past.
This symbol of split, a certain gap with the past. If a new direction in life destined to grow and flourish, then needs to abandon old forms of behavior, thinking, feelings and camping on D.
Key word this period: Education skills.

the falling squaring - crisis consciousness , a reorientation
On this phase comes time to reap the fruit what was are sown own effort (either their disadvantage of) in previous phase cycle. Initiative is lauded and compensated on social measure his time.
Crisis (the split) is on level ideals and ideology, rather consciousness, than actions, needs to abandon the entire moreover, that not is in complete harmony with growing clear conscience and understanding. Here there is opportunity look in face their achievements and accept their results, stated moments successes and failures. Whatever fruit cycle, they determine direction next, here proseivayutsya grain another planting.
Key word this the final period: Growth influence.

Cycle the Sun-Venus on individual level defines evolution of system values in physical, an emotional and of descent terms of, and ways of interacting with the world with goal ensure needs in harmony and equilibrium.
Theoretically the scale venerianskikh values relies on personal emotional experience and not connected with social, religious or cultural experience environment. In reality collective stereotypes can shape behavior individual and the exert on him such strong influence, which man a long time not realizes.
When boggy Venus is moving in direction contrary natural downstream vital solar energy, camping on E. Is in in movement, man has the opportunity free themselves from a powerful flow of social and biological influences, Governing his lives. In this moment individual consciousness has convenient case Mikoton instinctive desires and overwhelming influence socio-cultural stereotypes. A downside compounds the Sun - Venus will help man detect a new system values, new model behavior, which attitudes he picked up through own system values and ethical vision, without what impossible psychological and spiritual development personality. (N. Markin. Cycles planets)

Now system values undergoes periodic audits just in five svoystva zodiac - Aries, the Twins, Lev, Sunik and the firmament. But on individual level for us more important, in what house radiksa is mired bas compound cycle, and respectively, in what sphere our life us will be asked to reconsider their stereotypes behavior. Here it is important to note transition Venus, when the moon changes from homes in house, aspects of to planets radiksa and to upravitelyam TTL homes.
Because the Sun passes degree Bottom compounds every year, then can be introduce and more subtle the division cycle.
1 th year 0 - 45 - occurrence , mobilization themselves on fulfilment
2 th year 45 90 - the spread of
3 th year 90 -135 - crisis actions
4 th year 135 -180 - overcoming
5 th year 180 -135 - fulfilment
6 th year 135 90 - demonstration of
7 th year 90 -45 - a reorientation
8 th year 45 -0 - prying the balsamic phase
Minornye aspects of 45 and 135 less significant for the interpretations cycle, than revoke (0 , 90 , 180 ), but and their not worth discount. Experience shows, that in all these phases occur events, requiring considerate relations.

Timetable phases cycle the Sun-Venus on the current period:
With 14.01.07 2 th year cycle Capricorn 45 90 the spread of phenomena bloated on the Venus Novolunii
With 30.03.07 7 th year cycle Aries 90 -45 - a reorientation 've just reaped fruit sense and understanding.
With 8.06.07 4 th year cycle prodavat 135 -180 - overcoming. Here are found elements struggle for development singled way action.
Until 18.08.07 8 th year cycle Leo 45 -0 - prying. This phase often the case especially introspektivnoy or recessed in themselves part of cycle. In this there is need, so as before the onset of the new cycle is needed period devastation
With 18.08.07 1 th year cycle Leo 0 -45 - occurrence. Maximally a subjective phase. In this period it is difficult understand that is happening, what sense and what can prove ultimate goal.
Until 31.10.07 5 th year cycle of Scorpio - 180 -135 - fulfilment - incursions cycle. Insight and a clear neutral enforcement understanding of successes and failures into their Venusian vygode processes.
With 31.10.07 6 th year cycle of Scorpio - 135 90 - demonstration of.

An literature:
Deyn Daniel Chenneviere. , the Lunar cycle, the key to understanding personality
BC Markin. Cycles planets.




Now if quite in (for those, whom decisional laziness to read :)) The the Sun-Venus reflects attitude to its values, poetry's preferences, choice with perspective disclosure spiritual potential, decisions and creative self revelation. House, far is mired "??" compound that place potential growth human, opportunity to clear from Stamps its system values, answering on question: "Whether this me?" Not fact, truth, that a new experience immediately penetrates in consciousness, so as action compounds planets contains in itself responses and some zadannost perception and behavior (though people with a strong Sun behaves similarly, in question, for example, easier recognize situation). Nevertheless, if develop in itself thalamus attention, then changes understand much easier. Moment ", lower" compounds symbolizes vygode cycle.
House, far is mired "the upper" compound, symbolizes http cycle. In this moment, respectively, we can to see results ", when the moon changes." For more full analysis should account for not only house, far fall compounds planets but and aspects of to planets and points natalnoy maps. This will give the most full picture, targeting his choice.

Still like would add in subject current cycle. If "??" compound was in question and called those creativity, love, children, self-appraisal and camping on D., then "the upper" compound in the Twins will show outcome through obtaining information, contacts, communication, "and camping on D.




Yes, Rainbow, the upper soeds Mercury-the Sun you smoothly Crosses in ?? soeds Venus with Sun behaves similarly in the same House and in of increasing to Neputnu, if what of frustration happened, emerges opportunity, by analysing their (Merck-Copa), on Different terms of global emphasis (Copa-Venus), to "to rehabilitate" position affairs in House native (times all of this in 4 House) or in his domestic world. In general, if seriously the you quite many work in this direction (under this all time will persist opportunity losing direction movement - squaring to Neptune sextile)

I have already event happened and quite worryingly :( bas compound the Sun-Venus in 4 st House made squaring to Neptune sextile in 6 st House (Chinese system. 11 th) and trine to By 8. Then appeared new prospects relatively housing (I wrote about this) with the help financial source with hand. This was perceived as enforcement the desired and climate routine practice. But Neptune there is Neptune. Now the upper compound --something me in 1 th house in by and made octile or semiquartile to IC. Yesterday came a new information about how, that deal with finances lingers to February, and essentially indefinitely (for a number of reasons).




A the beginning of these events stems with 7 June and 18-'s little buzzy prodavat. It remarkable those, that is happening near upper compounds Solntse- Venus. T. E. Questions, associated with creates, finances, values will quite clearly are visible in this time, answers on questions "nravitsya- not like", "lyublyu- not love" will sound quite clearly

I have question relationships embarked very rigidly. Especially, if given, that the upper compound had to on my Saturn in 12 House (who squared to the produce markets on kuspide 5 only for concrete at home).
Precise aspect of was today. Me one person (on 13 years older me) made proposal. ????, him was it is difficult admit me in love, and so he highly strongly stimulant. :huh: Karaul. o.O



Morozulka, why same screaming murder?! Recognition in love this well in any case, simply illustrate, as not be easy was a man. Excuses, only that in such situations even strong and self-sufficient men add and seek support in alcohol. Need to simply softer to explain him why there is no. And what 13 years-so love all ages only obedient! :flag: He brilliant already because In!



I have compound the Sun Venus had to on 8th house in of increasing to Sun natalnomu in 11d. On 9 June was appointed course massage for Hindu beautiful forms bodies :blush:. Preparation commanded with the mid-on May: Reception firmly Modesty of bathing, pitie water in the required amounts and other. Me so like be beautiful. But, alas, squaring o.o. Yesterday me call and canceled all of this deal indefinitely.




The confessions in love this well in any case, simply illustrate, as not be easy was a man.

Yes, Galya, agree.
But deal in is, that passed just 2 month with days familiarity. And as he Isaev until such a plodding for this time - me it is unclear. :( . I have to him such feelings there is no. Will have to speak with him on category. Not get out of it already. :huh:



Helen wrote:

Yesterday me call and canceled all of this deal indefinitely.

Lena, as a pity. And it's a shame. So much groom and in vain. :(



Morozz wrote:

so he highly strongly stimulant.

IRA, and you, too, highly strongly have a drink and explain it to him its view :rofl:




-il, and you, too, highly strongly have a drink and explain it to him its view

And I so and want do. :insane:



I have in Natale Lies the opposition to Old in 1 House, given that he manages 7 and 9 homes can be would expect disagreements with partners, but until quietly. Noisy I have is faring discussion at the other Forum on topic "love - freedom or authority" :canthearyou:

FS. On expense her explanations under alcohol - this a good plan :rofl: better can be only rent the bullpen on clock, to escape was cannot be. :suspicious:

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Was rote I have is faring discussion at the other Forum on topic "love - freedom or power"

Jur, and let-ssylochku pliz. Interestingly revere.



Irish, two months this not little!. You his date birth know? Write me in-, me interestingly watch. favorable@mail.ru




Jur, and let-ssylochku pliz. Interestingly revere.

There not immediately to discussions about this themes came, so that orientiruysya by my reports (one Yuri) here



Interesting the discussion about cosmetic products transferred here:)



27 March 2009in 22 :2 4 (on Moscow time) emerges "?? compound" the Sun-Venus R in 8 throes Aries. Degree Sabian here... On this about holds: "amp hat with bands - not, razvevaemymi pulled"or "human consciousness from population unconscious."

Let us remember, that this cycle stems with sphere love and relationships, creativity and art, one, connections with the public, system their values. Much detail about this cycle can be to know from work N. Markin. I only born beautiful about how, 12 February Venus first time has passed through 7 degree Aries, laying thereby the beginning of its deal. The second time she will in this throes in moment compounds with Sun behaves similarly, and third time will pass on this F on 10 on May. Since its coming in a direct movement 17 April and until 10 on May will a welcome time for adjustment problems, -determined its korrelyatsiey with significant spots natalnogo horoscope.

This cycle begins virtually simultaneously with a new moon. So I not d to lend characteristic: Position Venus on moment its compounds, so as enough detail about this wrote in topic "New Moon April 2009". The only, that can be said, that themes, opreleyaemye sphere Venus (love, finances, legal questions) will mooted quite rigidly from-for quadrature (mathematics) with Pluto.

Results this cycle we will see on "atop" connecting the Sun-Venus 12 January 2010in 22 throes Capricorn.




outcome of this cycle we will see on "atop" connecting the Sun-Venus 12 January 2010 in 22 throes of the Goat.

Exactly, time comes. Girls, and anyone at all is leading some? Captures events in updates for-my everyday life terms of? I here is roused some for last year, saw that was in moment ", lower" compounds and now with interest await the results "upper" :)


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