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Especially astrologicheskogo advise

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Start with jesty classifications our customers, and more accurately, as their a badge of zodiac affects expectations consultation :)
Aries - here is from whom often hear - "await the with look forward; 'll telegraph urgent first read more; that expect in the near future? Me need the answer only "yes" or "there is no" and desirable tomorrow on the morning! "

Taurus - these people afflict the cogent request - "robіt horoscope slowly, not hurrying" and accented shocked, when receive all detailed sheets for 2-3 days.

Twins do - often read measured a compliment: "'This interestingly", and after. "Still more interesting" and understand, that this the upper hand praise, camping on K. This a badge of not be easy engage, and all the more keep and to continue this interest.

Cancer - such a enchanting landmark.

Lived was (and there is) Rak, which got the old wife, but he feared open soul the other woman, with which (as and all raki) sought to create in end family. Addressed astrologu, to helped choose - to return to old hat customary postyloy wife or to gain new life with a new aice?aeaiiie? Know, I not give orders and not't feel like rubbing promises. Having studied + and - both parnersh, recommended choose a new, so as and lobsters are needed jelly * and renewal, yes and a new was on 20% better (as not it is a sacrilege this sounds on of marital compatibility. As think? That he has done? Correctly. All raki guides walk backwards ago. Returned, despite bonus% and good recommendation astrologer.

Lev - this kind-hearted individual who a badge of sacred believes in own the infallibility of the and magnificence - because rarely Member purchases something for themselves. And so as covets manifestations of their unique abilities in children (continuation of talents in posterity) - so Member purchases for them individual astroportret. And at all, horoscope in gift - their favorite entertainment.

Maiden - usually are beginning talk: "I not believe in horoscopes, but if you me about your day plans." Alas, my expensive, "not ubedyu." Not these am. But personal Made to Order perform an, with gusto. Only many about work and health don’t ask - first you have and so many, and with a second. Better not ask.

Scales, - much expose question, and with many in advance agree. With you pleased communicate, support and develop relations. Horoscope in this case, only cute reason for familiarity. But I firmly would stand on safeguards astrological principles - "you C, I priest." While taking as we’s organs is distance (who knows, my 11 house in traditional transportation), my highly mnogobeschayuschie influential familiarity. This an elite people takes offense, that with them, as with all and is thinning who far! And that hide, my site open for all and everyone.

Sunik - from them truth not get anything past you, they so and are asked: "Say all as there is, better know enemy in face", possessing in mind above all themselves (the full samoedstvo). And even receiving sincere good charges, them seems, that in this there is of this trick.

A Sagittarius - you small not need to, if order, then wholesale, despite precedence discount. And when ask - "will additional questions?", you proudly peresprashivaete - "and that you have still there is from of birth dates for horoscopes buy?." Understand, global views on life, expansive mirrovozzrenie - not allow nuzzling into in small residential questions, but on perpetual questions answer there is no. If only not less global recommendations.

The firmament - specifically for you is prepared in a marathon service - "strategic forecasts on 10 years", on smaller timeline even to live it is no fun. However, accented and urgent tasks, requiring rapid resolution - for six months, not less.

Actis Systems - here is from whom life - Commission in the surprises, to which are prepared as never (and always). Necessarily find my site "utterly accidentally" and immediately understand a eureka moment, that this fate. And if this fate over their until closest bank, then C will find his astrologer, and if Bank accidentally not hit this - means not fate. See, all questions solved was in elementary, even excessively.

Fish - are prepared to be offended on any operating about, and after feel endlessly guilty, and in further happily kayuschimisya. Une read questions type: "Pardon, can be you have ask?" Or "you not be oFFended, if I'm going to ask such question?." Know, not be offended - don still. Remember, came on legal one woman with BOLShIM a suitcase. Ask. You on station or with station? Its the answer break until impossibility of: "I already many years collect and'm hiding from husband Sony people and renounce all literature on magic, the occult and astrology. Here is has brought you show - that of them the right, what need to to believe? "The answer was simple until“ I - to believe not need to, and test. Get legal.

Piminov Sergei / director of PIKE "- Astro“ Business Consulting "/
Your individual horoscope: http://astrolog.selyodkin.ru



All are a good day / evening / morning! :), but I suggest that share in this topic all, that stems with consulting: Especially, difficulties, recommendations, analysis, and camping on D. Welcome healthy criticism and self-critique. :boast: with themselves and imbabers :to_babruysk:. Tomorrow :D



Not otherwise, Lena, you you start with his aktsentirovannoy Virgin of and 5 th homes? ;)



Accurately! With it and imbabers. The problem such a: Sinking sticks manufactured through new in the details and emotions strongly’with open-minded path. Could you tell me, that for a sec, who as decides inevitable problems? Or with the experience this moves away?



To what I this write? Yesterday came me the story by and asks: -Perezhivu I operation (opportunity, but a complex) and she has weak health? She in me believes, after several precise forecasts. 'm tranzity and see, that Transit Pluto from 6 homes makes opposition Mars only for concrete in 12. And Transit Mars retro in 12 in of increasing to Pluto in 3 Afghan, and still there is something. And it karaulno need to, want be beautiful and all here :O I think, that planet motivates people on actions. And what is role astrologer? And measure responsibility?



Helen wrote:

A what is role astrologer?

Read symbols, translate on human language, to formulate purely neutral, if perishing positively not is obtained, show choice. Masterly this, on-my, makes Anna Eduardovna.

Helen wrote:

And measure responsibility?

Not need to only to do choice for client. I not understand that precisely you iai?yaaao in situation with roommate? You same prichine, that time for operations not appropriate. Tell it about this. Let she herself decides to risk or wait more appropriately time.

Helen wrote:

- tranzity and see, that Transit Pluto from 6 homes makes opposition Mars only for concrete in 12. And Transit Mars retro in 12 in of increasing to Pluto in 3 Afghan, and still there is something.

Wait, wait, wait-pay. And the rest ways prognostiki you watch? And at all, that it had in Natale on this topic?
That concerns previous office, then my sound knowledge for answer not enough, if tickles, I cyrillic speaking to answer more experienced counterpart.



Радуга wrote:

Don’t need to only to do choice for client. I not understand that precisely you iai?yaaao in situation with roommate? You same prichine, that time for operations not appropriate. Tell it about this. Let she herself decides to risk or wait more appropriately time.

I it so and told. And she has all already is ablaze. It only would living to remain, and there would still. And to live or not to live this not in competence astrologer. In Natale Mars and Venus in 12 House in Raque. Mars in 0 st throes in of increasing to Uranus (Chinese system 8 Afghan) and Trina to Jupiter (Chinese system 6V). In life several serious operations. I for it a member :(



Helen wrote:

A she has all already is ablaze.

That it had is ablaze?



Soul is ablaze :D to It want be beautiful (on my view and so very simpatichnaya) and husband gave money :brun:



Helen wrote:

Dusha is ablaze

Just something? Not house is ablaze, not husband (gives-gives-gives), not child (gives-gives-gives)? Soul is ablaze? Beautiful be wants? And to you why came? To you it an objective legal gave or supposed to relieve and told: Yes, Walk, do, spit on aspects of and Walk. Linen, I can rigidly, but this is important understand why man comes to astrologu.

Helen wrote:

I for it a member

Comrades Astrologers, not want being unsympathetic, but an astrologer here as psychologist. If he will pass through for client, then not can do work qualitatively. This one thing. And the second - this the, that have him will begin syndrome emotional burnout. So, in my opinion, its sympathy for can be, share the emotions, too,, but be drawn emotionally and to shoulder decision of strangers problems - there is no. This would hurt and astrologu and client.



She me not client, and girlfriend and a close people. Under need I its'm flying, and she me touristy areas, are helping each other.



Helen wrote:

She me not client, and girlfriend and a close people. Under need I its'm flying, and she me touristy areas, are helping each other.

Not. I after all not told, that not need to help and share the emotions. Simply even and girlfriend, and close people in work become clients and this correctly! That such C? This man, which turns with problem and kotormou give recommendations, but which himselfshould to accept decision. Still times Podcherknu, that not urge to distance, and by. I against only moreover, to to shoulder decisions another rights and included emotionally. Not for good reason after all say: Not heals a doctor household their. This is one of the beliefs of medicine, not for good reason same he there is.
And man he on nature .lyublyu its such is, that often fills in for work only discussion problems. And not because that bad. But because decision problems always some tense, all right, which need to to surmount (this those same defensive mechanisms).



At all something you rights. I have too emotional perception of. Also am aware! :P But speech now not about how. I it told, that regarded please, she chose.
I would wanted talk about method. In various Shang oracle systems, in including and Taro goes configuring on gadatelnyy egregor and is important ability to correctly connect and interpret. And astrology, except intuitions, claims on nauchnost. Examine people’s ephemerides of, position planets, as they move, eclipse, and why then not coincidence with position in constellations? I 133333334 in history of Yoga a special literature 36 zodiakalnykh constellations for current time. Worries astronomical mismatch.



I is happy, that we understood each other :) But can be I still slightly-slightly pozanudstvuyu? :)

Helen wrote:

Yes, I do!

Not ten or. You now don its reaction, but not ten or its origins. All, being such a downer stop talking, I stop :)

Helen wrote:

Harassing me astronomical mismatch.

See. Xcvcbv Don’t all immediately :)



About astrologicheskogo advise in the last time I have clearly vystroilos a certain judgment, to-swarm gradually moss details. Unfortunately for me this not my knowhow, and pochepnutye have other astropsikhologov thought. However they is demonstrated my, but only more smoothly articulated. I’ll share they later, if will desire to have audience Forum, and until question.

On Forum most conventional VShKA and, naturally, adheres to terms, in use in this school. When I first time visited lecture VShKA me strongly it struck / rezanulo tell Abe such expression "struck by planet", "a weak Long" and camping on D. Already when I has gone to seminars, then was asking questions pro correctness formulas. On that me was said: This we here THAT is what vyrazhemsya, and here is on consultation.

I still am sure, that and on consultation are used terms, to-rye firmly're holed up in consciousness and already in subconscious. Like would to know you have, expensive forumchane, not prevents you in life such pattern thinking, to-his you received under learning? Izrekaya something type "weak the Sun", we after all more below in space certain vibration, and our the Sun become all weaker and weaker (sorely tested on own experience).

Naturally, that labeling a toadstool white birch tinder, we soup from slime-covered toad stool boil not let us. So I not'm canceling troubled moments in map, of course they there is, but and from moreover, HOW articulated problems depends very much. At least, not will of fear as have one my when, to-paradise've given pro degree "amputirovannykh limbs" and has found his have themselves in map.

Let correctly, my post - not hit-and-run on VShKA, and desire to deal and understand "where its feet are rising."



Lud_mila wrote:

На форуме большинство окончило ВШКА и, естественно, придерживается терминов, используемых в этой школе. Когда я впервые посетила лекции ВШКА меня сильно поразило/резануло ухо такие выражения "пораженная планета", "слабая Луна" и т.д. Уже когда я ходила на семинары, то задавала вопросы про корректность формулировок. На что мне было сказано: это мы здесь ТАК выражемся, а вот на консультации...
Я до сих пор уверена, что и на консультации используются термины, к-рые прочно засели в сознание и уже в подсознание. Хотелось бы узнать у вас, дорогие форумчане, не мешает вам в жизни такой шаблон мышления, к-рый вы получили при обучении? Изрекая что-то типа "слабое Солнце", мы ведь посылаем в пространство определенные вибрации, и наше Солнце становиться все слабее и слабее (проверено на собственном опыте).

Вопрос:а другие астрологический учебные заведения какие термины используют?
Могу сказать лично про себя:на консультации я вообще стараюсь избегать астротерминов и астросимволики, могу использовать их только в случае клиента, разбирающегося в этом(но из таких у меня был только один). Тем более я не говорю клиенту,что у него что-то поражено или планета в каком-то критическом градусе. Стараюсь давать реальные, но минимально травмирущие трактовки с указанием возможных путей преодоления напряженных моментов. Конечно, когда смотришь на карту, в уме всегда формулируешь все как есть, но сразу ищешь как это можно усилить или реализовать максимально положительно.

А у меня вот возник другой вопрос...По поводу прогнозов. Почти все клиенты, которым делала прогнозы возвращаются снова и в один голос твердят, что все сбылось, хотим снова прогноз...А я вот начала сомневаться, а не программирую ли я их своим прогнозом, может именно поэтому у них "все сбывается"? Хотя каких-то сильно жестких описаний событий я не даю, чтоб опять же программирования избежать...Этат тема уже поднималась не раз, но для меня она стала снова актуальной. Хотелось бы узнать мнение участников форума по этому вопросу.



Татьяна wrote:

Almost all customers, which did forecasts are returning again and in one voice go, that all fulfilled, want again forecast. And I here is starters to doubt, not'm programming whether I their their projection, can that is why have them "all comes true"? Although any something strongly tough descriptions events I not give, to again same programming avoid. Man theme already was walking up not times, but for me she has become again urgent. Like would to know opinion participants Forum on this issue

I have such a same the problem. All want forecasts. I think, that somewhere unconsciously, people want avoid responsibility for their actions and choice. Very want, to someone decided to and built them life. And with unique easily: - Prednachertano so. That on advices. This all stars, senior forces, karma, but only not ya
In than see plus, so this in that when the man knows, what wants, seek to to something, then and stars together with obstyatelstvami attitudes he picked up in the right direction. Then forecast exerts real aid. But would still from astrologer much depends. For example, such factor, as confidence in their nutshell, be in the form of momentum energy client. And this already can to influence the future.
The second moment, that prophecy future perhaps until a certain point. And further goes moment choice. I have was several times such, that write forecast, Ahh. Just until a certain time and further not goes. Not can. This point choice client. Forecast ordered on year, and there through six months future is undefined.



I have another problem with clients. Case so pity women, that then homes crying. Me so on long not ????? o.o. I understand, that need to distance ourselves, that themselves to blame, but not all. There is such clever and good women. And for that them suffering? There is of course, raskhozhie esoteric phrase: To have evolved. We drawn here learn. Without suffering not case evolution. An evolutionary development - process painful. And camping on P. But this is only words. Remains only to beg God, to not select alone women. They for this not created, wasn that in the form of exceptions. To each has found its love, male and family.



Татьяна wrote:

A I here is starters to doubt, not'm programming whether I their their projection, can that is why have them "all comes true"?

Can be, you simply a good astrologer, Tanja? :flirt:

Татьяна wrote:

We wish we would to know opinion participants Forum on this issue

'm gonna hazard, that an astrological consulting the is even and a good instrument on development interviewers. Think, that not all people note and monitor the events in soya bean life. Often we notice only the, on that directed our focus attention. So here is, consultation astrologer allows as would to expand framework this focus, do his already not focus, and battlefields attention. And there, respectively, is mired more facts and events, respectively, and analyze are beginning that fulfilled, and that there is no.

Helen wrote:

Happens so pity women, that then homes crying

Lenochka, you not can you help their tears of, costly :( Yura in neighboring topic correctly said: "An aggrieved need something, for that they began to would themselves respect."

Helen wrote:

“Without suffering not case evolution. An evolutionary development - process painful. And camping on P. But this is only words

In my opinion, people true to form seek sense in their suffering. I here again starters re-read Irwin's Яloma. Have him at all remarkable books, them can be only voskhoschatsya. So here is, he has book Mommy and sense life. In one of of heads of he describes psikhoterapevticheskuyu work in group cancer sick, terminally or incurably ill. Woman, the terminally-ailing, precisely in itself forces help others, comfort and support their, create and to wage groups support dying. She told them: Try to understand, that not death golden, and a sense of completeness life before the face of death. Think about it, as acutely you of liquors the value of a past days: The latter Spring, the latest flight down dandelion, in the last time falling like leaves in autumn flowers's. Golden time — this also time great liberation, when you freely speak there is no all trivial commitments and dedicating yourself themselves fully the, about than that was entire life — communicate verbally with friends, surveillance a change in since the year, for excitement sea.Yallom is, incidentally, stood on positions moreover, that man her birthplace alone and life as attainable sense not has. Sense we his themselves are fiIling up. One of them, perhaps, this theme of evolutionary development. Can be this to call evolutionary development, can be search for roads to itself. Importantly, on place not stand. Ah here is happened so something and so something. Can this karma, can severe character, can an unsuccessful one family scenario and camping on D. What in essence the difference? Importantly, that man wants to escape from problems and, in my opinion, on this need to focus attention, to help him. And domestic changes always not an easy thing, sometimes need to die, for moreover, to start to live. In this sense with marginalize their easier, them much to lose.



Flax, specifically for your customers attractively parable. Is called Beautiful monkey

Lived-was Ape creature. Pleasant such a. Each morning Ape creature has gone to the Yellowstone River. River was a quiet and this quiet, and Monkey very relished look in it, as if in a mirror. She gave different faces, bending in incredible poses amazing and happily shouted. River evolved first quiet sea roll and secret silence.
So resisted time. Every morning Ape creature fled to the Yellowstone River, welcoming its joyful shout. River perelivalas in rays sun and reach beauty.
But once Ape creature not came. Not came she and on the other day and on the third. River waited. Sometimes seemed, that she quite're awfully quiet, researched to different sounds, in the hope hear familiar steps. But Monkey's not was.
And then River has become '. Increasingly in it have lost rest. She stretched out, caught in search of Monkey's. And in conceals its have become occur different metamorphosis tends. The she power to was bursting forth, sage), then obretala new the underwater for, which was filled with its and gave forces. River unsupportable be the a quiet River, the which was once. She has become seek with and once In the, when rains a part its Bank, she traveled in a path. River hoped meet again the contestant Monkey thing came up, which, as it turned out, so many for it means. And she was looking. Sometimes light stars dwelt it path, and she moved forward, power--a period sun. And here is once, S a long way, River saw the boundless, blow from and magnificent Sea. All of this have embarrassed in awe and thrilling to watch beauty. River worthless new, inexplicable for it sense of. She has rushed in Sea and has perished in offense fully, without balance. She gave myself to huge conceals and strength, becoming united with him.
And now, when wave of is rising highly upward, and the sun that loiters just downstream there in the most of clandestine depths, River recalled its, Monkey thing came up, which helped to find what was it so needs - find hamam. And sometimes it seems, that itself Destino was the Monkey, ukazavshey path to Schastyu.

(Somewhere from the Internet)


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