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Will recapture whether money?

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Today with the help lawyer would settle affairs with the broken thing. Was written statement across form type (in my bold pereskaze): Take away its Remy-and return money. Statement put in the firm, copyright and they promised to answer in for 10 days according to legislation. Further was built khorar on question: Will recapture whether money? 24.07.2007, 16 :0 0, Sochi. Map Lies neradikalnaya, Long "without appreciation."



Formally Long without appreciation, however, if look wider :blin:, it goes on precise semisextile to Pluto in 2 House. Blood regardless 2 homes Jupiter in 1 House - not being weighed down by strained aspects and is in abode. Saturn soupravitel 2 homes from 9- in of increasing to ASTs and in Trina exhorts 2 home. So that chances like as there is, only wait perhaps, will have more 10 days. As will news - share.



Чукокала wrote:

that chances like as there is, only wait perhaps, will have more 10 days.

Wait will have more 10 days - this fact. Because promised the answer send letter,, by registered :) and it will go long.



All hello! :) I want to tell than all-??? deal we. Until proceedings deal not has peaked, have lawyer happened problems personal character and it, of course, was not until this. I, perfectly all understanding, simply suffers thing in renovating. And forth followed unwarranted growth thing: In great need of repair me said, that all perfectly. Works :rofl: was held incommunicado thing have themselves 3 days, turned so and m kiddin. Works! Through 3 days I claimed, money with me not took, all happy and happy with :rolleyes: That she, Long "without appreciation" :flag:



Remarkably, that this the case moon without appreciation, when this the quality of shown maximally strongly, Long not in Taurus, like him too?, Pisces, Raque, - where position without appreciation can indispensable, and in late mark of Scorpio, on ASC (Long not likes place in neighborhood ASC, in counterweight Sun, which better themselves proyavlyat in neighborhood kuspida 1 th at home).
We have another figure doing map less straightforward. Blood regardless hours the Sun, is not incarnated on governance and triplitsitetu with sign ASC (Sunik).

Remarkably, that on a return primary there are several overlapping rulings, in recounted Platsidusa or Ravnodomnoy from ASC, we get:
RetroPlutonS1 on kuspide 2 th homes, retroYupiterS2 in 1 st House (very intimate the link between 2 st and 1 st home, with both signifikatora retrogradny).
In rest homes PlutonS1 also alongside kuspidom 2 th homes, but compound not such precise, or same he simply is in 2 st House. In recounted Kampanusa kuspid 2 th already proves in really the early Capricorn and the overall picture looks less unambiguously.


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The very the Beautiful. As such miracle do?



Yura, thank you for valuable remarks :) And at all, caoiae shabby.There :flag:


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Khorarnaya astrology » Will recapture whether money?