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Forumchane, who knows, share a recipe (already isprobovannym) dishes from porridge!

Itself did lepyoshka from oat straw and grechnevoy porridge. They high slaughter and already podnadoeli.



Let us first see with number of fluid. Further set masterpieces on 1 kg groats in liters water. But, understandably, that we bag for of currently not brewing, so we reduce respectively, in proportion.

Grechenevaya -rassypchataya -1,6
Remotely real - 3.2

Mannaya - dense -2.2
Remotely real -3,7
Completely fluid -4,7

Perlovaya -rassypchataya -2,4
Remotely real -3,7

Rice -rassypchataya - 2, 1
Remotely real -3,7
Completely fluid -4,7

Pshennaya -rassypchataya -1,7
Remotely real -3,0



Personally I much poklonnitsa pshennoy porridge. Tasty, satisfying and not particularly rich. So ve a recipe
Pshennoy porridge with prunesalthough, understandably, can be and without prunes.

- grits-- grits pshennaya - 1 the glass
- they (without Machine) - 1 / 2 Bada
- cream oil - 2-3 UF. L.
- water - 2.5-3 Bada

Spelt be scattered going bust, wash, inject 2 bedlinen water and cook (not forget of salt). They going bust, wash, inject hot water and cook. Half or merged. To ready pshennoy mess, actually add they and cream oil.



In one Irish law VIII century clearly spelled out, what layers population, what bag for must were there is: "For lower-class well enough of oatmeal, cooked on pakhte, and old butter to it; representatives middle class rely there is bag for from perlovoy groats and of fresh milk, and in it moisture to fresh oil; and royal offspring should sue some sugared honey bag for from roller mill wheat flour with and of fresh milk."

Ronald 'and Vetter' and "Die kuche im Mittelalter"


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Culinary prescriptions for » Porridge