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All about Simbolone

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I decided a bit to tell about the Oracle Balaklava, Ukraine, so as me in comes many questions pro this deck. This precisely those maps, whom'm using I in their work. They were created in 80’s years German tarologami. Literature, at least, in our country for this the cards there is no. So'll post an here all, that managed dig.
Word “Symbolon ”has the Greek origins. It initially meaning the: “anyone veschestvennyy a badge of,“ W ” did contingent covert significance for a certain groups faces. ” Our the word “-date Symbol ” happened as times from this Greek notions.
Deck Balaklava, Ukraineusually call “Taro astrological symbols ” or“ an astrological Taro. ” But even a cursory look at these maps gives understand, that they not have nothing in common with traditional Taro. Here there is no nor stripes, as in Taro, nor division on senior and junior the harness is. Is missing in Simbolone also the notion of twisted carte. The only similarity – their, too, 78 carte.

Balaklava, Ukrainequite beautiful and original maps, with large energy potential and profound domestic sense. This deck was invented precisely for definitions psychological portrait personality, for work with internal challenges rights. However experience shows, that they perfectly work and on sobytiynom level. They can use any.

To what same need these maps?
The Oracle can suggest the you correct decision in difficult situation, to point to prospect development relationships, help deal in itself or find their with. For exploring the and use astrology – chance transmission of and clearer recognize, military chain basic zodiakalnye archetypes. For example, I, ExWeb contributor Andrey Verkhovod in the symbolism this of the Oracle, was able more the, letter see as interact planet, signs Zodiacs in particular. The problem, often vstayuschaya have astrologers, ties in a single entity all elements natalnoy maps solved itself a.

As astrology shapes a certain thinking, and you one starts in surrounding to see traits “Aries ”,“ Taurus ” or “Capricorn ”, so and these maps show some a from real life. Here is child started bawling in no clothing left, not obtaining Ponravivshuyusya toy (http://www.privorotnoe-zele.ru/images/cards/12.jpg).
And here is tseluyuschayasya couple on the escalator subway (http://www.privorotnoe-zele.ru/images/cards/33.jpg). Ah, and this called me, the forced live with unloved rich husband (http://www.privorotnoe-zele.ru/images/cards/44.jpg).

And over time every, who has bought into these now, ???, that symbols and archetypes around us, need to only wide open their eyes and more thoroughly observe interacted!




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Visit all willing pass absentia individual training work with oracles Balaklava, Ukraine.We with you'll make the very exciting journey in the world images, known you with childhood on myths to, tales are, great. In the process training you yet to:

to developbasic receptions work with any now and lay;
to know, as correctly ask questions oracle;
learn tolisten to its domestic voice;
to pay attentionon Signs (cues) Bible;
contactwith fundamentalists astrology, necessary for work with deck Balaklava, Ukraine;
learn to seekwith the help deck Balaklava, Ukraine lost things;
to developcommon and thematic Copy Hands;
learn to stackcopyrights Copy Hands (under desire);
to knowespecially interpretations carte in scenario;
gladly fulfill quests and respond to telltale questions;
openfor themselves the world secrets embodied, puzzles.

On completing the course you can on their own work with deck Balaklava, Ukraine, sitting on about 30-postwar raskladami. You you will master skills and techniques of settings and work with now. Balaklava, Ukraine will become someone reliable source in any life situations!

Environment Program will appreciation on an oracle “Balaklava, Ukraine ”

1 UROK introductory attractive opportunity.
Narrative about itself – as I came to this the cards. History create the oracle. Unlike TARO. Astrology basis the oracle. Foundations astrology, necessary for work with oracles. Structure carte. Telltale questions. Task.

As prepare deck to work. As to store deck. As prepare for fortune-telling (place, into cannon fodder). Child pornography studying carte. Meditation on the oracle. Basic archetypes, circle Zodiacs. Telltale questions. Task.

Description of carte from Circle Aries. Map personality (significator). Map days. Technique conducting players' hands. Copy Hands on 12 maps. Notebook for records observations. Telltale questions. Task.

The study of and ``debriefing symbolism all carte Simbolona. Especially interpretations carte in scenario. Description of carte from Circle Taurus, prodavat, degree of Cancer, Leo. Telltale questions. Task.

Description of carte from Circle Virgin of, of Scorpio, of Sagittarius, Capricorn, have, Pisces. ``debriefing carte in various positions. Telltale questions. Task.

Maps – as way to of self-knowledge. Several exercises on uncover the intuitions. Child pornography installation issue. Ordinary Copy Hands. Task.

Choice separate hands. Common Copy Hands: Horoscope, alignment on the search for lost things, alignment “for and against ”, analysis situation and camping on D. Thematic Copy Hands: And) on relationship, but more) on business, in) on the search for his Road; g) authorization domestic problems. Task.

In late by all the in The soothsayers! :)

Terms training
Where is buy deck
Deck Balaklava, Ukraine can be to purchase in pussy Taro-club (http://www.taro.ru/booth.htm). Who enjoys foreign the Internet shopping witness here -http :/ / aeclectic.net / tarot / cards / symbolon /. If you not auctioning the opportunity order deck, don me. I will try you help.

Payment(the cost of, as pay).
The cost of individual Correspondence appreciation accounts for on this moment 4,000 rubles. Paying possible Universal Postal laggards, Yandex. Money, WebMoney, system CONTACT (http://www.contact-sys.com) and other. You can contact with me on ICQ 166836930 or e-mail: Astrolog2006 @ mail.ru for aid requisites translation.

Duration appreciation
Course includes 7 lessons, but on saturation information they strongly differ. The first lessons - the, oglyadov³, and recent include in themselves many material, which need explore more thoughtfully, applying on practice. So expectancy just training will in a whole depend on your desires, rejuvenate and free time.

In as a familiarity with course I suggest you view 1 lesson Demonstration lesson

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