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Astrology and slimming

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Because theme slimming again has become urgent, propose a somewhere in Internet in Russian language been nicked out article.
Check themselves :), correctly whether you khudeete?

Many are surprised at, why sometimes so hard bounce several cherished kilograms. Can be, you cope against natural features of your organism, by adhering to wrong diets and performing not those several exercises? Look at its a badge of zodiac and learn, what way to slimming for you the most suited.

Aries (21 marta- 20 April)
You leader and are accustomed seek his. Prefer work in alone, than be part of of collective and submit to.
Diet: Get us an your personal plan, based on food, that you prefer. Make sure, that eats up not more 1250-1,500 heated in day. Choose from the list of, proposed for fish. Buy products with low bones of sugar and fat.
Several exercises: Buy book or the videotape with arranges and Practice your, when and where you anywhere.

a Taurus (21 April-21 on May)
Direct and very permanent, in you many somewhat polish, you always in searching for something pleasant.
Diet: Save your themselves from such a nastiness for basket maruri say figures number of sweets. You known sweet tooth, but if perishing decided Alt.Net with plus weight, caveat kind, postpone half candy bars in side. Jotunheimen diets with low bones of fat. This may prove a little hard to do, then times in week I want you to arrange itself celebration - pamper themselves ulyublenimi the without restrictions. Buy boxes with the small sizes - Portia not more 20 Propulsion - or small bars chocolate.
Several exercises: More are on fresh air, explore neighborhood, times in week go on long walks, often or a host evening dedicate not exploring on the streets of the cities.

by (22 on May-21 June)
You lack anchoring, virtually any activities quickly becomes a bore. You always in searching for new sensations and much experience a although would once.
Diet: Any established regime you seem dull and limited. Better are stuffed refrigerator diverse nizkokaloriynymi products (yoghurts, vegetables, everyone, fish tank) and chase there is anything rebuilt daily, but not more 1,500 heated in day. Homilies to practice system although nutrition - not by consuming simultaneously muchnuyu, that vegetable, meat food - food different species. Celebrate itself fish or vegetable day. Several exercises: For you the most come a combination of various species sport, aerobics, dances - importantly each time something new, not let us itself to be bored and lose interest to Ivanovna.

Rak (22 June-22 July)
You a strong personality, guided and an initiative. More just you need in security, love and tenderness.
Diet: Basis - 1,000 heated daily, nizkozhirovaya, healthy food. Homilies muesli, fish it, curb reception-, buying teflonovuyu pan. Several exercises: You love all, associated with water. Go daily with favorite man on 20-30 minutes in Wilkes. You pleased will spend time, of a swimming body, will feel themselves eloquently. Be appropriate so same skiing with friends on boat, vinserfing, our.

Lev (23 July-23 August)
You hold central stance in life. You generous and are full vital energy and nothing not love so heavily, as in imprisoned your charisma public.
Diet: You love to wage around the broad life. Try unite desire to luxuriously have dinner and healthy, cheesy food. Are looking a diet fish. And remember, excesses were muddles and alcohol not lead to health. Homilies similar, exotic fruits. Can be offer so same tea from specifically handpicked therapeutic African herbs, energy and purifying organism.
Several exercises: Homilies species sport, which will allow pleased conduct time and be in the center of the attention. Say, figure skiing, walks, often on skiing with friends, surfing, Tennis, an arm wrestle, dances.

the Virgin (24 avgusta- 23 September)
Deep, is a clever, the many-sided people. You imperceptible, feeling a bit touchy and vulnerable, is occasionally attach to too many meaning location--near train station.
Diet: That Spain to exclude toxic products, Jotunheimen natural, except food. Enable in ???? ???? purifying products: Muesli, preserves, bread with bran. This will help to clear organism and will boost energy level of.
Several exercises: For you - crooning. Ask a trainer develop individual program, mix physical strain with denied on breath. Plus, you very love garden. Parosols razvedenem flowers on dacha. This will allow combine the exercise, "on the air and favorite deal.

Shield (24 September-23 October)
You napravlyaemy logic and constantly are aimed on equilibrium in life, auctioning the need weigh the all pro the nerve against any situation, to solve, that the most correctly for you.
Diet: Equipped diet the most suited your needs in order and logic. Homilies the nutrition, services days, healthy a diet not more verification heated in day, few all necessary body nutrients. Curb receptions food in patrons between breakfast lunch and dinner, and so same fast remaining on the process in city of.
Several exercises: Yoga beautiful for of reason, bodies and souls. The combination of physical, breathing exercise and meditation you like. Given your fear of solitude, create companion for joint instruction. So same come walk or running jogging with favorite dog.

Sunik (24 October-22 November)
A strong and unified personality, auctioning the huge resilience before difficulties, iron will, of purpose and life force.
Diet: Start your with food with reduced number of fat (see Fish), with "hungry days" not more 1,000 heated. You quickly good to unload some couple of kilograms, that will give you incentive to adhere to such a and in further. Avoid raid practices food, and so same reception food in stressful situations.
Several exercises: Desirable lot more joints pulling and 15-30 minutes, of incorporating favourite taped, punch and dance. This will give a sense of vivacity, improve mood, stockpile stress.

a Sagittarius (23 noyabrya- 21 December)
You are free spirit of and know, as entertain themselves. You always are prepared experience something new, trendy, the trail of the unknown, albeit not always get used to him.
Diet: Jotunheimen recommendations RYBAM, not more 1,500 heated in day, given love to know, parties, code 250-500 heated of them under various party in cafes, protectionist moods, discos, nightclubs. Curb use beer.
Several exercises: Major team sport. Homilies to address tennis, golf, voleybolom. You so same certainly like have-spoiled and Qi-Gong.

the firmament (22 December-20 January)
You worked at determined whether slowly, steadily and confident, that all desirable will come to you. Even the most difficult job not scares you.
Diet: You should strongly want to to join in club sonorous and smart, this already halfway to victory. Your path - control regime and number of meals. Gradualist. Try less there is after 19.00. You something know, that this proves effective.
Several exercises: You should to address arranges, running on place, plywaniem, Holland. Skiing. With other hand, is worth only selflessly get carried away by work or favorite affair, and you will forget about everything and not reply, as lost surpluses weight.

Aquarius (21 January-19 February)
An independent minds also personality, you never commit something only because, that so consider or trickled in other.
Diet: Start your considered calories rather than caught food, make sure, that the total energy value of eaten for day products not exceeds 1250 heated. Check a tick in refrigerator greater plate with entertainments ulyublenimi, chopped narezannymi everyone and vegetables and remain how many anywhere each time, when wanted of chocolates or slice of cake. Several exercises: For you all command species sport. Homilies Tennis, volleyball, anything, 'service on communication with other people. This is particularly important for you. You progressive man, love recent news fashion. Buy roller groupers, updateable. Winter can be for Ban to go with friends toward on mountain skiing and snowboarding.

Fish (20 February-20 March)
You very sensitive, artistic. And unusually generous. Diet: Buy book recipes low-fat food, to to build their personal and unique ideas diets. Remember: Should daily choose from next dishes: 4 small helpings bread, rice, themselves by growing potatoes; 5 dishes fruits and vegetables; 3 it milk, cheese, yogurt; 2 helpings meat, fish, nuts, eggs. Under this the total caloricity be eaten for day should not exceed 1250 calories.
Several exercises: For you the most be appropriate for Ban to go far any, dancing, is shaped need creatively, really and process and. Homilies to address arranges, subscribe in Saver ballroom-dances, ballet.

amounted to Maria Ulyanova



And here is the simple and Russian diet, based on natural lapsing moon and its impact on liquid in our body. All we well know, that in period from of the full moon until, when the moon changes organism well purify, remove annually reprocessed and major. About this more detail:

Before as start a diet need to focus and 3 times read the next words: "clear Long, take it, take it with a all, that I have surplus and let it moves away together with you"

After this mentally thank moon and begin to pokhudeniyu. Your diet lasts 24 hours, she begins in eve full moon, after private dinner. In our menu must to remain only fluid. You can to drink simple water (Oh. Spring, besides, mineral), resolved freshly squeezed juices. Best for this use fruits and vegetables appropriate sale. Advantage fruit juices consists in is, that they supply organism natural sakharami, reduce nutritional deficiencies and nutrients to and, importantly - allow those who with truzhom enduring the fasting, feel relative a completeness stomach. In a result you will lose from 250 gr until 1 kg. This diet will allow you get rid of edemas and peel the organism
For this diets there is contraindications under diseases exchange substances (diabetes, for example) and under violating svertyvemosti blood.


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