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Maya Plisetskaya

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Day birth Maya Holy - 20.11.1925. When she office-about his creativity (Canal "Culture"), then mentioned, that its dancing - this "dancing nor about than", that she often not may explain about than dancing. T. E., in my opinion, Ideology move unconscious motives, something ,-reaching from depth. As you think, what aspect of in map defines this its feature of creativity?

Here is the reference from Regina about creativity Maya Holy: http://www.astrolady.ru/frm/index.php?showtopic=1650



Lena, Hi.
On this question until not can to answer, map look need to.
And pro Plisetskuyu I have material, too, was year ago.
http://www.astrolady.ru/frm/index.php?showtopic=1650 -- as would "Danish." :)



Has found in his grid "Carmen-Suite de danses", the contestant the most, where Jose -- precisely Godunov still dancing, camping on E. Until the entire the history with his lime wedge. And-fi-get! Only and can say.
Loosely believe, that after Plisetskoy anyone could although would approach way of. In his ”. The in its time seen: Not availability of -- although, like, and Ballerinas danced strong, in other choreographers even very nothing. But not in Carmen-Suite de danses.



I have a sense of, that have M. M. On the idea of should be compound Venus-types, but his there is no. Here is this "dancing nor about than" very characteristically for Venus 0 types, as me seems. And magnetichno, and kharizmaticheski, that so true to form M. M. I cannot understand that in its map attaches these characteristics?

Incidentally, Venus 0 types in map Margherita Terekhovoy. Here is perishing whom bulgakovsuyu Margarita cocktail play! And, as me sometime, in the new movie need to was was trained as an actress choose on this aspect :rolleyes: Anna Kovalchuk well played, but Terekhovu in this role illustrate perfectly and its no one to jump into.



Enterosgelya, unfortunately, from the other age categories.
And on astrologicheskim aspects actors on role have us until not choose. Alas.

With Plisetskoy -- much detail would map its I merely. Chemistry need a.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Life remarkable people » Maya Plisetskaya