To at work by the end of the workday not feel pressed as lemon, let itself here is this:

a warm-up in office

On expense "sport" in office councils I you to lend not d.

On one simple reason - no outcome in terms of correction figures not will, as nor regrettably.

And at all words Office and Sport not compatible by definition.

To achieve visible results (of weight-loss or correction figures) need engage on full force and not couple of minutes, and settings 50-60 mines!

And here is that indeed very helpful to do in office, so this reduced and warm-ups couple of times in day.

Especially if have you have both work - this will help support tone and butter corrugator.

You regulation feel tide forces and weapon energy.
And accurately will avoid osteokhondroza (dramatically salts in the vertebral column), curvature irreparable and fatigue for the workday.

Now - couple exercise for warm up the in office (squarely on workplace).

1) bend hands in your elbows, their fingertips are contiguous on level breast. You've got to push their with force on each other. Feel the tension the bottom breast and in the hands of.
Say it again 20 times. Through polminutki molitvakh another approach.

2) Do things nerezkie by heads "to the left-shift to the" 10 times. Then "forward-ago" 10 times.
Then poluoboroty "from Left-right" by tilting head forward, and / or the same ago.

3) Do things laps movement shrug our shoulders forward. Hands put it down arbitrary.
Can this to do not rising with his worker seats.
Then povraschay shoulders ago.
Say it again on 5-8 times.

4) films.

And) I often do such a small relax: Hands clasp your in castle, hold out forward, back okrugli, head tilt forward. Make like you're going hands as can be further forward, rounding up back.

It comes) Set might, elbows, too, just look down at ago, shoulders put it down down
Can repeat even try again rubber and) and then it comes).

In) sit down in to 14th convenient pose of, lean back on approximately a chair on 30-50 seconds.
Relax your all muscle and simply a bit, no. Meditate.

Not worry about it that someone from colleagues is going to think that you lounging..., you same not going to sit so until the end of the workday.

But after such a vacation you with new forces you are, effective to work!

In late all, your co-workers will get used, that have you times in day ioeniay a warm-up.

Of the hoax "Fitness. An ideal figure - from dreams to reality! "