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Proza life

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Lukyanenko read, cycle pro dive
Notebook on work not call. Their many and, although almost all they interesting, I not memorizing, their authors at all)



Want to share finding. Frankly, modern proza rarely when touches, but here I simply gushed :) Splendid. Thinly. Delicately. With taste. Can someone, too, like.
Demiurgi Shambambukli and Mazukta sat on veranda small, Gavalohori in roses a cosy coffee houses, drinking aromatic coffee, 'd feast on exciting are faced with ginger korzhiki and with knowledge affairs Bilka on twilight of. On left hand from them'll glimmer in an evening Constitution the air any photo, as candy, town with tileable the roofs of and technicality the steeples. Right and ahead kind of sleepy vzdykhalo Sea. Demiurgi blazhenstvovali in convenient braid at, schurili eyes on Sergey the sun and exchangeds willingness lenient star status about small ogrekh the ore of this planet deeps of universe, conspicuous only their nametannomu view.

- Oh, see-pay, who to us is faring, - made whatever there, himself local is a master two chaps.
- Is the tenant coffee houses? - zaoziralsya Shambambukli.
- Yeah there is no, this world. ??? ?? ? ? he,. And, look.
Mazukta pointed out finger at. To them rapid step, but without excessive haste, spurt herbal risque a man in respectable suit.

- How do you do, respected, - a bit nervously greeted he demiurgov.- The owes? You on trial or as? I can than something help?
- What you, that you, - me f astidia hands Shambambukli.- We simply transiently, not worth concern. Stalled here is some coffee, Ed popit.
There was we not local, - in tone friend caught on to Mazukta and khikhiknul.- No, truth, we here accidentally, literally on a minute. Not'll disturb?
-No-parent, of course, - is a master markedly calmed down, and even ulybnulsya.- Sit on health. I'll have them replace, to brought even coffee and Muffin.
- Yeah, if can be, - with gratitude nodded Shambambukli.
Agile ofitsiant in a split second, delivered a tray with steaming hot the French press and successes fragrant Muffin, alphabetise their on the little table and again evaporated.

-ko me very rarely go Visitors, - as would rather, grifted hands khozyain.- I was accustomed to solitary experience, so you perishing not are angry, if that not so.
- Yeah increasingly in order, - assured his whatever There problems.
- Coffee a remarkable, - complimented Shambambukli.- And the sun, too,, and town this utterly's lovely. Yes and at all this world us very grassroots, lovely detached such. Themselves did?

Is a master just paused.
- Well-have, not the to himself.
,, you helped? - guessed whatever the debut work?
- Well-have, at all something.

- Don't hesitate to, we same here all their, - smiled Shambambukli.- Wu you very well broke a, and for the beginner - so and at all nice. There are many interesting decisions, I such nowhere above not met. Here is with these scintillating paths on water, for example, originally implemented. Or here is.

Shambambukli deepened in any strictly professional technical the twists and turns. Is a master listened to silently, only hasn't stradalcheski screwing up the face every.

- I in this little learn using, - confessed he, when was able finally insert slovo.- saying, that me can be called ordinary sera. Me said, that and as need to do. One the familiar told. And in details I not reaIly found out, simply was following in accuracy instructions, here is and increasingly.

- And Lies such a beauty? - not believed Shambambukli.- Without theoretical base, without practical skills, with first times?!
- Well yes, - not without pride nodded is a master.

- And as same this you managed? - very much alive got interested in whatever complicity, I have purely professional interest: That you took for the groundwork, with what started?

Is a master raised glance to Maastricht ceiling and will bring together eyebrows,, bumming out memory.
-Vnachale was the Word, - slowly made on.- Only Word, and nothing more. And then increasingly broke a needless.

- Word? - made her repeat it whatever What for word, what precisely?

-Vechnost! - responded is a master solemnly.

- Just "Argentinian"? - blinked my eyes Mazukta mistrustful.

-Khrustalnaya, - mention any country by khozyain.- A puzzle such, from pieces of.

- And that, you added up the one thing-the only word, and received a host the world?

- Yeah, - confirmed is a master and visionary smiled, vspominaya.- Ves the world. And couple of skates in top.




Sections of books "Hundred koanov little mouse RS."
Sergei 1967 V. Kornev
(Read more with drevnemyshinogo)
Before interpreter
This was many centuries ago in one very a faraway country. Every morning on mountain path from monastery Shao-@-@ Lin'd sneak. down a small a grey baby mouse. He'd sneak. down down, to bear people wisdom and light. In one another's feet he kept magical your bamboo sleeping wand. This health and he time from time hitting on anybody their pupils, to before them better all recover the. A his baby mouse RS. Many stories tell people pro this little mouse and his friends. Best of them, number 100, are collected in this book. Say, the, who all will read and realize, once in dream joining the a small a grey baby mouse, give it a gentle play Ship's Mast his on anybody its bamboo health and and obeyed all desires.

koan, Emperor of Japan pro the MELO project
Once baby mouse RS'd sneak. down on mountain path from monastery Shao-@-@ Lin. Power--a period him behaved Prime includes such heroes as Tiger. Prime includes such heroes as Tiger before never saw little mouse RS, so he asked:
"Listen to, I need there, to the top mountains Shao-@-@ Lin, where lives wise baby mouse RS. Correctly whether I of walking? "
"As southern, so and Walk", - responded baby mouse.
"And still, answer it me please," - continued Prime includes such heroes as Tiger, - "wise baby mouse RS train in his school the MELO project?"
Baby mouse closely looked on him and said:
"The MELO project not train."
"As a pity! Means me not worth there go? "- committed to it Prime includes such heroes as Tiger. -" exhaustive information throughout I as times Contest! "
"The MELO project baby mouse RS not train", - repeated baby mouse RS and Slezhka three kartina: On one was drawn baby mouse, on the other - Contest, but on the third - the little pig.

And then happened one of three:
1) Prime includes such heroes as Tiger razvintil all kartina, and saw, that there within one thing and the same. And immediately all understood.
2) Prime includes such heroes as Tiger razvintil all kartina, and saw, that within there empty. And immediately all understood.
3) Prime includes such heroes as Tiger razvintil all kartina, and saw, that there within there is no nor teeny mouths, nor the MELO project. And immediately all understood.

That on fact understood Prime includes such heroes as Tiger?

The answer:
First Prime includes such heroes as Tiger nothing not understood, and then baby mouse RS took its your bamboo sleeping wand and did probably slam fist his on anybody. Made there breathed wasted breath "Bommm!" And then Prime includes such heroes as Tiger understood, that if in anybody empty, then need learn.



Here is how something not avea me here look before, and reread with the outset and it occurs to me "and where you such they hunt down?" Proza simply Creek :cool:
All thank you :flag:



"Navigatoru members World" - 150

-Drakon! - he did, he yelled Knight in depth peschery.- Get out, if not coward!

- Well, what you? - power--a period knight was sticking out head on a long shee.- Speak, only quickly!

- I go by Sir Rolf, Knight Burning Sword, quarterback the oppressed in, a borderless crusade for justice, and I arrived here, to.

- Wait! - a Dragon head listened to something, wasted the for its spinoy.- sorry, I have now affairs, then going to tell, okay? I soon! - and not giving knight even get exasperated, head Rus is in a cave.

Knight where have entry, adjusted the dressing on your, nervous with breastplate any speck of dirt and again has cried:

- Hey, the Dragon! Ah you long there even?

- Don't interefere! - progudelo in otvet.- Wu us here. In general, not until you now!

Knight defensively so has to its horse, but the kind peacefully obgladyvala a shrubbery and also did not want so moved by, a sympathy face.

Knight waited several minutes, then is boring.

- Well Th for affairs? Me long even here hanging around?

From caves donyossya the cry. By the still, little a similar on's a wand and utterly surprise in such a place. Knight dumbfounded have done the same. Eyes and listened. Ick trauma. No doubts, this was crying baby.

- What here at all happening? - voprosil Knight in space. No one, of course, not responded.

Through half an hour of exercise, when knight already became seem, that he is worth here whole eternity, the Dragon again I just stuck out my head from caves.

- A little girl! - happily told he.

- A little girl? - stupidly made her repeat it Knight.

- YUP-! And she very pretty!

Head had stripped forward, and knight had to be right. Dragon creeping out from its feng shui. This was such spectacle, that even horse decorating specially from its damn marshmallow and impressed prisvistnula.

- How much same have you golov- has exclaimed Knight, when the Dragon with his the entire.

-5100. -50 Odd fifty! - proudly responded Drakon.- Since this days - already a hundred fifty! Can admire himself, only not go wake up.
Heads, a bit potolkavshis, Siena in hand, omitting Knight of to a small svyortku, pokachivayuschemusya in a Moses basket between several macro. Knight took a closer look. In parcel contains lay in another head - a small,, wrinkled, but gossamer-gossamer then.

- Really, she charm of? - sheepishly asked the Dragon.

- Yeah. Undoubtedly, - nervously sglotnuv, responded Knight.

Is a newborn head have cracked open eyes, saw alongside a terrible uncle in's iron an armor and istoshno looked out and yelled.
The coming heads here same we're locked in over infant, zasyusyukali and unholy reassure, and Knight tthe receded ago, dismantled helmet and thumbed warming with forehead.

- So that you wanted to say? - asked Drakon.- We as something unsuccessfully,.

- Yeah I this. Nothing write home about. Congratulate wanted to. In general. Here is, I congratulate. Of all good!

He sits up on horse and galloped off, not looking.





- So that you wanted to say? - asked Drakon.- We as something unsuccessfully,.

- Yeah I this. Nothing write home about. Congratulate wanted to. In general. Here is, congratulations. Of all good!

:D :D :D has struck adversary on've called :O only here is who whom :mybb: the good tactic have a dragon :cool: :glasses:



Javadxan, me at all this the author likes :) Neat and with humor.



Uncharacteristic in networks the reference on book with all editions "Masters in and Margherita." Very interestingly revere the initial options novel. Lovers of creativity Bulgakov here.



Joan v froze, and we in depression

Joan v equivocate in is, that the worldwide thank and huge money far not the best way product operating costs were on its life.

Joan RoulingVystupaya in live talk show Oprah's Winfrey 45-year-old the English readers Joan v equivocate in is, that the worldwide thank and huge money far not the best way product operating costs were on its life, reports with refers on PBOC provide newsletter service Sevodnya. Creator of potteriany thaton permanent depression and craven way of looking at thoughts about the suicide. According to one of richest women United Kingdoms, recently it even underwent in the asylum course psychotherapy.
Popularity, about which that was would any did the Men of Letters, causes have Airs v sense of solitude. Its suffocation of not made things better and divorce with the consequent return and a new Bride with husband March Murray now.





Twain not fit in in political correctness

Alan Gribben from state Alabama proposed edit Speak Huckleberry Finn's.

A female teacher in English literature Alan Gribben from state Alabama, consumed with itching political correctness and his mission tolerance, proposed edit Speak Huckleberry Finn's , reports newsletter cases about Postsovet. According to publishers ottsenzurirovannogo option, Mark Twain again not fit in in an era, because used highly incorrect epithets under brief mention blacks, and Indians.

Mr. Gribben decided to replace bit racist colored the word ] server , occurring in novel not less two hundred times, neutral worked. Across semblance, professor amused this option less pejorative for representatives a black man population countries, perfectly an expert in racial belonging heroes the famous art. However, on extent stupidity this is that God initiative hardly are until decisions British authorities Hey from dictionaries are wandering , Bishops followed and for other yazychesko-Christian an, from which, in their view, frets representatives other faiths and cultures.

That same concerns first, osmelivshegosya example on the most of Mark Theatre in, then his collaborators explained happening aspiration provide Huckleberry to Finn an extensive overview audience in times of, when schools and libraries obostrenno react to questions right relations.



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