Nabrela yesterday in networks on curious the text.
Simply wanted to share, the more, that have us emerged the partition, the knighted Professor religiously-a philosophical meant.
Once, when I was quite young, years 15 me was - met on my path one bearded and the sophisticated lives an artist. Having a look on me, he not fiercely without much consideration, said: "You, guy, need revere" Dao De colours you wear. " So and works fate.
I took out somewhere Royal by "Drevnekitayskoy PhD" and have read the first paragraph:

Dao, which can be expressed words, not there is a permanent Dao. Name of, which can be called, not there is a permanent name of.

With this began my love to's ancient the Chinese, the ongoing and to this day.

"Dao Dae colours you wear" or "Book about Dao and Dae" - one of worlds oldest of sacred books humanity and the foundation the entire Chinese thought. Book very a short, but in point: She describes human, at a to harmony with themselves themselves and world; and suggests - as need do, to achieve such a fortune. In other words, literally the, that means in but with Greek Bible the notion of "salvation."
"Dao Dae colours you wear" was recorded somewhere in IV century until our era. Interestingly, that roughly in this same time in neighboring India gave its teachings Buddha the path, and appropriate Upanishads, and at all humanity suddenly made step upward on ladder spirit.

"Dao Dae colours you wear" - teachings about how, what cannot be teach.
After all essence teach cannot be - can be only align themselves on its perception of. So and states: "To talk about dalekimi - the same, that tread water in Europe; but in applying it inexhaustible."
So that such - this most dalekimi?
Itself this word translated as "path"; but here it - "the, as all is happening itself", natural move things. The, who should this path, becomes "sovershennomudrym"; not ushering in nothing excess, he is cleared, and him is a move Earth and of Heaven. In end same such man comes for perfection and for immortality.
Those same, who fidgety and intervenes in this move things, nothing good not is obtained.
As spoke one of early Taoism Yang Zhu:
"The only way to to wage life - truly in is, to allow around the evolve natural by, not while discouraging and not hampering the this."

Author "Dao Dae colours you wear" commonly realized sage backed-Tzu.
Yes that there - commonly realized! Backed Tzu - basis China; even the great Confucius was - ancestor-Margalit the entire Chinese nation, decree emperor divine in XI century, as "Old the Instructor absolute wisdom" - schoolchild compared with him. Exactly, survivor history about how Confucius was walking consult to backed Tzu and, returning from him, said: "Truly, backed Tzu is face the dragon."
So who same - this backed Tzu? Figure utterly mythic. Even his name means simply "an old man."

Tell, that he a long time was the keeper of examining in reign Zhou. He then frustrated in civil service, he sat on buffalo and went occupies. Under the check-out from realm chief of border to paraphrase learned his and asked in short outline its teachings. Backed Tzu were in shed at breaktime and wrote "Dao Dae colours you wear."
Say, that, having because of, chief of to paraphrase immediately all deserted and left together with backed Tzu.

having succeeded - .
In this - with of Heaven.

When all people learn, that beautiful is the beautiful, emerges and is atrocious.
When []learn, that good is warm, arises and evil. So the availability of and the absence of breed each other, complex and a simple create each other, is a long and a brief poveryayut each other, high and low with over to each other, sounds, neeaaynu, come in harmony, before and after follow each for other.
So wise man acts nedeyaniem and teaches ignored the. He creates and not possesses [, ], makes and not enjoys [, ], reaching perfect, not believes this success. He not seeks to success and so success not leaves his.

As same obtain that kind in reconcile "dalekimi"?
Exactly "Dao Dae colours you wear" not gives no concrete-made formulas; but suggests - to become carried out, need to practice "nedeyanie." And it already will lead to "simplicity." Not worry about, this not so absurdly, as seems.

Usually when people hear word "nedeyanie", they CNN note "i.e. to do at all nothing need not." ???.
"Wei-wu-wei" means: Need not to do nothing excess. And what is done the very a - natural expression of your the true essence.
There is saying Chinese proverb: "If long sit on Bank rivers, for bit out of the way past corpse yours enemy." But after all this not means - "nothing not do"; this means - "Trust to the Lord."

And if not to do nothing excess, gradually come to "simplicity", or on-Chinese - "P", that literally means to have "neobdelannyy" slice of tree of. This state of, under which you not prevent nor knowledge, nor experience, because you in direct contact with the most facts of the of Existence and in every moment life naturally know - that to do.
More there is no nor the right, nor misuse, nor beauty, nor the ugliness of; man is free from scientists labels and a definition; he literally "sees the, that there is." This state of and there is goal of omission.
When in simplicity, man is beginning to conform to Road.

* * *

are on chicks not will endure for long.
-reaching large steps not leaves far.
Vystavlyayuschiy themselves blindfolded not so enlightened.
Kichaschiysya a not has merit.
Vozvyshayuschemu themselves not become master of.
So man, holding Dao, not makes this.

Wise man, becoming behind all, it turns out ahead all;
He disdains themselves and so saves themselves.
He nor with whom not vying, so not permits mistakes.

Wise man nothing not accumulates;
But than more he makes for other, the more have him gets.
Path of Heaven - yield favor of, not bringing harm.
Path wise human - this feat without struggle.

Perishing not know - read whether Tyutchev backed Tzu, but wrote he accurately, as in "Dao Dae colours you wear": "Thought izrechennaya there is lies."
Have Taoism a critical is considered not to listen to all explanations mentor, and a simple "near with him. Sitting alongside teacher, can gradually adopt its internal state of.
Tell, that in province Henan to one famous mentor until now arrive already old Sov, to a few days tinker together with him with the hoe in protected balconies and terraces. After what, full joy from communication with a master, leave. Nedaremno states:

Rarely enjoy the words - means to follow ease of.

Real teachers not can teach theory or formal techniques. They in them not need, their direct practice - this mystical anxiety caused, which can be to learn, only Sitting alongside them. And contrary, formal training, publication textbooks, creation "schools" and "academies" says about profanity mysterious knowledge. After all:

sincere speech not are elegant, graceful speech not sincere.
Dobryi not eloquent. Eloquent...... not can be good.
Wise not educated ,-educated not enlightened enough.

* * *

Words backed Tzu have identified the entire further move Chinese - yes and not only Chinese - thought.
First emerged book. Then those, whom she traffic went on heart, began to write on it comments. The canon now burning - and together with him grew and spread ranks followers backed Tzu. Esoterica began become popular.
Gradually in him Borjigins popular religion of worship dirty spirits with their many practices and rituals. Under dynasty Dynasty (caliphate-XI centuries) esoterica received official recognition. Emperors this dynasty have ordered considered backed Dzy their a glorious ancestor.
But as writes think he is a precious Mister Ma: "Esoterica - striking school, which not has constant forms, clearly-structured exercises or tough forms of of worship and practice. The very concept of "daodzyao" (Thought about Dao) is filled with new bones of in dependence from era, schools or even terrain. All attempts state lead his to common denominator, create hierarchy of Taoism educators of, receiving some kind licenses from state, failed. The theyt conglomerate thought, ideas and forms of of worship, which have united entitled "esoterica" simply not hostile structures as such. "

So esoterica not became generally accepted state religion. And indeed - Good was would national religion, not vibrant institution focused on nor in'with Groat, public relations and admits emphasized naturalness behavior, and optimal behavior counting from this the most society distance himself.
But most poets and figures culture already more two thousands of years find in daosizme source of inspiration and model the right behavior.
During dynasty Zin Sov and at all withdrew from the favora; books on daosizmu even were chairman E. Tugzhanov said from Imperial Japanese libraries. And his place terminally it took obsessive any sign mystery Confucianism.

Despite all this, esoterica until now there is in China. For 24 century his existence he contributed enormous contribution in development all of humanity. Countless number of invention, made your Taoist monks - seal, compass, gunpowder, bond, much else - all goes from them.
Judging by from beliefs, that man - this universe in in miniature, Sov see mimic between arrangements human body and arrangements universe. Precisely here - origins famous Chinese medicine, explain that our science not in able, but to recognize its the efficacy account for around the world.

Goal practice of Taoism - lead themselves in reconcile outer forces. Here roots the famous exercises "hairdryer-Shui", without which nownor one enlightened office.
Sov engage in studying the and work with vigor - "Qi," which present and in us, and around the thought world. And have reached in this such successes, that in medieval Chinese stories Daoshi - a synonym for something wonderful, way of for the brink of our mundane life. With evidence this until now can be face in Taoism monasteries. But what we believe miracles, isn laws of nature - for monks only a consequence Grishino, not securing no individual interest.

And began all with brief notebook "Dao Dae colours you wear."

Great excellence seems damaged,
But in applying it eternally abundant.
Great a completeness seems empty,
But in the application of she's law is infinite.
Great pryamizna seems bent.
Great prowess seems blunt.
Great oratory seems kosnoyazychnym.
Rest wins movement,
And the coldness are also often beset by heat.
Only the, who at peace and administered,
Capable to rule booming Middle Kingdom.

Europeans give things names, then are beginning manipulate these names;
Design most complicated system, and then flow in depression because, that real life raze not is placed in dreamed up they scheme.
All from that "theory, my friend, as dy - and tree life the lush turns green."

At birth man malleable and weak; in dying - steadfast and the verdict.
Grass and trees under life bending and malleable;
By your death same, become solid and dry.
The firm and solid goes path death, and weak and malleable goes by life.

And ultimately it is important another. Can be long to discuss, analyze history China, determine contribution backed Tzu in tradition booming Middle Kingdom; can be to compare Taoism with konfutsiantsami and chan-Buddhist - and around the this to be sure there is place.
But I say only about how, that once I took in hands book backed Tzu and read its entire life - and this book makes my life better. For that and thank you backed Tzu, China, and all you, expensive my listeners!
(From programs Barrage balloon Radio Russia. B. Grebenshchikov)