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Religious holidays

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With, clarity the blackout, the coincided and one of Orthodox holidays’s organs is fall asleep of the Virgin.

28 August Russian Orthodox Church celebrates called Sacred of the Virgin.

Celebration Uspenija of - one of the most unexpected for secular miroponimaniya. That is celebrated in this day? Wasn can be celebrate death? But Slavonic word "fall asleep" means dream. And sense holiday in is, that there is no more the death, which waited every until Resurrection Christ. There is no more sorrow about death, there is no before it of fear. Apostle Paul, vospevshiy victory words an ancient prophet, - "Death! Where yours sting? Hell! Where your victory? ", - says:" For me life - Christ, and death - purchases of "(Phil 1.21). And after the end the earth life Sacred Virgin has the Virgin not leaves world: "In Christmas devstvo retained despoil, in the Assumption world not left despoil to Virgin." - reminds Chinese clergy Eve caroling.

Ascension Christ Sacred Virgin has Epiphanius lived in area Jerusalem, incoming seats, where preached and committed miracles Her the Son. Especially she loved praying in of Gethsemane garden, where Christ have led on Court and on godparents, so suffering. Prayed Sacred Virgin has the Virgin about address to faith of the polluted Jew people and about new churches, organized by apostles in different countries. She and itself many talked the brining announcement Resurrection Christ.

And here is in late one such prayer produced before Ney Archangel Gavriil, which not times was to It, Far imperative of God. Bright relish, He told to It, that through three days will end path Her the earth life, and God accorded Her in Svoi perpetual abode. Under this He gave it heavenly place branch, scintillating track toward light. Returning with (Jerusalem) mountains, Kazan has become prepare for an make sail from this life.

The same an angel informed,
But posuplen and smuten he,
Branch temnoyu ukazuet,
That comes the latest dream.
Dresses inclined slave of God:
- That is ready I die

Came the hour, when it must was introducing myself. In room were blazing candles, but on plans deathbed have lain Kazan, surrounded by lyubivshimi Her people. Suddenly khramina ozarilas Flavourings light the Divine glory and in means unusual light of gone with the sky Sam central Jesus Christ, surrounded by Angels and souls antiquated righteous persons.

Kazan, despite Svoego the Son, as would sweet falling asleep, without taking any corporal suffering, has betrayed in His hands initially, clean soul. Later, remembering this event, Church in one and their songs of hackneyed tripe: ",, fall asleep Pure videvshi, udivishasya: To find the Devo despondent from land on with the" - even, surprised such a peaceful transition from life the earth in life Messiah--as.
On to the legend, during burial Dame apostles have carried the overturn bed, on which pokoilos Her Prechistoe body, and a huge number of believers, surrounding them with a procession, sang sacred songs.

By the unbelievers inhabitants Jerusalem, stricken Urochistim's a burial thing going through every major about all cause it of the Jews, perhaps masters prefer, which immediately decided disperse the march of, and body Dame betray poruganiyu. When warriors quickly jumped on march of been committed miracle: In the cloud a wreath, a soaring over the body Dame, have dipped to earth and as would wall has erected the burial march of. Nevertheless, one of of Jewish priests, named Afoniy, voskliknuv: "Here is what pochest give body, which had for flattering with such delicacy, razoryavshego law our fathers," - charge to deathbed Dame with goal tip the his. But as only he were displaced by bed of, Angel neveschestvennym sword a compartment him both hands. In horror Afoniy fell on land with howls: "Sorrow me! Sorrow me! ".

Then apostle Peter, stopping march of, said Afoniyu word vrazumleniya and added, that cure wounds can only Christ, if Afoniy all the heart Orthodoxy in him. Afoniy, seeing around the fault action began today God, has exclaimed: "Believe in something, that Jesus there is predvozveschennyy difficult the Savior world Christ!". Then he turned with with your prayer to Pure The Maiden, and when he expended got stumps to its previous batty, those immediately are sticking back, remained only the thin scar in a physical reminder nechestii.

Apostle Foma not managed on burial of the Virgin and him allowed enter in cave, where was other the Virgin, to he was able worship the it in the last time.

Says Foma discrete brothers:
"Did I worse all?
Bogoroditsynym hug
For what had no involvement in sin?
Overall thirst for, brethren took up, worship the,
Kiss the saint threshold,
Where Heavenly sleeping Tsarina
On rasputiy all roads "

But, having entered cave, they saw only Her Creatan veils, squads derive savor, the most same bodies Dame there not it turned out.

The coffin of the opened. Sacred a marvel!
The coffin of the Maria obryaschen empty.
Where Pure all was a body,
Other race of roses zarevoy the flow of.

Stricken these bewildering the disappearance of the Her bodies, they understood, that himself central have deigned to above universal revival take on with the prechistoe body to His Mothers.

Surprisingly and the, that the Virgin was so modest and a humbling, that in Russia with the Gospel about it - only a few the lines. Several lines for about Toy, whose purity and belief led in the world savior of - about to Virgin in New Testament only a few the lines. Its the first words in prophecies: "CE slave of God, wake me on glagolu what you want" - "I slave of God, let will so, as you said" - these words she gives consensus on the, to Spirit Santa gone on it and came would in the world the Savior. And here is she refers to us: During long feast in Cannes Film Festival Galileyskoy She says vinocherpiyam (those who poured those wine) - What would nor said Christ, then execute. It as no one known the entire the depth of these words, She Cannito every word God, and in poverty, and in skorbyakh, and under True Cross Svoego the Son and under His resurrection, even so, where other seemed, that there is no God, if around such sorrow.

Called - one of the most favorite on Russias holidays: With time saintly of the Vladimir Uspenskie temples began to appear across Russias: Sobornyy Kyiv the Yasukuni, Desyatinnaya Church, was devoted Uspeniyu of the Virgin. To XIV digits Uspenskie temples as the main church were built in Suzdal, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Zvenigorod. Chief Moscow the Yasukuni, based in the Kremlin in XIV century, also was was sanctified in the name of Uspenija of of the Virgin. Surprisingly are beautiful and melodic rooftop chants Uspenija of Sacred of the Virgin - alone of the most or church songs enforced precisely in honor this holiday.




Rifat Kapustnitsy

On gallant Hotspur there Honest and Life-giving the Cross of God (12 September on old style), when Russian Orthodox people vozdvigal wayside obetnye crosses, was beginning celebration Kapustnitsy. In this day were logging with Kale cabbages, given one: “At Vozdvizhene the first madam cabbage. ” Known, that cabbage, pickled or crude brings body huge favor. She lifts synthesized, warns atherosclerosis, cleans the from eczema, helps under disease liver and sufferers. On gallant Hotspur there was beginning a series of autumn parties-kapustnits. When girls had placed color spirit dresses and with veselymi songs were from homes in house, guests masters brought sweet honey and different treats. Not zevali in this time and young guys, choosing itself the most rastoropnykh brides.



Sorry that not on time, but until on May far, and this celebration me like more all. :P

Easter Christ. Bright spot of Christ Sunday.

In the first century Christianity Easter celebrated not everywhere in one thing time. On East, in Maloaziyskikh churches, its celebrated in 14 th day Nisan (on our ultimately March - April), on what would day best nor accounted for this number. Western Church committed its in the first Sunday after of spring full moon. Attempt to establish consensus between Churches in this issue was made under a sacred Polikarpe, my Bishop Smirnskom
, in mid-II century. I the Ecumenical Church could 325 year defined celebrate Easter everywhere in one thing time. (Book of definition of about Easter ideas until us not has peaked. With an ancient time the Ethiopian Local the Church determine date celebration Easter on so-called nuns Paskhalii: In the first Sunday after Easter full moon, within between 22 March and 25 April.
The beginning of holiday.

Celebration begins dominical resurrection, in midnight between Great Shabbat and Voskresenem. 's your tour been especially urochista service - Light, checked "batik" style Orthros (disambiguation). Service begins in midnight, when clergy and tserkovnosluzhiteli in altar boy are beginning sing stikhiru quietly, then all louder and louder, and then in this sing insurance is and. Sticheron in the early compelled,, the 6 th.

Sunday yours, christ of Justice,
're angels sing on the Sky:
And us on earth spodobi
A net the heart year slaviti.

, hard move.
With this singing begins, hard move around temple with Urochistim armors and in bells,. During services priest again and again with relish welcomes all people at prayer words "Christ voskrese!" (Three times) and each time praying respond "greet voskrese!". Sometimes this cheer is pronounced on other languages. During services chorus often sings Easter troparia:

Christ voskrese from dead,
Death death squandered,
And a labyrinthine in coffins has met open by granting.

Word St. John Zlatoustogo.
In late compelled priest reads famous "Word St. John Zlatoustogo" (347-407), perfectly describing triumph and significance Easter. After services all praying suited to pope, which holds in the hands of used, 's getting kissed used and khristosuyutsya with him, and then with each other. After compelled some go home, and are talking homes with their relatives and friends. Of course, common sense says, that for order to feel great and healthy need before zautrenney provide and sleep several hours. This in especially applies to children.

We must only the Liturgy will.
In most churches immediately after compelled's your tour been "batik" style the Liturgy will, which continues about two hours. Thus, easter gathered does end after three hours morning. During this Liturgy, praying, which goveli, confessed and take the sacrament during Week Week of, can again taking Communion without confessions, if for istekshee time nor any big sins not was introduced.


After wop, so as post Seimyniskeliai, praying usually razgovlyayutsya (eat forbidden food – not live) under temple or have themselves on homes. As was already said higher, some go home, and razgovlyayutsya after compelled. Praying, too, bring Easter cakes, cheese Easter and Easter was dyed this, for moreover, the priest meetings the their after services.

Easter period.
The entire period until Ascension (40 days after Easter) is considered the Easter period, and Orthodox welcome each other words “Christ voskrese ” and answer“ greet voskrese. ” Even when are raising station up, then not say “hello ”, and say,“ Christ voskrese ”!.

Easter shell.
As was said already higher, Easter is celebrated seven days. At first day pani - wife remain homes, and familiar men trek on homes, and congratulate their close and known. Tables everywhere serve to supplement any event the entire day. On desks already all modest (not live). Is food: On a snack Juniper, then soup, per cage, the hot, ham, fruit, salads, wine and camping on P.
On sweet - a cheese Easter, Easter cakes, cakes, compote, tea and coffee.

Usually antistatic for the table on half an hour of exercise and then say good and a guest goes to other familiar. Necessarily need to visit all relatives, then good known, especially senior and elderly. Usually gifts in this day not bring. On the second day Easter rely, to wife were on homes, and husbands sat homes, but this not practiced. In our time, in these saints days, many colludes and trek, to each other in Visitors.

Significance Easter.
Sunday of Christ (Easter) - this the greatest celebration Orthodox Christians. Have Western Christians the most big celebration - Christmas of Christ. ????? human there is day birth and the, that have God Lord Jesus Christ there is day birth this says nothing about who He. To revive could only central God, so resurrection of Christ evidence suggests, that Jesus Christ indeed central Jesus Christ, the Son God God, & face Santa Trinity. Western Christians retreated from the Orthodox exercises and mirovoskhoreniya and because often umalyayut maximum Deity God Lord Jesus Christ, respiration they less are celebrating His resurrection, and sometimes even and hold back about him.

Brought from Orthodox calendar.



Today ROC notes day Pokrova blessed of the Virgin

Today, 14 October, Russian Orthodox Church notes celebration Pokrova blessed of the Virgin. Christian historians suggest that almost six hundred years ago on End the Greek empire government Saracens. The enemy was strong, and Greeks threatened biggest danger. In the time and happened my, what a pretty phenomenon Mothers Lord’s Resistance. Happened this in church, where permanent Saints Dame. On Russias with Pokrova days started wedding, and girls in this day were in Church praying, that would will interfere sent them good eligible.



The story holiday of Christmas

55 Euros celebration a soft-spoken, house, that is peaceful. This celebration spiritual. At the table gather only members family and the most close friends.

According to proper Old Testament ’, Christ was born in city of Bethlehem in 5508 year from creation world. The first to about his birth learned shepherds. By adopting all the heart this announcement, they traveled worship the an infant child receives. Eastern wizards - magician, also God's people in Christ, STAR difficult path to community his birth.

But were and such, as tsar Tyrant has been, hasn death him. When he understood, that his vision find baby not has been powered, ordered kill in Bethlehem and his neighborhood all boys from two years and below. He governor intended, that among killed will and Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in which saw contenders in the royal succeeded. So was Armenia ? aggression ? 14,000 babies. They are considered the first to martyrs for Christ.

Christmas of Christ is one of the most or and solemn Christian holidays. Around the Christian world, in including and on Russias, Christmas always noted with special revered figure. In this day everywhere are worth decorated with Christmas tree, symbolizing canonical gospels tree, surges candles, like those, which were eager in Vifleemskom the stables. In many countries in Christmas night children go on the streets with singing songs-Christmas carols.

Eve sixth studies.in "Christmas Eve ever." Evening 6 January (on faithfully preserve its worthy Julian calendar)) was called "also" Cec. " Christmas Eve - this the final day Rozhdestvensky office. Church charter prescribes in this day strict post with full your confinement from food "before the first stars", symbolizing Christmas star in, vozvestivshuyu volkhvam Christmas Christ. Name "Christmas Eve" from words "sochivo", so was called ritual now, compulsory in this evening. It prigotovlyalos from a poppy or Terpene alcohols "milk" and are with honey, and porridge from red wheat or barley, rye, Fagopyrum, pea plants, lentils. There dobavlyalis entire or chopped up core I nuts, sweet almond, rastertogo poppy. These dish began meal as in Rozhdestvensky, so and in Kreschenskiy Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve in the Christian world is considered exclusively family dinner. In this day in House ambivalent rest, love and consensus. In handworkers the table they salted alive, then postilali tablecloth, in the center of the the table hull (now with sochivom and other it. Enough was and drinks, as freshener soft, so and of lasting. In temples in these spirit evening clock resisted expressed a solemn gathered.

In old times, when clock beaten midnight, all exchanged presents, were congratulating each other, be allowed to do that desires. After all it was thought, that on Christmas Day the sky pugayusche earth, and forces celestial are all respect. But desires necessarily must be intentioned.

Next day after of Christmas is dedicated to Mothers Christ of the Savior Pure the Virgin Maria. From assembly believers in the Yasukuni for 109 metres and Republican Her, this day is called Cathedral Sacred of the Virgin.

Twelve subsequent days after of Christmas are called holy days or svyatkami (until 17 January). Post in these days is cancelled. Week - this is not only joy and joy of the. Our pious ancestors on yuletide work affairs charity, following commandment of the Savior: "Caveat mercy, as and religious your mercy."




Today believers note Logon of God in Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)

The solemn entry Jesus in Jerusalem was accession His on the path the godparents suffering. About this crucial tell in their to get to the late all four evangelist (see Muh. Minister-11; Mk. 11.1-11; Leninogorsk. 19,29-44; TUIT. 12,12-19).

Have Jews was custom: Tsars and winners moved in Jerusalem on horses or donkey-, and people solemn howls, with palm branches in the hands of met their. Beginning prophecy Old Testament (see Zach. 9.9), Christ precisely thus Urochistim way came pulling in in Jerusalem, but not as’Tsar the earth or winner in war, and as’Tsar, the Empire would not from the world stingy (TUIT. 18,36), as winner of America sin and death. Jewish people, single ship has come under under practicing Roman yoke, expected the Messiah as political liberator, and all seemed, that Madrid, yesterday voskresivshiy Lazar and once nakormivshiy 5 thousands of people, may well be exactly the earthly leader of, which will lead its people to political independence and globe the realm savouring.

From request then on the streets Jerusalem only One Christ knew, that instead the profane realm He brings man the Empire of Heaven, instead rid of the profane slavery He absolve human from slavery much the worst - from slavery times. He One knew, that path, strewn with now palm branches, leads to station and Chapel. This n 1. glorify Christ before His death Church recalled for testimony, that suffering of the Savior were floor routines.

Entry of God in Jerusalem
This celebration on Russias long is called Verbnym resurrection. Name this is happening from what on this celebration believers come with branches, typically, willow plants - European, willow, vetly or other trees, which the first to dismissed spring, in celebrate the those branches of, which are that Jews, vstrechavshie Jesus in Jerusalem. Of course, on south use flowers and branch other trees, typically, palm trees. In Russia, where such trees there is no and where the first is hereby disbanded willow, with ancient since the have become use its branch, why and himself celebration became called Verbnym resurrection. But a real his name - Logon of God in Jerusalem, or Week Vaiy, Tsvetonosnoe Sunday.

In this festive day, as and in celebration the blessed Sacred of the Virgin, despite the ongoing Grand post, permitted vkushenie fishery dishes.




passionate PЯTNITsAprecedes crashing Easter and devoted unlocking a memory about bottom of the crucifixion of and death Lord Jesus Christ. Forms honouring Week Friday widely range – from simple memories or special religious services have Protestants until special liturgies little in to churches and complex liturgies ceremony in questions of Roman Catholic Church. In Catholic Church wop Week Friday're confined to 3 hours days, when, according to tradition, died Jesus Christ. Although this service seems single, in fact she consists of four "parts, each of which has own origins and history.
The first, most ancient part of, chinoposledovanie Lay, implemented in ancient church in those cases, when not was taking place, merriments Eucharist. Currently she includes in themselves a series of readings from Old Testament, zavershaemyy Urochistim the reading confirming stories with evangelist John about Strastyakh the Passion of Christ. The second part of consists of several Ramadan (ascendant to 5 digits) about execution possible medicine spiritual needs all people on earth. The third part of – style of worship the cross, associated with's ancient custom, praktikovavshimsya Christians in Jerusalem. Crucifixion shut out “in Sunday, nachinayuschee Good week. Then priest and his aides based cover, after what clerics and – 's getting kissed crucifixion. The latter part of services Week Friday – Pnompenh Prezhdeosvyaschennykh Darov, during which clergy and – get considered. Gifts, which were virtually on the eve (hence name).

http://www.krugosvet.ru/articles/24/100 … 2414a1.htm



Good Friday

Boris "while"

My God, I know, that today they you the elephants. Grandmother told, that so case every year, and when I I grow up, then gather additionally in any way, why this need.
You were gonna get whacked for hands and for its feet to drain orifice the cross and leave one die in desert.
I even not can to imagine, what this the awful pain. I would was yelling, not stop crapping. Certainly, this is even worse, than on war to be hoisted by it on days, and then die in hospital of the Ukrainian.
Me you very pity, and I want, to on the next year you not killed. Can be, for year we together anything will make pictures.
And to today you was not so painful for and not so frightening on the cross in desert, I on confidence you I’d say, that already day after tomorrow you, un-die, sit down right hand the Father and again regulation look on us from above.
And I will you praying, and then, can be, my Pope, too, as any. Will return. From moreover hospital.




A rainbow, I perhaps not on topic, but question. In Kiev churches very little icons, i.e. almost there is no. Have us same they on all a. And at all Kiev church modest, this outcome long of neglect is or?



Галина wrote:

Wu us same they on all a

"Have us" - this in Russia?
Galya, in this moment not can answer your question, but in any time soon will try clarify.



Галина wrote:

Wu us same they on all a

"Have us" - this in Russia?
Galya, in this moment not can answer your question, but in any time soon will try clarify.



Asked the its eeaaneie old hat about icons. Says, that there is no, no implicit sense in this there is no, something like the "decisions on places." But this private opinion. Galya, can be, you makes sense turn on religious forum any and they grant the another information?


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