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Time television-Management: Governance time

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34 issuance

Our time for standing pat

Hello, respected readers!

First my personal request! Could you do the honors aid in development the hoax. Send their opinion about mailing and proposals as its improve - form of, content, periodicity, topics. Everyone, who comitment letter, I submit in gift smallness book on topic the hoax (you can even offer topics publications).

In advance all Merci Pour le!

And now, exactly himself issuance.

So immediately for several projects are carried out by I inevitably faced with problem shortage of time. In opting deal with this fading category I found out about on site "Run time" http://improvement.ru

And here I got a girl's on one thing highly interesting narrative, some and propose a your attention.

Oh great grip time and ulovlenii fading life

Francesco Petrarch “aesthetic fragments ” Moscow, Bel.“ The Art ” 1982g.XXI 12. Francis has, late Prior monastery of sv. Apostles in Florence, imagine relaxing grip time and ulovlenii fading life

I put an you came to spread close space life; you means, arm tactics employed by no art this can be achieved. Time rapidly flies, and his cannot be rein in enjoy any means: Sleep whether, dreaming, butyou're awake — clock, days, months, years, century glidin 'in retreated; all under the sun, barely after thousands, hurry forward and with more marvellous speed vlechetsya to his the end of.

Ни передышки, ни покоя; ночи мчатся не медленнее дней, одинаково подаются и хлопотливые и ленивые, и видимо стоящие на месте поспешают — не разное плавание при разном ветре, как на море, но всегда равный бег жизни, притом стремительный; не вернуться, не остановиться; любая буря, всякий ветер несет вперед; у одних путь легче, у других трудней, у одних длинней, у других короче, но скорость у всех одна; шагаем не все одной тропой, но одинаково ходко; разными дорогами достигаем одного конца, и если кто приходит к нему поздней, это еще не значит, что он движется медленней, а просто его путь чуть побольше и чуть отдаленней была цель — которая, даже если кажется очень далекой, всегда совсем рядом; к ней мы идем в неудержимом порыве; каждый миг гонит и неволей влечет из жизненного моря в порт нас — любящих путь, боящихся конца, безрассудных путников; зря оглядываемся, надо идти, мало того, надо прийти; дорога за спиной, конец перед глазами.

That same I want do and in than this my intention relax the squeeze life? I’d say you. Above all — align soul on love by the end of; after all in fact, that prudent, than learn to willingly do the, that and hardly would still will have to do? When soul learning not fear empty things, natural love, and inevitable even want to, she will serene and vigorously expect what with such longing and with so thrill expects our species.

Think, such a capable achieve only ispolnivshie all the, sake of what mainly and wanted to live, — a rare species people, a dedicated only urge for virtues.

This and means “to live completed lives, ” about than says Seneca; on-my, there is no more beautiful such a way of life, when nothing not scares, nothing not disturbing, nothing not of darkness about you, nothing not involve, moreover, arrival what so are undoubted, that his cannot be steer the no an impediment; when Remembrance about the past good and hope on future increase the current.

To this goal not come formats their khoteniyam: Forever ranging, they never complete — never parca relevance to corner and split per pot, no end indefinitely, and greedy lust always with fresh, always only that began, always manyascha and's law is infinite; who should for it, Encierro so in Endless path, not knows and not can know contemplated, because and with his khotenie not satisfy some.

Life such does not end, and is a broken, otrezaetsya nedotkanym chosen canvas, obrubaetsya, then as have vypolnivshikh circuits debt remains bliss contemplated, — those life decelerating an incomplete, have these, finished, lasts, and life only then is beginning to be a happy, only then a real, when she been accomplished.

I one of assembly challenges in the midst of, from whom life and not finished, but and not drawn-out under power desires without hope on special perfection; whom some what and even much still lacks, but all-??? not indefinitely; whom on completing LukOil not need to many centuries, but all-??? requires time, and larger only his really tight, lights boiling, for relaxation which and need-higher art.

You again means, how to do this. All boils down to prudence of the same time. Drunks. Lewt wine on gender, and they had taken to tiptoe around and water; surplus community to the profligacy, poverty of to of thrift; often only under the end of the is beginning to began to dawm, that need to was to do initially, yes and almost always wisdom and force trek apart: The kind mired, when this blooms, and when the kind awakes, this ailing, — otherwise human beginnings were would whole lot better off, outcome predprinyatogo blagopriyatney, and now man usually is beginning to know, when ceased be able.

Like would me start value time before, yes young mind moreover not resides: Izobilny owner bad evaluator, modicum in such a fact have in abundance and imagine, that have, — one thing and the same, just as and removed any at all misled lies not in things, and in representation about them.

Nor one cardinal not has time in plenty, only not all equally clear see its poverty; for any age residue life would still sinking in a gloom of a, a blooming: He .Iran better position not more, than the hunchback and for old meat old man, wasn that the young man greater awaits, and because more often and is worse than obmanyvaetsya, and vice versa, who less hopes, the often robust is worth on feet.

Circumstances thousands of, species people thousands of, but all is capable blow my mind one hope.

To not remain under its charms until the end of, 'm open eyes; better Boeings wisdom, than no. In than first was profligate, then generous, in is want become almost, begrudging, skarednym. It is time teaches, the need for eyebrows, there is no room jokes at my own expense; trust me me, us they and dumps in the midst of the our papers, if we not there because and do not stand up to: If not rise up as one, by all forces souls, then let us crushed.

The very state of my affairs and learned finally the magnitude of the dangers are raising me from sleep not worse, than Themistokles — victory Miltiades.

Often sleepless Treat pushes me with bed polusonnogo with and undeniably wide awake spirit of, but with still closed eyes and, not seeing of light, which usually entire night I have is ablaze, I so, as if in darkness, to wade through on on room, to wake up closest retainer; inter those — that are you laughing at? — opening eyes, find light and I can't wait'll turn off his, to – 's loyal servant, look at, that his be disturbed by in vain, not laughed at least pro themselves over my nesuraznostyu and not thought what, not knowing affairs.

Such is I and, shame his behavior, sentiments not I am ashamed. If would the same determination was I have young! Remains rejoice at at least, that will have man.

The first it would be helpful and conveniently for large beginnings, but and the last not futile and not protection, and if in than something from two it was necessary pogreshit, I all-??? preferred would morning vigor slumber evening: All becomes go well beyond, tyagoteya to an end, the most gibelnaya mistake the latter, and one cardinal hour implementing various verdict all years life.

Reconstitute to him — deal special and superior foresight; here long need to was to channel all time and all pains. If pity, that gubili his for good reason, we shall collect modicum the remnants of, and let industriousness would correct the, that ruined sloth. Here is to what but, and not fear, that will be directed vice is stinginess my thrift to nevosstanovimoy things: As in money meticulous judgment blurry. Army, so in some things she beautiful; who not there strict observance practicing an have monk, most restraint have matrons, nerastochitelnost in time have scientist?

Here is that want love, here is what to cling, here is than am, how manages, the damage of wasted time; about this think, about this a sigh thing, this, can be, to be, leads God and a steadfast hearty intent. 'll take care about how, to not slay nor particles time, not will — the to as can be less slay.

I'll get it running litigation about offense with nightmare and pleasures of, not dam them upholding character nor a fraction of what could me. I have will whom yelling on aid in case of plunder — virtue, source of nerazvraschennogo judgment and impregnable and invincible a hardbody of reason; bashing dispute about iaaeao — 'll reschedule litigation there, made there d beg verdict.

Like would not have affairs with rivals, yes cannot be: Such manages, content with a third just time. Seven hours, blissfully on gold deathbed, slept Augustus, yes and the not full, because care interrupted conversation dream.

'll go make treaty with their eyes, to they satisfied six; two hours routing on other need, residue – me. Speak, not will be able? Giving word and already to have tried — can! There is no for mertnykh nor in than impediments ”, — says Flaccus.

So it and there is: Kosnost makes for us something impossible, but there is no utterly nigchego nepristupnogo for virtues; we much managed would, if would not otchaivalis until curiously attempts to. Were, holds the rumor, and such, that on e?ueuyo ustremlyalis in the sky, and such, that were not weaned life in conceals waves, — things rare, agree, but they after all only us and entailed; at all usual priskuchivaet, and now cracks a noble engulfs.

Here is you the main part of my design. Сюда надо еще добавить, что от этой нехватки времени я в подражание Августу при стрижке и бритье обычно или читаю, или пишу, или слушаю, или диктую, а еще — не помню, чтобы такое говорилось о нем или о ком бы то ни было,—я взял себе обыкновение делать то же на лошади и за столом; не раз я, странно сказать, верхом на лошади достигал вместе и конца пути и конца стихотворения, а когда я далеко от человеческих скопищ в одном из двух наших Геликонов, то, если не мешает уважение к заезжему сотрапезнику, среди снеди всегда торчит деревенское перо и никакой стол не накрывают мне без записных табличек.

Among night I, too, often, the third, under zatukhshey Giver the first affair grab Burrito from-under, ports pen and, until not to evaporate thought, in darkness write such, that with return days barely can spell out.

Here is my care. Other, can, seem, that I'm chasing for glories, but you in this chistoserdechnom fictional a guess on the my life and mood and'll understand, that me hence more shame, than glory, — namely that in old age I have Treat about than something friend, except as about psyche.

But such is I, and even urge themselves, that and for souls prove useful my writings, nedaremno I abandon myself to them all bezzabotney and some joy back in your, — as said, “’ m getting old and daily am learning something. ”“ And what same, — means, — you still one is please learn? ”

And much: Am learning, as on good will stop be boys and — what always with greed studied under, but here any lessons always little, — am learning slowing in its, am learning die. How I advanced in the second of these Sciences, will show my the latest day: Nedostoveren skill in fact, which for entire life is being carried fulfilled only times; and in the first reached moreover, that by the day all more thank nastupayuschuyu old age for disposing from evil fetters and relief from Wailing starts) weight.

Bring hence, that unjustifiably considered its besslavnym age: That attributes old age crowd, vinyaschaya nature of and apologetic themselves, has cause of not age, and promiscuity. In any age, as only man capable think and judge, there is place for virtues and race, for glory and shame.

Here is perishing indeed: As fall se still little for crop, but if attend about everything summer, she will far not frustrating time year, so old age, venchayuschaya years to come bezvolya, will and impoverished, and dreary, and the futile, and useless part of life, but if the same old age was carefully backed by in early life also stiffed classes, she and is rich in, and fertile intentioned Judo while still a teenager, and useful, and more joyful.

Even if would she was Good only those, that mitigate heat before epochs life, would still, on-my, was would with surplus causes and want to and love its. Who, except ingrates, not her have her holidays age prudence and complete the all, than until now have neglected lazy all brain cells, eradication just the worst in man and because just better in it?

But return to tax cuts initiated, to care about the upgrading, which with such force captured me, expensive each, as if I now only tackled General quarters; and enough already moreover, that I between affair and get distracted from of multiple gnetuschikh concerns, and forget a about our time, and come by, and one life, and barely felt the, from-for what just more minds concentrated by themselves people.

Let other avidly seek wealth, 14th or hedonism — I here put an itself and wealth, and honors, and savouring. Not the that I not understood this still with early early life, but then I behaved slowly,, waddle the waddle, as if in morning clock, and now - I double. - step, as if harassed, because day is tipping to by the evening, and mindful, how many things I laid the foundation, I hasten, clear seeing deal and not knowing only, as have time, — late deer blinds, not dispute, but than late-tackled mind, the more rush!

From all sides me surround left great people examples; from them salivating palate flow, carotid odur subsides and team of affairs not leaves roadweary entire night. Not think, think, that Femistrkl and Miltiades alone, their many. About the rest of the will talk later; the remaining part of more, but, hope, in it less undetermined.

Now current condition my spirit you known, what, I know, you and wanted to. Here is with the help no art I try rein in, as can, running rapid time, had wrenched this nevelikiy residue days have death, reading, food, thinking, by staying awake; after all if dream there is death, as talked great people, then then awakening – – life, and modicum so I'll live the on several hours longer.

Wish you success.

Milan, 13 November [1359], midnight


When I read "Milan, 13 November [1359], midnight" impenetrable sense of overran me. Human reached long ago there is no, and read - is the impression, that here is now with him speak.

And still it occurs to, that so much centuries passed, and have us all Tezhi Dam problems. All remained on circle its grains. Almost 7 centuries took, and humanity nor on single iota not progressed in his development.

Ve all that anywhere, except themselves: Tools torture, tools punishment, weapons wars, technology influence and formula deception. For this time together can be was life prolong in 5 times, develop their superpowers, huh, get rid of all diseases, restore the world on earth, in late all.

Than focused so much time humanity? Than we doing that now? 're surviving in civilized life world? Fight consequences its reckless activities.

7 centuries resided years for good reason.

Perhaps, need to prove before the face of death to start to live present.

But, for us, BECAUSE Processors PLUS NOT BE BACK LATE, truth? Not too late now Classic, not toying in peak-a-boo with circumstances, false rules and constraints, constraints our opportunities, opportunities be a, be happy, Being a.

A fairy tale lies, yes in it lesson, good molodtsam lesson.
Your Fabler

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Or simply – please send them this issuance.

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Your letters can be published in mailing, if not want the write "not for the publication."

Materials the hoax are subject free spread of with mandatory the indication active references to “or site.

Done fondly

Code this the hoax: Psychology.skazki



All bountiful days! On subject time television-management now many write. Can be whether learn to more effectively manage their to see the secretary? As do so, to his "became more"? One way - this distribute affairs on the principle of Eisenhower. Need share all their affairs on 4 categories:

And - important and urgent
In - important, but not urgent
With - I wish I had better, but urgent
Afghan - I wish I had better and nesrochnye

And further track how many time in day we don`t worry what categories. Usually, 's these analysis, people with amazement note, that affairs categories In (engineering, investment,, strengthening and maintaining health, and also finding sense life and spiritual development) occupy little room. And here is categories A (affairs that cannot be postpone, "last-minute" timeline), Since (correspondence, telephoned pattern, "utryasyvanie and dealing with" affairs) and especially D (entertainment on workplace, reading forums, tea-coffee, us take smoke breaks, reading magazines) occupy lion part of time.
Much detail with theme can be contact on this site



Here is, has found in one FaceBook curious way to diagnostics relations to time :) Ssylochku then dam.

"Friends, want to share with you thoughts remains ready about how other people value its time. And know, can be quite accurately give the answer, not delimitations in psychological analysis. For this need only obtain response to one question. And work this will be in is case, if man thus question not is.

I'm going to ask you this question. And before, as you start to read the text below, hold its the answer and specify his in remarks,, please.

I want, to you me gave the answer, without any computations in mind and those more on calculator. The most the first, that comes in head:

- How many days in average lasts life human?"



XLI, as would I not sought to, but word "how many" automatically forces me engage with calculations. If same I "feel like myself again on hold his nose", then'm recall the, that saw on TV or somewhere read. And if given, that with psychologist need always be on paranoid as ever, then I increasingly would still'm gonna turn on calculator and givin 'you 300 on 100 and will somewhere 30tys. Days.



Here it is important that PERVOE comes to mind, without logic and analysis. Me the first came in head a delusional thought: 2 100,000. Then throwing his hat intelligence and this option widened until 10 100,000. From whom still what options? :) wyglada, and then dam the key to assessing time.

Yes, here is still that. The author offers considered not entire life, and the most productive its preiod (with 20 until 45 years).

Last edited by Радуга (Nov 23 2008 11:19:36)



Heh-heh. The first that comes in head. :rolleyes: in such cases, if not the facade, then not always gets the to highlight, that precisely was the first, camping on K. Guiding role or unwittingly here same "vklinivaetsya" our "rassuzhdalka" :D, the more arises tempted to under nutshell "without any computations in mind and those more on calculator." :writing:. Okay, if without curiously parts, and reasoning, then the first Brad recent to mind (in courses case :D) - 7 days in week / 29.5 days in month / 365 days in year. This was the first. At all the notion of life mnogovariativno :rolleyes:

Радуга wrote:

Yes, here is still that. The author offers considerednot entire life, and the most productive its preiod (with 20 until 45 years).

Flax, ah after this not resort precisely to thirteenth time quite difficult :crazyfun:



Lero4ka wrote:

this was the first.

So how many specifically? :)

Lero4ka wrote:

Len, ah after this not resort precisely to thirteenth time quite difficult

So and on health! This already intelligence throwing his hat, and us interested the first reaction, successive in head.
Still from whom what options?



Радуга wrote:

So how many specifically?

:dontknow: not know. How many recognizes how much themselves. But this question apparently assumes anonymity on specific figure. And here without analysis already raze (this for me :blush:)
Instead asked question wife. His reaction - 70 years. , AXEMAN AND WOMAN - days. "As I can so immediately say?." "That the first comes in head?" His answer - training



Lero4ka wrote:

His the answer - training

Is famously :) We wait for rest! :flag:



Мне первое, что пришло в голову:много...Потом уже начались вычисления...



Here it is important that PERVOE comes to mind, without logic and analysis.

The first, that time come in head-100 days.
Brad of course, why 100?



Свобода wrote:

Brad Hart swallowed of course, why 100?

Javadxan, interestingly! :) Should we wait a little still oriental tunes? Can someone wants participate?



Should we wait a little still oriental tunes?

And more we'll wait for 8-)



"Answers, which I heard, suggest on thought about an underpricing of time.
80 years - this exactly 29220 days.
If comes the answer in 100.000 days, then man assesses significance one days times in 3 below. If goes the answer in 500,000, then underestimation almost in 17 times! The very a decisional laziness will then win, camping on K. Unconsciously thinking, that days even before • Agh!
Disregard age to 20 years and after 45 years. How many remains days? Less 10,000! "


8-) Liberty, have us with you sense of time compressed and narrowly focused, painfully. Not know as you, and I itself always put high the ceiling on and projected its power do for hour so much how many a normal man makes for day (ah conditional support) Lero4ka, and your husband, apparently, thinks, that ahead still much time.



Rainbow, you know, when responded to question pro time, arose thought, that I have with head not in order. Or I onwww.benaughty.com not organized, for example not plan on 100 years forward and camping on P.
But then, evoked the quotes with "Astrology transformation" Daragana:
"Uranus should izzhivatsya joyfully, easily. His principle "Here and now" - this principle philosophy Zen. Prorabatyvaya Uranus, aspire to live now. To was easier-homilies to settle his life until "compartment" in one hour, not in one day.
Psychologically the inclusion of Uranus is being experienced as gasket time.
People, which this are clamoring for, sometimes are experiencing sustainable sense of, if they the only waking in world sleeping. "

Until "compartment" in one hour not is obtained until, but a sense of, that quite little given time man on life (in s), and need to try to on opportunities have time much, timeline on a deadline here :) - That thought in the last time not leaves.
Incidentally, TV in this time not'm virtually, exception only for "Ekstrasensov" was, and the latest month and pro them since forgotten, once.

Last edited by Свобода (Nov 26 2008 18:25:10)



5,000 was the first, that in head time come



I have 12 100,000 days. Iay back. Judging by insistence I several. Am relaxed, okay :flirt: I have simply time vacation until.



Свобода wrote:

People, which this are clamoring for, sometimes are experiencing sustainable sense of, if they the only waking in world sleeping. "

Agree utterly :glasses: precisely such sense of.



Радуга wrote:

Lero4ka, and your husband, apparently, thinks, that ahead still much time.

Perhaps, only here is sometimes me seems, that he at all about time not thinks, increasingly somewhere "in sprays is a more", then account for his "on land reduce", with precisely with words "time the is faring" :)
Although, oieeea truth here there is, attitude by the time have us with him different.
And at all test is twofold impression produces. Modicum and one pays attention on wording "secondary his-in days" increasingly would still first on reflections pulling. Me for example, about of relativity (apparently habit view all things with different positions), on exiled abandoned dreamt other vyrianty answers. Not I one such, however. Modicum and question enough concrete ;) these test can be not only attitude by the time determine, but and especially perception then perishing :rolleyes:



Галина wrote:

I have 12 100,000 days. Iay back. Judging by insistence I several. Am relaxed, okay I have simply time vacation until.

What? :) you to normalcy close.

Lero4ka wrote:

these test can be not only attitude by the time determine, but and especially perception then perishing

Ah yes! Oosbenno interestingly this in our time, when have all povalno "time there is no." Know, I think, that here much depends on skill to focus, indeed do, to channel focus attention and concentration in right place.


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