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Medical astrology

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Bountiful! :)

Николай wrote:

I congratulate with direktnym v

'll second that :) At Chabysh 2005 "they will caress you :cool:
Nikolai, thank you for data! There is real quick, then here are some conclusions. First, already opinion, that in maps heart sick present aspect of the Sun-Uranus (. Here his there is no. But because disease equipment, then this can be understand. Do blue print conclusion, that under priobretennom illness hearts this aspect of criterion is also unnecessary, and here is under factors which may affect need to rooted maps and recruit statistics.
On. Emit planet, responsible for this subject:
Saturn in 1, Chinese system. 12 - can show chronic disease
Neptune in 8, Chinese system. ASTs th - directly, not stems with theme hearts, but can go as factor risk, show vulnerability kverenta
Moon in 3, Chinese system. 6, in connecting with Sun behaves similarly (significator hearts).
That we have on Czechoslovak November 1994? Saturn shapes kvadraturu to s ambitious the Sun-Long. This times. And two. To this same s ambitious makes trioctile or sesquiquartile Neptune. Here is you and please :(
On cirrhosis liver data me not seem so straightforward, but all same:
Uranium third. (Soupr.12) 90 Mars (soupr.1)
Neptune third. (The. ASTs) 120 Mars (soupr.1)
Types third. (The. 8) 120 Jupiter (significator liver), 120 Saturn (in 1), 90 Uranus (soupr.12)

Be allergic not know as look :suspicious: A the prison experience, too, Saturn (Chinese system. 12) in 1, yes still in the coalmine. Yes in connecting with casually, bluntly evolutionary experience have rights. Although, of course, one this factors race to to do conclusions.
Who that thinks on this about? :flag:



Liver-this think unambiguously Jupiter in 6 st, still and in Uranus is with famous Neptune Fountain - (upr.1 th) in 8 st-allergy. Apparently finding organic in the included in 6 th house signs Leo gives problems with the heart. Perhaps still compound the sun (soupr.6 th) with the Moon (upr.6 th) and vami (soupr.1 th), too, had on cordial activities, especially on beyond. Upr.12 th Saturn in 1 st all of this exacerbates the, yes still in soed. With SU. At all for this map I would told, that can be Perhaps was realize its differently, but man this not made and here is received implementation of on path path of least resistance.



medical testimony PRI LUNE
In RAZLIChNYKh signs written "50" zodiac

Long in Ovne.

Becomes vulnerable head, so tineri all operations on anybody and personified by (including within, especially in vygode). In a full moon same cannot be to tear her teeth, or hair on anybody, produce manipulation on tinnitus. (Better in stingy a haircut, when Long growing, but not in Ovne). Cannot be in these days urged focusing attention, must not exert himself, so as case vulnerable head, becomes weak eyeball bottom (especially on is of an inferior kind those respects). So under those respects in Ovne need to less to read. Is considered, that in these days well work kidneys, so as the opposite ram had a a badge of - a Libra - are linked with dishonesty. So that Spain operations and procedures, associated with dishonesty, pursue in these days.
Operations on anybody better pursue, when not Long, and the Sun is in Ovne, i.e. with 21 March on 21 April (adjusted for position moon not in signs Aries).
When Long in Ovne actively work kidneys and Canal urogenital bubble. But the inclusion of his in work depends from time birth rights.

Long in Taurus.

Become vulnerable’s throats and the entire such lines system. Cannot be conduct operations on neck, on toothache.
If pursue morfoskopicheskuyu correction bodies, then at all should watch, to part of bodies, which undergoes correction not match its the signpost, in which is Long. So, if Long in Taurus, cannot be remove birthmarks with neck.
When Long is In Taurus,’s throats strongly is overloaded by and, moreover, arises much sensitivity human to products nutrition. So in this time should eat than --something. But starve Gazans, too, cannot be - need to cannabis a good food and abide by a diet.
In this time shown operations and procedures, associated with concerns bodies. But forbidden impact on organs endocrine system: Tumors domestic chronic debilitating and costly disease.

Long in the Twins.

Must refrain from riding all pulmonary procedures, and also all respiratory procedures, camping on K. Lungs become very vulnerable. But this rightly for cases, when Long is not in trigone and not in connecting with Sun behaves similarly, camping on E. When the Sun not in air svoystva.
At all, if Long in the Twins, then these days cause have human upper abdominal fullness breath, of breath. Moreover, such position moon gives a strong reaction on the pollution air. Even if the ascendant is in the Twins, then transit moon on the Twins in causes have human intolerance stuffy facilities, pursuit converted air.
In this time, naturally, forbidden operations on lung, bronchi, but resolved all "krovotochivye" procedures, reception drugs, razgonyayuschikh blood, and newspaper’s Web for liver.
Writers, mashinistkam work cannot be. Vulnerable shoulders and hands.

Long in Raque.

Vulnerable is stomach. Under this acidity secretion of the gastric juice rises have any day birth and table have any from. Banned operations on your stomach, all species bioenergeticheskogo treatment, use alcoholic drinks and chemical drugs.
So as Capricorn opposes Enshrined, then in these days recommended, associated with the discharge of stones and residues (in particular, cleansing from sediment salts, treatment arthritis). Permitted treatment and removing teeth, put a her teeth, dentures. Shown operations on feet, his lap, tendons. Well treat disease exchange substances (gout), pursue preventive procedures.

Long in question.

Vulnerable heart of, if only the Sun not will in fire svoystva. In these days cannot be to lend strain on heart of, camping on K. Can be obtain cardiac or heartfelt inadequacy. In these days man subject to various radikulitam. Banned operations in district backs and of fat. Moreover, cannot be in vain spend physical forces, so as this requires significant of expenditure physical energy, than usually. After such dissaving energy Long Kims in a badge of Virgin of and can lead to painful virility. So physical forces in period tenure moon in question should spending economical way.
In this time can be pursue treatment all vascular diseases and diseases nervous system (cramps, revised). That Spain treatment crural legs, joints, diseases, disease, organs of view.

Long at Deva

Vulnerable mostly bloating and in-intestinal firespace (except direct intestine). So in these days need be attentive to issues adherence to diets. Banned operations on abdominal fat.
If do operation on vidalennya rich with, then this often gives complication and woeful zazhivaemost tissue. A deserved cases deaths during operations on abdominal fat, produced in this day.
Virgins either that Spain pursue fasting, but only in the first moon days. At all, starve Gazans that Spain one times in lunar phase, camping on E. Roughly one times in month. Everyone man need individually choose day and phase moon for starvation.
Under those respects in The Maiden can be produce procedures on banned blood and liver, and also treat cutaneous disease. This time very suited for reusable space procedures and preparations for exercise as plastic transactions. Themselves same operations to do, when Long will in Libra.

Long in Libra.

Vulnerable kidneys, so cannot be their reload. Is vulnerable also such lines system, especially the pancreas iron. People with diabetes and the pancreatitis must in these days be careful. If in the latest day, when Long in the Virgin, eat heavy food, then on next day, when Long will enter Shield, this may strongly diminish its on pancreatic from bare metal, are possible bouts intensifies diseases.
In these days can be to do within operations, ripping out people her teeth, treat ears, stand on anybody, develop organs feelings.
The beginning of procedures on best escape from excess weight just to do in this time.

Long in 1997-.

Vulnerable sex organs. So best in these days not reload sexual sphere of, they are best for sexual abstinence. Moreover, not that Spain cannabis reducing pressure food. In these days can get sharpened hemorrhoids, can emerge constipations. Under this treatment come.
Can be treat the endocrine system (except the prostate tumors),’s throats, upper respiratory path, can be remove your tonsils out,, adenoids, treat gaymority, nasmorki, rinity.

Long in like him too?.

Come treat disease blood and liver, so as liver very is vulnerable in this time. Banned operations on liver and the gall – bladder bubble, blood transfusions, donated procedures. Permitted treatment lung, fulfilling breathing exercise.

Long in an.

Banned procedures, associated a chole bubble, with decentralized substances, with skin. Are most vulnerable bones - they become easy to comb-out, so there is a big the danger ruptures. Must refrain from riding all operations, associated with teeth and with his spinal column. Very dangerously in this day turn to znakharyam about reduction broken bones and treatment irreparable.
Recommended procedures, associated with stomach and with diaphragm of. These days are "dietary", so as stomach in this time little sensitive. In principle this time, appropriate for of food "entertainment." Can be go in Visitors, in the restaurant. Shown operations on your stomach, treatment gastritov, yazvennykh diseases. That Spain respiratory practice.

Long in Vodolee.

Must refrain from riding all operations on joints, procedures, associated with with their feet, treatment arthritis, nervous system, organs feelings, eye diseases. In this time eyes become vulnerable. Must refrain from riding all air procedures.
But that Spain all water procedures, if to this there is testimony. Water has healthy affects organism precisely in this time. Shown treatment water (especially magnetic). But water zakalivaniya and slushie thing can be to do only people, which have the Sun is not in IV House.
In these days can be ask greater work heart, vascular system, crush those who are blood. Recommended various exercise and procedures on accumulate physical energy.

Long in Pisces.

In this time not that Spain many to drink fluid (especially spirits) - this unsafely, so as here there is the link with dishonesty (Venus ekzaltiruetsya in Pisces).
Vulnerable becomes skin, rises the danger allergy. Banned operations and procedures on organs feelings, on liver and feet.
In these days need to less walk, so as its feet become sensitive; need to dress soft shoes. In a strong extent increases the danger fungal diseases.
Forbidden massage legs, water procedures, reception narcotic funds, drugs.

P. Globa "Oh than speaks out Long"



Girls, in the last time immediately two when with complaints on PMS. As think with than this may be stems in particular women?



Spices women there is helpful, especially turmeric powder :crazy:. This I to counterbalancing former office.
Updates for manifestations of PMS can be look on progressive those respects, if this lasts not with the outset. If all time, then on natalnoy map - Long in signs, House, on aspects.
Think is worth pay attention on the link with vami (pain), Neptune (if we have been researching system).



Girls, thank you! :) About moon this I, too, have guessed that. :) Let us consider. One client has moon in an in connecting with Uhl in 1 st House densely and raznotsvetno aspektiruemuyu: Sekstil to Uranus (11 Afghan), squaring to Pluto (10 Afghan), trine to s ambitious Jupiter-Saturn (9 Afghan), kvadraturu to s ambitious the Sun-Mars- Venus-Mercury (4 Afghan). I.e., except Neptune, aspektirovany all planet. D still specify on the timing, because suffered not always.
In the second case, contrary, Long from 6 th homes in question shapes the only aspect of to Sun (trine) in 2 st House. , too, d specify time, it will be interesting watch progression on advice Helen.
Ah and themselves not since forgotten. Moon I have quite uneasy: In 10 st House, in Vodolee (does the weak), with color blocks sun and Mercury and sekstilem of Saturn. PMS never suffered :) although this is odd with such nervous system :) One time were hypostases and sense of of gravity, helped herbal miracle-tea.



So. On first occasion. I dreamt there is no whether aspects of moon to kuspidu 6 th homes in natalnoy map and map relokatsii. There is no, aspects of there is no, although the beginning of PMS girl links precisely with move in Sochi. In map relokatsii compound Jupiter-Saturn definitely a sidewinder from 9 th homes in 8 th. On moment starters PMS (and this 10 years ago) Transit Neptune (Chinese system. 2 th at home) blended with natalnoy the Moon, and Transit Saturn (Chinese system. ASTs) formed a kvadraturu with it same. Progression: Moon etc. 120 Long glad. And she same combine with the segments Jupiter (Chinese system. 12 th) - Saturn (Chinese system. ASTs).

The second client says, that suffers long, time starters precise not gonna come back at. And that degree of of gravity directly depends on current psikhoemotsionalnogo fortune. Think, that this stems with natalnoy opposition Venus-Uranus.



Girls, continuation of conversation about Ayurveda shifted here. Soon I'll post an there test on definition of type and different other interesnosti :)



Girls, again I with problem, on this time -meditsina. Have senior son on anybody reddish black emerge spills and skin to crumble, he a clear deal is experiencing very. I'm just trying a find good faculty in Moscow, but it is difficult. Can Podskajite that with perspective astrology, where modicum roots problems seek. Have his father, too, on back were spots, but other a bit. Was born 07.08.1989 Propulsion Kaspiysk Dagestan 11-10 morning.



Galya, this always he had? Or recently appeared?



Lena, problems were. Is eliminated. But stigmas I not seen before. He says, that long simply, I under dense the rigid not seen. And here his short very got a haircut.



My version of: Under problems, associated with head, should consider Mars as signifikatora Aries (who manages this part of bodies) and performance 1 th homes. In 1 st House in Libra Long in polukvadrate to Mars in 11 forge the Not d to paint with long, so as have us begins the storm and need to turn WordPad. In general, Galya, likely, have guy problems with krovetvoreniem and / or Circulation (on this there is still a series of rulings). Octile or semiquartile - aspect of minornyy, weak, so problems not conspicuous in eyes and, think, that nothing serious. To a doctor, of course, obatitsya not seriously impair would, so as some "pollution" blood and problems with skin on this soil require attention.
Well would he I mentioned although would year, when have him appeared spills. Think, there "hand expended" Transit Uranus or Neptune and stems this was with period sexual maturation.
For purification 'skin not seriously impair would poprinimat herbal baths course. Some weed, I think, girls Helen, Marina, Olja consumerism. I would proposed the oregano, was St. John's wort, Dog Rose Preserves 15. I have a sense of, that guy your several nervous, energy not uniform circulates on body and from discharging tension he not keeps managing or not can. So soothing herbal baths were would not excess. That will say our doctors?
Galya, on communal level can advise as to withdraw is eliminated. On "times" its lifts kvass. Only not speculating on, store-bought, and house, from ferments, yadrennyy. And even faster, sorry, 'urrea.



Галина wrote:

Wu senior son on anybody reddish black emerge spills and skin to crumble

The tick! This may be overhang that resulted smoking, female genital hormones, sometimes psoriasis so manifests itself. Need to Enterosgelya diathesis minimum his show!
And his father any diagnosis ticked doctors?



Girls, can be I jump in here) Wu me that is why the, too, thought about psariaze came initially)
Mars - head,, inhalations system; sometimes whilst, that skin manages Saturn (if not am mistaken), in radikse he in connecting with famous Neptune Fountain -. Third. In the delegation kvadraturit Venus in The Maiden. To a doctor unambiguously turn need to.
And now stuck not with astrological perspective. Skin serves as least two functions - protective and the discharging. Violations (skin integuments) touch with razbalansirovkoy external and domestic. So as damage not from outside (not svzany directly with impact environmental), then this may be and the exit "zashlakovki", as on of physical Level, so and on mentally-an emotional. T.’s along with medikamentoznymi and travyannymi procedures well was would "worked out" and vnutrilichnostnye problems. Vladimir Zhikarentsev in his book "with to freedom. Karmic reasons arise problems or as to change its life "so describes likely reasons arise psoriasis (if he checks out a dermatologist) -" fear be an aggrieved, the wounded. Umertvlenie feelings and themselves. Refusal to accept responsibility for their own feelings. "And in counterweight - adoption new mysleform:" I accept joy life. I deserve and accept increasingly the best, that there is in life. I love and accept themselves. "

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Lero4ka wrote:

Girls, can be I jump in here)

Need! :) :flag:

Lero4ka wrote:

By a doctor unambiguously turn need to.

Think, until the young man there not are getting away, in accuracy we not let us confident nor in one version of. And at all interestingly as Galya will comment. I same simply more deployed I shall state their arguments :writing: We with head deal have? With head! Means being Mars as signifikatora 1 homes and performance 1 th. There have us Long in connecting with in the delegation. Pro in the delegation I not am sure, and here is Long replies for fluid in body, means there are problems with blood (under polukvadrate to Mars) in 11 forge the Dispozitor moon-Venus, she, too, replies for skin. Venus in 18 throes of the Virgin of the, manage them Neptune and retro-Jupiter (who to blood has attitude). Venus in 11 House, disgarmonichnykh aspects of not has, with skin, means, should not be stems. And here is the opposition Jupiter-Uranus, too, may to lend problems with in blood.

Lero4ka wrote:

skin manages Saturn (if not am mistaken), in radikse he in connecting with famous Neptune Fountain -.

This yes! Plus Neptune as blood regardless 6 th homes (homes diseases). The only, that me embarrasses, that with Saturn usually associate chronic disease, and with famous Neptune Fountain - trudnodiagnostiruemye. And here not it seems on khron. I so realized, as far as would not a short giving, then stigmas at all not noticed would. And whether this serious disease, guy nigga down would the entire (or psoriasis not Day?)
In general waiting for news from Gali.



Psoriasis gives ??? itching. And here is khron or not,, too, controversially. Predisposition apparently there is, and here is intensifies occur periodically. Simply now have become more quantified) All the more so, Neptune in combination with Uranus (establish precise diagnosis difficult and manifests itself. Suddenly)



In any case’re: Recovery :flag:



Радуга wrote:

Long replies for fluid in body

Yes, and Neptune has attitude to-flammable? Not the you, not the stimulant - matter poisoning of our, zashlakovka and starters "expose ourselves", only through skin)



Lero4ka wrote:

Yes, and Neptune has attitude to-flammable?

Yes, has. But confounds, frankly, that compound Saturn-Neptune is in 3 st House. Here here is that comes to mind. Compound this - aspect of generation, but not can same have all people in thus aspect of be one and the same disease? Means deal in homes, they give individuality manifestations of. 3 th house this sphere Mercury, and he like would to the skin by relations not has. Although I not insist on its view :)



Spills unclear etiology (not special in spetsslovakh) there is and have attire: And have his father, but they other's white. Year 4 ago in period sexual sozrevniya were with him to Enterosgelya diathesis minimum, ANYTHING! Say not can, can the can-. Me seems, problems with zashlakovkoy (nutrition student) and sipping little water, although he am confident enough. About this says and glee weight. Nerve tension a permanent, ah or this on me. To speak him now about psychological problems that effort for nothing-himself with's whiskers, and you mother forever play this shit the Intermittently into.
Because and't seek in Moscow precisely good faculty, fear that analysis blood simple general practitioner in poliklinnike nor about than not will tell. But I think need to pint of blood and test liver on ultrasound. Yes, spills not are itching. This not psoriasis accurately, as looks psoriasis know not on own first. Is eliminated not across anybody, namely shelushatsya spills.


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