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As I and promised in topic "Magic: Myths and stereotypes" putting part of articles about the problems creativity. Can be, someone seem interesting. Warn, that bukafff many and will be even more (this only part of articles):

Kitaev – Smyk L. A. Factors tensions creative process

True creativity talented people always emotionally. It copiously connection and superficial and deep adaptation reserves organism (if enjoy the terminology of G. Selje Monastery). This allows to talk about stress creativity.
Creative potential matures, until not will begin an act of creation. Must be and goad to him, with not only domestic: The thirst for both, shitstorm ambitions easily, visceral aspirations, Expendables. Calculating reflection about coming triumphs. That concerns external Lukoil, then this personal obligations-creators achieve the or another goal; this and mobilizuyuschie circumstances, even to creative decisions. Consider stages of development creativity.

A. Predtvorchestvo

On outset the Author always is experiencing build-up domestic mental tension. This predtvorcheskaya fist process creativity. Skhematiziruya feelings, experiences and fortune predtvorchestva, will direct three major their species.
The first manifests itself as much agony and even bouts despair from-for ostensibly sterile tension in search of creative achievements. Agony, dance a public longing for a their can hinder (and terminally thwart) transition to act creation. A distinguished poet twentieth century W. W. Mayakovsky the predtvorchestvo in verses:

I before thought –
Books incisions so:
Came poet,
Easily opening the rounds,
And immediately stuff of life inspired whether –
And it turns out –
Above than starts petsya,
Long trek, razmozolev from of fermentation,
And stupidly floundering in lie mudded hearts
Foolish a fish imagination.
Until vykipyachivayut, task pilikaya,
From lyubvey and Warbler Council has what something brew,
Street writhes Yeah –
It nothing with which yelling and to speak!

In these of proyavleny some parameters predtvorchestva. Intelligence can deliberately sometimes be surprising activity bodies – “above than starts petsya, long trek. ” Results such a substitution – paroksizmy (bouts) bezvolnogo had, losing will to creativity – “razmozolev from of fermentation. ” Disorder and despair because, that instead creative, uh, epiphanies in the consciousness of just “foolish a fish imagination. ” Product creativity still not proyasnen, not verbalizuem, not have encouraged is embodied in the. He “quietly floundering in lie mudded hearts ”, vyzrevaya there.
And all same nakalyaya, “kipyatya ” the mind, predtvorchestvo by persistently is leading human to goal, encouraging assimilation most pressing poetic images, otshelushivaniyu platitudes –“ As vykipyachivayut, task pilikaya, from lyubvey and Warbler Council has what something brew. ” Under this the Author already inkapsulirovalsya in domestic the world their artistic images. He alone, removed both from just surrounding, so as it now already can (or even “tries to ”) only hinder creativity –“ street writhes Yeah – it nothing with which yelling and to speak! ”
Harrowing predtvorcheskoe state of can be much more widespread, interrupting a process insight creativity. In the course years vast research reveal extraordinary rejuvenate under distresse, a tale us in 1960 1070-'s Propulsion Propulsion, was detected, that “development stressful transformations thinking can lead either to ????? from decisions stressogennoy problems (until arise category: Abnormal psychology wealth, or asotsialnykh aspirations personality), either to emergence insaytnykh forms of thinking. In the latter case the transition from diskursivno-logical to insaytnomu thinking often oposredstvuetsya stage mental displeased, emotional have inhibitions, sometimes really overwhelming experience of mourning, dead ends and camping on P., that can be regarded as stage psevdoukhoda from decisions stressogennoy problems. Such a stage of, typically, is necessary for arise insights, insaytnogo decisions tasks, seemed intractable. ”
In the second the form of predtvorchestva in Mind and sentiments arises void at the first same efforts to make “great ” and“ the everlasting. ” Man says: “Everyone forgot, in anybody – empty. And need to whether to do that any? ” If after this emerges inspiration, then such a nevolnuyu hollowness thought and feelings can be regard as a manifestation of stressful mental relaxation, spontaneously ensued on predtvorcheskoy stage stress creativity. She, removing emotional strains will, preparing thinking to a side creativity.
The third kind of predtvorchestva manifests itself as eustress (derive psychological tension) have some lucky recipients. Bezotchetnaya joy, ease and carelessness, as wave of, SpeedBreaks such people and bears by the early act creation.
The most full of the predtvorcheskie fortune Future known an artist-designer A. BC Tsybin. Can pose his judgment (personal message, May 2006 g, detailed author this articles.
1. Importantly condition, which supports the eventual in creative state of, - civic participation-creators. Although would on time create creations their the author should to live in conditions social deprivation. However break away need to only as from continuously, ignorento on themselves too many mental energy. Necessary, to maintained revitalizing-creators social von his environment as easy the stimulus, resembling him about topic and unalterable his creativity.
Precisely thus was Parisian period creativity E.E. Hemingway. He worked – wrote - in malolyudnom cafes for separate table. Strikes, if anyone has approached him with men stare at me attention – his creative process one of these cracked. Also A. P. Chekhov in Yalta preserved themselves from excessive communication, while preserving only energy his creativity social contacts. Can be recall A. S. Pushkin in Mikhaylovsky, P. I. Tchaikovsky on single AFV dacha and many other.
2. Predtvorchesomu virility can be useful not strong konfrontatsionnyy von, camping on E. The easy serditost-creators on surrounding him people. L. BC Tolstoy, before fall in creativity seen thor this angry on wife, if ??? perepisavshuyu his paper. The interpreter drevnefrantsuzskikh verses A. Propulsion Neiman, as we learned still during a with him, once got angry on wife, “himself not knowing for that and why ”, and than more stark: Let his irritation, those lirichnee – rather than rolling translated poems.
3. From works Z. Use Freud's known, that male sex stress can become powerful prednastroykoy creativity, sublimiruyas in him. Sexual tension, sublimiruyas in creativity, is giving along with spirit as, various feeling, coctail during long still and aggression egoism.
4. Predtvorcheskim condition and can to creativity can become euphoria author thanks to his the optimal telesnomu virility. Trenirovannoe body (but not excessively, not for record) and the general health create a sense of easy fame only have author. However extra USAGE physical forces stymies stress creativity.
I. P. Pavlov reported, that his imaginative'll configure fostered game in Tents, in which there is visual goal, physical tension, realizuyuscheesya in agility and accuracy movements, satisfaction victory. A. Miller found predtvorcheskiy stress in professional physical work – he did massive furniture for its holiday villas.
W. W. Mayakovsky celebrated a reunified sublimation (psychology) in creativity sexual forces and physical forces. Is happening this “joyfully ”, camping on E. Without maximum spending forces. In verses is reflected and creative civic participation, far requires “rush ”, need to to believe, actively rushing and poryvaya with than something. Creative process incur with transcendence nightlife of darkness are apparent – “until night grachey ” - and with special vibe space, and with winning one, sokrushayuschey belligerent poet.
5. Different configuration on creativity can be eustress human in its inherent environment with beauty its landscapes, parks, virgin forests, with slozhneyshim diversity cloud, jets water rivers, streams and waterfalls, with roar and guise of sea murmur. So, I. P. Pavlov, based on representation about two railroad signal systems have people, developed for themselves way to settings on scientific creativity. On the evening, after the fuss the workday, long viewing artistic work on walls its apartment (meditating, he, first, “did all the laundry, ” in the consciousness of day the impression, and second,, bumming out first signaling system (the-artistic), gave recreation the second the signal system – verbal, diskursivno-logical. After this he even cracked it yet to the expert scientific creativity,, bumming out predominantly its second signaling system.
6. Has the creative state of can moderate extreme external impact (weak stressory): The coldness, noise and even such, as not always convenient posture: Dora Hemingway wrote standing, for the desk (but edited because of, sitting in soft got). Even easy hunger promotes creativity. These moderate stressory “podkachivayut ” creativity as kvaziborbu with some adversary.
7. For series of authors predtvorcheskimi incentives became symptoms their chronic diseases (for example, tuberculosis): Overcoming of aches and pains would remind stress creativity.
8. Known cases, when Atyrau creativity was a precursor, seemed would, to good mood, a sense of joy, vivacity. Such eustress raises emotional tension author to levels, needed for inclusion process creation.
9. Proclaiming the to paroksizmu, blowup creativity can become suddenly sparked have author a sense of, that there is no sensible ideas in anybody, harrowing misconception about itself as about mediocrity and desire to “throw all. ” This creative distress should regard as “kvaziukhod ” from decisions stressogennoy problems. In fact this – unwanted relaxation. In such cases requires tenacity in labor, before or later it can again awaken inspiration.
10. Which creativity relaxation can be deliberate, for example, under to transcendental meditation.
11. Finally, known many property vagaries, specific talismanic action, customization from on creativity. W. Hugo entire life worked for small table, for which wrote its the first dealt recognition the. Wrote he only voronimi feathers, so as gusinymi vivid make him not has ever managed. M. Shaginyan, when it not was written, put on head black stockings, as canopy made, and wrote, primostivshis on every corner of the kitchen the table among aromas Wittgenstein Center’s Armenian food.

W. Creativity

Following predtvorcheskimi stress .?????, described higher, insurance is (not always!) stress creativity. In consider his levels. Still Shakya Mooney (Buddha) in “Sutre gold lotus ” laid out their outlooks of on intelligence, describing three his levels.
Using modern terminology, can be said, that on first - level kompilyativnogo creativity – is happening gathering, classification, rubrikatsiya, rankings known scattered knowledge and facts.
The second level of – this proektivnoe creativity; here has place the creation & nbspThe new judgments, truths, on the basis collected knowledge. As and at any labor, in such a creativity can be joyous specimens and agonizing the search, failures. Many psychologists study only these two level creativity.
On third level creativity, which adopted to call insaytno-creative, have thinker’s shoulders human suddenly arises insight (of insight) – and as he understands something very a meaningful, seemed would, not individual and directly to subject his difficult reflection. Ya A. Ponomaryov viewed this phenomenon as dual outcome charged mental activities, when aside from “direct product ” proektivnogo thinking intuitively arises“ a byproduct of ” intellectual voltages. As the result insaytno-creative creativity, such product appears NETsELEVYM are generated initially not zamechaemykh regularities and properties studied facilities. Man involuntary millions on them their mental efforts.
Not worth getting disappointed anymore because, that someone not is mired in the number of “insaytnykh says ”, but against the a gift see things clearly of truth, to do discoveries, create creation, ozarennye a novelty. A long “kompilyativnykh says ” were (at least buildings called Ehmedek, administrators, if. Themselves unable to creative ozareniyam, they is famously stared scaling it up in humans and ticked on responsible posts, launched their on decisive tracts of battles professionals, capable of to insaytnym decisions in critical situations.
Very often “proektivnye’s ”, with minds also and tenacity, become shiny professors, be, creators remarkable training programs, fundamental textbooks. This would not have been able to do “insaytnye’s ”, keen search for dim knowledge and little manipulated to to international standard klassifikatorstvu. Some of them not capable to streamlining their social contacts. They slyvut neuzhivchivymi, people with bad character. Not Waals organize its be one-sided (not spending forces on him), they live in disarray, and in the absence of rational patron (sponsor), coordinator their creative vagaries, is occasionally in poverty poluzabytymi.
K. S. Stanislavsky when, creating on I Capuleti e a powerful mental tension (stress), spurred actors to top level creativity, to “sverkhsoznaniyu ”, unchecked by minds also and will of the. Later P. W. Simonov interpreted that “sverkhsoznanie ” as mechanism creative intuitions. Its arouses stress creativity, stress inspiration. Under this “… read more of emotions in plan destabilized is traded most often … in otsrochennom regime, camping on E. After experiences of emotions ”, and not as odnomomentnyy process. Only feeling the of insight as stress a seizure, actor realizes revealed him sense, truth, decision. The case, that in ecstasy joy from its discoveries man loses Trader and then recreates his wrenching pripominaniem.
Insaytno-creative epiphany “attributes were ” outside awareness of. Nevedomost his birth allowed N. BC Moiseevu to speak about him as about “a bifurcation ” flows evolution system. ... Spontaneous awareness of product insights framed as qualitative leap in changing intellectual system. Eustress insights can sometimes bypass with distressom of mourning, if before prozrevshim, the floodgates dire horizons his past and future. A. Maslou believed, that ability to to reflect creativity has the congenital character, but loss majority people under impact adverse environment.
Need to recognize digit relationships cognitive and emotional components creativity, although the first not becomes under this leading. Odnobokost destabilized about indispensable dominance of kognitsiy over trumps emotion stemmed from destabilized about predmetnosti of emotions and about knowledge as about make-or-break factor for understanding of behavior rights. Vast theoretical and empirical research W. S. Merlyn's and L. Ya Dorfman's have shown, that “in fact fundamental is position about mnogoznachnosti ties of emotions and of cognitive images. This position brings emotions ability to in equal least as service cognitive images (Objectivism of emotions), so and, contrary, initiate a series of of cognitive transformations. ”
Undoubtedly, reason ties of emotions and kognitsiy and initsiiruyuschaya role stressful-emotional tension create mechanisms and forces processes insaytno-creative creativity. And all same pre his candidati should be talent-creators, and better – imagine.

W. Of insight

As unofficial a consultant for (vrachom- psychologist) representatives senior leading power the USSR (in the Kremlin) and scientifically-technical elites (aviation, cosmonautics, nuclear power), conversed years with truly creative individuals, I had opportunity analyze, literally “prep the guy ” processes their creativity, in particular creative, uh, epiphanies (subconscious clues to kick in, insaytov). In I shall state possible structure and sequence development creative insights with solution innovative problems.
1. During enough long and almost continuous tension consciousness (agony or insight) in search of intellectual decisions urgent tasks or problems arises sense of submersion in hollowness. One of surveyed I executives spoke the next: “Around the all became neznachimo, if and there is nothing: Nor top, nor base, nor of light, nor noise, and painfully an insoluble the problem melted, only I himself quot in absolute besstrastii. ” Such snovidnoe (somnambulicheskoe) state of can be easily summarized and not memorable, with imperceptibly, how long it their Muslim.
Can be, this predtvorcheskaya relaxation?
Turkic slightly forward, think, that not for good reason ancient philosophers argued: In emptiness contains all. A deserved cases, when such “emptiness ”, akkumuliruyuschey precede knowledge, efforts, flour search, became falling asleep. In dream had insights.
Known, that D. I. Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, iznurennomu intellectual look for classifications chemical elements,... had a dream about table, called then his name. What same was his dream? Him other circus arena, on it establishment cavorting horse, on it teetered horse rider of and plant anything za nesoglasovannosti programm, rassypayuschiesya sparkling thrilling wilderness!. When, scholar recognized, that za nesoglasovannosti programm and sparks – this symbols elements and their valencies. Known, that in original version table risovalas as circle (defended) with tsirkulyarnym location chemical elements.
2. On backdrop of this “years ” consciousness and of emotions suddenly arises the blazing. All around – and in anybody, and in Mind – if would podsvecheno warmest, weak light or same vividly this. This insight case and the blinding outbreak, and ball of light, and, contrary, than something dark. Always insights seem their brief, they last not longer of seconds.
3. Under rise in suddenly becomes in sight new, landmarks, decision. It, as strange ways vizualizirovannoe the notion of, as where the truth, can have kind of complex geometric figures, or the longstanding of the castle with Heights avian by air, or something sharp clear, but not vyrazimogo immediately words, or cake with very complex delicate elements, where every element of – this the fragment decisions.
4. Here same arises joyful a sense of: ‘ This it! New! Surprising decision! All became on their seats. And this leads me much further, than when logically sought decision. ” Joy, jubilation, happiness discoveries, decisions problems last of seconds.
Friends and contemporaries have W. A. Mozart described, as brilliant composer, mentioned that after long creative searches fell to sleep and in dream his musical the i?aanoaaeyeinu him in the form of huge sophisticated cake, all fragments which were visible simultaneously and all they bells. Under this uvidennaya “figure ” rationally still not was osoznanna; she was is understandable, but not understood.

(Continuation of should)



Theme thin and complicated. As to call and keep muse? And all the more express in nutshell.
It turns out can be. Very interestingly turned over to the finest sensations in the process creativity.



Continue to read on subject creativity. This continuation of articles:

5. Despite this, arises a total confidence in accuracy, fealty, truth suddenly opened today decisions, long muchivshey problems; there is no room no little question. Under this without fluctuations are rejected all the rest predpolagavshiesya options decisions now already decided problems.
6. Insurance is and motion azhitatsiya: Man jumps up in, churchgoers, looks in different hand, but domestic was views problem with different sides. This lasts 5-15 with, minute or longer.
7. Want to share new knowledge with whom-either, to pour its joy. Actor emotionally (and confusing) says with present coworkers, ringing on the telephone scientific the leader or same the ever closer friend.
8. Man suddenly understands, that until his in happiness, not managed “see ”, understand and be remembered Trader decision, truth. And opening the, not solemn, rassudochno neosmyslennoe, fades, is dissipating. On-creators you're going through rapid puzzling and a strong chagrin, they last several minutes.
9. Creator is beginning to recall: “exhaustive information throughout was same opening the of truth the long-sought ”, but sees only crumbs, only parts of moreover decisions.
10. Arise doubts: “Perhaps be, was fantasizing? Was only illusion happiest specimens? ”
11. With desperation, faith and hope the Author as would warehouses still the remaining in the consciousness of elements the opened “figures ”, trying to recreate its. Long, already otreshivshis from outsiders thought, from people, he again passes ways intellectual tension that brought him to enlightenment, and even logically domyslivaet maintained “details ” vossozdavaemogo discoveries.
Establishment effort mind beginning to appear decision, ozarennoe outbreak insight consciousness and has eluded him.
12. Finally finding recreated, as s a cup, when all its pieces of – and big, and small, and enabling, not very important for integrity – collected; they not glued, and merged in a single the essence of. She already not sparkles most brightly, not dazzles, and faces domestic was its-creators. She pits persistent soft eustress – gift very itself for talent and diligence, gift overlooked) rationale: Man with never udovletvoryaemym with happiness wing-@-@ creators.
Under renegotiation creative ozareniyakh taught to painful demonstration experience the Author seeks to immediately be remembered content discoveries, not allowing itself prone in make almost ecstasy.
Accented and utterly other structures insayta.
Happiness (eustress) insayta like orgasm, but our attempts to compare his with sexual an orgasm an orgasm freedom on a decisive protest people, backs of insight: “Yes, orgasm, but no relations to sex of insight not has ”,“ Women am heartened by me as author-@-@ creators, but of insight – this personal my opening the ”, “by Joy insights, if this and orgasm, then not male sex …. And with homosexuality he, too, not stems. Of insight – this from God. ” Indeed, the inscrutability of insaytnogo insights and together with those brightness, “the bleakness ”, say such his invasion in consciousness are perceived by many insaytnymi creators of as rooted nisposlanie from Supreme behind.
Times lived through eustress insayta is driven by backs his to further creativity. Happiness insights makes justified flour creativity and much dissaving from-for an insult to a person misunderstandings colleagues.
Creative epiphany – a holistic a sense of, tangle feelings, but his not describe words. The physicist A. Einstein mentioned see M. Vertgeymeru about his open theory of relativity: “Those thought originated not in some verbal form. I at all very rarely think words. Comes thought, and then I can try to express its words. ” Inconceivable algorithm insayta, as mystery philosophical stone, sake of which surrendered all, for everything else gives less happiness. “I not am confident, - mentioned A. Einstein, - can be whether indeed understand miracle thinking. ” And all same on ways of either studying adding on the (an expanding, raskhodyaschegosya) thinking, proryvayuschegosya on the vague open spaces dawn, priotkryvayutsya mystery resources creativity.

Propulsion Moments creative creativity (of insight) under deadly dangers

Some people capable to immediate creatively-creative insights only in smertelno- dangerous situations. And then impossible determine, what more in their emotional conscious – horror death, ecstasy bailout action or jubilant thirst victory. The author these lines for many years worked with such people in 1960 1980 Propulsion They were airmen --test pilots and the beginners – test pilots flight institute. Among them most prominently parachutist-katapulschik W. I. Golovin; childishly shy, surprisingly benevolent with all, he worked on modest office ukladchika parachutes.
However when only in the air during free fall can be was discover, why not pugayusche parachute a new, promising, but error-system, then tests in the air here to deliver W. I. Alexeyevich Golovin. During such tests, when in his disposal were of seconds (until possible demise), W. I. Golovin, can be said, was never. He always saw and was eliminating reasons the katapultno-parachute systems, enabling and incomprehensible in terrestrial conditions. In the upstream, modeliruya on EVM actions W. I. (Now in crippling even before disclosure parachute, engineers have, that he has selected the optimal, and sometimes only staunch way to save. And him owe lives military pilots, inhabitants saved, katapultiruyas from combat aircraft under their destruction of. Of course same, such surprisingly effective action – this is not only implementation skills and skills of, this creativity, paroksizmalno unlike in brief moments, at one time, in fractions of seconds, in “moments time life ” (first time“ moments time life ” were studied K. M. Ernst Ritter von Baer).
Why W. I. Golovin and other people of this type only in moments deadly dangers as would begin to see clearly and see, as its avoid, displaying its creative potential?
In the process conducting psikhoanaliticheskogo session have W. I. (Now has surfaced heavy psychological trauma from-for his origin, pobuzhdavshaya to social apathy, to refusing to first from higher education, then from career prospects. This – expression of make the (implicit) a neurotic fortune. Ability to to everyday reflect creativity, which, unquestionable, possessed W. I. Golovin, one reflected only as outbreaks in moments deadly threats. Accented and other reasons for such a suppression of-evening the (and) ability to to insaytu, yes and to joy labor (on time, and the and on entire life).
Thus, insaytno-creative creativity in a result mobilization depth adaptation reserves human (intellectual and randomized) can be viewed in accordance with proposed us scheme ranking an stress as “product ” stress crisis second rank, realizuyuschegosya predominantly in cognitive sphere.
Insaytnye outbreaks creative creativity in critical situations sweet, are pleasant. So people, capable to him and hungry for his, often incite extreme situation, jumbo or trying to raise creative. They become airmen --test pilots, soldiers-paid mercenaries, journalists-stringerami or adventurers. There are special methods coaching received for strengthening in man ability to to virility intensely-a quiet willingness to immediate action in dangerous situations.
Known South on vast practice develops approaches to naprimer essence abilities human to insaytnym ozareniyam. Analysis stress insaytnogo thinking reveals in it phenomenon “mutual expansion ” consciousness and neosoznavaemykh mental processes. Precisely in this platforms we offered view phenomena subsensornoy sensitivity, “slowdown ” time and others., numerous describe which known. Perhaps with of this kind “expansion ” stems occurrence diverse illusions, such as distortion visual space, shift his. Commitment to thus illusions under stress individual and can on a number of signs of prognozirovatsya for a certain type people.
Note still times: Importantly, that need for creative creative inspiration, - this emotional tension, stress, that encourages (but not kills any!) talent rights.

(Continuation of should)



D. Inspiration

Inspiration publicized countless the number of times by the inspirational creators of, but remains scientifically not postignutym, not “anatomirovannym ” science. Here for describe his we will restrict huge tsitirovaniyami from scientific sources.
“Inspiration – state of original tension and rise of spiritual forces, creative unrest human, obtained rise to or implementation design and ideas art science, art, technology. Characteristically raising a common activity, unusual productivity activities clear conscience the ease creativity, really overwhelming experience obsession with and emotional submersion in creativity. Seeming neosoznavaemost creative process – a consequence maximum awareness the most creativity, marginal clarity consciousness, original-insular society and clarification thought and images, extreme obostrennosti memory, attention,, passionate will, aimed at implementation of ideas. Under the entire seemingly toward unplanned spontaneity inspiration, typically, - outcome preliminary stressed labor. ”
Inspired “people – this dynamic incredibly mnozhestvennost energies – desires, unrest, of emotions, mysledvizheniy, their intermingling, outbreaks and fading, education new configurations. Passions – this self-organized energy disclosure creative starters in man: Development intuitions to levels a reasonable starters, intelligence – to levels spiritually-chuvstvuyuschego starters, the transformation physical feelings in thinly lofty emotions, the developed control will over manifestations souls rights.
In a result images human inconsistent with actions heavenly energy, her deep and being achieved pit the synergy – sorabotnichestvo human and divine energies. Man it acquires ability to dukhorazumeniya.
Thus, imaginative man under creating his art is a the world symbols and signs, random of similarities, vpletayuschikhsya in a single garmonicheskuyu chain of understanding of beauty and harmony surrounding world, camping on E. Such a world, somehow his wants to see creator of art through the prism of his thinking, leading reader and the viewer on path spiritual catharsis, camping on E. Purification 'from psikhotravmiruyuschego experience. ”

E. Tragedy intellectual exhaustion

In the process continuous intellectual tension, “creative combustion ” have human-@-@ creators often happens iznurenie intelligence - extremely worryingly and even dangerous state of. Until now psychologists and psychiatrists not enough shunted attention on people, hit thus condition.
1. On outset intellectual exhaustion man mocks reductions its creative productivity. Thought become “flat ”, there is no depth attainments problems, there is no convincing expression ideas, and only a small hiatus in intellectual labor, zameschennogo improving physical culture or switching on different sustain creativity activities, rarely sufficient, to eliminate initiated iznurenie intelligence.
2. If deal went slightly further, then man-the Author feeling some “perceived souls ”: Loss of aspirations to creativity, until still not agonizing doubts in genesis and plodotvornosti denied themes. Man easily divert from creativity outsiders problems and entertainment, which he before has avoided – “not spent the on them time. ”
Here perishing is needed planomernyy pitched recreation – relaxation. Along with improving physical culture can help water procedures: Bath, swimming, bath, souls. Effectively for recovery creative potential communication with nature: Walk along camps and the forest, kind of distant horizons with lit up sun cloud as it spread, odors flowers and African herbs, Twitter birds, tilling his real image land.
3. Continuing iznurenie intelligence, associated with affective and mental opustoshennostyu, is beginning to disturbed by rights. Arises puzzling and regret from-for declining quality creative labor, dissatisfactions a, chagrin from-for was as barren objecting time. This already a critical phase intellectual exhaustion. Obessilivaemyy them man tries to intensify, neotstupnee hard, ? more time and forces, to offset its new. Thanks to this volume of creative products can recover, but under this its the quality of declines.
Already on this stage exhaustion intelligence becomes clear, that vacation in his common the form of empty reflective, balagurstva, contemplation’s officials of species from windows, walks on familiar territories and even attempts to sleep utterly not enough for recovery intellectually-creative impotence. Is necessary resolve disputed issues (Lats. Re- PlayStations “vos- ”, recovery and create - make), camping on E. Not so much liberation from mean supporting sanctions that pereutomlyayuschimi creative effort, how many activities, requiring from human committed conjures, a new, but, too, creative tension. For scientist this may be attractive opportunity art.
Physical education are obligatory on this stage intellectual exhaustion little impact for “deserted-creators ”, so as not prevents him feel its new. Powerful--are as valid accented extreme physical burden: Climbing, the mountainous skis, jumping with parachute, governance entertainments and camping on P. These species sport not only create big physical burden, but and require mental dedication to success with the risk for life. Extreme sport dissociated human from his previous professional, intellectual problems, shifts thinking on struggle for life, and because becomes a powerful factor recovery forces.
Resolve disputed issues contribute to travel (tourist cruises with “replacement ” from consciousness’s officials of living space new species and problems unfamiliar countries), amorous passions, participation in nurture younger generation or in care for helpless old men and disabled. Tatra effect under such forms activities being achieved, if man put (or put themselves) in situation inevitability of overcoming difficulties, inconvenience and even dangers. Beginning Rising on chimate the top, mountaineer should, carrying people on rocks, was tunneling through ice build, maximally strain (intellectually and physically); Alpine skier – show physical force, courage and being, to not be broken, pulling out with road; supervisors engage for a minor in the or old-age care, person should be in situation, when except him with this to do, so he owes to surmount their fatigue, irritability, bouts abhorrence podopechnomu. Risk and the threat destruction under classes alternative species activities, not devoid intellectual leverage, contribute to recreation intellectual’s, iznurennogo professional creative.
4. If have pereutomlennogo human –-creators there is no conditions for recreation or he Ideology omitted the, then have him disappears ability to engage their affair, emerge indifference or even aversion to his still not complete?. However human not leaves harrowing sense of debt before their still not born “a creation. ” Mount diskomfortnye feelings,’s such a sad experiences, irritability, nervousness, exasperation, resentment. His nothing not aren, nothing not causing missed entrances This kind distimiya (grech.dys- “dis- ”, rift and Thymos – soul, mood) is destroying neural ethos human, that psychologically traumatic for these surrounding his people, and because even more and his the most.
5. Under significant iznurenii intelligence and “zakuporke ” creative potential inexorably copyrights, professional plans, are trickling in outstanding obligations. This excessively reinforces diskomfortnye sensations and experiences creative rights. Are becoming more frequent bouts critical discomfort, especially dangerous after Awakening at night or in morning clock. Man is waking up with greater tormented “narrowness ” in breast, with frequent a heartbeat if you wanted and with a sense of the tremor part around the the body.“ tesnenie ”, and the and pain in breast – precursors heart attack infarction, disease stress, decimates actor, can be said, from-for his paralysis before difficulties (stressors) life. Jitters (isocarboxazid (Marplan) around the the body – this until extremes redutsirovannye “starters ” and“ the abolition of ” muscle, power, defend action, opposing “enemy ” - depletion of reason. So, barely starting, every strengthening muscular willingness to the fight is cancelled, but under this continues to painfully quake all body. Man gripped by is intolerable that was lonely horror for himself “nor on that not a usable ”, is criminally not acquittal nor their, nor others’hope, and because not capable and despicability to live. This cosmogonies “horror before threat own frenzy ” (his foreshadows issyakshiy intelligence?) can be seen as have repeatedly chance“ fear death ” - one of basis fears have survivors creatures. Here is description of A. S. Pushkin such a fortune:

In inaction night-zhivey surges in me
Of the snake cordial ugryzenya;
Dreams breathtaking; in mind, depressed longing,
Tesnitsya of violent azar surplus;
Remembrance silently gives a before me
Its a long developing of Heaven;
And with disgust reading life my,
I stand in awe and I curse,
And bitterly complaining, and bitterly tears a cold, which is,
But lines for unhappy not'm washing Icy Hot out.

Yes, at night, in “inaction night-” becomes the cured –“ zhivey surges in me ” - experiences critical discomfort. A. S. Pushkin described the main his symptoms: Corporal (didn) – agonizing sensations in the hearts area – “of the snake cordial ugryzene ”, isocarboxazid (Marplan bodies –“ I stand in awe ”, and much (mental) – “of violent azar surplus. ” Disturbed by memory, all good underpinning will (repression), electorally is hard not to recall only the, that forces poet say: “… with disgust reading life my, I stand in awe and I curse. ”
Poetically described by state of, when man all more feels themselves victim of their failures, mistakes and nesposobnostey, - this re-victimisation. This state of often brings to suicide.
In past of poems can be to see recommendations A. S. Pushkin, as survive this state of. Need to “bitterly to complain ” and very itself and friends, which must be near. Not need to be ashamed of their “bitter Tears ”, after all thanks to them man eludes from tortured mental-, so as tears – this expression of ekskretorno-evakuatornogo mechanism ,-under stress life.
Bouts had moods. Of reason and painfully gorestnogo despair have human with left exhausted intelligence “you're going through rapid ” and at night during mix-, and day. Unfortunately, can be called a long prominent people, finishing with a in such a able. A trivial katamnesticheskoe (it is post-mortem) diagnosing of human being reasons demise, typically, case wrong, so as ignores intellectual exhaustion.
People who appeared in such a able, tantalizing from demise above all presence near close people, their Tanargue support and the real aid in completing the creative art.
And, contrary, exacerbate iznurenie and degradation intelligence attempts weaken a critical discomfort drugs, alcohol and with sexual overloads. Let's note, that frequent communication human, the line creative hard, with humans, not driving his creativity (indifferent to him, not voskhischayuschimisya them, the more, confusing), felt oddly empowering human –-creators, depressing his intelligence.
Completing this the partition, recall recommended Confucius path recreation creative personalities. He spoke, that thinkers and artists like mountains, power people like settlement water.
Here we described only scheme leading to the tragedy intellectual exhaustion. In real really have of concrete people it mnogoliko, is occasionally deceptively are grotesquely, or, contrary, secret will modesty of misunderstood talent. Big arsenal rid of such a exhaustion. However too many unhappy cases, when his not concerned to apply.

J. The typology public says

An important source of fuel inspiration author-@-@ creators become group in great danger his creativity – the real either ostensible the public: His readers, viewers, listeners, consumers. Emit three type public says.
People first type need in perhaps big, invisible they popular appeal admirers, adherents of on the vastness of countries, planet – this writers, kinoartisty, stars of the Platters, artists. Need in eustresse recognition creativity udovletvoryaetsya perceptions about their pochitatelyakh, which born their creative fantasy. Although they fueling their ambitions addessed about real popular appeal their adherents of, all same public people first type – goal-oriented by slaves virtual continuing audience.
To the second type need to count public people, needy in real classrooms with perhaps large number viewers. Such public people seek to to dissent in theatre, concert halls, and even better – on squares, soccer stadiums, filled tens of thousands viewers, or although would on meetings any any scientific societies, on party gatherings. Eustress recognition creative potencies have public people the second type appears social (mass) vizualizirovannym (telling) phantom emotionally-infected people. Public people the second type holding its vanity, becoming inspirational heroes real continuing audience.
Public’s third type need only in is, to in audience the visible or same virtual were familiar, close them people. Relative cannot says third type harbors eustress, born in sphere intimnyh attachments. For them is important not only recognition merits their creativity, but and anxiety caused joy from process donation this creativity expensive them people. Public people of this type – trembling seekers akin to souls; why something their less among public says.
Special consideration deserves stress creativity users and his fans Internet.

Z. Butter-Ersatz-creativity (psevdotvorchestvo)

The overwhelming majority adults people not experiencing eustress creative insights, so as they not capable to him. Inability to genuine reflect thinking many psychologists have discovered, fruitfully alumni scientific and pedagogical activities, always created confusion in understanding insaytnoy creativity as of higher (third) level creativity. The most showcase becomes misconception about ostensibly think creativity “non-standard ” thinking, when it in fact the primitive in his essence and only kazuisticheski deals knowledge, not creating provocations. Not accidentally kazuisticheskoe thinking, ekspluatiruemoe in many television talk show (lotteries situation, Yumorina and problem, call “debiliziruyuschimi ”, ogluplyayuschimi.
Indeed, such show, and cause crumbling on leisured viewers avalanche RAMBLlNG facts, deprived of system, sequence training, ogluplyayut their under the cover of novelty psevdopoznaniya. However note, that neural message any sign safe novelty – happily. This euphoria reinforces the simplicity Hindu on television show new knowledge, in huge his most utterly unnecessary and RAMBLlNG.
“Debiliziruyuschiy ” eustress rolls“ steam discontent ” from population, because comforting for power. However, by buying analyze influence on people through modern media, such a debilizatsiya all strata population (and even elites) in end is leading modern European civilization to degradation and obliteration of under the banner allure of hedonism as only worthwhile goal life.
In recent decades twentieth century has risen opportunity meet hedonistic needs, but not for all and not always. Because originated lack kind of forgery pleasure. The study of creative creativity with his ekstazami became fashionable, terrific and his forgery. But as examine his scientists, devoid insaytnoy creativity, however in perfection who holds public licenses methods logical C2?
Flourished mifologizatsiya creative creativity; others the most widespread the legend try and rebut their:
• creative personality ostensibly not are subject to conformism. Contrary, they often podlazhivayutsya under real circumstances, to gain opportunity make;
• creative’s ostensibly not care about how, to produce good impression. There is no, this not so. Among them a long Sergeevich Bakhvalov;
• personality creative ostensibly experiencing discomfort in mundane life. Again same – there is no. Many creative’s seek to to obydennomu calm and only domestic goad have been plaguing their (neurons distressom from-for unborn creations) and impel us make (an enticing brezzhuschim eustressom subconscious clues to kick in);
• ostensibly always to genuine – reflect – creativity encourages pursuit both. This not thirst both, and pursuit liberation from agony “pregnancy ” creation;
• creative personality ostensibly not important, will or not evaluated on dignity fruit its activities (its agony. Humanitarian,, vtaptyvanie-creators in dirt was killing (often in the bud) great many wizards;

… insaytno-creative creativity always 20 international easy distressom (neubiystvennym, as horse go) and awakes, “vymanivaetsya ” (as bible ended up a carrot) neurons eustressom – harbinger happiness. Creative educators often use provokativnye incentives for Awakening creative potencies. A remarkable pedagogical reception such a stimulus demonstrates W. W. Kolpachev, have which we dreadfuls the above “myths ” about predtvorcheskikh states.


For decent results insight creativity need talent, better – imagine. Together with those: “The more knowledge have scientist, the more probable insayty on the basis of a combination of ideas in new combinations. Of insight not arises on an empty place. ”
I. P. Pavlov spoke of the need for “neotstupnogo thinking ” under implementing any man with creative inclinations professional activities. Although such dumanie “downward ” arbitrary, then it is being released from-under calculated control, all more taking form of independent and brings human to hard, znamenuyuschemu creative victory. However than closer to this hard, those closer to pathologies, to loss of common sense, to own delusional devotion. To creative the search for remained successful, need not only constant how much they drink-creators their creation, intellectual, spiritual and the emotional tensions and resilience under unwilling stalking shifts eustressa finds and distress disappointments, but and also unmistakable and neustranimoe maintaining better targeted processes thinking.
About debt search for their open A. Einstein spoke: “For all these years was a sense of better targeted immediate movement to something specific. Of course, very difficult express this perception words; but it certainly was attended, and his must be distinguished from more later reflection about rational form decisions. Undoubtedly, for this focus is worth something the logical; but I have she present in the form of some sort of visual way of. ”
Thus, not only of insight, but and dimension creative determination – stressful-concerts, obrazny, but not vyrazimy words.


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