(2004 salad from peppers

Cut Red and Royal pepper stripes and large platter with zubchikami garlic in olive oil until promise. Add 1 UF. L. Prestigious vinegar, 2 UF. L. Her basil and spice up. Sue keenest or cold.

Mixed soup with herbal perfumes find German bombers at night

On 4 helpings you will require: 1 onion-leek, chopped add pre, 2 carrot, chopped slit, 1 a potato there, chopped been cut up, 1 a clove garlic, chopped add pre, 1 UF. L. Chopped her rosemary, 425 ml vegetable stew, h. L. Sugar, 400 g chopped-up canned soil, 400 g strained Turkish pea plants (not forget wash), 3 UF. L. Sliced-open fresh parsley. For some toast: 8 pieces frame (French floors), her on diagonally, 1 a clove garlic, sliced in half, 50 g chopped grated cheese edam.

Put an all vegetables in greater pan with garlic, dried rosemary, broth and the sugars. Boil 15 minutes until willingness vegetables. Then butter grill. Tomatoes add in pan, also add Turkish peas, vegetables and parsley. Warm it up, stirring. For some toast: Grate bread with both sides garlic. Bake on grill. Turn bread, put an on irreproachable cheese and for baking with other hand, until choked not melts. Sue immediately with keenest soup.

it pork with while watching The autumn vegetables and grain-mustard sauce

On 4 helpings: 800 g pork without broken bones (fillet), 2 carrot, purified and slit on brusochki, your nugget nashinkovannoy cabbage, olive oil, 125 ml crack red guilt, 1 UF. L. Of grainy mustard, 1 UF. L. Grounds of Smetana.

Butter grill. Put an pork on greater the surface, to down. Large platter on strong fire 5-10 minutes. Then put an in form of and be preparing on weak fire 30-40 minutes.

Bring until boil greater pan with podsolennoy water. Add carrot, boil 2 minutes, then add such as cabbage and be preparing still 5 minutes. Merged and wash under Cold water. Spice up and's the spray olive oils.

Get pork from forms and postpone on several minutes. Merged from forms fat, maintaining the entire vydelivshiysya juice. Add wine, creation and cream-Fresh. Put form of on very a small the fire and bring until boil. Cut pork and sue with grain-mustard sauce and vegetables.


podzharka from liver on-shumikhinski

On one once: 145 g liver, 22 g diced bacon, 25 g of salty cucumbers, 10 g string, 5 g tomato's-puree, 2 g garlic, 2 g greenery.

Liver cut brusochkami, to put salt on them, I broil, add salam, sliced drain, large platter, and slim passerovannym tomato, passerovannym onions, pripuschennymi cucumbers, garlic, greenery. Set with stew potatoes, greenery, malosolnymi cucumbers.
Autumn roast fruits

You will require cube dangers butter, 2 pears, 50 g of sugar powdered, 3 orange slice.

Butter the oven until 190 degrees. Melt cream oil in flat platter or in the oven. Mix 4 plums, slit in half, 2 an apple and 2 pears, purified and slit on chetvertinki. Sprinkle 50 g sugar, grated peel in it 1 orange slice and juice 2 – 's African oranges. For baking 25-30 minutes, until fruits not will soft. That cool 10 minutes and sue with ice cream.

Mud cake with while watching The autumn everyone

Dough: 50 g butter or margarines, 170 otzhatogo one cottage cheese, 6 UF. L. Cooking oil with, 4 UF. L. Milk, 100 g sugar contained sand, 2 UF. L. Of vanilla sugar, grated peel lemon, 400 g flour, 1 bag baking powder, fat for pans, 1 UF. L. Instant coffee-covered espresso bean,.

Was build: ” fruits (600 g pears, 600 g lactic acid apples, 300 g blackberry), 4 eggs, 250 g is, 4-6 UF. L. Sugar, 1 include pea pods vanilla.