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Theory aspects of

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Радуга wrote:

The tree, and ssylochku locally on this material not will you give? I, too, not'm using these aspects of, but modicum opinion itself draft.

Ah, if locally, then here is:



Javadxan, thank you, thank you!



Bad one description of astrological aspects of I has found in book D. T "Goroskop instant predictions by."


Driving forces opposition suggest entanglements, in which the only solution is compromise. Events, associated with the opposition, cannot be change or eliminate; should take their such, what they there is. During such a aspects there is the likelihood separation or losing. What would planet nor were in opposition, such aspects of are always moments the acquisition of invaluable experience, because are accompanied by difficulties.


Driving forces trigona, which is considered the most unfortunate from aspects of, provide continuous the flow of energy. This aspect of stems with in tune circumstances, collaboration, creative, inspiration and generosity. But human nature such is, that trine has for it certain shortcomings: Him lack obstacles and difficulties. Material good and easy success usually not cause needs in advances and aspirations to them. That easily inherited — easily got lost.

quadrature (disambiguation)

Unlike circumstances, associated with trigonom, which breeds need in advances and action, quadrature (disambiguation) symbolizes ruin plans and obstacles, requiring immediate reaction. Unlike compelling hardship, associated with the opposition, quadrature (disambiguation) is associated with problems that can be resolve, huge certain efforts and determination, and turn in advantages.


Sekstil is trigonu in the sense, that associated with him circumstances usually wear positive character. But if under trigone prosperity and easy success are taken for granted and achieved by price small costs or at all without curiously effort, sekstil symbolizes not himself success, and only only opportunity that later may lead to success. Opportunity is a key word, when speech comes to strengths sekstilya.

is trying

Two planet, domiciled in one and same throes one a sign, form compound. This a powerful aspect of. Driving forces compounds combine and concentrate energy participating in it planets. Harmonious or disgarmonichnoe influence compounds depends on quality participating in it planets, and also compound vospriimchivo to influence other planets, under the with him aspects of.


Driving forces this aspects symbolize a troubling or unexpected situation, in that should be amended. Quincunx implies circumstances, in which should than something to sacrifice sake of achievements goal. Decision in ??? case lies in desire human pay sound price, which acquitted would had missed their intended goal. But even in such a case sometimes account for satisfied with a 'less, than expected.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » All the brink of astrology » Theory aspects of