Star magic. Set of words or behind this something lies. Magic this work clear conscience, this glance on our world, as on one of of multiple worlds. And that there is stars? This system other worlds. Not let us rasmatrivat holiday other stellar system or not. And here is in Physics space, on temporary parameters too, on mernosti their an infinite diversity. That can give remote stars people? They have what there is no have us - other quality. Mages place its goal spiritual growth, that includes in themselves development forceful bodies, obtaining a new experience and new qualities, which and can give stars. Star the sky aren their light humanity always. Were long people noticed, that different stars have and good and bad influence.
Flows, ulavlivaemye from stars very subtle, their difficult point to and share from common noise. The most strong energy flows with understanding qualities go from's finest hemangioma, nebulas, galaxies. Is widely opinion, that most significant those stars, which seen in this terrain, and also those, whose star the magnitude of more. Most often, cosmic from stars high. 've ever met in books remarks, that stellar flows are dangerous for people, they very tough and harmful. But after all they loud on people always, even when shines the sun. And from moreover recognize people or not not change properties stars. The problem in knowing approach and using this energy.