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Russians women. What they?

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The Russian woman in circle of views and stereotypes

About Russian woman written and said so much, that study ,-systemization and extrapolation many and many facts, evidence, of expression about it, can never be completed, and means and claim objectivity.

The only scare, which modicum as something in this case justifies the stranger, is volume of proanalizirovannykh sources and their the casual (not angazhirovannyy) selection. Method read s on request "the Russian woman" in one of experience systems us was selected about 100 sources, represented in Internet: Scientific articles and one-, data surveys, remarks in forums and on blogakh1. In the process analysis all sources of possessed for us same relevance. The entire body of sources (of expression, data surveys and camping on P.) was divided between the on several groups: 1) Russian men about Russians women, 2) Russians women about Russians women, 3) foreign women about Russians women, 4) foreigners about Russians women.

Russian men about Russians women

Russian men in as a the most meaningful emit much properties Russian women - 18% and its role in family - 18%. Among troubled traits (loyalty, reliability, rules, chuynst, ability to love) prevails loyalty (as here not recall once repented (on. Characteristic examples: "Our excellent girlfriends will. Correct surety us men...... do Russia ";" HSIIDC women to the same, typically, very are correct, and family is obtained staunch. "

Group qualities "role in family" amounted those that represent woman as wife, mother, the groundwork family. Among them the most important for men, naturally, it turns out misconception women in role wife (more 60%), in the time, as on motherhood accorded slightly more 10% there contexts ("Russians women - the most popular brides in world", "they combine many qualities, conducive to create staunch family, sometimes even not aware of his appointments - be girlfriend, correct wife and loving mother").

Several trails the dominant characteristics foreign beauty (spiritual all same it turns out much bigger). Men note, that Russians women are beautiful (37% contexts), even sugar (25%), charming, maternal, (25%) and watch a (13%). Significance women for Russia (12%) highlights their the exceptional role in history and culture Russia. So, a modern philologists and philosopher G. D. Gachev says about Russian woman as about the "party Russian life." In a series of cases whilst, that precisely the Russian woman reflects himself phenomenon russkosti and wealth genofund ("This is the combination of the rich natural genofund, after all in blood any human, born in any place huge concord the, whether Kyiv or of Vladivostok, any only bloodlines not meets!"). Marks exceptionalism Russian women (12% contexts): She is perceived as the puzzle (apparently, "mysterious the Russian soul" - this, in primarily, female soul), miracle ("as can be strip themselves such a miracle as our Russian women"), exceptionalism ("Russians women more happy all women world", "nowhere in world there is no so much or women" and others.

The share of rest qualities, marshal Russians, significantly below. So, intellectual sphere ranks only 6%, that easily explain - men until now not can put intellectual ability to women on one level of with their (cf. "Intrinsic precisely Russian women of female logic, which, on fact, means the absence of any logic"). Among other characteristics let's note masculinity (6%), popularity in men (6%), female fate (or the, that is called "of female share) 4% and pragmatism 4%. Note, that in this sample of households virtually is missing negative traits character and behavior. This not means, that men also idealize Russians women, deal in is, that Russian men are discussing, typically, women at all, not Russians women, so in sample not are trapped many and many remarks.

Foreign women about Russians women

The sample of expression women other countries about rossiyankakh are small and consists of of views women in USA, kanadok, datchanok and from Malta. Marks, that Russians women so seriously compete on sheeting that market, that represent real threat for local women ("Russians women go", where "go" understood as invasion of that cannot be stop). Natural reaction is the indictment rossiyanok in immoral behavior (25% all contexts): In besprintsipnosti, in easy availability of and in class prostitution (for Russians women true to form "to address prostitution and earn any way"). However foreign women note the beauty rossiyanok (38% contexts): "Women there such beautiful; returning home, immediately notice difference" or "Men-policemen also podpali under enchantment Russians while." One of the most the those is "passivity" Russian women: "Why Russians women so passive?." American women and kanadki are calling for rossiyanok to activity, ambition, aggressive type behavior. But precisely neagressivnoe behavior Russians women and allows them be "a collectivity distinct wives" for the weary from emancipation men in the West. Well whether this? Question so complex, that from answer we pull out.

Foreigners about Russians women

In a whole, foreigners emit as the most meaningful characteristic: Russian women - its the beauty (speech goes about of corporeal beauty) - 25% all contexts. For example, "Russians women even not simply are beautiful, they the hugely are beautiful, so are beautiful, that words this not going to explain to", "I often go on Europe, saw many of cute women, but now I understand, that such, breathtakingly theyand feminine, there is only in Russia." Beauty pugayusche through attractiveness, charisma, charm of, sexuality, refinement, elegance of and others. Very relevant it turns out femininity ("They more feminine,. Russians women wear make-up and held on more feminine on these bermudas, than Swiss "). Marks, that Russians women watch a, have sense of more taste, allows them well look. Often states about beauty eye, with in the most different contexts: "Have them unusually beautiful eyes" and "They same there all the Witches! She has and eyes, perhaps, green and glitter! She you zakolduet and obderet as comprehensively. "

With this feature cozies up exceptionalism Russian women (13%): Foreigners believe, that she enigmatic, his poetic artistry helped raise on other women, better other: "Modern Russians women, the most unfathomable way can combine in itself the Slavonic mystique and European refinement", "Dont know, of course, that in them such a, why they such attractive." Foreigners emit and such the quality of Russian women, as emansipirovannost (9%): "Never AGAIN, cutest, the sacrificial create" wind highly energetic, business and boevitymi, rigidly presekayuschimi infringe upon their rights ";" independence Russians women, their nepodchinyaemost traditional social, behavioral and are norms. " Although, sometime, that emansipirovannost not is the dominant of behavior, about than reveal remarks foreigners about troubled qualities would be needed Russian women and her role in family. For example, "the Common opinion Western men: Russians women kinder, most caring woman, khozyaystvennee, and they good wife"; "HSIIDC women, for me - this women, which go into themselves entirely their men - fathers, sons, and more all, their husbands and's. In this sense them there is no equals. " Among troubled qualities are commemorated: Kindness, he, humanity, sincerity of, ability to love, rules, dedication ("openness to Polenova being is distinctive feature precisely Russians women") - camping on E. Those qualities that not are common aggressively emansipirovannomu type behavior.

Among rest characteristics are commemorated: To get emotional behavior 6%, ability to to organizations communication 5%, high professionalism 5%, belligerence in behavior 4%, high intellectual ability to 4%, popularity in men 4%, amoral behavior 3%, dependence from men 3%, masculinity 2% and russkost 2%. Interestingly, that foreigners highly evaluate intellectual ability to Russians women: "Than differs the blonde from Russia from blonde a at all? The blonde from Russia keeps managing play in chess "," high level of education and professional training. "

In a whole, attitude to Russian women highly positive, although and diverse. The most positive responses go with hand Americans and Japanese, less affirmative - with hand the French and Italians, and Germans determined the most negatively (for example, "" women similar on prostitutes "," Used to it fear President Russians women, not less insidious Russian mafia "and others.)

Russians women about itself

In as a the most meaningful factors his of shape let emit foreign the beauty (16% all of expression). Tour charisma, attractiveness, femininity, beauty: "Russians women - the most beautiful", "pro beauties our from Kursk catastrophe and the Eagle of the foreigners they sing the legend", "they are beautiful soul of's mind and body", "but what distinguishes our women - this desire like." A bit "lag behind" - much quality (13%), among which kindness, loyalty, dedication, rules, reliability, patience, the lack of end of materialism. These quality extremely are important for family, because, in a whole, family remains the main value for Russian women: "They place family above all. They always are prepared to sacrifice the most brilliant career sake of moreover, to be with husband and children ";" ``Our woman naturally puts family higher careers. " Under this role wife is more relevant, than mothers: "Have them good heart of. If they go married, they (a man fully ";" Russian woman is as natural in decision-behavior and way of action husband. This not means, that she not tries to on them sway. She only not tries to their spurn. She always together with husband "and others. (But with other hand:" Treat effeminate - perhaps, most importantly in life Russian women. ")

Intellectually-spiritual sphere present in 9% all of expression, that says about [vision their opportunities with those stereotypes, which alia in society (men - as Russians, so and foreigners - evaluate intelligence rossiyanok below). Among qualities this groups let's note ingenuity, education, big ability to to learning, tvorcheskost, self-perfection, demonstrated. So cannot be say, that "Russians women - women with very and very where self-esteem." Rather, from-for influence stereotypes intelligence Russians women evaluate wrongfully low. With intellectual sphere cozies up unsteady (7% contexts), in which ???? professionalism, the lack of karerizma, the stamina, work on wear, fostering leadership, enforcement smoking, responsibilities, associated with heavy physical hard.

Let assert themselves as unique, different nor on whom: "Russians women - this unique beings"; "the Russian woman possesses unique, richest experience samostoyaniya and development" and others. The uniqueness it turns out breeding ground for moreover, to perceive themselves as superb from all personality with such qualities, as naturalness, independence, internal the nobility, individuality, whole nature, harmony: "Its unified nature not implementing various polovinchatosti"; "Our greatest women could all. And each newsworthy become queen ";" We all dress for pleasure, us likes invent the anything interesting "and others. Among rest characteristics let's note expression of heroism 7%, hard in Rezident) sacrifice and contrary, vsesilii; sphere of behavior 7%, leading features which become blueprint, tolerance, kompromissnost, responsibility; popularity, as among men, so and in most prestigious modeling agencies business (5%); to get emotional 5%, probe in quest toward the extremes, callousness are unacceptable, unpredictability. Among negative characteristics meets anonymity on amoral behavior 3%, the lack of more taste 3% and avarice 2%. Note, that negative field ranks only 8% from sums all fields.

In a whole, can be said, that the whole world recognizes the uniqueness Russians women, their strength the beauty, rare much quality and ability to be combine professional quality and skill create family cosiness. Remains wish our ladies greater confidence in their forces and not only because society all diverse talents Russians women, but and (despite patriarchal one of) adequately high estimates all these qualities.




Met interesting, although and not people with article:

What is fallen woman in the West? This on, expat wanted in connection, a drug addict or victim violence with childhood. The impossibility be adopted in society plus pimp a slave driver.

Standard Russian a fallen not is changing with starters 1990 's: This woman, get any school, and often and school recently, slutty, vypivayuschaya, admits career entertain some the layer men and gnobleniem downstairs.

In 1970 s women lulled, that they are equal men, and have proposed choice: Family, children and husband or become an egalitarian stakeholder total economic contest in world, created men.

In the West choice careers was podslaschen feminizatsiey men. In Russia the guy on still must Assange "for all."
For satisfaction from increased Genital needs in primarily. Who with his task mismanaged poorly, the lost. Russians women officers betrayed their men, Stubbed them box in the back in moment, when they, busting my back, provided a their, stake.' and a half world. Women preferred role mothers role product, brand. The Russian woman has become first delicacy on all continents as space, satellite and, caviar. And then proposal exceeded the demand, and she has become consumer goods company.

In one an online journal community I spent study women, are there. Results shake the leather. 95% GDPs deeply're miserable and constantly complain on fate. 5% happy and write inactive. Have second there is husband, one four child, they nesuetlivye housewives or working at work, which they like.

Losers more various. -thirds of them in life not shines nor men, nor family. Still-third, in age from 20 until 30, the fate more senior tovarok. Their activity directed on samoopravdanie its netovarnosti. They are positioning themselves experts in sex, vogue and consumption.

I think, in Russia survives and reproduces the guy, which will understand, that crisis in world not from, that he little works, and from, that women stopped engage their direct affair: Family and his home. And only consume all created men. ???? avidly, on magnifying, forgetting its natural female place.

And when Russians men this figure, can, and will save modicum whom that from endangered Russians women in's marriage, for a.





Gotcha interesting, although and not people with article:

Flax, very even not people with ;) I would even told on all 100 :rolleyes: and reaffirming the X his-in posts readers moreover site :glasses:



Lero4ka wrote:

I would even told on all 100

Those and interestingly :crazyfun: I think, that scorpion venom our society and on men has blown back into and on women. Both gender lost in one way or another least. Although, can be, this is not only our, domestic trends, and world. Western men are gone in "the colour blue", Russians men - in alcoholism and social passivity, in domestic emitgratsiyu.



In this case, I would even told, that and approach the most author to osvtlennyu themes far not unanimous :glasses:. He with a certain share. Um. Grievances for male half humanity :disappointed:

In Russia the guy on still must Assange "for all." For satisfaction from increased Genital needs in primarily. Who with his task mismanaged poorly, the lost. Russians women officers betrayed their men, Stubbed them box in the back in moment, when they, busting my back, provided a their, stake.' and a half world.

I think, in Russia survives and reproduces the guy

:rolleyes: boldly however

which will understand, that crisis in world not from, that he little works, and from, that women stopped engage their direct affair: Family and his home:rolleyes:. And only consume all created men. ???? avidly, on magnifying, forgetting its natural female place.

Here is it turns out where have crisis "its feet are rising" :crazyfun:

And when Russians men this figure,can, and will save modicum whom that from endangered Russians women in's marriage, for a.

Hope men this figure not literally :glasses: (with words author.



Instead, synths gift to commemorate here is you history.
Have mothers there is called me. 66 years. The widow. Recently she has discovered cancer breast, directed on the chemistry, then - on operation. In late December returned from hospitals home.
Today mother ringing it congratulate, asks: As health, where New A year fierce?
- exe, - says girlfriend - fierce. In bed with lover. Damaging e?anaaao. Ah, and everything else, too,. A dizzying.
It turns out: Outlook this she has found on site dating - more accurately, this he its found and I mentioned: Together rested in a scout camp.
The first a date was even before operations.
- I thought: I have the first was e?anaaao, so let and the latest will not worse.
- A this nothing, that have you seams still not the 1930, and thumping removed?
- Fine! He said: Why us two tits, well ????? one.

Here is this I understand - there is pepper shakers in Russians villages. And you wish the same: Fight and seek, find and not surrender!


FS. Woman respektische!




Wu mothers there is called me. 66 years.
Here is this I understand - there is pepper shakers in Russians villages. And you wish the same: Fight and seek, find and not surrender!
FS. Woman respektische!

Yes, perishing Attaboy! Yes and the guy, that need to :cool:



Lero4ka wrote:

Yes and the guy, that need to

Yes, incidentally! :cool: here is so and know not with whom you know, hanging out in a pioneer camp :mybb: can in our bright childhood such samples remained, that you'll swing :)


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