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"Not like it or to remain old maiden.

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. Learn to be preparing although would 50 dishes from extra eggplant casserole "(Eastern expression of)

We'll type 50, Devchata? ;)

Tomatoes with baklazhannoy stuffing all

Aubergine my, we cut away make ends, we saute on "Mediterranean diet" oil, and then chopped-chopped cut on board. Separately skillets chopped sliced peeled onion. Garlic'm grinding with pepper, salt, if there is-very strongly limbs. From all these products zameshivaem beaten, nachinyaem tomatoes, tie ourselves molotymi bread crumbs, sbryzgivaem Plant oils and zapekaem in the oven. Can be and not for baking, then instead biscuits over can be sprinkle fresh greenery. Sue warm or okhlazhdenymi. On 8 soil - 4 eggplant, 2 hair bulbs, 4 sale time garlic.



Aubergine then we cut them up along, stripes. Slightly're gonna drench in flour (quite slightly-slightly). We saute on "Mediterranean diet" oil.
'm grinding melkonarezannym chesnochkom.

Sue can be as a separate now and as addition to something)



Iriani, thank you! :) Anyone reflecting devchatam, succumbed participation in this topic, in as a gift to commemoratewill expelled book "Of Cinderella's in princess. Advice color ":bye: But only when we'll type 50 units. :P

And now small addition on, apricots :) "Of-for any seas to us first time fell aubergines, accurately say impossible. Say, that still in times of Napoleon 3 th his spouse, having visited in Istanbul, came in drooling from baklazhanoy first and has asked to know recreate recipe its preparations. But cook was able to know only name - "khyunkar beendi" ("enemy beast will liked"), and himself recipe remained in be kept secret. Was and another name baklazhannoy first, truth, with small area, sounded it not less spectacularly - "a spectacular vision Sultan’s". :bb: (journal "the good advice. - hospital # 8").

And now recipe "Yakh-unt-Houthis"!. This an unusual now stems with the Moon - protector degree of Cancer. It called named of the ancient Egyptian God moon Jaha, izobrazhavshegosya in the form of human with, clarity GoldenCore and a sickle on anybody. Giving will fantasies and podstegnuv its sensuality was, we understand, that deep violet color extra eggplant casserole symbolizes soft, obvolakivayuschuyu darkness s night, and one spicy was build highlights observing the world around and appeal moon. Reporting this now on a snack, as the second breakfast or dinner with salads and red wine - and your vozlyubennyy Rak (from themselves correct - and not Rak :)) will'm flattered, am amazed, enamored and displays a svmye best and nor on traits his character.

2 eggplant on 250-300 gr. Every
3 UF. L. Olive butter
2 chopped Kaohsiung hair bulbs
4 grinded zubchika garlic
2 grinded stem is of celery
1 h. L. Kumina (the Indian condiment)
0.5 h. L. Ground pomegranate
75 gr. Ground I nuts
50 gr. Chopped Kaohsiung of champignons
125 gr. Natertogo cheese (chadder or any)
1 h. L. Carved up greenery parsley
Where sea salt and pepper to Italian tastes
Aubergine with cut off as tips put an on several minutes in pan with boiling water. Merged water, cool aubergine and let their, the rain too. Now towel. Acute knife cut aubergine along on 2 halves of and cut of them pulp, leaving its (about 1 centimeters) have the bacon. A small cut out myakost chopped cut into. On iron pan on average fire slightly large platter in oil onion and garlic. Add threaded pulp extra eggplant casserole and spices. Minutes through 5 put an there same cardiac, mushrooms, where sea salt and pepper to Italian tastes and saute still 5 minutes. To lift with ceasefire and add in mixture of part of cheese and parsley. Fill a mixture of halves of extra eggplant casserole, lay their in greased with oils ogneupornuyu tableware and sprinkle from above remaining cheese. For baking in heated the oven minutes 20-30. Sue now keenest. :thank_you:

Journal "Ourania" - 1994- # 3.



Iriani wrote:

Aubergines then we cut them up along, stripes

And have us budo alongside kendo should slices, plastinochkami.



A have us budo alongside kendo should slices, plastinochkami.

Ah yes is true! This I has translated perishing so :) Beyond all, pastinochkami, slices. Not as concentrated across (short go), namely thus.



an unusual now stems with the Moon - protector degree of Cancer

Why precisely with the Moon? That there Lunar in although, ingredients?
If shock. Sun connected the entire food, prigotovka :rolleyes:



Iriani wrote:

Why precisely with the Moon? That there Lunar in although, ingredients?

Patamushta in baklazhane water many :yes: A this element moon.

Iriani! It seems, prize want only we with you! :beee:



Nothing itself! Simply we love tasty refresh :) I I'm pretty sure)



I, too, love :pardon: ASTs in Taurus. :bb:



Greetings all!
Can offer its recipe. Only I I put it right all products "on peephole." So now never in accuracy not repeats itself.
In general, this stews.
Being peeled onion and slightly we saute on's cli. Oil.
Then carrot on terke, cut into garlic - and to any onions.
Then add studded minute cubes themselves by growing potatoes and aubergines. And such as cabbage, too, can be (chopped threaded). To until..
Add studded tomatoes. In late preparations add studded dill and parsley. Put an bay leaf leaf.
Where sea salt in late, to Italian tastes.
P. S. The same can be to do and with dive instead eggplant. ;)



Javadxan, have us Morozzoffers universal prescriptions for! :) And another challenger on other thing I like OF THIS power technology- colourful book about-style and beauty!



Not of the interests sake of :rolleyes:
Here is still.
Dug up recipe "first overseas" for microwave stove.
3-4 medium-size eggplant,
2 to-mah-toes,
1 head string,
3-4 zubchika garlic,
0.5 h. Phytosterols reconnaissance. Vinegar,
Where sea salt, pepper, greens - to Italian tastes.
Aubergine to wash it, hornswoggle in same time. Places and put an on plate in stove again.
For baking under full capacity 5-6 mines, turn and still 5-6 minutes.
Tomatoes, onion chopped cut into, randomize, add mashed garlic and passerovat in furnace 2-3 shadowing
Spoon remove the core of from ages extra eggplant casserole and mix with passerovannymi vegetables, add where sea salt, pepper, chopped rublennuyu greens and vinegar.
If taking a risk of, share, taking please :)



Thank you! Microwave stove I have, alas, no. But can someone from wedding traditions will make, will share impressions. On any aubergine - this tasty :yes:

Girls, I OK, too, not of the interests sake of :) with this phonebook. This to people shake up. And exile on graffical I then for all'll post an.



aubergine software-STAMBULSKI

250 g aubergines
50 g 3 1 string
100 g tomatoes
50 Mr. olive butter
40 g carrot
40 g root of celery
40 g sweet developed pepper
Child ‘ s teeth garlic
5 g greenery parsley thyme, pepper ground black, where sea salt

Aubergine cut on longitudinal than half, cripple pulp on 0.5 centimeters from peel and, not picking bird parts out its, put an vegetables in cold, slightly salted water, to they have lost bitterness. Then what You in oil. Carrot and celery to embarrass in water until. And cut into minute cubes. Struchkovyy pepper bake, to clear from the bacon and seed, chopped cut into and mix with carrots. Chopped sliced onion fry gently, add nashinkovannye vegetables, studded browned tomatoes, greens parsley, rastertyy garlic, thyme, black ground pepper, where sea salt and all randomize. Pulp, taken out from each halves of eggplant, chopped chop and add in vegetables. Aubergine fill received vegetable stuffing, posting on's lubricated oils keys or pan, every kindest cover with a slice of tomato same and bake in zharochnom the chamber in for 15-20 shadowing Sue in cold the form of.



aubergine, fried In battered

Aubergine to clear from the bacon and cut into slices. From eggs, flour and milk cooked who. Podayutsya so aubergines to put salt on them, you dip the palette in who and fry in razogretom fried parboiled. Sue keenest.



Iriani wrote:

aubergine, fried In battered

Here is this I necessarily stuck do! Thank you :)



As I and promised, KiNovskiy a gift from site it's poppy. Ru: http://www.glamurnenko.ru/
Very simpatichnaya certificate "Of Cinderella's in the Princess." :yes:



It's poppy - there is klassnenko :rolleyes:

Flax, but 50 not have filed even, and after all I dangers but)



Iriani wrote:

Len, but 50 not have filed even, and after all I dangers but)

Ah now to do? ;) Don’t leave same you without gifts? :P A dosobirat art collection we can in any time. IRA, and I have know what idea arose? Here is will have us 50 units :D and can be done something type small e-booklets, "Aubergines of our Forum" (name contingent). And can be, say, walk on other forums :D and represent our creativity. And that?! Have all same there is vizitnaya card,. And why our not can be aubergines? :D You can again this art collection to exchange on something with another Forum (thought a practical bottom-up Taurus). acute.gif



"Aubergines of our Forum" (name contingent).

Contingent, but such cool! :lol:

A why our not can be aubergines?

Can, and not only aubergines)
Flax, thought to swap support!

I THAT is what was nervous! :D :lol:


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