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"Not like it or to remain old maiden.

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Iriani wrote:

I THAT is what was nervous!

There is no, and what ha-ha something? What ha-ha?! :rofl: Reveal in astrorunete still one such forum, where were would such centers aubergine! :D
Okay, closer to trial. To number of 3-was heard roughly, when all will are pregnant Russian salad :help:, recall a . Correctly! Baklazhanakh! :bb:

Ruletiki from extra eggplant casserole

4 eggplant medium-size sizes
6 soil
5 Tennessee Bulgarian pepper
1 head garlic
150 g mayonnaise
1 the table. Spoon of salt
Pepper to Italian tastes
Fresh greens
Vegetable oil

Aubergine wash under blast Cold water, wipe down not, acute knife Father, cut along on went podayutsya so, the peel brush your not need to, otherwise-wrapped figs will deteriorate, posolite, give a bit a soak. When will emerge juice, - Wipe slit aubergine paper with a napkin, to they have become dry.
Podayutsya so somewhere, grilling on "Mediterranean diet" oil until crispy crust. Check a tick to cool. Wash vegetables. Tomatoes Father, cut) pieces. Have Bulgarian pepper delete plodonozhku and nashinkuyte his cubes. Chopped porubite garlic, shake his with with mayonnaise (to Italian tastes). Fresh greens pereberite, wash, shred the. Add to for some mayonnaise with garlic.
Every a slice of eggplant pomazhte with one hand a garlic-mayoneznoy host, on every a slice of put cube tomato same, from above on him cube Bulgarian pepper and curtail a slice of ruletikom.
Lay out ready to-wrapped figs on now, check a tick on enskolko hours in refrigerator, to they were saturated.

Advice: Instead extra eggplant casserole can be take concentrated zucchini or podayutsya so bacon.

Aubergines on-Arabic

2 large eggplant
100 Mr. muscle meat time (better from mutton)
1 onion
2 the table. Phytosterols cooking oil with
2 the table. Phytosterols grated cheese
Fresh greens
Pepper and where sea salt to Italian tastes

Take 2 large eggplant, wash their under blast annuelles water, acute knife delete plozhonozhki, brandy notes on 2 parts of. Big spoon neatly delete core of. Pull down aubergine roughly on 5-8 minutes in salted warm water.
Core of cut the chopped, shake with nashinkovannym favorite onions and with meat fapshem, better from mutton, add in him vegetable oil, posolite, poperchite to Italian tastes and stir. Resulting mass of store carry-on in aubergine, put their in a special tableware for microwave furnace nafarshirovannoy part of upward and dust your from above with grated cheese. Zapekayte now in furnace on full capacity in for roughly 10 minutes until willingness.
Before Auftragserteilung on the table garnish with aubergine fresh greenery. If prefer more thorny it, you can add in ready beaten several dolek garlic, and grated choked inject with mayonnaise.




Let me give you ready formuler

G-aubergines you bake a in the oven. As option you fry it up cubes and WITHOUT the bacon on saucer with podsolnechnym oils. Then the armchair.. and the through a sieve or melchish in a blender. To this mess, actually you add tekhinu. Here content should not be. A wino such a. Lemon juice, garlic, pepper Red, kamun, where sea salt. All to Italian tastes.
Pleasant appetite

And explanations:
1. Our aubergine - not such. Our once, and those - similar on large heart of.
To Italian tastes like would and same assessment, but all same not so is obtained. Ah God with them)
On fact aubergines better not fry and not for baking in the oven, and stove again on open fire (if you have gas stove stove), wand his time from time, to from all sides propeksya and canvas black grilled.
Say, that in good restaurants Horne precisely on open fire.
Then to lift this the crust together with like Roses Lime good bye II I get this going VERY! For this need constantly the should lower my fingers in cold water, then again brush your aubergines.
2. Tekhinu can be buy ready, in a jar As a memento, in the form of smetanoobraznoy masses. (Otherwise FUBAR)
3. Ever read any Poe calligraphy on a jar As a memento with kamunom - has found ??? word "houses") (of greenish color of)
4. Lemon not be chintzy with the))
5. Some still a bit vinegar add.

That Spain lovers of Middle East cuisine. (Scone only try to dunk it in babaganuk - yum-yum, if you normally treat tekhine)
I have in Al only husband sister very likes it now)

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All good the last morning outgoing year! Vasilisa, thank you for contribution in art collection.
And can be stupid question? :) What such tekhina?



What such tekhina?

An analogous question emerged) Plus even - kamun?! That this? And that with him to do? And where his seek?
Their. And the, and another.



Что такое техина?

Это паста такая, консистенции сметаны. Делается их кунжутных зернышек ))
(в супермаркете видела как-то в продаже, но не покупала еще, потому как привезенное еще есть)
... попытаюсь после НГ размолоть кунжутные зерна, посмотрю как самостоятельно сделать пасту))

А камун - приправа такая, арабское название...
Я нашла на невскрытой баночке камуна единственный лейбл на английском (на подобие акцизной марки) - на нем написано "carry"))
Единственное отличие от карри, купленного в Москве - арабский вариант несколько зеленее и ароматнее... так что можно утверждать, что карри=камун ))



I not realized, we aubergine collect further Ali as? ;) Wu me idea emerged.



we aubergine collect further Ali as?

And respiration would not muster?! Have us same this identity a badge of Forum astrologers!

Wu me idea emerged.

Gone away.



Iriani wrote:

This better be.

Why would us over time not develop department astrodietologii? Popular, vostrebovanno, interestingly. :P



In a box behalf of B. B. Eggplant. Has found in networks:

Pancakes from find so or extra eggplant casserole

1 kg extra eggplant casserole or find so,
2 — 3 eggs,
2 phytosterols flour,
Where sea salt, a pinch of pepper, fat for zhareniya.
Purified indoor zucchini or aubergine grate on terke, are a bit juice. In natertuyu mass of add eggs and flour flavored, spice up, a wooden spoon carefully randomize. Moisture to not very obese pancakes on a hot-fudge fat, fry until make large meatballs with both sides.
Sue pancakes with salad from tomatoes with sour cream.

Aubergines lovely baked with nuts and Ugrandite garnet
Aubergine - 125 g, onion peeled - 20 g, cardiac walnuts (purified) - 10 g, grain pomegranate - 20 g, pepper, where sea salt.
Aubergine they bread on but the bacon in time the chamber (without fat), based the skin, chopped cutting, add where sea salt, ground black pepper, chopped sliced onion, like crushed walnuts cardiac, well mix in, interpolate with beans pomegranate.

Turkey cuisine of.
Imam baildi (`Imam fell in obmorok`)

Aubergine washed, they use to wipe down and they bread in averagely a hot zharochnom the chamber.
Based the skin, cooled down, meaning its thorough stripes,
Salt and give to stand up. Onion and tomatoes washed, chopped meaning,
's frying now together with molotym flesh in pig fried parboiled and warmth pepper and chopped parsley. Stretch of aubergines overcome the in palms, smachivayut in:) egg, 're breaded in flour and's frying now from all sides on pig fried parboiled. Arrange a serving in form of alternately tier aubergines and meat (Upper tier - aubergine).
Eggs beat up the, mix with milk and dumping it in form of. They bread in zharochnom the chamber hour-and a half, until on the surface not will emerge the tickler golden the crust of. Buoyed in the same form with Laurent salad in as a a.

Aubergine 100, pork tenderloin 80, beef 80, egg 1 Tennessee, fat swine 30, milk 100, flour 10, onion peeled 15, tomatoes 20, greens parsley 3, pepper black ground, where sea salt.

Can be still find ;)
P. S. Xcuse me, itself not was preparing these it. About taste only own best guess. :boast:



Aubergines in battered with cheese
You will require: Aubergines - refrigerators.; egg - refrigerators.; choked rugged - 100g; milk - 100ml; flour - 1 / 2 Bada; Red apple ground pepper - 1 h. L.; where sea salt - to Italian tastes; oil vegetable for the frying
Young aubergine to clear from peel.

Cut into 4 persons in SLlCES, measuring roughly mere 0.5 see To put salt on them, to leave minutes on thirty, to wholesale bitterness. Then podayutsya so eggplant overcome the.

For Clare, a discovery grate on major terke choked solid varieties, 2 / 3 of grinded cheese use for Clare, a discovery, and remaining choked unbind in side. Eggs shake, add milk, flour flavored and half grated cheese. Should make not very it is a liquid who. To put salt on them, sprinkle red pepper.

You dip the palette podayutsya so eggplant in who and large platter with both sides in oil until golden color of. Chilly aubergine posting on flat now in one tier, from above sprinkle remaining cheese. (With site Preparing RCS. Ru)



gives from aubergines with garlic (Korean cuisine of)
Aubergine - 160 g, garlic - 15 g, a table vinegar - 5 g, sesame (olive) oil - 20 g, Soya-sauce - 30 g, Sol to Italian tastes

Aubergine to clear, wash, cut into drain, cook until willingness on couple of.
After this cool, add Soya-sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, where sea salt. All randomize, posting of salad in salatnik or to plate, and from above sprinkle, its energy garlic. Separately set Soya-sauce (25 g).

From the hoax "2011 peoples world"



Aubergines "Belyaki"
Take 4 eggplant, 3 zubchika garlic, 250 g sour cream, where sea salt.

Aubergine check a tick in the oven on 20-30 minutes, fill, remove the skin and brandy notes on sale time. Shredded garlic shake with salt and sour cream. Aubergine under these sauce check a tick in refrigerator on 2-3 hours.

Baklazhanno-meat cake

Take 3 eggplant, 5 eggs, 800 g of veal, 2 UF. L. Olive butter, 2 Bada milk, 1 bulb, 3 tomato same, parsley, where sea salt.

Aubergine from oven with slightly b'tugly, skin clear, cut the on stretch of, posolite and give to stand up. Grinded onion and sale time soil tamp down your with oils, remove with ceasefire, add parsley. In form of store carry-on layers aubergine, meat with stew onions and apples. Eggs shake, shake with milk and, fill the these crafted now. Zapekayte all in the oven hour-and a half.



They'll bring from extra eggplant casserole

2 eggplant, 1 sweet Red pepper, 2 tomato same, 2 zubchika garlic, 3 squares will do it basil, 4 UF. L. Olive butter, 4 UF. L. Grated cheese, 2 UF. L. Capers, 50 g olive pesto strangozzi without Machine, pepper black ground, where sea salt, greens.

Aubergine cut the by circles, measuring 1 centimeters, posolite, leave on 30 minutes. Then wash, obsushite and obzharte in oil.
Garlic chopped poshinkuyte or miss through press.
Sweet the pepper cut the minute cubes, spasseruyte on acidity oil, add tomatoes, studded cubes, rublennyy basil, posolite, poperchite and put it out 15 minutes. In late preparations put capers, green olives and garlic, put it out still 5 minutes.
On keys, 's lubricated oils, store carry-on in the form of towers aubergine, clearing for them their tushenymi vegetables.
Dust your the homestead cheese and zapekayte 15 minutes. Before Auftragserteilung on the table garnish with greenery.



This truth not recipe, but think, all it will be interesting, that represents from themselves Moolie from within :)

Besides the passage number of vitamins {Since, V1, V2, V6, RR and carotene} in baklazhanakh many useful micronutrients. This a vegetable — one of leaders on substance zinc, needed for strengthen immunity and generate female genital hormones. A long in it and iron, and also manganese, which very is important for sharing substances. Category: Monoterpenes, present in baklazhanakh, have a powerful to undergo impact; moreover, they possess ability to stimulate induce protective of enzymes, and this highly valuable the quality of on the eve “colds season. ” Buy aubergine only with green they account. If she hot dry and is biscuit, means, a vegetable long extremely satisfied. Peel eggplant must be brilliant, smooth
And without brown stigmas.



One times decided try grow aubergine on dacha. Planted 10 Chavez, they rose. And when ripe enough on them sat a Colorado stag beetle and for order to aubergine further grew their need to was irrigate poison. Themselves by growing potatoes, too, copiously mixture poison, but there tubers in earth. And have extra eggplant casserole from above :O. I not strongly learn using in market gardening, but my a small experience showed, that in baklazhanakh can be many yadov and chemicals. Admit, I their very love and not sitting nor on that buying :)



Have Zh AU! Flax, better would not wrote pro poison Oct, un
I as times gathered go their fry :swoon:



Wanted baklazhanchikov?

"Rublenaya the liver"

1 aubergines
1 onion
A bit cooking oil with for frying
2 steep eggs
Where sea salt, black pepper
Leaves parsley
Before, as to begin grooming, should wash aubergine under annuelles water and cut so, as referred in prescription. Sprinkle salt and to leave on 30 minutes. After this wash and get wet a paper towel and continue to be preparing.
1. Cut aubergines on establishment, measuring 1 see To clear bulb and cut on large cubes. In iron pan capitalize oil and fry onion until dark Fire-gilding. To lift with ceasefire and put an in a separate tableware. What You aubergine with two sides.
2. Chopped chop eggs, onion and aubergines. Spice up salt and black molotym pepper to Italian tastes. Before Auftragserteilung decorate the subtle platter eggs and parsley.

Salad from aubergines and tomatoes

1 aubergines
Where sea salt
Olive or others. Of plant oil
2 phytosterols lemon juice
Where sea salt and pepper to Italian tastes
Mint or oregano
2 tomato same
Green olives or pickled cucumbers
Before, as to begin grooming, should wash aubergine under annuelles water and cut so, as referred in prescription. Sprinkle salt and to leave on 30 minutes. After this wash and get wet a paper towel and continue to be preparing.
1. Aubergines cut on cubes 2.5 see Large platter in small numbers very hot cooking oil with. To lift with ceasefire, put an on do you want some paper towel.
2. Mix olive or another vegetable oil with lemon juice, salt and pepper and contract greenery (mint, oregano, coriander or parsley) until drab masses. Pour balm still not chilly cubes eggplant.
3. Wash and print is not tomatoes. Cut on cubes. Pickled cucumbers or green olives cut chopped. Mix with aubergines. Posting on now, decorate greenery and sue.

Aubergine with with mayonnaise

1 aubergines
1 spoon lemon juice
1 a clove garlic
Greens fresh coriander
Where sea salt and pepper to Italian tastes
1. Aubergines wash under annuelles water and print is not. Do two longitudinal-cut. Turn in foil and for baking roughly 30 minutes under maximum temperature (about 250S windmill).
2. Cool the housing price. Chopped chop until homogeneous masses with a little garlic, cilantro or parsley. Mix with with mayonnaise and spice up to Italian tastes.

Aubergine on-rumynski

1 aubergines
3 marinated cucumber
1 a small onion
1 spoon lemon juice
A bit cooking oil with
A bit parsley
Where sea salt and pepper to Italian tastes
1. Aubergines wash under annuelles water and print is not. Do two longitudinal-cut. Turn in foil and for baking roughly 30 minutes under maximum temperature (about 250S windmill).
2. Cool the housing price. Chopped chop until homogeneous masses. Cucumbers, onion and greens chopped chop, mix with eggplant. Pripravit Plant oils, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Aubergine on-Greek

1 aubergines
3 tomato same
1 / 2 a small hair bulbs
1 a clove garlic
1 spoon lemon juice
Mint, coriander, parsley
Where sea salt and pepper to Italian tastes
A bit cooking oil with
1. Aubergines wash under annuelles water and print is not. Do two longitudinal-cut. Turn in foil and for baking roughly 30 minutes under maximum temperature (about 250S windmill).
2. Cool the housing price. Chopped chop until homogeneous masses.
3. On vershkakh soil do X -obraznyy an incision, cut Leafstallk is and on several minutes put an in boiling hot water. Cool the housing price and to lift the peel.
4. Purified tomatoes, onion, garlic and greens chopped chop, mix with eggplant. Spice up Plant oils, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Aubergine fried in he ? s marinated with garlic

3 medium-size eggplant
Oil for frying

2-3 zubchika garlic
1 / 2 tea phytosterols of salt
2-3 pressing pepper
1 / 2 tea phytosterols ground sweet pepper
1 / 2 tea phytosterols muddles pepper
2 phytosterols cooking oil with
1 / 2 Bada vinegar

Before, as to begin grooming, should wash aubergine under annuelles water and cut so, as referred in prescription. Sprinkle salt and to leave on 30 minutes. After this wash and get wet a paper towel and continue to be preparing.

1. Aubergine cut on establishment, measuring 1 see Put an in a deep glass tableware.
2. Chopped chop garlic and pepper, pre purified indoor from seed. Put an in a small a deep tableware and mix with salt. Add sweet and acute pepper and vegetable oil. Randomize. Mikoton vinegar water to Italian tastes and add in previously cooked mixture of. Carefully premeshat and spice up to Italian tastes.
3. Squeeze marinade on aubergine. Cover with tableware and to leave on day-two in refrigerator. Sue to meat seems to.



Tanja, where so much? :)



Радуга wrote:

Tanja, where so much? :)

Rybn. Uhhhh. Baklazhannye seats know need to. :)



Hors-from aubergines with shrimps

We will need 1 aubergines, 10-12 shrimp
Aubergines then clear, 've been driving browned, tie ourselves salt. Through 15 minutes with, then we saute.
Uploaded on plate.
In this same iron pan we saute shrimps, adding drop at the soy sauce maker.
Uploaded shrimps on pieces of extra eggplant casserole, we have to decorate a carrot, greenery.
Increasingly. :)


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