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"Not like it or to remain old maiden.

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Tanja, thank you for recipe. I his with morning and tried her hand :boast:. Broke a very tasty. Instead shrimp I have was in freezer salad "Sea cocktail." In it shrimps, mussels, squid, pieces of fish.



And. Here, you still then! :)
(Wow, kopilochku recipes baklazhannykh such here is will compile. :) )

aubergine Since brynzoy And curd
4 eggplant
300 g cottage cheese
250 g Dragobrata
2 UF. L. Grounds of Smetana
Where sea salt
Leaves green salad
Oil vegetable
Aubergine, not a media is from the bacon, brandy notes in half, posolite and check a tick under oppression, to was dangling out juice.
Then zapekite aubergine until. On lattice in the oven (minutes 15) and spoon delete core of.
Cottage cheese wipe the through a sieve and shake with brynzoy, fill a mixture of halves of extra eggplant casserole, take care of sour cream and zapekite in the oven until willingness. (Minutes 20).
Core of extra eggplant casserole chopped porubite, posolite and .00 oils. Reporting together with zapechennymi aubergines.



Tickles still tastier, if in mixture of cottage cheese and Dragobrata add quite a bit garlic and on-very gradually fresh coriander, fennel and reygana. Have us here (on the Caucasus) this now so make. To the same are possible variations: Garlic in cheese and-tvorozhnuyu mixture of, and grass - in baklazhanovuyu pulp.



And all-??? app aubergine.
Have witnessed in Forum its lokalki. It looked some in than funny even.

TAB, as there is, slightly podpraviv grammar.

Recipe 1.
Aubergines 1 Tennessee, mentor fruit 1 Tennessee Carrot 1 Tennessee, pepper Bulgarian 1sht, onion 1 Tennessee Tomatoes 1 Tennessee Garlic 3 sale time. All products, typically, there is always homes.
Phase 1 preparations.
Aubergine save and on on circles or polukruzhochki. Soak my pouch or not - every senselessly himself. On-my, nothing they not bitter, not vymachivayu.
Onion cut on big the pieces, type as sale time have the weather.
Garlic simply on subtler flat pieces of.
Everything else to wax and cut on long stretch of.

Phase 2 -sobsno, process.
In big thick saucer more drinks many butter, raskalyaem very-very strongly.
Then throw with massacres at regular intervals in about minutes or mucus (in general quickly) products on waiting lists. Before zabroskoy another only as a vegetable the that already stir-fried end and back askew, to bottom pancake frying pans was free.
1) a carrot with and filling
2) pepper
3) aubergine
4) onion, under this onion better fry not minute, and seconds 30 simply demolish his in oil and all.
5) tomatoes
6) garlic, sliced on subtler sale time
A bit along the, to garlic smells went, randomize and all is prepared.
Salting better you have every sauce after steam and promoted a bit vinegar.

Recipe 2.
Stupidly along the as they with aubergines 1 :1, there is with sour cream. Can be fry with flesh or on lodged too close. - tastier will.

Recipe 3.
Peacful with aubergines.
Is done as peacful with apples, only adding still and aubergine.
Salo, onion, aubergine chischennye shredded, tomatoes, eggiwegs, greens.

Recipe 4.
The most kayfnyy. Let’s take their with a on shashliks on, slicing it lengthwise without skins, a bit oils smazyvaesh, you fry it up on lattice, and then as talked with pomidorkoy and mayonnaise + garlic.

Frankly, before, to along the with and filling or do night) -- personally me even in head not crossed. Not, go on market, that whether? :)



We raised 31 recipe :) bngu



Радуга wrote:

We raised 31 recipe :) bngu

And what with this further to do? Issue provides?
Although. It occurs to, perishing in old clothes you can us here to remain accurately not threatens to.
Julia here is married have written the -- and who Next? ;)



Regyna wrote:

And what with this further to do? Issue provides?

There is one vision. Think. And opportunity smallness of propiarit all, who participated in topic.

Regyna wrote:

A thought occurred to, perishing in old clothes you can us here to remain accurately not threatens to.

Here - this where? :) At Astrodome? I something inflows of eligible not see dfs54e

Regyna wrote:

Julia here is married have written the -- and who Next?

Ah not I, accurately :/ its deal marriage made not Righteous fdxturdt



Радуга wrote:

1425 - this where? :) At Astrodome? I something inflows of eligible not see dfs54e

"Here" -- this at all. :)

Linen, if what, retseptiki baklazhannye to fold 'em and further let us? After all this -- vkuuuusno!
I remember, was recipe extra eggplant casserole on winter. Salad. Mother my somewhere dig a little dirt,, with so gusto all lopali.
And, can, I something has missed, and his here already somebody else posted?
Went to read.
If not, can find the money. :) ))



Nu not I, accurately :/ its deal marriage made not Righteous fdxturdt

And not I. :)

And prescriptions for -- yes increasingly would still toenail clipper,, even us themselves, aha?



Eggplant with a walnut stuffing all

1. Aubergine then we cut them up along on stretch of, measuring roughly 0.7 centimeters, we saute with both sides, raskladyvaem on bowls one layer by layer.

2. Preparing pecan adzhiku:
Walnuts cardiac, greens, acute pepper, garlic miss through a meat-grinder, to put salt on them, add spices, a bit whose vinegar, uh, mix.

3. 're consistently knocking adzhiku on tea if the on stripes eggplant, parents in the form of rolls and untick on several hours in refrigerator (when we'll stake, is obtained tastier).



Still recipe. Aubergine VERY ordinary
Aubergine cut along, to put salt on them, give to stand up minutes 15, wash Cold water. On each beloved one do scores are used-the distinctive (as on for fresh ogurtsakh on a picnic :)), sprinkle adygeyskoy salt and chopped minced garlic (not densely). In the oven 150 degrees on 20-30 minutes. All! Variations, what on them put an from above - Sea: Greens, choked, meat, cottage cheese, tomatoes or stupidly mayonnaise.

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Yolka wrote:

sprinkle adygeyskoy salt

This that for where sea salt such a, here is choked such know?
Thank you for recipe, adore aubergine in any the form of!



Tania T wrote:

This is that for where sea salt such a

This mixture of of salt, different peppers and of the dry African herbs. If there is no ready, can be its the most cooked, then she simply deposited in bank account



And again pro aubergine.

Vegetable, more strange, than aubergines, it is difficult to imagine. One it is unrealistic violet color what is worth!Evropeyskie travelers first time face eggplant during tourist-research-invasive visits in India. And some not in measure mettlesome researcher found out, that the ancient Greeks, which, too, not times saw aubergine in own gardens, was called violet fetus “bone frenzy ” and were confident, that, nalopavshis from Trunk blues fruits, can be forces routinely not be distributed mind.

Try aubergine Europeans stomach only after, as was opened America. Deal in is, that travelers from Europe saw, that American Indians grow aubergine and gladly eat violet fruit, not losing under this of reason.

There is legend about how, that one Turkish imam 'M in celui, first time poprobovav now from extra eggplant casserole. Like as food proved so tasty, that from surplus feelings simply Turks forfeited consciousness.

Aubergine contain some number of vitamin Since, which capable protect us from Iurgies and infections, and, although in the number of vitamin C baklazhanu far until Market for Lemons or black currant, all-??? the additional Portia this vitamin hardly will made for your organism. Moreover, fruit eggplant contain enough many vitamins groups In, which not only reinforce nervous system and are fighting with depression and an insomniac, but and help our the skin by quickly absorb crops, and means, save your chudovische from early wrinkles. To the same substances, contained in baklazhane, rebuild cutaneous tissue and even contribute to healing wounds.

Aubergine rich manganese in it, iron and zinc, so the Blue fruit recommend cannabis under malokrovii. Useful aubergine and those, from whom there are problems with the heart and pot, after all in baklazhanakh contain substances, capable cut the cholesterol in body. Moreover, of salt potassium, present in the fruits eggplant, improve the work hearts and contribute to withdraw made fluid from organism, so aubergine useful elderly people, suffering, will ever come heart-vascular diseases, especially under edemata, caused by violations work hearts.

Power THROUGH on aubergine recommend and those who intends to to quit. Deal in is, that aubergine contain enough many vitamin RR, or tobacco, acid.

And nutritionists consider aubergine slightly whether not the most better feed for willing give away new of currently. In a hundred hewed this of value only as a vegetable contains just 28 heated, to the same aubergine rich fibres, which stimulates some gastrointestinal initiated and is a means of prevention constipation. The only “but ”: Under zharenii aubergine easily crops store oil, so the end product from extra eggplant casserole can be unnecessarily large. Open the you a small secret: Aubergine will accommodate all in themselves less butter, if studded circles lower on 10 minutes in cold water.

Buying aubergine, should give preference to young flavor. Deal in is, that aubergine contain a substance entitled solanin, than and explains their slightly bitter taste of. In perezrevshikh the fruits solanina quite many, and because in large quantities this a substance can cause a irritation esophagus and dislocations in your stomach, better choose aubergine go. Determine “age ” eggplant can be on his the skin and plodonozhke. Is biscuit plodonozhka suggests, that fetus extremely satisfied long, on fresh baklazhane there is no brown stigmas, and he not case mild and slippery, and skin should not be, uh, wrinkled and dry. If same you all-??? not confident, that not made a mistake with choice, on anyone case what happens bought aubergine in 3% this solution ocean and water — thus is retrieved a significant part of the solanina.

And now can question optimum integration extra eggplant casserole in ???? ???? nutrition. In other words, 'll go into, that can be cooked of them tasty.

’ s start with it, who formulated from helping equilibrium Turkish Imam.

Imam baildy

Cut 2 eggplant on pieces of along, lubricate olive oils and for baking 20 mines in temperatures 180 ° S. Neatly scoop out pulp, leaving skins - for toppings and chopped cut, connect with nashinkovannym and a roasted onions, 2 narezannymi tomato, 1 cultures are unaware carved up parsley and 1 cultures are unaware cedar nuts. -aubergine a mixture of and sprinkle with grated cheese. For baking under 180 ° Since, until choked not melts.

Now even several recipes from same source.

eggplant caviar Parmigiana

Pieces of eggplant lower in Maras! Beaten egg, then roll in a mixture from bread crumbs, cheese Cheese, of salt and pepper. Large platter pieces of eggplant on iron pan, then cover with their layer by layer chopped-up wheat, of fresh basil, sprinkle with grated potatoes and for baking in the oven in temperatures 200 ° Since until meltdowns.

Moolie on-in Japanese

Cut aubergines cubes and roll in rise flour. Large platter in oil and sue with prepared sauces or do sauce themselves, function by mixing Soya-sauce with ginger, please, tiny matchstick garlic and green onions.

Aubergines lovely baked on-tunisski

- aubergine - 500 g
- garlic - 4 zubchika
- cumin (ground) - 1 UF. L.
- egg - 1 Tennessee
- black and green green olives - several
- vegetable oil - 2 UF. L.
- where sea salt.

Bake aubergine in time the chamber or in the ashes. Through 30 minutes remove the their, to clear from the bacon, mash up with garlic and K. Lugovoi cumin, to put salt on them.
Put an in the salad bowl, pour balm Plant oils and decorate Palestine and by circles large tables hard boiled eggs.

Aubergines, stuffed with vegetables


- aubergine (large) – 1.2kg
- Royal pepper - 1 Tennessee
- Red onion - 200 g
- tomatoes - 4 Tennessee
- garlic - 2 zubchika
- capers - 1 UF. L.
- black olives - 8 Tennessee
- olive oil - 160 ml
- choked with (shredded) - 100 g
- where sea salt, pepper - to Italian tastes
- lemon juice, parsley - to Italian tastes.


Cut 1 / 3 eggplant along. From big parts of choose core of so, to remained the walls, measuring about 1 see Little houseboat / slightly to moisten lemon juice, to put salt on them, I broil. Onion cut into the subtle) pieces. Pepper cut into on cubes. Tomatoes to clear from skin and Machine and, too, cut into, as and the remnants of aubergines. Garlic - on subtler sale time, olives and capers - chopped.

For toppings onion short large platter in small numbers butter, add aubergine and fry brief together. Mix tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic and pepper, to put salt on them, I broil, add parsley.

Host fill baklazhannye little houseboat /, sprinkle cheese and put in razogretuyu until 180 gr. With the oven minutes on 30 (depends on magnitude extra eggplant casserole).

Aubergines on-goodbye, Armand


- aubergine - 850 g
- cream oil - 120 g
- carrot - 1-2 Tennessee
- the root of the of celery - 120 g
- tomatoes - 4 Tennessee
- onion peeled - 2 Tennessee
- garlic - 1-2 zubchika
- greens parsley and where sea salt - to Italian tastes.


Aubergine cut in half, to separate knife pulp from the bacon. Spasserovat on olive oil chopped sliced onion, add studded garlic, carrot and sailors celery, taken out from extra eggplant casserole pulp. All randomize.
Received vegetable stuffing fill halves of extra eggplant casserole and unfolding their on smazannom oils but the bacon.
Atop each halves of put an on lomtiku tomato same and sprinkle greenery parsley.
Bake in zharochnom the chamber (20 mines).
Sue cold.

lil 'smokie from extra eggplant casserole "Favorite"


# Moolie — 4 kg
# Ledebour — 3 ?o
# Carrots — 3 ?o
# Peretz Bulgarian — 3 ?o
# Water (kipyachenaya) — mere 0.5 Stack.
# Sugar is — mere 0.5 Stack.
# Vinager — mere 0.5 Stack.
# Garlic (1 head)
# vegetable oil (for frying)
# Sol (to Italian tastes)


Aubergine cut fat by circles, to put salt on them and to leave on half an hour of exercise-hour, to glass bitterness. Forth what You. Fry need not until full willingness, and slightly, with one and with other hand.
When aubergine are prepared, do filling the from string, carrot and Bulgarian pepper. For this all vegetables cut into large (pepper stripes, onion) pieces, carrot grate on major terke) and, too, a bit what You. In late to out add a missed through press garlic. Can be and parsley.
Posting in pan layers: Aubergine - Bunkering from vegetables - aubergine.
Inject the marinade, for this mix water, sugar and vinegar.
To store need, of course same, in refrigerator. This very conveniently, to any garnish, to any dish you is ready appetizer, this as salad.

Aubergines in canary-with a HoneyBaked caramel


# Moolie — 500 g
# Garlic — 5 a tooth.
# Med — 3 UF. L.
# Sіk lemon — 50 ml
# Water — 50 ml
# Peretz Red apple — mere 0.5 h. L.
# Coriander (ground) — 1 h. L.
# Exhibition
# Oil vegetable (for the frying)
# Sol


In effect prescription referred, that need borrow small aubergine and cut their along in half. Much better is obtained, if porezalt aubergine slices, measuring mere 0.5-0.7 centimeters, they propityvayutsya the marinade much better small and become still tastier. Copiously to put salt on them, to leave on hour. Well to wash it from of salt, posting on towel and give dry off.

On "Mediterranean diet" oil large platter garlic, sliced the subtle slices, until easy rumyanosti. His not to emit, simply remove the from butter.

In garlic oil large platter until willingness baklazhanchiki with two sides.

Until aubergine have been languishing in of salt, cooked caramel.

For this 3 UF. Phytosterols of honey mix with lemon juice and water (if love are thicker than - without water). Bring until boil data ingredients, 7 minutes give pokipet on teensy, weensy little fire, then add there garlic, coriander and Red pepper.

The pan-seared aubergine mix with caramel (can be folded in the sandbox is and irrigate simply every tier) and sprinkle chopped contract greenery. Put in refrigerator on couple of hours for impregnation.

Tastier unambiguously in cold the form of. Pleasant appetite!!



# Moolie (the average) — 3 ?o
# Meat (pork tenderloin 250 gr and veal 250 gr (or mixed beaten)) — 500 g
# Ledebour peeled — 1 ?o
# Sol (to Italian tastes)
# Peretz black (to Italian tastes)
# Spezia (to Italian tastes)
# Water — 1 Stack.
# Pasta can of tomato — 1 UF. L.
# Smetana — 3 UF. L.
# Garlic (in beaten on desire) — 1-2 a tooth.


Aubergine to wash it, can decide pigtails and do knife longitudinal venomous snakes

Cut into by circles 5-6 mm, slightly prisolit, give to stand up 10 minutes

From meat and string cooked beaten (can be add garlic), to put salt on them, I broil to Italian tastes, can be add spices. Well vymeshat

Ogneupornuyu form of, in which will cooked now, lubricate creamy oils. Questioning vertically circle right eggplant, withholding hand, to him first adhere scone from time in size kruzhochka, then again aubergines and again beaten. So alternate between around the circle, until not filled the entire form of. In water or assortment Mikoton first tomato pasta and sour cream, to put salt on them and I broil to Italian tastes. Inject releasing the meat with aubergines and put in hot the oven on 40 minutes for 0.8 under 200 ° Since (until willingness meat).

Increase and hotter now set to table (can be sprinkle carved up greenery). Pleasant appetite!




Adore aubergine! Lena, prescriptions for as times on time! Thank you!



On health!


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