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Motivation for the

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small essay about motivation

In than the problem

Scientific articles adopted start with describe problems, solving which they is dedicated. In than same treated by us the problem? Deal in is, that problems as such like would and there is no. All have us in terms of motivation at all and motivation personnel, in particular, in a whole applies well. There is results numerous research, developed a long theories, in including application meaning, incurred big a practical material their implementation. Consultants and psychologists actively use all of this to shape systems motivation personnel companies, for amp; D methods raising efficiency activities and diagnostics fortune motivation workers and candidates in workers. Rapid growth Russian economy also positively is bad and changes attitude to motivation personnel. Still yesterday almost no one seriously not hosted its in attention, and today she it acquires paramount. Still yesterday all problems motivation personnel be tackled very simply: Substitute little active contractor or insignificant improving pay his labor. Today these receptions transformed work. On market overflows Treasury of deficit, raising salaries seek to maximum, for which it becomes economically not profitable, and in conditions build-up competitive struggle for specialists it in principle not gives already previous results. What long could not prove psychologists - awareness of management relevance systemic approach to formation motivation personnel, safely has proven, as usually, itself life.

Looms enough an appealing for practical psychologists have discovered the situation high because their services. However this blagostnuyu picture crete, as have us adopted was to speak, "individual" small shortcomings. The accumulated practical experience shows, that aprobirovannye decades ????? increasingly refuse work, effect from their use of it turns out too neprodolzhitelen, although he and so, by definition, not very is time-consuming, yes and themselves theoretical premise in personified by classic theories motivation are beginning run contrary realities life. Naturally arises desire to understand, in than rub.

In than rub

That today can offer psychologists with methodical perspective to create systems motivirovaniya personnel. Alas or fortunately, but almost nothing new. All the proposed today approaches based on several the tried theories. The most often are used: Motivational theory Makklelanda, "Two-factor theory motivation" or "Motivatsionno-hygienical" model Gertsberga, the circle of X and theory Wu McGregor, and also procedural theory: "Theory expectations" or model motivation on W. Vrumu, "consequent justice" and model Porter's-" The King "Lawler. Virtually always, so or otherwise, is used the pyramid Maslou, although she not has application meaning, but with its help, nevertheless, not rarely try to to explain priorities in motivation personnel.

In other words, all those problems, theoreticaland practical asymmetries, over whom long are scientists, largely remained undented or even acquired still greater critical unit. If something new for recent decades and appeared, then this either very complex and expensive technology, virtually not acceptable for practical use or simply fashionable tide within previous D. So on practice still are used old tested ????? and model and, as above, they not guarantee obtain a positive outcome. Their effectiveness most often not so great, as is projected to, and highly not much so. All this leads to development negative trends, associated with loss of, after one-two unsuccessful, estimates that customers, attempts to, trust, with hand management to psychological technologies. Why same so happening.

Why so is happening

When one starts deal in this issue, immediately're faced with strange contradiction. Motivation for the human today well enough, but all existing model motivirovaniya personnel rely on concepts so or otherwise inappropriate or even conflicting its nature and model properties. Here is some of natural characteristics motivation, which seriously conflict with metodikami motivirovaniya.

Volatility. One of basic properties motivation? Its volatility. To all, in including and authors the motivational theories, not are denied by, that motivation for the personnel depends on of multiple factors, that she is changing with the passage of time, that often this is happening quite quickly and virtually unpredictably. Nevertheless, in practice of building systems motivation this fact raze not invoiced. Naturally, that with using static models, those means motivirovaniya, which yesterday provided a good outcome, today can prove absolutely that he has stated and, contrary, what yesterday showed its bezrezultatnost, today can be used with large success.
Individuality. Motivation for the phenomenon individual, as not there is psychologically absolutely similar people, so and motivational field have people not accented identical. However, in basis theories are used the cured, communities views about motivation rights. The most revealing in this terms of the pyramid Maslou or the circle of X and theory Wu McGregor, which consider, that staffer such-wearing and will always be thus, with not one staffer, and all either such, either lines change. Given this, vary approaches to increase labor motivation, which, naturally, are viewed as universal.

Reasons navigate on communities views about motivation in general the there are and their several. The main argument in favor of use static theories is considered mass approach to motivirovaniyu. Indeed, what seemed would sense study motivation one contractor, when their in your disposal hundreds of or even thousands of. Therefore, can be suggest, that theory geared on by decade psychological portrait worker. But here arises it's a discrepancy. First, to construct by decade portrait need examine individual motivational attraction personnel, and who have us this makes? And if conduct such study, then with one hand, churn cadres most often immediately keeps his results on there is no. And with other hand, who said, that the outcome will be conform to the formula, which dynamite in any from known theories. Second, obviously, that have staff various departments, different degrees being awarded, species activities and motley status must be various pots motivation for the, otherwise they will professionally not are efficient. Therefore, need examine motivation staff separately on home, they and kinds of activities. A bit of a poser becomes enough a cumbersome and expensive.

Another argument says for what examine nothing need not, because and so known, that any or averagely statistical man in the long seek to money, power, glory and wellbeing, there is his basic motives known in advance. Obviously, this enough a cursory glance, but he there is and about him we say much detail, when let us to speak of ierarkhichnosti motivation.

There is still one argument, highly contingent. Perhaps, such usrednennoe attitude to employees can be attributed to the fact, that all used theory were developed outside our country and not to capture Russian in mentality. E. Emelyanov and D. Tarantin for example, so explain volatility motivatsionnogo fortune Russian staff: "Russian staffer well makes only that he makes with soul of. He not can simply fulfill prescribed him from above procedures. This explains rough the quality of work personnel. In one day staffer came in good mood, likes its deal and works well. Through day, or even during the day, in ties with a change in sentiments, the same man can fulfill the same out of the hands ??? ?? ? ? poorly "(Marketing, management. - # 6., 2006 http://www.mgmt.ru/ ). To be sure, that this argument simply still times reminds us about volatility and polizavisimosti motivation. But if turn to organizations labor in our country, then most often in Russia labor not so carefully court was precisely regulated, not so detail first painted on function and doesn carry works, not so strictly-cut (perhaps still not is familiar) structure professional responsibilities on skills and / or edit, as abroad. So it is difficult fulfill work without a certain positive optimistic, without optimistic on active activities or, as was said, without souls. None of motivational theories ignores this spiritual component labor, perhaps, that and for this reason in Russia they more often tolerate collapse.

Overlapping hierarchy. This in having motivation in principle at all is in the paddock. About him say, but only in deeply theoretical work. So another a misalignment of theories motivirovaniya and practice of building systems motivation stems with ierarkhichnostyu motivatsionnogo field. In this sense rather indicative because the pyramid Maslou. Its very often use for rationale priority alone groups motives over others, but on practice she raze not is used, because all far not so simply, as like would. ????? human the pyramid builds on their principles and can significantly differ from proposed Maslou priorities. Not though, that ????? of us social everywhere medicines equally respecting money, power, glory and camping on D., in ties with than, all these global successories and, respectively, motives are found in motivation everyone, their hierarchy strictly individual. Little moreover, she is changing with age, with climate status or life situation. But and this still not all. Overlapping hierarchy motivation assumes, that for achievements alone and those same goals people can use various means, various trails, which are forming on least achievements man mid-term goals, which in turn, are determined by motives at levels and psikhofiziologicheskimi characteristics personality. In other words, if one person prefers, for example, build career, down their mental ability to, then the other for achievements the same can do emphasis on activity, tipping or, as this nor notorious, on aggression or the meanness. Obviously, there is and other trails, the number of which not limited. Here is this ierarkhichnost motivation in motivational theories motivirovaniya personnel raze not invoiced. Apparently the authors simply not have come up with, as its given.

This principles. All in our world subject to laws fluctuations. Motive, too, cyclic. Well known, that proximity to goal promotes adding intensity motivation, and after achievements goal comes downturn and attenuation motive,. Lasting impact factors, stimulus activity and conducive to electrified motivation, as known, also is capable trigger the addiction, lowering tension and subsequent attenuation or "'s flaming out" motive,. Man not capable what-either wishing constantly with steadily high-Popular ASSet forces. Therefore, alone and those same goal, factors or means not can lasting time serve motivatorami, alone and those same impact not can to lend lasting positive effect and on anticipate divergent distance from goal, on various temporary interval their effectiveness will varies between. Hence becomes understandable why, for example, system pay labor, as would she Good not was, but if she not leads to periodic increase level income, it loses its motiviruyuschee the beginning. ???? if raising level income in available, but level of salary support is permanent, i.e. system motivirovaniya not is changing lasting time, then and in this case its service incentive marketing specializing opportunities gradually decline.

If now identify this with used methods motivirovaniya, their not reconcile becomes obvious. Meanwhile in theories of building systems motivation not ncludes and some other properties motivation rights.

Motivation human

We already have mentioned wildlife that escaped some properties motives, which not quite preconceived in technology of building systems motivation personnel. We have mentioned wildlife that escaped their roughly so same, as usually describe characteristics motive,, i.e., cut off, detached. A coherent paintings motivation human on this literary sources draft highly difficult. Try do this.

First still times nomenclatures basic characteristics motive,. So, we know, that motive in his development volatile, and cyclic, that he has periods arise, build-up intensity and downturn, periods attenuation. Every motive has its expectancy cycle life, its current intensity of, its objective, after achievements which, lowering intensity motive, inevitably, but lowering intensity can be caused and in other causes. All human motives have hierarchical system interaction, with have human in different periods time hierarchy motives on relevance can change. I.e. man subject to influence all species motivators, under impact which have him can sometimes be any from known motives, but traced they or not, depends on current situation and personal predispositions. The situation under this can wear as superficially reasonable, so and enterprising character. Finally, motivation for the human thing highly not stable and individual. She is defined as psycho-physiological characteristics personality, so and the outside situatsionnym impact. ???? external impact has clear priority, because system values human initially is shaped under influence social environment, which dictates us, that "such well, and that such poorly." System universal values-cut and helpfully basis values not so large, we their already refered, this thank, money, power, self-preservation, position in society, primacy and can be some still. Man, coming from own opportunities and features of, simply defines for themselves priorities and is nurturing its individual system values, which in turn defines the likelihood arise motives.
Judging by of this, can be try to imagine picture motivatsionnogo field rights. Appears, that motive on their characteristics very look like on marine wave of. Perhaps the most amply will compare motivation human with's surface sea. If every motive - this separate wave of with his altitude, speed build-up and change she with his direction, then man appears some the floating a ball. With what hand blow waves will prove to be stronger, there ball around the and will float. Under this each much wave of eyebrows before a several more small - motives downstream level, and those, in turn, drive even more small waves of and camping on D. Dimension all waves in principle is aimed on rights. Those waves of, which higher and stronger influence stronger, more small, respectively, weaker. Sea fully surrounds personality and waves nakatyvayutsya from all sides, but the cumulative effort is capable shift the ball around the of our motivatsionnogo field in awoke direction. To ultimate impact always represents a partial addition effort close on better targeted waves, and small, enough the remote from core, waves of can simultaneously serve two or even three "misters" - basic waves of. If the resulting motivatsionnoe shift it acquires some regularity of or becomes permanent, the it characterizes motivatsionnuyu dimension personality. Waves of is emboldening us to certain action with different effort in for time, so in periods calm perhaps a substantial impact even with hand the weak, minor or waves usually directed againsts officials of movement, but, naturally, this impact wears usually situativnyy, a temporary and the casual character.

Nu and why we such different

Indeed, and need whether, to in companies worked different on tendencies collaborators. Question not for professionals. Of course, in companies need different people and are important individuality, so as precisely they capable on breakthrough, capable on creativity, always are prepared to adopt responsible decisions. Perfectly, when different activities engage in collaborators in the most damning extent appropriate on their psikhofiziologicheskim data precisely these kinds of activities. In other words in successful companies always work different on Warehouse character, and, therefore, and employing predilection of people and precisely this provides success.

Judging by from doing, logically follows the need under designing systems motivation personnel learn to account for especially motivation, as individual, so and of collective in a whole. But, bioinformational abilities, how to do this, when we such different and such just unstopable. If still times I saw young Jett Rink textbooks, then it turns out, that the nature of-mom had actually bothered about how, to as something rationalize our motivational goad and aspirations.

First, us on aid in this comes adaptation. We call its motivation adaptation. Any man, stavshego in a new the collective, had seeks to adapt to him. Usually this is accompanied by studying the domestic culture and attempt to redress its behavior so, to conform to it. In primarily, man compares adopted system values with his. In case index, pivot corrects its behavior, attenuating or rising above unpopular in this collective motives and more popular. Is happening process he hierarchy motives (if anything, is undertaken attempt to he).

Second, needs recall about socio-psychological effects. Effects contagion, role model, waves of, I had areola and other contribute to transfer motivational impulses, actualization certain motives and and for months motivatsionnogo impact from incentive, through bridge link - human - to the object impact. Under this psychological state an interlocutor often plays role amplifier. Research show, that in a result such a impact motives individual members of collective acquire trend razvitvatsya synchronously with motives colleagues on work. In end is obtained, that as build-up certain motives, so and their lowering is happening have majority staff simultaneously, that, in general something, we are seeing constantly. ???? this concerns not only motives professional, but and any other. All known, when in collective are cultivated classes sports (starting from bombs and ending mountain skiing), KVN-happy or breeding flowers, then most staff, so or otherwise, are drawn in process, either as immediate participants, either although would as interested viewers and fans.

Another, not less interesting and important phenomenon in this a range of is high the likelihood formation steam or chains interconnected motives, when one motive, losing its pobuditelnuyu force, as would is handing baton of Different, its related motive for, which, contrary, under this is gathering force. Examples such steam can be lead many. For example, and the curriculum motivation for the breeds your professional one the motivation for Ivanovna sports, often seeking boils in pursuit to healthy way of life, motivation for the to cultivating flowers - in motivation on instrumental in drafting bouquets, the motivation for be tested machines - in motivation to its repair or tuning. Transfer of Jorma can occur and on backdrop of reorientation. Known same, that? From love until hatred one step?. The same motive to be tested machines over time could escalate into motive pedestrian-related travel hikes and maximize renunciation of of movement on vehicles.

Thus, although we and different, but, Sitting in social environment, guiding role or unwittingly, but seek not be " s black sheep" and become zamotivirovannymi or not zamotivirovannymi almost as all. Although about full he, of course, to speak not account for, in view availability of external impact with hand outside professional social environment (influence family, friends, partners on hobbies).

concepts system motivation personnel

In our situation applies complex attitude to task create system motivation. With one hand under so high volatility motivatsionnogo field human arise doubts in reality its decisions. With the other, difficult to abandon attempts develop such a system in conditions, when us, in general something, known all initial data. Finally, in modern conditions, so or otherwise, but to decide task need, this requires labor market, requiresrising competition.

Conceptually, determine principles of building system motivation, coming from higher doing, enough easily. Certainly in their the number of must enter the next:
Motivation must wear diverse character. System motivation must encompass on opportunities all spheres life contractor professional, social, trigger personal and camping on D., and successories or incentives must be as material, so and moral properties;
Jobs must start with amp; D systems motivirovaniya individual marginalized groups personnel, marshal on mind activities ,-based territorial deploying and junior position (team, commercial department, legal department, accounting, protection?);
All system motivation must be built on-level and principle and create system motiviruyuschikh factors, as on individual, so and on level trends, units and in, the long run, in scale the entire companies, but when applied to employees every level;
energizing professional activities, professional motivation must actually produced by periodic actualization and activation various motives human, with they under this can be are linked as with professional activities, so and with other aspects life rights. It is important to onvention transfer of motivatsionnogo goad from some motives to other, that prevent lowering a common activity contractor and positively upset professional activities;
Selection of personnel should be implemented adjusted for compatibility motivatsionnogo field candidate and adopted in companies system motivirovaniya. Serious divergences can lead to increase term adaptation or full rejection a new contractor Clextral.

To talk about some universal model system motivirovaniya, obviously incorrect approach, because largely she will depend on features of companies, specificity of its activities, scale, number of structural units, priorities, which adheres to leadership companies, of excellence consultant and by and other factors. However can be to talk about conceptual approaches to its designing, that exactly we and tried to do.

Kruglikov Viktor Nikolayevich
E-mail: kruvik@mail.ru

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